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Anthony Walsh

Game crashes every time I try to start a mission

Steve Beacher

Consistent. Top scores are very questionable however.

Max Blom

Probably the best game to install on your device. Never an issue. Always more levels. Very relaxing. A must play

MadSam !

It's a great little game, some physics issues, but it's a nice relaxing game with an offline mode.

feet like bacon

Too many ads and the game just fpesnt load after a few holes are done.

Giovanny Gezalyan

I wish I could play it honestly. It looks fun. Crashing once I hit play. On a Samsung S10+ with Android version 12. Edit: No go for the S22 Ultra either.

Shashwat Pandey

Game keeps crashing

Len Mulaski

Game crashes every time on the 7th hole of infinite. What a shame!

Alireza Mirzanejad

Played 600-700 levels, overall fun game, but some levels include obstacles that you literally can't see anything, I know game is supposed to be challenging but these kind of obstacles just ruins the whole experience.

Leonardo Salgueiro

some things not polished and couldve have more songs, but the game is still good enough for 5 stars

David Bulfoni

A little funky

Tobom Borang

Boring map boring controls and too slow gameplay. Not made for grown ups.

Lethu Makhanya

Great game

Abhav Chopra

game is amazing.. lacks updates

Ryder .C

Very pretty and fun. The levels are AI generated, and it's easy to tell in the later stages because they're very long and badly designed at times.

Mark Harms

Smith Ouse you hit ball in one shot at a power setting the next shot you take inexact the same position diff result

Oskar Munro

Excellent game. games that reward you for watching ads are often the best. And this is no exception

Mahbod Ali nejad

This is an amazing game, the only thing is I wish we could play mutiplayer on one device, that would be awsome

Avery Gerwin

Game crashed after first level and then immediately after opening every time after that.

Davy Jones

Fun. Simple. Easy to play

Ed Williams

Works again with the latest Android changes!! This is my favorite downtime waster! Easy to play, relaxing, and buttery smooth.

Jake Tinsley

Good game


Good game but crashes on lvl 35 for some reason

Rob Mann

Crashes on opening, can't play anything. Avoid if you're on Android 12.

Neil Hela

A relaxing game. But whenever i rotate my view, i accidentally fire a shot. You should reduce the circle where you can swing a shot to avoid accidentally charging a shot while twisting and losing a move. And also some viewing obstructions makes it harder to aim. Especially if the field is the one obstructing the view.

Ashwin Ajay A

Love this. ❤️❤️

Hugh Smyth

Crashes every time I try to choose Daily Challenge, Weekly Challenge, or Play. Fun to look at the settings menu though (!) 🙃


One of the worst controls for a game I have ever seen, it just feels clunky, you need to start charging a "shot" to actualy rotate the screen which is just idiotic. Not recommend this one...

Gabe Ambrosio

The game crashes every time I press start. Very fun, would recommend 10/10.

Jake Carroll

What an amazing single level

Craig Wilson

Installed the game and I cannot open. Just stays on a black screen and closes.

Andre Greeff

With 1735 rounds played in "endless mode", I must say this is one ridiculously well made game... The physics are believable, and graphics are elegant, the app UI is simple, the daily and weekly challenges are creative, etc etc. It only just misses the 5 star rating though, because within all that awesomeness, there are some things that it does not do very well: the biggest issue being that, while scenery goes transparent when it's in the way of the ball, other sections of the course do not..

Kenneth Cottrell IV

The game is fun but it's literally unplayable anymore as it crashes every time I open it.

Spencer Bowers

Ads that play sounds always get a 1 star review and uninstalled immediately. Always.

Matthew Vinalon

Bad game and always lags

Harley Fullerton-smith

Game keeps crashing. Using note 20 uktra so shouldn't be a issues such a shame

Karl Juden

Crashes consistently now, used to be fun but can't even start a level.

Nicola Tammaro

Very nice game, surely one of my favorites on android. But there's one thing that really bugs me: in infinite mode around level 500, are there supposed to be areas where the ball is hidden by higher platforms? I really don't enjoy not seeing where I'm shooting the ball and I feel like the game would benefit from a transparent platforms toggle. If the feature is implemented, I'll run to this review and edit it to 5 stars


just one minus: give us a course reset button on the infinite levels. I don't have to compete with anyone, right? give us a reset button!

Boba Phil

This is a great game, however, there are some levels that are next to impossible. I was enjoying it. Shame.

Thomas Tan

game crashes upon completing tutorial, can't seem to load any stage

Eddie Baron

Lots of bugs, crashed constantly after the tutorial. Looked nice until then


It's a fun golf game with very good physics which are hard to find in games. It's a really fun game it kinda cured my boredom which helps a lot so it's a nice game and I recommend it.

Bradley Brown

I can't play it to form an opinion. It crashes immediately.

Nathan Drake

Amazing, I just dont like the fact we reset the holea and it keeps counting, I believe it should reset as well

Alex Ross

Had this game for a long time, really enjoyed how simple and relaxing it was to play but for some reason now the game will no longer load and just crashes when I try to open the game.



James French

thank you for making a great game without ads everywhere

Ilyas Ilyas

The game works but once you finish the tutorial it's not working anymore

keith bernstein

Love this game. Can't get it to work anymore on Android 12. Think the last time I played this was a week ago. May 7th. Still doesn't work. Uninstaller. Bye


Click play and just sits on a blue screen for a while

Eric S.

Constant crashing

Ariel Ponce


Aris Chrissanthakopoulos

Just sit back, relax, and watch some ads. I understand they need ads for revenue since it's a free game, but how can you imply it's a game to relax when i have to watch ads even to redo a shot? You could have the ads in between levels, that's okay but having to watch an ad mid game kills the mood, at least for me. Also the ball is kinda slow at max power. Other than that, it's a simple game, runs good, looks ok, some of the levels are interesting. If you don't mind the ad spam go for it.

Michael Murphy

Crashes constantly i can't start a hole

Tony Liou

Cannot open


This game is mostly fun but after you reach hole 200 the courses get a lot less fun and feels more like luck than skill I just wasn't fun anymore so I stopped playing, would love to have actual control on the level generation and maybe the ability to try and make my own?

Cody Byrd

Used to be one of my favorite apps but it no longer works

Tim Kirby

Tough, but not impossible

Anurag Bh

Hey Shallot Games! So I've absolutely loved playing Vista Golf, it's been a great time killer and really relaxing. I got up to hole 500+ on my old phone and ever since I switched phones the game crashes everytime I open it. I'd love to get back to playing and hope you can provide a fix! Thanks!

Emir Nail Salar

One word: perfect

Abdul Baqui Hassan

Pretty game


Game does not work

Meghin Gear

I love the game but it will randomly release the ball when I have not let go. Not sure what's up, but otherwise very fun! 5 ⭐ if you fix!!

Janko Biddiscombe

Although it kinda got boring, it is still a great game to play every once in a while if you're bored


Game with the good premise that runs whenever it feels like running and plays unskippable ads every other level

Gerardo Loza

It's a great game and everything, but it kept crashing in the main menu and it ruined the experience for me.

Chicken Nuggets

Me likey yum yum in.. Tum Tum

Eoin Walsh

Crashes and freezes after 30.

Alex Hopman


Frederick Weisenborn

Game is so so so much fun I spend so many hours on it

Victor Takeuchi

Bought the ad removal, the game now won't start a level and keeps crashing. I honestly wasted money on it and i hope people won't. I feel scammed

Bruh momentum

Game keeps crashing everytime you putt it in the hole. Every. Single Time. And I'm using a pixel 6 Pro.

Edu Perez

Really cool

William Trent

This once was a very simple, yet entertaining, game. Easily worth a 5 star rating. However it has been inoperative for several months now. I'd love to see it return. Til then 1 star because I can't go lower.

Muhammad Shah

Great game. The soothing music makes it better. Been playing for a while and loving it.


Just crashes everytime I try to play any level

Slaven Stajić

insane amount of ads

Timon Whittingham

It's good. The ads are, alright I guess.

Angela Aldecoa

Pretty good there is no crashing and the gameplay is nice and calm

Arsenic Alchemist

Him collar no very good starchy.

Marko Vranić

Doesn't work, don't waste your phone's memory, it'll just crash over and over again. There are no 2 billion levels, there's only one, the tutorial.

Hungry Hammy

Amazing. I have wasted so much time playing this, but totally worth it!

Keiran Leong

Doesn't load

Aryaman Singh Bais

This was an amazing game, i randomly stumbled upon it at the time of me and my friends browsing for random games. This actually exceeded all expectations. I have no issues, it is extremely clean, simple and minimalistic which i personally love. Only one issue, maybe increase the speed of the ball in general by around 1 or 2% because it seems unnatural in about 70% of the course, clean nevertheless. It is amazing great job. Keep it up. :D

Casey Welch

Is it a glitch that when you hit the ball towards a spinning flat fan, it gets stuck under it then it proceeds to stop the spinning flat fan.

noice man

Is fun

Nic Hamley

Game worked for about 8 holes and then started crashing every time I tried to play. Very disappointing as it's a fun game

King Rivers

Fun but after first session the game crashes everytime I open it now :(

Rae C

This game worked when I first installed it and it went directly into tutorial and then infinite modes, but I can't seem to ever open it again. The main menu crashes every single time. I reinstalled it twice and had the same exact thing happen each time. Please fix it, I enjoyed the gameplay.

Reuben wong

Relaxing game that can be played in your downtime

Sam Voigt

This game is so close to being good, but has a couple of features that make it too frustrating to play. Mostly: If you're trying to rotate/zoom and accidentally take a shot, tough luck. You can't start the level over. You can't undo a shot without watching an ad. You can't go back to a previous level.

Au Yun Sheng

This game crashed so many times.. I'm amazed a game which does not have as much requirements can crash more than other resource intensive games I have. Using a note 10+ btw.


Installed yesterday & hasn't worked since. Every time I open it goes to a black screen, nothing else. I've tried with & without wifi

Tanya B

Buggy, does not load android 12


Game works now. Very fun, love the overall theme, very relaxing!

Ashten Smith

Truly inspiring, a simple golf game goes forever. When my friends ask "got games on yo phone" I say yes I have Vista golf, then they fall quaking at the might of Vista golf. 10/10 would golf again. :)

Luke Olsen

I love this game, but in the past few months it crashes trying to start a game nearly 100% of the time. Sometimes restarting the phone will help but really it just seems like a race condition. Please fix.

David Althouse

Good game

Nicolas M

Too many ads