Village of Adventurer


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Role Playing


Village of Adventurer – Your adventure to rebuild a village devastated by a monster attack begins.

Detailed info

File size: 92M
Update time: March 18, 2021
Current version: 1.71
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: CHA DONG JIN
Price: Free
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Customer review

Datte Bayoo

Add some setting please

Bill Sauve

I play for 30 to 60 minutes and leave the game. When return the game starts from scratch. Need to work on that ... No point continuing until this is fixed.

Aaron Wyatt

English could use a little work(IE lavender crop is labelled "Ravenda"), and maybe a little more explanation as to what everything is in combat would help but there's a surprising amount of things to do. Like the town layout, like how the villagers talk and shop and that sort of thing.

Corvus Goldfox

Works offline. Hunt monsters, do quests, and upgrade town with your profits.

Ka. Janrey Magsael

Its a nice game ..

River Swanson

Fun game. Very buggy I used the items to evolve your monsters before getting any monsters somehow so I lost a ton of resources there. And other similar things happen a lot

lancelot awsome



There's two buttons that could be used to heal but when I click on them there's no healing happening. Absolutely useless buttons. The attack is really slow. There's no upgrade to increase atk spd. The combat turned out really slow because of that.

Paul Besaw

Some what fun doesn't keep properly keep track of iteams picked up

Elie Garel

The game itself is fun... It have a lot of potential, 1 problem for me is there is no way to mute the BGM and the sound effects... The BGM repetitive makeing it... Very sleepy😑.

Rey Francisco

Cool keep updating

Jennifer Kazemek

Really loving this game

Mel Game's

Since this game is still pretty new and need a lot more improvement , but so far so good game is alright to play love the idea of creating a village and earning money. Anyways, a few things need to add for the next update: • bagpack - during my adventures I was able to find a sword but can't pick up cause bag was full and no option for me to open my backpack. • Mini-map - there's no map inside the village direction would be nice. • Name tags - hard to find the person I'm supposed to look for.


This game has a lot of potential in it... And if the story inside the castle has a a little bit of romance.. huh I'm buying it



Kearl Murris

Bad graphics, super boring. Ect

Sproutling Under A Roof

I game I can't mute. Amazing.


For some reason other players can attack me but I cannot attack them.


Very much addictive.llt fun different mission.different monster 💀. decent graphics,like that. Fishing,bet, farm, and a hero of village. But it need too much exp. Hero power is too low even max lvl.golem attack low. Farm system need to change a little without fertilizer.can not save in (google play games) Everything great.

Ragas Shrestha

Okay, the game's good, imo, except for the whole screen joystick, lack of inventory system, and auto NPC interactions. And in context of wars, it's really confusing. There's no proper guide to it, u can't send defense or supplies to the village you've captured, while you can attack the village you possess, ???. And the most surprising of all, there are villages with overall defense of 2 billion + with same level 5 defense.


Optimize it some more and then I'll invest some fine and money into it. Just please optimize it properly.

Anthony Kanjute

This stinks l was playing the game and then out of nowhere it erased my progress it's a great game overall but pls fix that glitch am only giving it 3stars

Pal_ Arts

If i would have a chance to request.. (i think it's gonna be UNIQUE if there's a story romance inside the castle and more like love, friendship ETC..) i think adding some story to the game will give it all and fix the save setting on the game 👍👍❤️😍

Sagar Janjoted

Can someone tell me how to make magicmons?

Anime Tvandmovies

Gets boring quick

Avichal Raj

Please make exp numbers down when building home, town etc and also make woods number down when building home, town, blacksmith etc. It is very difficult collect exps and woods and add more mission to collect exps and money 🤑💸💵💴💶💰💳

sc abad

Enemy boss is too hard to defeat even my level is higher. Tools are very hard to require, and all purchase needs exp and it's very hard to earn. I'm also asking what's the use of skills if you can't use all them, it's only random, battle is not much enjoyed I still prefer rpg battles than this. In potions it's very hard to have a successful refine also, and its very hard also to get, I'M VERY DISAPPOINTED, atleast there's a shop to buy equipment, armor and tools or mines.

Joshua Tolarba

Need a lot of improvement in game. For example in quest you need to put a bag so we can discard some item we dont want and also make a consumable food so we can go longer in the battle.

Donald Halverson

Surprisingly good at keeping your attention. More than enough different things to build and upgrade and maintain. Really good game. If there was a bit of difference in the quests i tjink this game is easily 5 stars.

Chain Smoker

This game could have been great but lack of development has really hurt


I can't mute the game

vincent dollete tv

Sorry for the 2 stars because it will restart if i play the game im level12 and if i play it be level8

Zie Howard

I enjoyed this game but as it progress it became too repetitive. Too difficult to acquire tools and experience. Too much plant negative effects. And the inventory system sucks. Everything that you do needs coins, experience, tools and wood. War requires a lot of resources (again experience and coins) not to mention confusing. Controls are difficult.

Aguinaldo Estrella

D wow


The battle system is very weird. How you expect we battle without doing nothing? Lol.

jhet Seyer

Its a good game.. but its be better to have s equip and item menu..and add some equipment for battle..

gg gg

It's a good game but i hope there's a setting so i can change the graphics bacause it's lagging alot in my phone


This could be a really nice game. But everytime i close the game and reopen it, all my progress is lost..i mean...why the f?? Other things i find annoying: lack of inventory. If i finish a main quest, you can't go on with the side quests. There's no information about how to proceed with things. For ex: side quests dialogues dont have an "accept quest" button...idk, it has potential, butit looks like you didnt make a thorough ux research

Rebe Tan

I love this game. Its not as stressfull as other games and i love that uou have lots of things to do that you never get bored doing 1 thing. I would give this 5 stars if the seeds are not as uncommon but overall i like it

Micojohn Ebueza

The game is good but i put it 1 star, no inventory, so much stuff to required to upgrade armor and weapon. Limited skill and etc.