Village of Adventurer


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Village of Adventurer – Your adventure to rebuild a village devastated by a monster attack begins.

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File size: 92M
Update time: March 18, 2021
Current version: 1.71
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: CHA DONG JIN
Price: Free
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Customer review

Chris Belt

game is getting rediculous, mazes without a map I can understand but there should be a map for the parts you have already been through. Ill try beating this map one more time if i cant game will be removed, I wont keep wasting my time playing same damn map. Also after reading reviews i agree with most of what others are saying. It be a great game if some things were added like inventory. maps and what ever else. Stupid map time limit im done with game, Game will be removed.......

Cornell Williams

Once played this game years ago came back cause I missed it see the changes and don't like it at I miss the country style system thats what I came back for this bot battle redundancy is boring.

Baywe Liyang


Jabdelnur Sanggacala

This game need some inventory I'm just guessing where did my item's go. Please put inventory so I can always check my item's

Kai Leoriego

It is great and enjoyable, love it!😊✌

NL Bus Tours

Entertaining! I'd love to know how to turn off the music and sound! Definitely has potential, hopefully it gets updated.


What a usless piece of trash

James Villena

Um this game confusing cause the enemy is just to powerfull and cant enter the tunnel. i wish it can so I can fight monster in the tunnel not just bet And cant go around the map. why its called adventure.i thought I can go adventure map but know plss update the game and make it more fun to play

Dat Person

idk its like right when you get to the villaige its like what do i do you know?

Lido Ryan

Good game

ka jey Del Rosario

Nice game : )

Hasan weshahy

Controls are suck , rules are suck , monsters are sucks , I bet the creators would have the prize of sucker of the year .

Victor Paldasar

I just got to the animal races and except for the PvP, I'm loving this game. Thanks dev

M.Abdulrehman Lashari

Good game but can be better

Ainsley Arguelles

Great game!!

SpoNgE Bob

First of all the game is very wonderful but at least you should add some inventory so we can access our resources,like when you get two equipment at the same time the other one will completely disappear.

Win Naung

I like this game Battek is so good

Simon Gabriel Ursu

I see there was an update, after years of no change. Changes are not in a good way, rock golem's rock throw attack doesn't do any damage, the "player" bot that appears in the field has become impossibly strong and can track me all across the map, there is no way avoiding it, bosses are tenfold stronger. Is this how you choose to repay your players for reviving your game? You have been given a second chance, don't waste it on greed. This used to be a favorite game, but now....

John Michael Tamonte

Can't process quest by killing red daemon. I killed red daemon many times but the quest didn't process. I'm stock on that quest. Pls help me

1Re nd39

It would be great if only the player BOT is absent when offline. Can't focus on quest cause it attack with the enemies (boss and minions). Hope you could chose to which skill set you could use. And access to the inventory.

Akine Main UnanGugel

nice and smooth, its a quest from someone then repeat... I just have less time... if I have more time its kinda nice

Bishoy Shinigami

Good game but I can't defeat the other villages

Maria Eloisa Sison

I like the game but why does the other player can attack my character while fighting the boss... They can even join them... Can't finish fighting the quest boss

Atish Kene

Add something to save the game


This game Is so good and honestly I just want to play more of content to be added cause it has so much potential so please update it with more stuff

Jeff Baltazar

refreshing nice

Cjay Subion

It's a great game, hopefully you can add more weapons or armor to it and a store where you can buy materials or weapons,anyway waiting for the next update❣️

Emmanuel Osondu

Best game ever

Kevin B

Would be better if i didnt need to go to guard to open the gate every time i want to go out. Let alone i need a quest to go out when i want to go out and find wood and resources like that. And the potions to heal should do more than the about 50 they seem to do especially when you see a lvl 5 enemy heal for a quarter of their health in 1 go and you just get a sliver.

Audrey Rizki

This game are lack of information and tutorial. I hardly found way to play

Gida Yalar

Very good game and very interesting but too much bugs like if the other player is in the game I mean bots then the monsters only attack you and if I trigger and powers he does the shield so perfectly like we can't even kill them and minatour are very strong I mean too much if they petrified you then there is full change that your golem would get killed and if we see the powers of every monsters then why tackling gives you a burning effect and there should be a inventory to manage your armour tnx

Jhen mira


Rainbow Esporsado

Great job dev! I see so much potential in this game a few sugestions. 1.)Add a stats system and other weapons not just melee ones or you can just add clases the weapons you get from drops differ to what clas you are 2.)Also i sugest let us be able to go back to the levels we completed so we can grind? 3.)when we get close to vilagers remove the featurethat our character wil stop 4.)an inventory system and blacksmith to craft and upgrade weapons 5.)just let us use the skills manually like potion

Bian Montana

Its good...

june rey janoyan

It.s so awesome

Kasia Thundercliffe

Great unique game

Hakeem stmark

Great gane

Vandana Bhanarkar



Have to get close to enemies for "auto combat". The timer for items you use makes this less enjoyable. Can't put any real effort into the game.

Sumit Kumar

Show which items I have need bag.


Boring and repetitive

Leo Aditya

The concept is nice, but the gameplay balance needs some work. Too bad it seems abandoned, since last update was March 2021.

Ody Gracias

I dont like how there's no inventory at all or even a menu or map in town. there's no way to see how what items u have/took while doing quest. Quest needs to be longer/ food runs out waaaay too fast

Claver Yumpoh

Ok I hope you see this please put a lot of future in this game I enjoy it verrryyy veryyyy much pls add more enjoyable stuff hope the creator of the game see this.


Wow this geme is amazing

black rose lady

Good idea I like this game so far why is it so hard to build up the city this is my first time ever playing a game like this 😳 but it's hard to put anything together it's getting boring

yem dona

Need more: city views. Turrets on wall. Troops run around city. Troop go to battle/dungoun with hero. Can use range Weapon. More /multiple golem can use in dungoun Can use horse. More detail in mini map. Can use multiple pets in dungoun per a time. Can order troops to attack. World map not just for show, but can joint battlefield. Farmers worker by their own self. We have hunter, lumberjack, tool crafter,... We can get experience by use troops to clean dungoun. Auto pick items. Inventory edit.

Muhammed Juvaid

The game is very good. Please add backpack to know the items collected and an equipment slot to equip an unequip weapons,shield and armor. Please add something like, to collect items other than quests like a free roam. And also addd attack button other than the skill activate buttton. Please fix this.

Moses Oh

Interesting game. Nice to kill time with. However, it could be improve if we can choose to go on our own adventue rather than having to accept a quest before we can leave town. We cannot sre what our inventories are unless we go to a certain building (shops).

achmad arroizy

Homie game. Please add progress saving system. I dont want my progress gone when i use another device.

Jim Caramoan

The character should be able to freely attack the monsters according to the player's perspective not by just getting close to the enemy



Rashid Agung

Good concept, need bit improve here and there

hikari kinoshita

This is good, but its better if you add inventory. Then add blacksmith buyable armor and weapon rather than handmade armor. You can put high price for buyable armor and make it cheap for handmade armor. And those puzzle quiz for potion.... why must buy it with exp?All of my exp goes to potion....


Game is excellent but tbh need more contents. Anyway i really like this game, you deserved my 5 stars

Sun Rise

I'm gonna honest here the game good I like it the problem is the cyclops boss to hard for beginners like me just make it stable for players .

Dika Rangga

backpack/inventory mode really need it, fix the update ingredient because always change after upgrade other type of upgrade


good game i really enjoy it 👍

* WinterHart *

Fun, buggy, no tutorial

danial ariel

So many lacks here and there...there is no inventory bags to check your items...when u get new weapons or shields you must decide whether to use it or not in a given time...your unexisting bags can be full of slow movement when fighting enemies...and the timer to use shield is just absurd...this game is just for babies who merely knew how to use phone


If I could pay to remove all ADs and all IAP I would pay but as it stands not going to play uninstalled

Sean andrei Asma

It's good and new for me Thank you for your hard work 🙂 in this game

Hein Htet Aung


Chris Alexis

Very laggy

Datte Bayoo

Add some setting please..

Bill Sauve

I play for 30 to 60 minutes and leave the game. When return the game starts from scratch. Need to work on that ... No point continuing until this is fixed.

Aaron Wyatt

English could use a little work(IE lavender crop is labelled "Ravenda"), and maybe a little more explanation as to what everything is in combat would help but there's a surprising amount of things to do. Like the town layout, like how the villagers talk and shop and that sort of thing.

Corvus Goldfox

Works offline. Hunt monsters, do quests, and upgrade town with your profits.

Janrey Gregorio. Magsael

Its a nice game ..

River Swanson

Fun game. Very buggy I used the items to evolve your monsters before getting any monsters somehow so I lost a ton of resources there. And other similar things happen a lot

lancelot awsome



There's two buttons that could be used to heal but when I click on them there's no healing happening. Absolutely useless buttons. The attack is really slow. There's no upgrade to increase atk spd. The combat turned out really slow because of that.

Paul Besaw

Some what fun doesn't keep properly keep track of iteams picked up

Elie Garel

The game itself is fun... It have a lot of potential, 1 problem for me is there is no way to mute the BGM and the sound effects... The BGM repetitive makeing it... Very sleepy😑.

Rey Francisco

Cool keep updating

Jennifer Kazemek

Really loving this game

Mel Reviewer

Since this game is still pretty new and need a lot more improvement , but so far so good game is alright to play love the idea of creating a village and earning money. Anyways, a few things need to add for the next update: • bagpack - during my adventures I was able to find a sword but can't pick up cause bag was full and no option for me to open my backpack. • Mini-map - there's no map inside the village direction would be nice. • Name tags - hard to find the person I'm supposed to look for.


This game has a lot of potential in it... And if the story inside the castle has a a little bit of romance.. huh I'm buying it



Kearl Murris

Bad graphics, super boring. Ect

Sproutling Under A Roof

I game I can't mute. Amazing.


For some reason other players can attack me but I cannot attack them.


Very much addictive.llt fun different mission.different monster 💀. decent graphics,like that. Fishing,bet, farm, and a hero of village. But it need too much exp. Hero power is too low even max lvl.golem attack low. Farm system need to change a little without fertilizer.can not save in (google play games) Everything great.

Ragas Shrestha

Okay, the game's good, imo, except for the whole screen joystick, lack of inventory system, and auto NPC interactions. And in context of wars, it's really confusing. There's no proper guide to it, u can't send defense or supplies to the village you've captured, while you can attack the village you possess, ???. And the most surprising of all, there are villages with overall defense of 2 billion + with same level 5 defense.


Optimize it some more and then I'll invest some fine and money into it. Just please optimize it properly.

Anthony Kanjute

This stinks l was playing the game and then out of nowhere it erased my progress it's a great game overall but pls fix that glitch am only giving it 3stars

Pal_ Arts

If i would have a chance to request.. (i think it's gonna be UNIQUE if there's a story romance inside the castle and more like love, friendship ETC..) i think adding some story to the game will give it all and fix the save setting on the game 👍👍❤️😍

Sagar Janjoted

Can someone tell me how to make magicmons?

Avichal Raj

Please make exp numbers down when building home, town etc and also make woods number down when building home, town, blacksmith etc. It is very difficult collect exps and woods and add more mission to collect exps and money 🤑💸💵💴💶💰💳

sc abad

Enemy boss is too hard to defeat even my level is higher. Tools are very hard to require, and all purchase needs exp and it's very hard to earn. I'm also asking what's the use of skills if you can't use all them, it's only random, battle is not much enjoyed I still prefer rpg battles than this. In potions it's very hard to have a successful refine also, and its very hard also to get, I'M VERY DISAPPOINTED, atleast there's a shop to buy equipment, armor and tools or mines.

Joshua Tolarba

Need a lot of improvement in game. For example in quest you need to put a bag so we can discard some item we dont want and also make a consumable food so we can go longer in the battle.

Donald Halverson

Surprisingly good at keeping your attention. More than enough different things to build and upgrade and maintain. Really good game. If there was a bit of difference in the quests i tjink this game is easily 5 stars.

Chain Smoker

This game could have been great but lack of development has really hurt


I can't mute the game

vincent dollete tv

Sorry for the 2 stars because it will restart if i play the game im level12 and if i play it be level8

Zie Howard

I enjoyed this game but as it progress it became too repetitive. Too difficult to acquire tools and experience. Too much plant negative effects. And the inventory system sucks. Everything that you do needs coins, experience, tools and wood. War requires a lot of resources (again experience and coins) not to mention confusing. Controls are difficult.

Aguinaldo Estrella

D wow


The battle system is very weird. How you expect we battle without doing nothing? Lol.

jhet Seyer

Its a good game.. but its be better to have s equip and item menu..and add some equipment for battle..

Jairo Carpo

It's a good game but i hope there's a setting so i can change the graphics bacause it's lagging alot in my phone