Vikings II

Author: Game Wacky

100,000+ install


Vikings II – Archer, bowman viking shooter with amazon medusa & endless legion of monsters

Detailed info

File size: 58M
Update time: July 13, 2021
Current version: 2.3
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Game Wacky
Price: Free
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Customer review

Praveen Aneja


Srawan Basel

You watch addd and get knocked out from the rewards add for free..fix it

Daniel Garcia

Constant adds

Jeffrey D Smith

Lots of ads 2 per level if you multiply rewards, I was certain random popup ads were a thing of the past, but this was under the New tab on the play store. Edit: WAY to many ads, cannot enjoy.

Mohamad Fitri

Interesting game guys and fun too..

بابک بختیاری

👍 good


Plays ads after every thing you do.....

bea ekrtova

These power points are destroying this game! Still really good, I like the art style and the controlling, the characters with different skills and tons of enemies. I also like how its inspired by the North mythology.

Tafawa balewa Joshua

Sweet 🎂

Rakib Hassan

Good to play

Yasir Ali


daniel saqari

It's so fun

zuka gurgnidze

good game


Offers me the choice to watch an ad and triple the currency from the end of the level I clicked to take the normal amount of currency, and then it made me view an ad anyway. Immediate uninstall.

Eric Vangstad

You watch a stupid ad to get more coins or reward and it doesnt even give you the bonus. And even if you choose to not watch an ad, you still have to watch a stupid ad.


It's a lot of fun.

Broderick Sims (Vrast)


Chand Moughal

Chand Mughal


Unwanted ads. Even I choose to continue without watching ads, game shows ads. Then why would you even ask in the first place.

Nakul Sahdev

SuperAwesome & simple.

Veni Gamiz

As mecânicas são boas

Pedro Rocha

At the end of the level you can choose to watch an ad to multiply your gains, or only win the default prize. Either way you get an ad. This has to stop

Vampire Heart

Ew a forced ad every 5 sec. Even in the tutorials. 💩/5 Edit: adding one more star because I liked the color theme very much. It's sad that I won't be able to play the game. Devs should stop selling their soul (talent) to money hungry companies.

Lucifer M

Good game too many ads

kre in


David F

After every level there is an "optional" ad for 3x reward. I use qoutes because an ad is forced regardless.

Renoy Pallithara antu

Like everyones regular life

Amazwangendaba Edingeni

Body tissues get active

ansh paul

The game is the di ok

Mihai Pavel

More ads than the super bowl. The bosses are very easy and boring, the normal waves are all the same.

James Duncan

Mildly amusing little game, but having to close an ad after every level is just ridiculous.

Teja Deepak

Even better than the first game. Luv u guys tq 4 an awesome game.


Could be a fun game but just too many adds. After everything even if you don't select 'watch ad for more' button


gatcha low challenge shmup, nice art style though.

Frea Js

Too many ads. Disgusting!!!

Leon Black

You choose to not watch an ad to double profits and it shows you an ad anyway? Between every single efin level? Fk this game.


They ask if you want to watch an ad for extra currency, then make you watch one anyways. The wagon thing doesn't function, just kills the app and forces you to restart. It's just... a shame really

chagileti siva



Muchos anuncios

Gayle Lizardi


Alphonso Austin

Constantly crashing after an ad or trying to get double gold, gems or even spinning the wheel to get more of either of those items!

Nikola Tanchevski

GG nice style yet please fix Reward Videos Bugs

Chad Els

Just started playing and it's quite fun ...

Ragna Eyjadóttir

Good art style, nice flow ... but here is how things go - run a stage - die, VIDEO to revive (ok, that is normal..) - finish the stage .. VIDEO to spin the wheel (ok..) - VIDEO to double your coin (and you know, you do not get twice the coin as a bonus, you receive half the coin when you do not) - VIDEO for proceeding 4 videos .. that is just too much. and no permanent option to get rid of ads but only a subscription - disappointing!

Steve Woolman

Constantly crashes after videos bit prior to giving reward. Game is fun but need the extra cash rewards to keep up with difficulty.

davood vaezian

Game is cool but when you see the ad it didn't give you the prize.

Jaideepbhandari Jaideep


Tarpan Biswas

beautiful things of this game is,you can win the finstag.

Jordan Reese

To many ads every single time u beat a level u get an add make it every 5 or something


Disgusting pay to win desgin

Ajit Yadav

. .................................. ....... .............................. ................................. .................... .......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Bret Kamwi

Gave it a 5 star at first but had to change it, because game crashes after watching an add and there is very little progression.

Fadilah Hi Ahmed


Dildar Ali


Ghanshyam Tripathi

The game keeps crashing after ads.


I find it a struggle to like the game when it keeps crashing after an ad finishes playing.


Add plays after every single mission and when you opt to triple your gold yield by watching an add, you then must watch two, back to back. Greedy developers are becoming absurd to expect us to not only deal with this for a mediocre game but actually pay not to. Shameful. I hope you guys get arthritis in your thumbs.


2 stars for the graphics. Otherwise would have earned a 1 star (ads, hitbox is weird, enemies are always the same, no real progression, pay to do a super attack 🤣)

Sultan Issa

Deleted for forcing ads

Shay So

My experiance was very bad,ads every single damn round. The game is very intresting but the ads ruin it completely. Everywhere you press=adds. Everywhere you upgrade=ads. Fix your damn game you morons.


Game looks good.. But everytime I hit the watch ad button be it to revive or get the wagon of fortune, the app crashes and I've to repaly the whole level.

irvin kakegamic

Awesome bullethell shooter ....but sometimes the videos doesn't work or if you watch the video ,,,,it doesn't give you the double coins or rewards...... Also REDUCE THE ADS ,too much ads...

Munchie Wise

character isn't where i touch the screen half the time. free energy and free coins don't do anything and wagon of fortune just shows me an ad and closes the game with no reward. would give five stars if it wasn't so wonky.

Sager Naeem

It is very good game.

Ben Weilerstein

Game play is relatively fun but watching ads to get extra coins or energy just doesn't work. If you click "wagon of fortune" to watch an ad after playing a level, the app crashes after the ad and you don't get the coins from the wagon of fortune, plus you lose the coins from the level

Juan David Muiños

After the first boss, the game got stuck in an endless ad loop. I counted 6 consecutive ads without returning control to the player before I got tired of this charade and uninstalled. Having ads is one thing, deceiving players to trap them in unbreakable ad loops is another. This either a bug or a scam.

Lily Choco

I really enjoy this game! It's easy, the style is so cool, the animation for little things such as hair movement is awesome, and it doesn't bombard you with ads. I might draw the first character just from how cool they are!

Laurin Pimentel

Loved the original but II exceeds any expectations. Good job!

Matthew Hoffman

Too many ads


So fun love it😍😘🥰😍😘🥰

Vishwas Kumar S

Nice mechanics and graphics, just beware of the ads that hide the skip button

andi reyes

Nice game

Ievgen Grushevenko


Mino cat


Kathryn Paulk

This game is simple and a lot of fun. There's so many levels and characters. This is a great game.


Simple game. Somewhat enjoyable but very repetitive

hesam kj

Entertaining game

Roeper Torell

Nice more energy tho

Saleem Khan


Raghav Gomez

Game is good but plz add select level option.

James Everly

Cool execution

Fredthebadger B.

The actual game play is meh. Arcade shooter with no challenge beyond more and more HP for the enemies. I'd give it 3 or 4 if it weren't entirely built around getting you to watch ads for triple rewards, watch ads for up to x10 rewards, watch ads for free currency, watch ads for energy, randomly forcing you to watch ads, and the 'vip' even just doubles the bonus for watching ads rather than giving you the bonus without needing to watch them.

Fisayo Akinwale

I dont know why I cant use my coin to upgrade my hero... keep referring me to buy gem when I get more than enough coin to upgrade. Please help look into it.

Sonu Singh


Moses Rotimi

Awesome game.... Love the simplicity and how progressive it is. Would suggest more hero and villain character, and if possible add some other interesting scenes and an adventurous story line to it. Make it more interesting but keep it simple still.

Seattle Sauce

Like others said it's OK. Pretty smooth game play. Gets boring quickly as is very repetitive. But it is what it is described as. No more no less. You've been here before a hundred times so is meh.... But yeah. 3.5 stars if I could.

Lacy Blair

Fun, addicting even for someone who's not big on games. Got through all the characters but am bummed I can't get the last two as I have no interest in paying for a subscription.

Simon Davis

Cool game. Nice graphics

Kyle Hicks

Was charged for the free trial subscription and then it still showed ads.

Joe Austin

Great game!

Michael Garrett

Bought the subscription still get ads, kinda annoyed but otherwise good game

Ben Willford

A simple shoot em up. Tips for having fun with this: 1. Just play until you run out of energy for the day. The game's too repetitive to keep playing longer. 2. AIRPLANE MODE or put some money in the tip jar to avoid ads entirely. 3. Don't level up much for some needed challenge, and switch to new characters ASAP for some needed play variety. 4. The game ends at 300, no ending or special boss. Update 1/21: There's a new endless mode you can do 2/day. This easily wrecks the leveling economy.

J S (ForsakenZero)

Boring, so very boring.

Herschelle Govender

Game is way too easy and repetitive.

Gabe&Sunny Gough-Morales

Great game so far 👍

Malik Adams

It's awesome.

Janis Jills

Okay, I like this app, it's a great time spender so if you're bored most of the time (like me) you should get this app. It gets boring really fast but I guess it's fine. Too many ads but I guess it's fine. Other than that, it's an OK game. But don't get it if you're the type that don't like shooting non stop until you win. 😌😌😌👍👍👍

Clint & Cathy West

I'll give it 5 stars simply because I've wasted more time playing this than I would have thought possible. Sure, it's repetitive, but it's a great time passer. There are tons of ads, but the developer has to make money somehow, and the ads are optional if you want to spend the rest of your life advancing in the game. Fun. Simple. Great way to pass time. Thanks!

insrt nm hre

Bullet hell he with a good theme. I could use a thinner finger to play it though.

Amanda Clark

I am a new player seems pretty good so far wish there was more of a story while playing