Vegetable Duel

Author: JoyOne

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There was a war between the freshmen!
The fresh food war is about to break out. In order to defend the homeland, it is necessary to defeat the invading enemies.
There are various types of arms in the home, and the combination of each type of arms is very important.
In the battle, you can also use props to increase the winning rate.
Use all kinds of arms and props to win the battle!

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Update time: Aug 3, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: JoyOne
Price: Free
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Customer review

Divya Yadav

Ismein naye updates bahut let se aate Hain please naya update la do please please please

Yglot Galang


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play the game, earn the knowledge

John Jucoy

Super cool effects ☺️

Jessica Natasha

It's the best in the ending is good and my brother cannot stop playing this and it's so fun

Susan Louviere

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tobi blake

Far too many ads

Yeni NoorAshfiya