Vega Mix Adventure

Author: Pink Salt LLC

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Welcome to VegaMix: Adventures! Immerse yourself in the story, solve match-3 puzzles and connect colorful pieces to reveal the secrets of the mysterious island. This is where the amazing journey begins!
Treasures of an ancient civilization, charming characters, unexpected plot twists and the amazing beauty of the tropics await you!
Two ordinary girls lost touch with their friend who went looking for ancient treasures. According to the latest reports, their friend has landed on unknown islands. Now Alice and Vicky go to find their friend. Many adventures, hidden mysteries, dangerous missions and a whole new world of native people await them. But they need to find their friends and they need your help.
Legend has it that in the heart of the jungle lies an ancient city surrounded by mysterious events. It was once a majestic city, but then a mysterious magic covered the whole island. It’s time to go on an expedition and discover the secrets of the past!
Join the brave adventurers and enjoy incredible adventures in the tropical jungle! Give the island a new life: solve 3 puzzles, restore places step by step and explore the ruins of an ancient city. Behind each palm you will find a kaleidoscope of mysterious events, clever puzzles and riddles!
Match-3 puzzle:
● blow them up to blow up three or more pieces in a row.
● Match
pieces to create a rocket. The rocket launches a whole row!
● Connect four pieces to form a square to create a spinner. Spinner destroys one target!
● Make a bomb with 5 T-shaped matches. The bomb makes a huge explosion on the table!
● Match 5 in a row to create a rainbow flower. Rainbow flower explodes pieces of the same color!
● Combine 2 powers to get different power effects that make it easier to pass the level.
● Many obstacles on the board allow you to use different strategies and make the levels versatile.
VegaMix Features: Adventures:
● More than 2000 fun matches across three levels with explosive power-up combos. New levels every week.
● Complicated plot and charming characters who touch all situations with humor.
● A mysterious island that safely protects its treasures and secrets.
● Minigames and puzzles.
● Daily bonuses, gifts, tasks and interesting events.
● The game without internet is absolutely free. No Wi-Fi required, no annoying advertising.
VegaMix is ​​an exciting discovery in the mysterious wild jungle.
All match 3 fans will love this game! Go through different levels and open new chapters of the story by connecting three pieces in a row. You will definitely not be bored!
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File size: 140 MB
Update time: 2023-01-18T11:25:32.000Z
Current version: 0.146
Require Android: 5.1
Developer: Pink Salt LLC
Price: $Free
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