Vampire Idle

Author: mobirix

100,000+ install


Vampire Idle
It is a desperate story of the last surviving vampire in the life research project for eternal life.

[Game Feature] – Attractive skill effect and hit satisfaction in the battle
– Acquire higher equipment by enhancing and merging the equipment
– Supports for the character growth through pet and 6 type of battle system
– Supports real time chat system for interaction between players

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Detailed info

File size: 137M
Update time: May 9, 2022
Current version: 1.0.36
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: mobirix
Price: Free
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Customer review


Can't play the game simply because my device is rooted and i can play and use so many other games/ application's.

Kyle Kataryn

Requires a FB account to log in. Not everyone has nor wants one. Unplayable as a result

Matthew Hammond

The artwork is this game is gorgeous, it's nice to see a style like this. I did have an issue when buying the ad removal package, but I sent an email and the moment their office opened they fixed the issue no problem. 5 stars for customer service and how the game will tell you that you can get packages for free before buying.

Justin Peyton

Edit after dev response: Submitted another ticket. Still no response. Original: I thoroughly enjoy the game play, just don't buy anything. I paid for the ad removal to support the game, and never received the item. I have contacted customer support with no response.

Jemena Mooney

Game is fun and when I had an issue the response was fast and the result was almost immediate

Airah Mae Bayuga

The game is good but laggy. But my problem is when I logged in the 2nd day it keeps crashing and closing pls fix

Tainted Shadow

Edit* I have contacted I'm waiting for a response. Solid game but since the update the purchasing of packs has been an issue twice I was given an error message and had to wait for a response. Though they responded somewhat okay they refused to give any compensation for the issue happening not once but twice claiming unfairness towards other players. Now I get if it was nothing major but 2 instances and no compensation for an error that wasn't an issue before the update is distasteful.

Rudvan Pasoma

One Another Good game

Trey Queen


Alireza Sajjadi


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I personally love this game, it's so fun to play, but I have no clue how to use the guild chat/system at all it would be great if it could be cleared up.

Hydra lisk

Ignore da haters, Great game your best yet.

Nobu Ketsu

Installed it to check it out, graphic so doodoo I had to uninstall

Dean Maloney

Fun idle game , very giving and generous devs

Elizabeth Nkhoma

Play the game

Fariba Eftekhari


Sharp Coyote

Just a basic, average power trip idle game. Interesting art style, but that's about all it has going for it.


Amazing game and concept. I have no idea why there sooo many 1 star reviews this is great no ads unless you want to watch and this game has no less battlepasses then any other idle game....nothing new. Yes there are many but its absoultely not pay to win. Great game!!! Edit : not sure what the response is supposed to be but now its 4 stars....The ui is super clunky and needs a super big overhaul....Please make a new UI....Guild chat aint working and some other bugs. There is no backpack...


Не запускается, ругается на lucky patcher

Aditya Putra

I can't open the game after trying to sign up. Suddenly force close.

Op error zero

well is pretty to much more gems fun aswell.the games is thing is buging like that im was kick out on this.well just give 3/5star form me

Tankutoppu Masutā

Simply amazing!


Great idle game

Derek Hancock

Needs quality of life changes to make things easier. Like a max gold upgrade button. Needs some Stat improvements on the Stat page like base attack and attack multiplier.

Cody Caldwell

Game won't load crashes everytime.

John Siu

Overall pretty good as idle game. Nice graphics.but a few places need touch up. Most noticable is the stage transition.whole screen go black, very annoying when setting up magic or equipment. PS: yes, most stuff are explained in game, but blood strike. Is it a standalone attack? Does it count as normal attack?

Maritoni Mendoza

This game was good but some bugs that i cant equip my Magic skills

Cory Davis

Having fun with it. Still can't seem to equip any of the skills I've gained though.

kratos ahmad

Not opens ,it crash after I try to open it

Belitus Bulis

I like it but it's hard to gain lvl at some point. After the update the majority of bugs are gone and I like the new update

Lysa Stormborn

As others have mentioned the tutorial is lacking and the translation is not so great. It could do with better explanations of the various currencies and upg systems Overall visually interesting but technically meh

Ariana Hennebury

I like the game. The problem I have is they have like 15 "passes", like attendance, costume, weapon, but none of them cross over to one another and each are $9 a piece, which is expensive for a game like this. The graphics are nothing special (the style is kind of interesting), the fight scenes sometimes go blurry no matter my internet connection or graphics settings (which with the simple graphics it shouldn't do it at all), the chat needs timestamps, etc.

Lynsey Mcguinness

Wait im sorry im not a vampire

Tyron Madriaga

Pretty good idle game just like blade idle

Brandon W

It's okay. Kind of gets too complicated with such little actually happening

tayade Vineet

Can you try to create solo leveling game with the same concept it will be awesome by the way this game is Fantastic

Shadow Reaper

Honestly I didn't expect much. But after playing it for a while it's actually really fun. As someone who has played many idle games, this one is definitely top 3.

Scotty Ad

I tried i really tried but this game is just buggy and unpolished as any idle game can be

Mr. Muhammad Hamka

Good game for my left over time

Igor Lew

Even enjoyable idle game, worth to try. Theres a lot of smaller activities to do + watching your character beats hordes of monster to the pulp is quite entertaining. There were some issues with incomplete translation or lack of any guidance through basics, but it seems devs steadly try to fix stuff.

โป เต้

คนที่เข้าไม่ได้ ลองเปลี่ยนภาษาในเครื่อง เป็นอังกฤษ ดู ผมเข้าได้





Urim Yi

I thought this was a game but there is no game. nice animated wallpaper with music though. I will rate higher once the game is released.

Someone Here

Although what reviews say this game is actually worth the grind tbh, I am enjoying it very much , hoping I will reach the top in the upcoming days 👴🏻👌

Rajarshi D

Guild chat doesn't work.

Karina Brazzi

It's awesome

Nk Haruna

Freez, crash, bad graphics.


Every time I try to get in the game it kicks me out

Something Clever

A lot, more than an acceptable amount, is lost in translation. The game feels cheaply made, stuffed full of unnecessary gibberish and nonsense, packed full of free open license game assets. I've seen a good number of games made by a single man using Unity that are better quality, more finely polished and intuitive than this. It looks more like something intended to harvest data than something meant to be an actual game. The UI is cluttered and it's altogether unimpressive. Sound is blugh too.


Amazing Game, so much things to do it will literally make you captivated for so long! No bugs and no lag for a game that looks like it be for desktop. Not only that chat and community is active friendly and helpful especially for equipment and help on certain items in game like runes, All in All amazing game 10/10 and would definitely recommend this!

Sammie Gee

I love this game the graphics are awesome ! And I like the art style used reminds me of older games.

The Coyote

Combination doesn't work in a game about combing and upgrading. This needs to get fixed and I'll raise review. Also put a report bug in your a new game and it's frustrating to not have a way to contact you. Art work is amazing

Solitosways _

Love this game and the game play its amazing so are the graphics

Lamaria Thompson

Very simple and fun. Addictive

Juicy GG

Immediately addicting & totally fun! GG 💯❤️‍🔥

Connor Davis

I have it since it came out it was slightly confusing on how to Plat but after a short time I knew what everything did and if your a person who likes there skills to do everything on its own there is a button for that. Good game for now let's hope the don't mess it up

Ken O'Brien

It's a pretty fun game, still needs a bit of work but overall it's good.

Zenit Yudanto

Game idle paling worth it! Cuma naikin level sama nonton iklan udah bisa dapet package biar gausah nonton iklan seterusnya. Reward iklannya juga ngga receh, worth it. Game nya seru. Walaupun secara garis besar hampir sama kaya game2 lain yg model combine senjata. Paling mantulnya lagi, ada low res biar hp kaga panas. Nice!!!!

Sir Nobelless


Raul Villegas


Ben Samuel


Belinda Wolter

Just a lot of mindless tapping and switching tabs. There is a picture of explosions and a sword waving in the background, but nobody pays any attention to it.

Pandito Purwokusumo

Awesome idle game, even if there are so many ads, it is fine because it truly help those FTP players like me. Progressing is hard, but as expected of mid game idle game. Keep up the good work~~

Jeffrey D Smith

The overall look of this one is awful, and the UI is cluttered beyond belief. Please, Mobirix, take a break and focus on Dark Warlock, and Blade Idle. This idle RPG shows you've run out of ideas.

Joshua Byron

Solid doesn't beg for your money but I's pay to win. Still good even though I have spent nothing on it.

Erica Jackson

I'm not sure what to even say about it. The game just draws you in. Big points for the style, for the gifts via ads when you choose to watch them, for a pretty easy ui to figure out, and for letting us figure out our own path to take. I don't really have a complaint so far.


Game was pretty decent. It was a bit difficult to manage all the abilities and powers at the same time. Good offline game for timepass or when there is internet issue.

Christopher Bauer

Uhh eh.

jason duggan

Zero. Doesn't work. Loading screen then stops. Golden cabbage award

Rose Rossello

Fun idle game, unique, not sure how intetesting it will remain in the long term. Note: I bought the remove ads package (you can also earn it free by watching 600 ads) and thought I didn't receive it but it turned out to be in the mailbox, so you need to click there to apply the ad removal if this happens to anyone else.


I would really love playing, but it keeps crashing on start. already gave it all permissions and included it in magiskhide. still doesn't start.


Great idle game. Ads don't feel terrible with the promise of ad removal.

Erokichi U

It's boring without pvp elements, art work could be improved.

brogan zollar

Very well detailed and progressive game! The art of the models and background are great, and theres plenty of rewards to keep you going. Ad rewards are worth it too. Only thing id say is lack of music variety but its not a big deal. Overall great idle game!

chris mungia

When I first opened the game it closed its self out because I have lucky patcher installed on my phone (forgot I even had it) kinda weird since I didn't give this app any permissions at all let alone permission to look at my files and media this is a easy uninstall if I could give 0 stars I would

Christina Waters-Elliott

I like it, I just think that there are some things that need work. For instance, I could win a round of something, get my reward, only it doesn't always count in my total. That frustrates me.


สำหรับใครที่เล่นไม่ได้ เกมนี้ต้องเปลี่ยนภาษาในเครื่องเป็นอังกฤษก่อนนะครับ ถึงจะเข้าได้

Ben Anderton

So far so good I've only been playing 2 days though so I still need more Play time to give an in-depth review.


Game isn't working it closes before starting


Straightforwards idle game, but no tutorial, no explanation, and the cutscenes are set to auto play so you can't go at your own pace

Dylan Forsyth

Reminds me of the idle app for Hero Plus Korean

Joseph Lewis


Colten raine

Most ad filled game ive ever seen absolute trash . the name restricton is horrible i tried 12 different names . not worth the waste of space or time of existing .

Gavin Lowery

You expect me to trust a company that i can't even read the name of? As far as I can tell from all the videos and reviews though fully functional it's hardly even a game, hard pass.


Meh, this shouldn't be allowed to be called a game. It should be called a "stare at the thingy". As far as staring at thingies goes this one kinda sucks. It doesn't continue when you're not staring (when the app is closed). It has really short adds but I dono why anyone would want to watch an add to stare at a thingy...

Julianm Aguirree

NVM I find out how to do it

Haroon Sherani

Well it doesn't even start.. Like it stops in the *standby* loading screen with the round thing and the bat's shadows and just crashes, **edit**: it is a very very new game so I won't hold it against you, idk anything about this technical stuff but I am using the Huawei A5 phone fully updated if that helps. It said that Google play crashed then when I tried again it said vimpire idle crashed in the second time. Looks like a good game so keep up the good work, it sucks that i can't play it tho

Patrick Dolan

Laggy but fun

Agios O Satanas

Wasn't expecting much but I'm enjoying it a lot. I hope there will be some quality of life updates in the future, some things seem a little buggy and there is some wacky translation sometimes. But for me personally I like figuring a game out and theory crafting without being pulled trough several tutorials. Just like the old days! Lovely artstyle and visuals too.

Jake Overington

The UI kinda reminds me of 2010's flash games. Game ain't bad and gives lots of stuff for free. Its your basic idle game with all the same upgrades your used too.

black YMS


John Thomas Caballero

perfect game smooth gameplay.

Jill Mel.

I am unable to login without automatically asking to be connected to my Google account or Facebook account. Asks if I trust the company. No idea on this as it's not in English. I like to play the game first before connecting


Can't play because I have Lucky Patcher. I use Lucky Patcher. To manage and download app games from a website called which is a website where people make games and post them on it.

Jesus Holguin

Be aware. I cant agree with the requirements for your idle game to go through my privacy info on Google. Especially for an idle game. And not having an option for a guest account as well. Change these requirements and I can Rate the game Farley.

John Michael Tristan L Tuazon

Pretty fun and is more complex than normal idle games

Rebecca Mae Agustin

It is good, but i cannot equip the magic spell? It keeps on loading.

Aaron Obanion

Won't even load and it crashed my phone. Would rate lower if I could

getaround 1

I can't use it because I have lucky patcher installed? That's just so lame, i use lucky patcher to fully uninstall different games and use almost as a task manager but i can't play this game because it's installed? If i wanted to cheat i would download a hacked APK that someone will make in a matter of days so i have no reason to cheat with lucky patcher but i don't wanna cheat because then what's the point of an idle game? So dumb.