Vamp – Lord of Blood

Author: kikike Corp.

1,000+ install
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Vamp – Lord of Blood – Move & annihilate ! Hack & slash !

Detailed info

File size: 110M
Update time: September 21, 2021
Current version: 1.1.6
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: kikike Corp.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Konoyu Chilan

Overall the game is very fun and addicting admittedly. The grind is slightly annoying but not to the point of being extremely slow. I will say I wish there was a way to craft boss exclusive gear or cosmetics. As well as the ability to actually use the item upgrade orbs to make gear better. It also would be nice if you could get extremely rare gear that level with you and potentially evolve if you meet certain requirements!

Antonio Ventura

Great game 👌

TheArchive Spon

Solid, unplayable bug fixed :)

Gum Gum

the game is great, it's just that energy system that brings it down.

Kế Duyên

Hello, from a guy who have talking too much about bug and everything else. I'm gonna delete this game after have some fun time with it, and before i do that i give you guy 5 star. That all i can do for you as a player, your game is fun but it out of contents. Have a nice day and improve your game. Gonna back late.

Anndielo Entertainment

My experience is horrible, my damage to enemies suddenly turned to 1 whatever skills, items, stats i have.

Bob the Unemployed Ninja

Name can be only 10 letters max.

alex dupont-korman

Haven't even gotten to play yet and I'm being asked to rate....kind of suspect..but we will soon see

Lemon B

Great addicting gameplay very optional ads.But i cannot give a 5 star due to the lack of locked controls making the movement awkward in the Boss fight

Ricky Kurniawan

More fun than expected. Would love to see some crafting instead of gacha-ing your way for everything however.

The Archmage

Fun game


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