Vainglory All Stars

Author: Bazooka Tango

1.9.0 (101249) install


Vainglory All Stars – Anything Can Happen in this crazy all-out 3v3 Brawler

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File size: 29M
Update time: September 9, 2021
Current version: 8.0 and up
Require Android: Everyone 10+Fantasy ViolenceLearn more
Developer: Bazooka Tango
Price: Free
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Customer review

ali tazakkor

Where are the stats? who's the mvp? I wanna know how many kills did i get? Assists? How many gems ? Who dealt most damage ? Show me the numbers


ew sucks

Lokman Hakim

I still playing vain glory till now i miss the old time...please make vain glory live again ...😔😔😔😔

chris miller

Bazooka can just give up. Thats first off. How SEMC thought this was better then the original VG is beyond me. Trash, i wouldnt even give this to a kid to play let alone anyone with an operating frontal cortex. Disgusted with both companies.

ata afkari

Really bad game. Copyed vainglory heros with no shame in such a bad game. This game is a totall waste of time and storage. I just download this in the memory of original vainglory and its heros, but its not even close to it. Not graphic not gameplay not any thing....

Jennleigh Villanueva

Nice game

Hector Metal

Can't belive you chance vainglory for this game its ripoff brawlstars common you can do better. very sad for vainglory it has been tru al their players 😢 😕

Soniya Mone

Well, it's been a while... Game is still not finished looking despite having solid gameplay ideas. What really got me was the password reset function not working. Like, really? I wanted to continue to support the game, but if that doesn't even work, this game is kind of a sinking ship.

sai srujan kandukuri

Bad game

Mysoer Calat

Muy mal


Please bring back the old vainglory it was way better than this game the og vainglory was so cool and fun to play but you guys just killed a really well made game honestly i would have played the game even if that game had in game purchases so why don't you guys remake the game with better in game purchases and battlepass I'll be more than happy to play that game coz I'm tired of playing wildrift and mobile legends but nothing feels as fun as vainglory.

Arman Barsamyan

Can't believe they stopped caring for original VainGlory just to make garbage like this... Hope one day they will give us the best mobile game back instead of making this. Everything is bad in this game. The mechanics same as a lot of rubbish games out there. The art is complete disaster. The graphics are not even half as good as the original Vainglory. They turned a godlike game that had the best mechanics, arts, skins, ranking system, balance into trash like this... A shame

hikari aoki

Wow. Very nice update is it hd now? Can you add all chat and also view profile of players that would be cool.


Please bring back Vainglory 🥲


Boring bring back original vainglory

abdesslam rebadj

one star 😀


Great game

Jon Labedz

Terrible. Wait times are longer than games. Music is dreadful. Gameplay is dreadful. The fact that these devs had the audacity to associate Vainglory with this steaming pile speaks volumes of their integrity. Blasphemous.

Johnnyssi -Ga

So i downloaded this game just so i can write a review. Bring vainglory back please! That was a perfect game... Nobody likes this game.... What do the community need to do in order for you to understand that we don't want another game?. We want vainglory back. It was so perfect. Everytime we have to demolish what is good and create something bad 😞.... Just tell us what we have to do so we can play vainglory like old times(ranked matches where you don't have dump co-players) for example. Ty

Ali Matloob

The game itself is good, but it's no different than any other game of this sort. Most of us just really want the old MOBA Vainglory back

Rodgy Flapps

This has killed vainglory. It's the final nail in the coffin. The only thing that makes this anything like is predecessor is the characters.


CTF feels short. We need more options in the settings menu. A tutorial for beginners to understand mods.

Shae Vettori

Pathetic experience. Way to destroy the game that was carrying your brand. Nobody gives a flying **** about "catalyst black". That game was terrible before it even released... SEMCA management is atrocious. Give it to people who know what their doing...


Just go play brawlstars

Anthony Sale

What a joke

Ryan Burleson

A worse version version of a game that's already been made a hundred times. Deviod of the care, polish, and artistic touch of it's namesake game.

Logan Sambross

In the survival mode, if two of the last survivor dies at once the game crashes. Fix this issue

Ryan lex

Amazing game! The graphics is freaking awesome!

Matei Filip

Bring vainglory back...!! Vainglory was a great game.... This is just a brawlstars copy.... Vainglory was quality!!



Ali Ashoorian

old vainglory was so much better than this i really miss vg

Павел Шурмин

полный клон brawlstars на столько же огресивная донатная помойка.

Fikri Achmad Arif

very good gameplay, but need big improvement for hero design and graphics and game mode


Clunky controls. Needs work guys

Balonie Baloma

Im just giving a bad review cuz im bored and since u already have a 2 star review even though idk what this game is,lmafao,get banckrupt

Iam ugly cat

I got a copy strike because of your stupid as game You can't even use uncopyrighted songs

Kaylan Jansen

Awsomeeeeeeeeee but when enemy's go into bushes why are they still visible 🤔 can you perhaps make players not visibility if they go into bushes any way the games great keep up the good work👌

Daniel Sirney

What a waste of time. I miss the original Vainglory

Stefan Smith

Compared to the old game. This game is a downgrade. Matches are super short. Controls are eh

Joseph Lazer

You Should have not given up on Vainglory, you guys killed your golden goose, cant trust you after what happened to Vainglory.

john johnson

trash brawl stars clone with vainglory characters do not play just play brawl stars better

Stefan Brankovic

I love that champs r from vainglory cus i loved vainglory very deeply but this game is terrible... u couldve made other game with same champions... very dissapointed.

paul Dickinson

This is a good game but I lost some top ups and I got a hero fire dragon but o never received it could you please help

Sug madic

The game told me to update for new version but there's no update 😕 plz fix

Llewellyn Seguro

Cool but i glitches a little bit

Gaston Noves

I dont want to create a Bazooka Tango acount to sinc my data, just to use Google services. Also, auto aim feels weird, not reliable.

Arun Deepak

Game is good. Rework vainglory. Make duo mid jungler solo roles like other moba. Don't let it die. Now is the time to bring back.

Michael Mayen

Completely Underwhelming to say the Least. If the reason for the main game abruptly ending was finances. They put everything they could to getting you to pay for eveything. The money used to fund this game could've revived Vainglory. Rest in Peace Greatest Game on Mobile. The game is a disgrace to it.

Ninja SFS

It is not work,why?



Soul Less

Bring back VG plz!!

Teodor Petrache

very unbalanced matching

sueuehhd shwh2hs

Lag. Boring.

Salsal Sahib

really!!? is this vainglory it used to be a great game how sad what it turned to be

Warrick Brooks

Good graphics and gameplay, just similiar titles out there.




It's a bad game standalone, and if you played the original VainGlory it'll likely feel even worse. All Stars is a downgrade of Brawl Stars in almost every way. The controls and input is laggy, the balance is poor, the gamemode and map design is awful, animations seem to be ripped from the original game, but all the textures and models seem to be a worse quality. There is no "charm" to make up for the lack of polish, all the characters and ideas from the original are horribly butchered.

Mike Bird

Fun game but games are way too short and loading times are terrible

m rb

Its not vainglory and its also a bad game


It's not open on my phone

Cyclops was right!

Glitched in survival map, survive the fire 6 man Battle. Last guy and I killed one another at the same time and game won't end. Logging out and back in doesn't help, always goes back to that match and six dead champs. Can't do anything. Horrible bug.


Game crash before opening

Nadine Paxton

Just installed it and it does not work... It just shows me a black screen

Anathema T-002

This game was such a disappointment. I've followed Vainglory for a long time and was excited to get an inkling of it back, but this is atrocious. You spend more time in loading screens than in matches. The upgrades don't tangibly do anything. You basically just spam your attack button while walking (which is meaningless because you can hardly dodge) and that's the game. You can't even select which game mode you want- it rotates every 12 minutes. It's skillless gameplay. What a waste.

sean chavez

This is a huge huge let down coming from OG vainglory this is just a brawlstar clone. Seriously so sad, why superevil, why...I was really hoping that this game would be revived but unfortunately not. It's a gacha game game at its core.


I've played the Vainglory MOBA so I'm familiar with some characters. Would be nice if you had multiple skills to use. The mobility button is nice. Pressing to shoot and shooting feels delayed. Summoning the kraken is a cool game mode. I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing new maps with diverse layouts and having the ability to choose a game mode to queue up for.

Stefan Kačarević

The loading time is really long, had to close the app a couple of times before it started loading properly, such a shame that Vainglory was shut down, such a good game since day one. Hopefully it will return, because this is not it.

Chris Zepeda

Complete disappointment compared to Vainglory.

Jason Pullins

Poorly designed game that rips off the MOBA Vainglory for a quick influx of players. The main people you intend to Target by using the vainglory name are going to play this one time and uninstall it, never looking back. You fail to capture the essence of the original, and furthermore the game is amateurish and bare bones at a fundamental game play level.


Alright so. The servers first of all are terrible, it's very easy and fast to find a game, but getting INTO the game is not. And the match length is so short that most of the time it ends before you can actually connect. VGAS is just a sad, pitiful shadow of what Vainglory was. It's pathetic to see that they gave up on such a good game to make this. Seeing my most favorite characters in this just makes it worse. This game will never be as good as the real thing. Forever a 1 star.


You were planning to make a Brawlstars Ripoff atleast make it better,the graphics are amazing but everything else is confusing,and the joystick,oh boy don't get me started,MAKE IT LOCK ON PLACE IT DRAGS ALONG WITH MY FINGER I THINK IT TAKES ME TO THE PACIFIC OCEAN ALREADY

Jawad Alidrisi

Needs work on in game graphics, motion, movement, and gameplay

TheeRepenter AkaTheeComforter

great game but can't get past name entry bug Soo yeah fix it

Shreyas Ganapathï

The game needs to be polished and gems need to be cheap nobody will buy your gems otherwise

Godwin Yeo

Game is fun and all but the sudden lag and sudden disconnect can screw you over... Anybody who tries to download this game, get ready for your blood pressure in-check... I think.

Nikita Krupin

How dare you use the name of chess on checkers

Ruma Paul

This game is excellent

Michael Ashley

Amazing game 100stars

William Li

A bad clone of brawl stars, lags, repetitive gameplay. The tornado you can't really win, unless your enemy is retarded, I got selected to be tornado 6 times in a row. This game needs a lot of fixing.


Poor control ...

Vextreme productions

This game is a poor mockery of the game the characters are based on. Love seeing the roster as it fills me with nostalgia for the best moba that was created. But that's the the only thing the 3 stars are riding on. The controls are clunky, attacks don't always work as described, quick attacks don't target anything other than other heroes (making some heroes almost useless in objective based modes). You're better off playing brawlstars

James Dunlap ll

I'm not giving this game a 5 star for the state it is now but for the state I feel it would become. Like the other reviews there are some bugs but these will be fixed over time. The game is new and it has a small dev team so it won't be perfect at launch. It does have similarities to Brawl stars but it has a vainglory twist and it's own uniqueness about it. I think it has potential so I can't wait to see how it is in a year from now. Btw I rlly like the music in game, makes an intense battle fun

محمد حسن زاهدی

No Halloween content

Chirag Danavendra

It's a awesome game just fall in love with this game.deserves 5 star rating if I could able to give more stars i love to do so

DanThe Man

I do like the game however it seems quite glitchy at the moment. The music plays but there are no sound effects from the weapons. Also I feel the music is too loud and we should be able to adjust the volume of the music without having to turn it off. Clunky controls, terrible graphics and a poor looking ui. Uninstalling and sticking with brawl stars.

Christiaan Enwiah

Disgusting copycat game

WraithKing Gaming

I desperately want this game to be good. And it's my nostalgia and my love for its creators that's bringing a lot more charm to this game. I know each hero very well and they all have a special place in my heart. But I can't say this is going to be a Vainglory. It doesn't seems vary bland at times and the gameplay doesn't feel very engaging. Again, I love the creators of this game dearly. This is only tough love coming from me. But I just can't recommend this in it's current state.

peen screen

Sadly, this is just a knock-off. I would not recommend downloading this app. It has been developed by a basic, greedy scheming dev team. The IP of this game was once held in such high regards, and has been reduced to this. Truly, horribly depressing to see. The name Vainglory will not be remembered in the light of the original MOBA, but as this p2w mess of a game.

Kevin Connolly

Junk. Controls suck. Game feels like an alpha release. Can't believe you can spend money on it. I'll keep it for a day in case a major updates but I doubt it.

Charles Avery

This is cool for what it is a Vainglory themed brawler. A few of the classic characters and a few of the last added (like Warhawk). No complaints except... How you overlook Ringo?


Runs fine so far for me, but the maps are extremely bland and there's no way to change what mode you're playing. The models for characters range from okay, like Adialgo and Gwen, to terrible looking, like skaarf. Unfortunately needs more time before it gets better, really disappointing to see one of my favorite online games become a 3/5.

Aman Doshi

Game is good ..but many time you are not able to cast abilities becoz of bug .I miss touch base control. Please add preview option in hero so that player can see what type of style does hero need



Waleed Ah

I'm sorry but honestly this game is just not fun to play by any means, and the whirl win thing , it is just simply boring, removing it is better, and for new players to be able to play this mode only, I would say rip this game .

Kong Yang

Beautiful artwork and designs. Totally a lie when you play the game. Game is trash. Different animation style and gameplay. Bad ai.

Chris R

Gameplay is fine. Load times are horrendous. Missions are poorly assigned as I don't have the roster necessary to complete them. Can't select game mode, stuck with a rotation of game types.

Mouad BenRhanem

wait a min, did you just abandon Vainglory and kept us waiting, just for this ? lol omg you can't be serious

Dennis Andrade

Después de jugar Vainglory y luego descargar esto, puedo decirles. No desperdicien espacio ni tiempo por este juego. Es la peor porquería que he descargado en mi vida. Pésimas gráficas, pésima jugabilidad. Lo mejor que pudieron hacer fue dejar nuestro recuerdo intacto de como era antes.

NoMercy Waffles

I'm sorry, I loved VainGlory and I wanted this to be great. But it's just straight weird. I don't like it... at all... I was so hyped to play this to. I was hoping for another MOBA, I love MOBA games. Part of why I love the original so much. I've played Smite, Paragon, League, VainGlory, and a little bit of DOTA. Just wish I could have seen better for the game. I'll probably redownload it in the future and see where it has gone. But in the current state I don't know if I can back it.

David Plont

I MISS VAINGLORY!!!! but good game. I told friends and they will be playing too.