Vahn’s Quest

Author: Super Planet

100K+ install
Role Playing


💌 You’ve been invited by the ‘Grave Keeper Knights’.

■ Where does the strength of the Knights Templar end?! Infinite Growth Idle RPG! 💪
– Challenge endless battles, adventures, and stages!
– Get rewards thanks to AFK automatic hunting?! Grow endlessly!
– ‘Double speed’ battles and ‘1 Second Skip’ in boss battles! The pleasure of super-speed progression!

■ Heroes full of personality! Let’s nurture them on our own!! 🦸‍♂️
– Your hero is weak? Make him grow until he gets 8 stars with the grade upgrade!
– Your own hero group that grows infinitely by collecting relics and strengthening skills!
– Craft hero-customized (DIY) equipment at the blacksmith and get stronger!
– More than 60 attractive costumes! Visual and ability UP!

■ Make auto-battle more fun! Let’s set up a strategy and play smartly! 🤔
– Deploying heroes will get you a buff! Let’s lead the battle more advantageously!
– Each time you tap the Fire Spirit, you deal extra damage to enemies! Make battles easier!
– Support the fighting power of the supporter knights! Take advantage of heroes who do not participate in battle!

■ Defeat the dungeon boss to get an item?! Let’s grow into strong heroes!👹

■ A mini-game in an RPG?! A treasure dungeon where you can get gold and have fun🤩

■ Who will be the strongest? A bout between knights from all over the world! (PVP)

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 25, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Super Planet
Price: Free
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Customer review

Fernando Sanabria


Deny Romanda

game santai bagus, buat animasi skill lebih baik Dan ad voice character nya

Ettene Francios

nice cool game

Maroon Room Attendent

So far easy to get the jist of it.

Kris Kotaro

not a bad game. and plenty of in-game's currency purchases available.

dragon eye gg

really great

Wade Stewart

fun game... nice part is it doesn't absolutly consume your time and you can still progress and have fun

Trenton Henderson

great simple idle game with a good story and quick game play.

Knightmare Merc

fun casual idle game, great for killing time while out and about!


Pickup gacha is not make sense I want 1.86% drop rate character ( current pick up character) But i get old guy with 5★ (0.8%) 2 time and i lost 20k of ruby ,that makes me feel weird:( Also should to add limited time event

I Like Penut Butter

I am Still Figuring out how to summon

Johnson Axel

Nice game, my only issue is too much time spent in loading screen mode.

Chasen Peck

I do love the game, that's why I have given it a 3 star. I feel that it has a great base but it really forces you to spend money to progress. The number of hero pulls you need to star up is way to steep. The power level required do do anything is really high with no way to get it without spending alot. I've even spent money on the game and I'm just stuck. Takes days to pass a stage and the dungeon cost to reward ratio males it not worth doing them. I am sure they'll fix issues so I won't give up

Bobby Davis

not bad I like the story but it's just like other idol games

Chanlee Pateño

Happy and I love this Game❤️❤️🙏🙏

Darryl Reid

Good game


no modern phone aspect ratio support = automatic one star. also while the artwork is really cute the actual ingame sprites are .. just okay i guess

Greg LeBlanc

Don't bother. Slow, ugly and the game is mostly loading screens. Avoid

The Harmacist

Devs are trying to fix things so not so bad.

Louis Suryadi

New update makes the game unplayable. It's force-closed after loading screen. Pls fix asap. Edit: Fixed! Thanks.

Caleb Temple

really good so far. great voice acting, really explanatory throughout, and the graphics are very pleasing to the eye. will rate some more as I go through later on.

Qwert Asdf

Bugs, crashes, screen freezing, and constantly down for maintenance. Alright game otherwise.

Muhammad Rizky Arika

not bad, no forced-watch ads so far.

Nicholas Smith

Happy with my pre-register so far. Finally hit the slowdown, and now it's a grind.

James Tucholski

game gave me a bunch of free items and then asked for me to rate it... pretty sketchy... lol

Rizki Workaja

ha! boner hero... always update, annoying

Gabriel Coelho

Loading screens are way too long. You are very likely to get repeated 5* pulls even on the pitty system. Very bad game overall.

Ricky xonz

After stage 300 the proggres become slowly. Boring activity then

ramuha thunder

fun and I'm bored

Every Day Game

Fun for first week. Then gets boring.

Kate McClintock


Hayden Schmitt


Dimas Harris

It's ok. still new to it.

Zhiyan Fu

Game is buggy as hell. Cannot trust if the characters skills are working as described. Hackers are easily hacking in this game. Devs nerfing popular build. Game rewards are pitiful comparing to how much time you spend in game. The game is generally pay to win. And lastly the game crash all the time. This game should be in beta and not released in this state. So regret spending money in this game. -5 stars.

Tew William


Alfie Dunnachie

Honestly 6 out of 10 on the 'quest' aspect as its way to easy for once too powerful overall rating though is probobly 8.7 out of 🔟


i like this art style and simple gameplay but it slows down sooo much after 300 xD now im barely making any progres xD

Lester Terrado

the has a lot of potential

Walter Spivak

It has good art and is shortly executed, however the game play is very boring after a short while


Fun game Nothing crazy

Pan Kamil

Typical gatcha game with groovy graphics. Thing that is really troublesome are constant loading screens.

Chocobo Lows

I'm in love bruh..

Kazao Fuji

for now


fun little afk game. I'm looking forward to see where it goes

Freddy HL

good game

Jasen Keplinger

Really a great game great graphics and you get to encounter idle, rpg, fighting and cards games! All wrapped into one super fun experience!

Mr. F

love it


Slows to a crawl early 300s. 6+ star Heros skills/passives can be upgraded but requires epic stones. The one currency you'll get the least of unless you pay up.

Mieszko Kasinski

Overall, the tutorial is thorough, grammatically correct and tells new players how to play the game in a good way. In my opinion(personally) the lumber in the game doesnt have enough uses, and new heroes are way too easy to get. Over than that, it is a good game.


Summoning feels really expensive for extremely low payout. Current system looks like x10 10pulls on summons guarantees a 5* card which is 60k gems, Compared to most other idle games which require 2700gems per x10 summon and guaranteed 5* on 3rd pull. This gives the game a very dull experience when summoning, I could be wrong on the game summoning mechanics however my last 5 summons have been normal and blue cards.

Bambang Soetanto

simple , fun, good graphic. will be better with simple multiplayer mode

Russell Tinsley

pretty nice idle game


I love the graphic

Jonathan Rice

so far so good

Harold A Villanueva

me gud😀

Om Banjare

Give one type hero more

Jupiter Martinez

good game

Shiruo Gaming TV

good game


many free gift

christopher Henrichson

Just started. There is a lot to this game. Will Update later, but good so far.

Jamie Dobbyn

so far so good!

nyamka desu

had fun, plus that guiding guy is not boring i think

Tony N

Pros: - Entertaining and fun - Skip ads perk is only $5 and permanent - Plenty of rubies (in game currency) given daily - Getting higher on PVP ranking isn't that hard to do (based on accumulated points) Cons: - Doesn't really support offline play. What I mean by this is you don't get keys, silver coins, and lumber while offline which is the #1 reason for 4 stars. You have to keep the game running in the background (ie. an emulator on your PC) - Lots of ADS if you don't want to spend any money

Christina Smith

This game is great fun if you're just wanting to relax and not have to think too much.

Diofy Franco Francisco

the game is amazing broo

Simon Jutras

Another clicker / idle / auto battle / Raid shadow legend type of game. Nothing new but still good graphics, good story, but not enough innovation to keep playing it.

dean tuna

wow magiic

Legend Xu

good tap tap theme。

Suni Doma

Most stupid game code input system I have ever seen don't bother with their codes unless you are from the country the game is made in


Wagon grade 8, stage 300+ game slowed down to impossible level (and thats with season pack, no advert pack & few other things). It was funny for few days, but bear in mind that paywall is super heavy here, I mean like nowhere else. Worst kind of cash grab I have ever seen.

Hhh Yyy

If you want a game to play this is a good choice good graphic and interesting game play highly recommend.

hgy hgy


Paulo Vaz


Mark Anthony Dafrosa

Nice cartoony characters. very interesting so far.

Robert Eno

I really enjoy how in depth it goes compared to some other rpg gatcha games. But by far my favorite part was that the tutorials can be skipped and if you don't you do get a bit of a reward. WOULD RECOMMEND TO FRIENDS

Tattooed Soul

fun, idle game, that's non stop action. keep checking on your knight and you'll mass great power and in game money to back it up. Enjoy this cute rpg as I did.

Sadjad Abedi

Long loadings after every boss! Program performance should be enhanced!

kur ain

not a bad idle game easy to get resources

Jesus Barrera jr

simply amazing game love the animation.

Daniel Griffith

I think you should ask for a review after everything is unlocked. I'm still in the tutorial. and just summoned my first hero.

Yazen Qaqish

love it

Rylle kosei

the game's good, graphics are cool it's giving post knight vibes... I suggest limit the loading screen on bosses... that's all 😇

Rainer Sales

Nice time-killing game

mohamad haikal daniell

simple and easy game to play but the grinding works really got to work for it.

Artur Artur


diet merc

nice game

B Jenks

So far a super solid Idle game in the vibes of Almost A Hero. I'd suggest a download for the fans of idle strategy games, the graphics are nice and overall it feels nice. My only complaint is it's rather sluggish and has a few more loading screens than I'd prefer.

farm1 F


Derrick Braswell

absolutely love this idle rpg game and I've a A LOT of them

Ardent Ares

good game like it very much nice graphics and i like the characters best game for me try it

amir khosro

good game. but loading between any boss stages are not necessarily and annoying

Game 12

its pretty fun surprisingly so, usually i don't really end up liking these types of games. this one is simple and fun.

Dante Alighieri

side scrolling wave progression idle with fun cartoons.

Aji Putro

nice iddle game

Takuya z

cool, simple mechanic

Caira Collins

Good little pass timer and after I think it was wave 30 u can just beat the bosses with out doing the waves

Jeremiah Hastings

Fun so far!

Xaata Frost

Was shown rewards but denied clicking on them to obtain until they vanished.

Neacsu Mihai Vlad


Revan Alveil

I like the art, the comic also fun, gameplay are standard for idle game, collect hero from gatcha, upgrade hero, give them better equipment, and so on. I'm still at the early stage, with some features still locked