Vacation Tycoon

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Ever dreamed of starting your own tropical paradise? Wanted to become a Resort Tycoon? Are you looking for a holiday? Then Vacation Tycoon is the perfect idle resort game for you!

Our concierge team is here for your feedback, questions, and all your Tycoon needs at

Start building your Resort and work your way towards becoming the number one vacation destination in the world! Start a new Resort every season to gain more bonuses and earn more money. Paradise begins with you!

It’s as simple as one tap to start building your Resort Empire. Guests arrive in style, in a YACHT, then start tapping your way to the top!

Expand and diversify your resort with different shops and buildings for your guests to explore. Build hotels, restaurants, spas, golf courses and many many more!

Earn and collect different Resort Managers to help build the perfect paradise! Each Manager is equipped with unique abilities! Promote your Managers to increase your money making abilities so that you can relax and focus on building to become a Vacation Tycoon!

Everybody CONGA! Celebrate the good times with your guests and start your own conga line! Make some extra money while you tap away to the rhythm and beat!

Reach milestones in your businesses and collect Trunks to unlock rewards. Money, Tokens, Upgrades and more are ready for you to earn!

Vacation Tycoon is free to download and play, but it also allows you to purchase virtual items with real money inside the game. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Playing Vacation Tycoon requires an internet connection. Vacation Tycoon includes advertising for third parties, some of which may be targeted to your interests. You may choose to control targeted advertising by using your mobile device settings (e.g. by re-setting your device’s advertising identifier and/or opting out of interest based ads).

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Update time: Aug 18, 2022
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Developer: Hyper Hippo
Price: Free
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Customer review

Iskandar Mohamad Ali

I'm stuck at loading page more than an hour

Bernard D Tamzil

Why do I get stuck at the loading screen?

Sara Owens

A 3 because i love the other games from them and this is new. Its a work in progress. EDIT: still so many issues but the latest update did make improvements. Would be nice if when the businesses are maxed that it stops giving you the option of leveling it up higher. The purchase of a business level is still outrageous compared to the income of it.

Rogue Ale

Who's playing the game 20 minutes in and still have to follow the purple arrows. This game is to simple to need arrows makeing you do the next step.

Sheila Dugan

Game is fun. It doesn't require a lot of effort so is a nice way to unwind.


Quite liking this so far. A different experience from Hyper Hippo. The only problem I have is that the upgrading resources are scarce. This makes the game difficult sometimes, annoying at most. But another good game from HH

mike ball

Have to watch lots and lots of adverts if you want to progress in the side events

kev mcomish

That arrow is just annoying. It's just patronising the player. So I got a reply saying it is the tutorial. Honestly I am still playing the tutorial? How stupid do the devs think we are? I love the games these guys make. How about an option to skip the tutorial?

Victor Sanchez

Rewards from everything is minimal, some missions require buying boosts or an absurd amount of of tokens, which require premium currency, and it's required in every level. I love Ages, Communist, and Capitalist, but this just predatory for micro transactions to get any sort of decent progress.

Hannah Clemens (DragonStarPlat)

Couldn't get past the loading screen. Tried restarting my phone and everything. Never got to play the actual game.

Ed mc

Great update! The game is actually fun again. Thanks devs! When the manager upgrade cost vs tokens earned cost gets balanced, then 5 stars. Still, I enjoy the game now. *Note to new players* Your tokens and upgrades transfer over with the events. Use your stuff wisely.

Glenn Thomson

Still needs a lot of work, and should not have left beta. I was walled in an hour, the card selection is paltry to say the least, and the cards you do get come out at a rate of 1 per box (takes 10 for first upgrade!). Left overnight and still hadnt advanced one more milestone. Byyyeeee!


A good time killer! It would be nice if the game tells me how much is needed to upgrade the areas and if the chest in the shop were just a bit cheaper. Overall good idle game.

Stephanie Gibbs

I've been playing this game awhile and generally really like the game but there are afew things, when you update the 2X bonus ad, balloon and doesn't work and throws you out of the game. Some managers cards I havnt even got one. Tokens are very hard to get especially when you have upgraded a good few times and the balloon ad doesn't work to get the 20 tokens. I REALLY like the mini games especially the manager card one all tho more time would be really good. Cannot do any ads in mini games now!


Hi vacation

Andrew Eason

What a cash dump. Want to succeed in the game? Spend hundreds. Want to get moderately decent rewards, spend hundreds. Want to actually be able to PLAY the game, spend hundreds. I've loved and played all the other HH games, but sorry, this is just absurd. I know it's a new release, but in order to succeed you have to have and upgrade managers with the paltry sum of gems or diamonds that you can earn, or, as I've already stated, spend LITERALLY hundreds of actual dollars. No thanks.

Nippless Nick

Decent game only bad things are you can get stuck for days at a time you watch an ad all the way through and it says ad failed and won't give you the rewards needed to progress

Ryan Sayer

This game is a shameless money grab with little content. Paying to remove adds only lasts one week while costing the same as 99% of other games permanent add removal cost. Shame coming from a great developer who is selling out. Do not download this game

Andre Carvalho

Bad game

Vitor Valadares

I kinda like it. It's a fun theme, can wait for more updates to come down the line.

Pedro Arroyo

The game is fun but I had sortlock can have some help.

Christian Morris

Great experience so far, I just wish you could see the multiplyer on the businesses and see what you unlock for the next level. But other than that it's a great game.

Ronald Johnston

I love the other hyper hippo games, but the painfully slow progression in this game makes it unplayable!

Nick Vescio

I was initially really interested and excited for this game to be released. I felt that the game got stagnant really quick. I've been stuck on 14 for days now, and has made me really lose interest in the game. I haven't been enjoying the events either as you can't progress further than level 2. I dont feel the levels are progressing in a way that makes the game playable. I'm really disappointed in this game as I love all the other titles from this developer and expected better running game.

Josh Haynes

After original review my thoughts have changed. It's still a basic game. But I expected more from this developer. Their rep is being tarnished by this game. If anything I dont play their old games as I don't trust they won't continue down this road. Lastly, game is based on ads which is nothing new....but I'm not gonna pay 5 bucks every week to play ad free for every single move I do

Caleb McKay

Really loved Adventure Ages, but like other reviews have already stated, this game is way too unbalanced to enjoy. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the events. 3 days into this 4 day event I'm still only at level 2 out of 20, and yet somehow I'm in the top 25% on the leaderboard? Progression is so slow, and sometimes progress doesn't even matter since your managers arbitrarily decide they need to be upgraded before they can continue working. The P2W factor is definitely cranked way too high.

Ressul Bormik

I've been playing games from this company for a long time and this is by far the worst game of them all. It's a complete money grab. Events are practically impossible to progress without spending money because missions require you to use premium currency to complete them, tokens used to upgrade cards are shared between the main game and events and you get very few tokens as is and only in the main game. I'm sad to see how far this company has fallen.

Timothy Low

Simple and cute graphics. However, don't expect it to be the same as their other games. This game has really, really, really slow progression. Purple diamonds are really hard to earn (unlike in the other games) and you will not progress more than an inch without spending blue diamonds. I'd take 1 star away for the ridiculously slow progression and 1 star away for making the purple diamonds so difficult to get. Upgrades to characters are also confusing as I don't see changes to income.

Inar Hansen

Cute game, I have played happy hippos other releases, but this one is crazy monetized. Ads, ads and more ads. Watch 3 ads to get 1 card. Or pay $6.50 per week to not see ads. So $26 per month. No thanks. In response to the developer, $5 per month max for no ads, would consider. But not paying double a triple A game monthly subscription for this mobile game.

Jordan Snell

First off big idle game fan and of Hyper Hippo game for years. This latest game though, has good things going on, but ultimately has been a slap in the face. The pacing is so egregiously slow, events tuned for whales before regular players have even had a chance to acclimate rendering them almost useless. I feel disrespected for my time and effort, that even purchasing the ad free boost seems like this bare minimum requirement instead of something awesome. Please... Fix this

Stephen Eggleston

Ad skip pass is absolutely trash. I thought I was buying ad skip for the whole game. No.


I wanted to give this game a chance because I've enjoyed other games from Hyper Hippo but this game is a flop. Progression comes to a grinding halt after a couple hours forcing you to either spend ludicrous amounts of real money or wait actual days to achieve one goal. I spent $5 just to see how far that would get me and only achieved one goal which would otherwise take a very long time. As of right now this game is just a cash grab. Don't waste your time until they decide to fix the progression


Can't even progress in events unless your spending a butt load of real money. The free crates are a joke. Add more cards to them or make events easier. This game has definitely went 2 steps back from the other idle games.

Brayden Boss


Avi Greenberger

Missing Key Features --- It asks you to upgrade certain venues, but it doesn't label them to help figure out which one is which (after you unlock it). The game is also very easy to get stuck and stagnant, reached Level 14 and then just got stuck for 2+ days already, with no way to progress without waiting a week or paying to speed up time. I've played all previous HH games, and loved them, but this still needs some work!

hans steenstrup

Let me start by saying that i love adventure capitalist, but this game just reeks of money grab. The special event i played was literally the exact same thing with purple grass on the island. Unlocks are impossibly slow. STAY AWAY

Tom Young

Confusing and unbalanced. Needs a lot of polish and balancing. Progress feels slow and difficult quickly unless you spend a lot of money. Changing which managers you need to automate different things feels arbitrary and annoying. Quests which require boosts to be used VERY bad idea. Big gate on progress requiring gem usage.

Mike Sison

Just a vehicle to deliver ads. Game is not fun and too dependent on ads to progress

Sean Ferguson

Worst Hyper Hippo game so far. Rewards are miniscule which slows progression massively. Would not recommend to anyone

Paratech Bill

Game won't start and stays at loading screen forever. Tested on Xiaomi 12 pro and Xiaomi 10Tpro


I've been a long time hyper hippo game player and was so excited to see something new. Sadly I'm extremely let down with this one. I don't mind spending a little on my entertainment, especially when I support a company, but the micro transactions are just beyond casual game spending. Also, the drop rates in comparison to the need of progression is terrible. 1 card and very little tokens in crates and then requiring excessive amounts of both of those is crazy.

James Bristow

The events are impossible to do and the main game takes days to do missions and I'm only on level 11

Hollow Fox

Poor progression balance, unclear mechanic explanations, and some random crashes.

bada bing bada boom

Doesn't have music and audio settings

Carson Tuttle

This game does not feel up to par compared to their previous titles. After an hour or two, you hit big roadblocks in which your options are to do nothing or spend a lot of money. I do expect the devs to push spending somewhat, but the gameplay is so minimal before you hit that paywall, as well as the minimal free rewards even with watching ads, I cannot recommend this game, go play adventure ages for a better experience


In first resort, game is suggesting me to click on 1hour profit button but game doesn't let me click.... so I'm kinda stuck after 5 minutes. Totally ruined the experience.

Christian Grundy

This has to be the most tedious of there games yet. 1 card per box is ridiculous lol.


Paywall Almost Immediately. I love all of the previous Hyper Hippo games. Unfortunately, for this one, once you hit season 11ish, the game comes to a GRINDING halt. It's obviously meant to entice you to purchase managers/currency/etc. I haven't bought anything and left my game running most of the day and haven't been able to complete more than 2 objectives. Really disappointed. Edit: It's now over 48 hours later and not a single objective has been completed. These goals are ridiculous.

Scott Barnhart

game has no sound now

Devon Howe

It's got promise, but it needs tweaking. My husband got lucky with cards for the event and is on level six. I did not and am stuck in level three. Some variation is to be expected, but that is a lot.

Mihajlo Ribarov

It's almost as if a game puts a paywall against you in the first few hours of playing. Some tasks are unnecessarily difficult, and the only way to beat them is if you pay, or wait a long time. And the biggest problem is that those tasks limit your progress. Very disappointed in HH games, they used to be better than this.

Rich Friedel

Overall I think I dig the game. However, there are some things that I either missed or haven't been explained which leads to some confusion as to what and why they are the way they are. I tend to like games by this publisher so I'll keep on keeping on and see how it shakes out

Chris Dickerson

Progression is SO SLOW!!! I have to wait an entire day to make just one upgrade!

Bridget Steele

Slow, and just like every other idle card collecting game out there.

Nona DiAngelo

The game itself plays just fine, as expected of a Hyper Hippo title. The problem lies in the fact that trying to get an ad based reward is almost impossible since every time I try it freezes up and/or crashes my game.

Jeffery Joseph

I want to shut your music off but no option

Natasha Matlock

It will not open. It just keeps saying loading islands and nothing happens

Renji Mathew

Absolute reskin of adventure communist, there is literally no change except the graphics and wordings....

christophe morard

This game isn't doing anything new, better and older alternatives have existed for years. The tutorial phase of the game is way too long with a big purple arrow pointing at everything you should do after only 10s of being inactive. Too many flashy and moving things on the screen.

Jake Campbell

How can a company like hyper hippo release games without a settings menu when every indy developer can get settings like that. There is no way to mute the game, and if there was I'd assume it would have the bug in their other games where if you switch audio sources (like connecting head phones) it plays sounds again even if muted in the settings. Game play is very meh, it's just adcom/adages with extra steps but no real rewarding feeling and seems unbalanced at least on the events.

Joel “DrMegaManPhD” Williams

You need a certain level to unlock managers, then you need 5 cards to hire that manager, you only get 1 card per reward box, then after you've aquire another 8 cards for a manager and 400 gems to do the "promote a manager" mission the next reset you can't even use that manager you promoted. This game intentionally obfuscates its mechanics to make you spend more money. Honestly its pretty typical for what passes for a "game" these days on mobile. TL;DR Got money to spend? Go for it!

Eva P

Reply: You are horrible human beings. The prices are extortionate, the tactics for selling are sly, you have no interest in making games, you're interested in profit. Do not reply any further, I'm not interested in what you have to say. Old: A cloud over the quests so that I need to click the ad in order to see them. How low can you go? By all means, earn your living. You're just horible human beings is all.

CJ Flury

Really enjoyed all the other adventure games and was excited for this one. The main problems I have with this game is that it's very slow. Some mile stones are impossible to hit and you'll be waiting for 3+ days for the amount of cash you need. It's also very slow to unlock new managers. All crates only give 1 manager at a time and you need 5 for them to become active. Honestly a bad design imo. I'll play this game in a bit when it's more enjoyable and doesn't feel like a chore to get on.

Victoria Brown

I've been really looking forward to this game for ages and it does not disappoint! No issues so far and I can see me getting as hooked on this one as I am your other games. Keep up the hard work guys.

Shubham Shejwal

Buggy Edit: First start might take minutes


Really fun so far! The only thing that kinda bugs me is how hard it is to get managers in the event as its a little tedious going back and forth trying to tap to let a customer in (especially for the quicker businesses)

Randy Cash

Hyper Hippo has done it again another highly addictive game. I love all your games.

Ramee Heilig

Had high expectations....bust. Same as the other games, starts off ok buy like others said sometimes ads freeze game or don't work. The amounts are kind of insane early on that takes hours upon hours unless you spend and the token drops are minimal. 8 mins per customer is way too long. I think some of the parameters need to be recalculated.

hayden pro

Idk why it always stays on the loading screen for me. I alredy checked if I had internet, and my internet was fine. I am sure that this game would be very nice to play but I can't really see gameplay since I'm stuck on the loading screen. Please fix it 🙂. P.S. I love all you'r games 👍

Vanessa La'Shawn

it's fun so far. just starting.

Karen Bradley

This game bored me to tears after two days. It goes at a good pace for maybe the first 10 levels and then suddenly you're stuck waiting forever to advance. The mini game challenge also takes too long to accumulate anything. Finally, you have to watch 3x the number of ads as you do other Hyper Hippo games for some items. Total waste of time.

Vreausa Majoc

there are missions requesting that you use boosts but they are purchased with dimonds. this is not ok and I am giving you 2 stars because i love your games and can't give you 1 star. the game is awesome but the fact that missions require that u use dimonds to complete them is very not ok

Rama Rao

Good game. But my oppo A7 version phone over heating by playing this game.


Compare to other games that user the same concept, Hyper Hippo managed to make a fair and fun version of it and its why im giving it a 5 ⭐. The game might start slow but in the long term of playing it it will get easier and better. Highly recommend it

thomas simpson

Good game but one thing that's annoying is you lose automation sometimes when you reach a certain season

Mike Davis

I love Hyper Hippo games. I've played all of them for quite some time and thoroughly enjoy them. However this one is much worse than the others. The game goes crazy fast the first half hour and then you hit a brick wall and progress painfully slow. And don't get me started on the costs of things. It's a nice $5 for no ads... FOR 7 DAYS!! Really?? What a joke.

Eric Lewis

it's another good one!!!

Kevin Farrell

One of the first speech bubbles has no way to get past it, "When you reach certain upgrade milestones, you get a profit boost!" Game is frozen at this point, have tried tapping every spot on the screen, restarted the game, uninstalled and redownloaded, nothing can get past it.....After emailing back and forth with their great customer service, they fixed that problem, still giving it a shot but event seems to take very long and is giving a lot of play to win vibes

Christopher Phillips

Just OK! Definitely feels like a step back for them in the idle category. Does not tell you cost to upgrade businesses, no explanation for how to complete season tasks, and half the time watching a video for a reward freezes game and you don't get the reward. It is fine for a idle time killer but I would check out their other 'adventure' idle games instead.

Nathan Allen

Played for half hour froze in two different spots,uninstall reinstall still freezes where it tries to give you a 1hr skip. To bad, seems a lot of bugs, I'll try again after update. Edit: they fixed original problems 👍, after playing a bit adds can freeze, and when you tap on stuff it can be laggy.


The game needs a serious balance rework. I have one property making "B" while others are making "EE", ad boosts only give about 2-3 minutes worth of profits, some managers will just randomly become obsolete and stop working as you progress, there are quests/goals that require you to spend diamonds to complete making this pay-to-win. The art looks great and it seems like a fun concept but I cannot recommend this game as it is currently.

Nathan Overton

Doesn't work at all. Im in the beginning stages Everything dims and you can't click anything. Keep unistalling clearing data ect nothing fixes it

Teresa Rodney


Mary Ashburn

Game started out great. Really fun and cool but once I had to promote Gustav it won't accept any actions. I leave game and go back and it starts me at the same point. Can't play any further.

Jess Purdy

I'm a big fan of adventure age, and I know these games are tuned to incentivize some spending, but this one is just aggressively overtuned. Most crates drop a single card, which isn't enough to do anything with, so you're going to soend most of your time manually clicking and staring at goals to spend bits -- which you won't be able to do, as you won't have enough cards for any of it. Stick with adventure age, imo; this one's been ratcheted too hard for monetization compared to the rest.

B Dor

Prepare to set sail to Tedium! You'll feel like you're working a 40 hour week as you constantly tap, tap, tap to add pennies to a billion dollar goal. You'll see your progress stagnate within the first hour while the game begs you to give it money. Amuse yourself with dozens and dozens of low-reward ad views just to level up a single business or manager! If that doesn't sound fun, you can spend just $5 for just 7 days with no ads!

Mark Elders

The ads are excessive. $5 *per week* to turn them off. They often open store pages when you click the close button, and some are very long and require multiple clicks to close. What a terrible way to make money.

Praveen Kumar

Tried to play but would not open at all. After linking with my Google ID, it got stuck on the loading islands screen and didn't move a bit. Had to Uninstall.

malachi nelson

5 bucks for A SINGLE WEEK of no ads is ridiculous.

jason ruth

This game is so awesome and I love how you take Managers from the resort to the Events

Rodger Williams

Crashes every time I upgrade the hotel the first time.

Tika Majere

Ad free costs $5 per week. That manager that you spent 800 gems to upgrade? You can't use him this level, but you can spend more gems for the new one! Enjoy tapping until then. (I gladly paid another game $15 for ad free forever. I've been playing that one for 2 years, and spent more money there.)


When I try to claim the free box, the game freezes, making me have to force close the game. I closed the game, cleared the cache, tried again... Same results

Jay Sloan

I actually enjoyed the other games from this studio even though I could tell that the objectives pushed you into spending money but it was never blatant. This game games throws that out the window by giving you quests like watch ads or use boosts (which you have to pay for of course) Quite disappointing

Stephen Rayner

I was really looking forward to this game with the expectation that it would bring something new to the genre... If doesn't sadly. It really just like the other games in their collection but with different graphics. Graphically it's pleasing but it doesn't but doesn't anything new.. Shame, but think I will stick to adventure communist. Like other reviewers have stated the games is not very stable, was it release ready? I I too had numerous occasions when I had to restart the game due to lock up.

Richard Taylor

So far it's been a bit disappointing for a game from this creator. Don't download the game thinking it will be as good as the other games in their repertoire or you will be disappointed.

Shadow Hind Gaming

Not satisfied !! The game is just stuck at the loading screen doesn't go any further... I know it's a bug... Thank full if you fix it.. Your games are great wanna enjoy this as well..!! Edited :- It has started working now 🤍🤍

Diane Radniecki

Great game so far. Only had to restart game 2x.

Tuan Hung Do

It's not tycoon game; not idle game. It's Tap Tap game. And the first time I see this kind of game required permission to access to google account :))))

Becca Bowden

Got to where I get the free hour bonus and it won't let me press it but it's a part of the tutorial so I can't get passed it I'm just stuck