Used Car Tycoon Game

Author: Soul Box

1M+ install


You will run a used car dealership from scratch. Buy and repair cars, hire staff, unlock facilities and expand marketing to attract more customers and increase profits. Build your used car empire and become a Car Tycoon. 👑

Game Features:

⭐【Sundry Car Types】

From beat up old vans, compact cars, sedans, sports cars and offroad vehicles to toy cars, pumpkin carts and punk to interdimensional tanks, this game holds everything to satisfy your collector’s desire!🏎️

⭐【Tons of Fun Storylines】

Help villagers repair roads, assist schools with dormitory upgrades, help racers win trophies, and work with taxi companies to built affordable and serviceable cars. These and many more rich storylines await you..🙌

In the game, you can find antique car dealers to purchase car shards, use a crane to fish for car remains in the river, bring your tools to dig for shards outside, or hire villagers to search for antique car shards. Collect them all to build ultimate classic collectibles!🌟

⭐【Repair and Modify Cars】

Erase, weld, paint and exchange parts to bring a broken car back to life.🛠️

Then modify by adding rear spoilers, aerodynamic kits, wider racing tires and unique speed coatings to give your car a complete makeover and get a taste of living life in the fast lane! 🏁

⭐【Test Your Brainpower】

So, you thought this was just a mindless game of tap-tap-tap? Nope!

You won’t get far without using some wits and strategy. To build the car of your dreams as soon as possible, you’ll need to decide the upgrade sequence of various elements, unlock all the features reasonably and make the best of your resources..🙌

There are also many fun puzzle mini-games to keep you amused!🎮

🔥 “Used Car Tycoon Game” is a free car sim game. Are you ready to become a used car tycoon? Buckle up and enjoy your ride through this simulation paradise!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 8, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Soul Box
Price: Free
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Customer review

Adrian Angelo Esteban

Please fix bugs i cannot get parts to fix cars and car shards

Junaid Laju

this game tycoon good i like this game day 10 i get lambhoghini

Dhapa Nugroho

not the same as the ad

Dave Noty

2 hours in, uninstalling.. you need diamonds to unlock cars, staff ect. Watch 2 ads for 1 diamond. 2nd staff member costs 20 diamonds, 3rd costs 30 diamonds..ect.. replaced game with another.. repeat.. thanks again Google for allowing these nearly illegal scam games.. allow the community to VET games as you won't!


Ads every 10 seconds, you cant get anywhere without watching 2 ads that are 30 seconds long, this game sucks, dont get it!

Stephen Phillips

Keeps saying that you need the Internet

Hd Jdj


Kylaz Alon


Kang Iyan Emon

Game stuck, fixed the bug

Sonic Runway

lvery fun game but I don't like that the girl laughs a lot I don't want to hear that


Best game in the world 😉

Priyo In Vavit

i love this game i rate for 5

James Rice

Just fun.

Payton X

Fun game

Jay Sheils

Once you get to a point not too far into the game, everything has to be bought with diamonds which are very very hard to come upon. But you can buy them with real money. Of course. This is dumb.

Athena Nunez

I love it. It is so easy to play and it is fun!!!

Jaidan Hunt


Holly Vollmer

Game was developed in such a way once you get to a certain point (around level 70) it is made that it is difficult to keep going. Can no longer dig for parts, cannot buy new cars until level over level 100. For the money I paid to remove ads I expect the game to be complete. Waste of time and money

Martin Ajoux

Nice, but buggy. Scrap yard has no more digs to complete, parts to upgrade the cars are sometimes taken twice, giving you a negative inventory. Now there not enough parts anymore to upgrade the cars.

Jimmy Castillo

Need to spend real money for able to make the game going. Need diamonds to hire agents,need dollars to have diamonds. Earning free diamond is very frustrating.

Nicholas Nicholas

Advert showed a game where you manually restore cars 1 by 1, the game itself automatically produces the cars for you and isn't as fun as it would be if it was true to advertisment.

kayla syifa khayara alima

inih bagus tapih ada iklan :)

Kenzie Dowd


ardhi kusuma

Can't continue on the 2nd step of tutorial... the button is freezed.

Jessie Franco

Down to earth reality.

Omar Farland


Lee William

Good concepts! But their spinners very ridiculous not look real! Just got 2k money or 3 diamond???? Towing capacity just 1 cars? Come on!!

Ali Jahandideh

Its good time killer

Farzad MJ


shanlo1367000 Gh


michael profitt jr


Za Awang


Kieran Bradshaw

its fun so far

corrupted life_style

Boring Not like adds

Tristan Laboy

it's fun to play

Andhi indra

Watch your wallet or time for watch lot ads for play this game


Good game

AandO Freinds

over all fun game just not my favorite.

subbi302 _

Got a new phone bought the vip and switched to the new phone no vip and it is making me start all over



David martin

Just stupid

Christian Lee

I like the game but I wish there was a way to upgrade the speed at which the cars come into the warehouse, or even control when the shop opens up. When the shop closes, it's pointless unless no customers show up. Good game still, a lot of potential

Jeffrey vicente

Good game

Sport Merah


sharifah nadjad


JB Barnes

good game with mods

meysam lotfi


Shabaz Pasha

Subhan star

Mohamad Yusuf Bachtiar


Maseena Lewis

The game concept is cool. BUT....the coding is patchy. The little boy only gives you parts once. Characters get stuck, you don't always get your prizes, the game doesn't function smoothly, and you spend more time watching ads then anything. A lot of items cost diamonds that take forever to earn. You pay for upgrades in speed, but nothing happens. If the game was fixed, and improved it would be fun.

Afiq Afiq


Morgan Holm

so many ads

Teguh Aditya

How to build a car? I have collected all pieces of 1 car, but I can't build it 😔 tell me how

shahab shojaei


David Mawuena

fun game

Hibert Merder


Sacha Morand

I hesitate on giving a good review because the car automation is hard to achieve, but I will see if this game gets better.

Mia Silviana

Incredibly disaponted at its massive bugs but the worst one is the parts used to upgrade vehicles. For some reason when you tap the upgrade button when the vehicle requires parts, it will take DOUBLE the parts it needs and leaves you with a negative part balance that you need to even out before you can upgrade another vehicle. Incredibly game breaking bug that needs fixing ASAP. Ads are annoying as hell so i payed to have them removed and ao far it works as intended, albeit a bit pricey.

Rytis Šidlauskas

No updates at all. Game has no progress after lvl 94, it's just pure "watch the ads" game. Don't waste your time.

Sarah Hewitson

it's really good and it didn't let me read because it was glitchy!


I enjoyed the game the ads do help you progress without paying ,but been a while since an update ,

Zieyan Zieyan


free fire Game


aung aung



Game freezes after 30 seconds of gameplay and is literally unplayable, I even tried reinstalling but the game is just broken

Alex S

Unfortunately unplayable as the terms of service have no button to accept lol

syam motion

not bad

David Holmes


cimicumi capil


Christopher Davis

pretty dang fun and a good time killer.

Onyx Cook-Hilliard

The game is pay to win it is so expensive to get some one to automatically sell car

Anthony Montalvo

With the update messed everything up now u don't even have the little boy that brings parts for the antiques how am I suppose to finish them now please fix that

Mohmd Amin

سلام بازی خوبی است برای کودکانه بالای 7سال

F.l.N Rm

Pls remove hey all for you wand to REMOVE ads say all ads remove

Nigel Gunal Dounis

What a game, too much ads, the diamond also hard to get, pick money need to do so many time, better fix your game

Daniel Milej

While the game idea is nice the are many flaws. The progress is to slow, you will be required to pay to buy gems to make progress. Offline earnings are almost nonexistent. After two day you will be exhousted with this game so save your time and do not install.

Bramono Adi

Too much bugs

BreakAway 4470

Ad ridden

Emrah Duric


Dylan Blakemore

it is a good game but it needs more work to it

Geoffrey Hunter

App freezes at start

Joshua Name

Awesome 😊


Almost everything requires diamonds or watching a dozen ads to actually play the game.

Marné Page

Pay to win, as pure as it gets. Exceedingly frustrating gameplay unless you pay. Payment plans unreasonable. Doesn't run smooth enough to make up for shortcomings.

Apeq Lee AbdRasik


Muhammad Fauzan

Grindy too much

nyan kat

This game is very boring. I spent 5 minutes on it and only the first 3 minutes are fun so I uninstalled it. The game layout is really boring and the ads for it are click bait. The loading screen is also offensive and there just so many ads.

Simon Ansell

I played forever to get my parts up to a level I could upgrade a vehicle. Upgraded the vehicle and my parts went from 80 to -250. What the f!?! I emailed the help asking for help and got nothing. Don't waste your time, neither your money! What a joke this app is.

Karl Brent Pila

nice car

Tj Mercer

cool Lil game

Julian Sus

it has very good graphics


Like the game but there's several issues the login day 5 or six car won't show in my repair list and the race is stuck I can't get anymore races or cars from those races please fix this game

Rohani Ibrahim

cool but the man is stinky 😍😍😍

Dezso Lendeczki

Overall great. I have managed to get all the components to one of the cars but not sure how to upgrade the car components into the actual car. Can you let me know please.

Rohana Long


Fikri Fichrie

this game can be polish more,, really hope it does

Infinix hot 10


kevin funk

Fun game, but dont spend money here. Game kinda stops after 30 days. No more scrap yard, no more daily. Spent 800 gems on the 10 random cars.... I got 1 new and the rest copies of what I already own... almost $70 worth of gems for nothing.

Lucky Jaiswal

Nice game

Md Jalil