Urban Rivals – Street Card Battler

Author: Acute Games

1,000,000+ install


Urban Rivals – Street Card Battler – Simply difficult.

• dynamic gameplay style
• hundreds of challenging missions
• 4 minutes of play time per battle
• 30 clans

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Detailed info

File size: 90M
Update time: August 1, 2021
Current version: 7.9.2
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Acute Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Elton Shima

Best card game ever

rookiebob player

Latest UI update constantly causing app to crash.

Noah Baady

Used to play all the time game is whack now and I would never soens another cent

cai chen

F, the new platform so hard to use. Time to delete.

Mislav Sever

Such a bad app update, they decided to update to a completely different version of the app, removing features that helped good players see through how your opponent might play his round. Also no more free pillz show during matches (which is hard to give up for someone who is used to it). All of this during a competition where they give out money. Smart decision indeed dumb developers

brandon sarrels

New update is trash the app in not user friendly and keeps crashing

Keven Cloutier

Great game. I've been playing on and off since 2007. The games had a lot of drawback with a weird economy. Now they balanced it and fixed the issue. Only downside is the collection is a bit buggy on the app. Just combine it witha web browser to do all the sorting it helps a lot ! Keep it up Acute Games.


Good so far

Nebojsa Nikolic

I can't believe. I leave the game for several years because the app sucks, there's bugs everywhere and the market is unusable... I come back and there are still similar issues... What the hell were you smoking when you made the app when it can't be fixed over the span of multiple years... Jesus guys...

Yami Yuki

Nagging for ratings so here is your 1 star.

Matheus C.

Eles oferecem alguns serviços para conseguir créditos de maneira "grátis", decidi então realizar um deles que era basicamente baixar outro jogo (Lords Mobile) e realizar algumas tarefas. Depois de completar algumas das tarefas e recebi alguns poucos créditos, mas agora que estou dentro do prazo e cumprindo as tarefas que dão mais créditos o serviço aparaece "not available" pra mim, eu nem consigo acessar o painel da Tapjoy pra ver peu progresso e contactar o suporte. Parece scam isso.

Talhah Netherlin

Heavy on my phone, cant do as much as the website not all the game modes, and cant track your market history or your sales, few glitches that kick me out of games and if I sell too many characters at once it severely slows down so I have to exit and relaunch but the game in general is a great game. I would highly recomend playing if you're into card games but I suggest play on pc but the app is great too if not for some minor tweeks

aya phantasm

can't even log in

Sathiswaran Vasanthan


MC Luvvyn

great game dont listen to the haters out there the Tutorial is simple if you stop clicking thru and actually read and watch. when you add power to a card yes you may win but you have to divide your power between your cards ,preferebly save the most for the last fight.

ziehl neelsen

Best Card game ever made!

Jennet Wheatstone


Mark Schmitz

Played this game since 2008, and I like the app more than utilizing the site to play.

christopher harlan

Keeps saying servers are down have tried to play for 5 days

A Google user

The best card game ever! Edit: Came back after 10 years now!! I'm going to download it again and hopefully I'm gonna like the upgrades..

Julie Lay

Have been playing on & off since 2016 it was great until not being able to access it this week it says servers are unavailable so guessing its dead now? Hope bring back soon 🙄

Jorge Mehdi

Porfavor intento conectarme pero la cuenta que aparece no es mi cuenta, antes mi cuenta estaba conectada a mi FB

Saras pillay

Game is op n dead

Juan Banda

Loved playing it back before they had a app for it I could only play it on my computer


Only playable for long term players new and returning players will just be a punching bag as well as market prices to build a deck being unrealistic

James Freeman

Still good game but now I don't recommend that it to new players

Colin Jones

A fun game, that actually let's you trade cards with other players, although we are still waiting for a secure way to do it, community is very good.


pure nostalgia

Dwi Nugroho

Stuck at opening screen with the Acute Game logo, can't progress at all, can't play the game.

Christian Jimenez

I remeber playing this game a long time ago somewhere on pc. It was great then, and still is

NINJA JoH Dabshinobi MiE

I been playing this game for years on the PC . I love this game alot . Glad you got an app and sre still around

Kyro Wood

Amazing game loved it as a youth and now that it's in the playstore it's even better then it was before

Rizu 0606

Not as great as before, specially the creation and addition of cards to a deck. Could be a lot more simple and graphically easy for the player.

Pankaj Sharma

How do have so many ui issues after being existing for so long i get fake notification of 'you sold out characters' even though they aren't and that's just a start of the issues of ur UI ITS TAKES SO DAMN MUCH TO load from one screen to another like other games it's isn't even a half a sec u need to hire guys that can fix that issues cause clearly the guys u have now aren't worthless in terms of ui

Alp Eren Tosyali

Credit reward system is basically scam, does not give the offered credits and you get no response from support whatsoever.

Alexander Franklin

Good game, but i clicked on new player in the beginning. I never got to add an email or password and now i can no longer log in. Any help would be appriciatsd since i would like to continue playing


It's 2022 and you're still running a game at 1080p? This isn't 2016 anymore and on the latest phones this game looks visually awful. Also your customer service team is very cheeky with their passive-agressive responses and it's unprofessional. Dead browser game that died a LONG time ago

Vincent Vlogg

make your game NFT pls😍😍

onyx aeon

Returning player and wanted to try it again

David Molina

I wish the clan symbols showed up on my phone since the search feature is only for a single clan at once, but I do like the game, mostly collecting and selling cards.

Sechs Tañala

╏ ” ⊚ ͟ʖ ⊚ ” ╏

Ian Rogers

Very nostalgic used to play about 10 years ago on pc so glad its on mobile

nino singson

Been playing this game waaay back in the day and since the new stuff keep coming in my made account just got banned or deleted for no reason, been loyal to this game and still kept coming back, graphics got better but don't feel the same game anymore

Dion Allen

Would give it 5 stars, but I had my account for over 10 years an recently started again, I had none of my cards or Clintz from that time. Its upsetting, but overall its a good game.

Noah Labarge

It's a decent game keeps me from getting bored and some of the cards are comical

Aden Bitong

what a waste...i used to love this game...


This game is one of my favourite games as a kid. I'd suggest anybody who loves TCG id say give this a go. Combination of amazing art from cards and pill popping fun :P 10/10 seems anyone playing nowadays it's balanced also to get cards. And chintz. Enjoy the gang wars my friends :)


I just reinstalled this game after years of not playing it and apparently I only have 9 cards..! My account is from 2010 so I guess they wiped all my data. Thanks! Apart from that I have a terrible user experience. Trivial things seem hard to do... I can only imagine how lost rookies must be. I mean... I've known this game for 15 years and am completely confused as to how to get things done.

Juan Garcia

I've been a fan of this game for many years and to see how it has evolved has been an awesome journey!

A Google user

I have been playing for years and still a great game!

Артём Александрович

Отличная игра

Parris Fuller

Sooo Worth It!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤

P. Lucas

Glitches everywhere

6izzy Noface


Ram Christian Anayron

Best online card game i ever played since 2008. And yeah hoping this would be nft. Keep it up devs!

Red Lightning

This was a 2 star review, I based that on perceived laziness for the mobile app state. However you guys came through and made it look really nice, it's fast, looks good, market place functions like the website, and job well done on the hard work. I can always see room for improvement and any great company can take the critisms of it's people, I'd like to see old cards getting revamped with better stats (Robyn from Sentinel is 1 power 7 damage) cards like that stop a 5 star rating. Great job!

David Ly

Long time player on and off, I feel like navigation is very different compared to desktop and is a lot more difficult. Very difficult to adjust your deck. Also, I still haven't received my credits for watching the videos and that was nearly a day ago

Sulthan Kalvath

I Love This game so exicted this and you know bts

Sean Mark

I've played this game for over a decade on and off. I always find myself cooking back to it. And it's also available on steam if you wanna play it there. Easy to grasp and fun to play. Please keep it going my dudes

chade bladeon

I used to play this game way back in the day when I saw ads for it on newgroundsas a kid. I'm super glad to see it's still going and how much it's improved over the years. The only reason I dropped it back then because it was a major grind to get new cards but they seemed to have fixed that. All it needs now is maybe some polish on the UI and maybe update the sound effects but that's just me being nitpicky. All in all it's still a solid TCG with unique game play and great card art.

clstudio applications

Please fix bug market is not shows all items, the back button sometimes shows revert arrow and play button click go to the account information. Overall game is very good. Fixing and 5 stars. The updated version is not fixing bug about market.

religion is fake

First time playing but Idk the pills feature is what made the game boring nd the gameplay is bad for a 2021 game

Cj H

Very fun! Played years ago and enjoying it again.

Quinton King

This game is a classic. It's a strategy card game with poker elements and a little math. It is very fun, easy to play, and easy to learn. You draw a hand of 4 cards from a deck of 8 or more and then battle them against your opponents cards using pillz to power them up...or not. Choosing which battles to bet on and how much to bet decides whether you win or lose. That is of course...considering you drew a good hand and not a poor one...those battles are harder to win, but that is a card battler.

Fried M. Khan

Love the game...app is trash Support is blazing fast. Will edit comment after update

Emilio Hernandez

Like the improvements with the numerous updates giving it more accessibility throughout the app. But can't download the most recent update

nick schneider

Not able to play since the most recent update. Keeps telling me unable to update tried all the troubleshooting but nothing has worked

Prod1gy Slay3r

Been a Long time player always loved the game. Great artwork,new updates,Clans and cards. simple yet deceiving mind games with your health and pillz making battles exciting never knowing what kind of deck you'll Encounter. The new update made everything lag and crash while edting my decks, & the new wheel feels a little to large, infinite spins are great for getting jackpots higher.

Graham Chuter

I have enjoyed this game and have all characters, but latest update won't download, so currently can't play on my android 👎

Darylle Cortez

Wish this was a NFT game,already have a marketplace,beautiful artwork,hard to bot gameplay mechanics,actual strategy and balance.better than splinterlands i might add

Rafael Seyssel

Since last update, the app is super buggy... impossible to play...

Christopher King

Been playing the game for years. Just downloaded the app to access my account and lost all of my collection. Would love to get that back. Can't update the new version.


Loved it, I have played for over 9) 10!years. This recent update will not install. I have a Google Pixel 6 Pro


Fun game

de feuy

Good game.. good.. thanks

Ferry Arief Wibowo


Galih Eka Putra

I played more than 10 years ago on browser

Aurélien Simon

I was playing few years ago and I had a great collection. Just connected to the new version of the app and all my collection is gone. Anything I could do to get it back? I spent a fair bit of money in that game.

Cruel Dirge

I used to play this years ago, glad to see it.

John Ball

So far so GOOD.

Hestiana Putri

Need fast connection internet

Muhammad Hasnain

I spent money on it and lost my account

ndbdbd hdhsjsu

they fix game ...after update now we can play nice

Pane Parakeov

One of the best card games ever.

Im Fun

Fun game. Old App stuck on Start. New App installs intrusive Notification that interrupt gameplay. Should BETA test before releasing on Play Store. Hope next update is better

Quinton Williams

I've been off and on for years and never disappointed.

Luke Sanders


Michal Frištik

I played this game since I was young, then forgot about it and recently found out, that it still exists. So many good memories and the art is absolutely fantastic.


Not so many people play this game. Ive never see any advertisiment of this game in any other app. You need more budget for commercial advertisement.

Kaba Baka

It's way better then 2012

James M.

I'm leaving 5 stars because I've been playing this game since 2007 (I think) on different accounts, but please Acute Games, look into lag issues in Quebec, Canada. My phone is fine, my internet connection is great, but it seems like the game is either unresponsive or really slow everyday and it's getting more and more difficult to not lose patience...

Carl Tommo

The game is good but UI is terrible, even on PC it had problems with crashes and lags just moving through menu screens. If this gets fixed I will change to a 5 star.

shan sohail

always connection is lost on android and I don't even get prizes because of it. prizes are lost than for forever what a progress really 10 years back I played it on PC same issue and after 10 years we are back where we are and I have 3 mb Internet but looks game need 10 mb bravo 👏


Fun card play

Angel Zero 1

5 Stars and better than hearthstone.

Jason Glaser

Update: The website way more easy to control. Old time player. After a lot of trial and error finally figured most and the only real issue is the market display and interaction. Really fun play and worth checking out if you stumble across this.

David Clement

EDIT: Update works and game is great ❤️

Craig Beall

Needs better market place and deck building user interface

Colten Keck

Very fun

ziyan arefin

Used to play in pc. This Android version just seems too slow. The interface takes time to load. And the whole navigating through the menu is not user friendly. Once you finish the tutorial it seems OK but creating new deck takes time and is a hassel(interface is not user friendly). And tutorial itself is too long. Gave it 2 star only out of nostalgia. Had a high expectation when I downloaded the game but totally disappointed. Such poor effort to develop the Android version is just dissapointing