Urban Rivals – Street Card Battler

Author: Acute Games

1,000,000+ install


Urban Rivals – Street Card Battler – Simply difficult.

• dynamic gameplay style
• hundreds of challenging missions
• 4 minutes of play time per battle
• 30 clans

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Detailed info

File size: 76M
Update time: December 3, 2020
Current version: 7.4.0
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Acute Games
Price: Free
1 votes

Customer review

mohamad iskandar

The best game ever i played i will alwys support this ur ..

Russ W

Unfortunately can't continue to next round, due to continue button on bottom left, right where front camera lens is so I can't push it. Swipe just asks me to leave game. Use to love this game on pc.

E. Mar

Amazing game. I have been playing since 2007 from the web version of the game. Kudos to the Developers

J. T.G

The best, period.

Asadu Singa

old player dont have spesial. now all card is very expensive..even common card.

Joe GarBen

I've been playing this game for almost 10 years and I really happy how this game is totally balanced. But to tell you the truth, I really miss Fantasy Rivals. Hoping you guys would think something else in the future to have a new different way of playing like UR...

ashwin abrahams

Can someone explain why my account was locked after i inquired about some odd matches? I've been facing off with a lot off moderators and were in fights with some people that randomly gained life and pills during matches. After I complaint about this my account got blocked?

Zobair Shinwari

Game is AMAZING. Been playing the game since I was 13 and I'm 25 now. I'm so happy this didn't die out. Only complaint I have is the UI on the phone needs to be updated ASAP and made more user friendly and allow us to look at the market more efficiently. Coz right now it's a pain trying to find the prices for cards.

Muhammad Revi Ramadhan

Love it!

zoheir mohamed

Fun game with a lot of depth, would recommend

Djell 31

This game is continuously progressing and getting better! Things you def love to see, good job guys

Alan Hood

Returning player - Still an amazing strategy game

M. Bison

I discovered this game in 2009 and have continued to play. I think this game is pure in every sense of the word. Update review: please show all cards when in the market. Is a hassle to toggle between "up" and "down" cards when you're searching for missing cards. A "Home" button needs to be added to each of the fight rooms. It's a hassle using the red back button 3 or 4 times just to get home. Thanks. I LOVE THIS GAME

Jhonn' Lyrikz

It's good, but it has some lag and bugs.


Buggy apps. When opening rewards always cannot press back to menu

Richard Wikert

Probably one of the best games on the app store. I've played it off and on for probably 10 years or more now. Many fond memories playing with friends growing up and I'm now 25 and still hop on from time to time. Wish more people would find this gem and play it. I really don't wanna see it die.

Daniel Santos

Looking for a fun card game? This is the one for you. I love this game so much been playing this game for years

dots song joongki fans korea epesods

The game is great. My time on playing it was good since this game is like a battle of wits, strategy, and most importantly your skill to bluff your opponent. Would to play the game more if there is a time the cards would be animated.

Mina Samir

Playing this game from 2008 for a reason

Blaine Fonnesbeck

Takes some time to get the cards you want, but fun to play.


Pretty good, would prefer the old animation and finisher moves to be returned, battles expiring on opp turn and telling me i lost, matches going stalemate, i think my opponent has disconected untill i close and reopen the app and realise my opponent had already made a move and im now on 6 seconds left till i forfeit. Look into that kindly.

Alin Stefan

i like the the game but the app sucks. i paid for credits and did not receive any


I played this game when it was release i was 11 yrs old that time till 18 then stop then play when i was 20yrs old till 22 then stop and right now i am playing it again 💪😎 26yrs old still playing this when you get the hang of it you will enjoy it ❤️❤️ Any loyalty reward here? LOL


nostalgic and fun. gotta be smart to play this game well.

Nashon Amene

I played this game for years now, I had cards that became collector and mythic, but compared before it's hard to attain all cards than now, I hope they bring back the old ways of getting hard so we can have some goals to pursue. Overall this game is really great.

Mohan Mclean

Love it


Not as good as it used to be

Nathan Tan

Always come back, even after years.

Karthik ju

The game has one of the best music ... And a captivating artsyle.. i played after 2 years gap and the artstyle and music was a lil less imprrssive than the old and most imp new interface is buggy, and not user friendly at all... as the old one... Also the number of people/fanbase has dropped drastically .. The marketing has been poor for this... seems like this game is dying slowly...even there are so few players for pvp in the same level.... Would be nostalgic wen i get older..bring new ideas..

A Google user

If this update doesnt have the market then ill blow up a bank or something.... Sike.

Richard Silvas

It seems like all I hold on to at times. Glad put some major $$ when I was younger. Still keeping up with game play hardly. I have world's of problems, but all in all I can go back to some things I love. Even when don't have cash or phone.

chad nock

One of my favourite games


Best card game out there without a doubt

Alex gallagher

Works perfectly now and not stopped playing since

Notty Rainbow

You know I love this game, with biweekly card releases it keeps its own meta fresh, and with the more recent updates of legendary cards and their guaranteed inclusion in EFC, it manages to balance out a potentially rigged game mode by giving you card options that aren't straight out of the New Bloods. Overall, 10/10 enjoyment, but a 4/10 in regards to the interface, hard to explain how much is wrong with it, but rest assured it isn't a little.

Eoy Almendarez

I use my friends phone! R.P.S

Mister Morning

Lots of improvements since 2016, customer support still unresponsive. Tried to restore old account, no response from team. Too bad, I miss this game, there's just no way I'd reinvest that lost time & money. Hope they hire some support staff, otherwise good effort.

di ts

bought pack 2020 unicef on 16. 12.20 for 199 credits at 13-20app. opened one stack of 8. got card for 54mill (do not remember which one) then connection dropped... had to reenter... no credits no cards... big sad.. where r the cards or credits??? 1star unless fixed this.... where r the rest ones rhat i did not opened?.... add as from 17.12.20 has just found that one - Griffonmor... what were the rest 32 cards that were in the pack?? how can i find it?

Lieutenant Luck

I like this game a lot :) Previously ads to get free credits were broken, but they've recently been fixed! Edit: for a day, then they were broken again :/

Agung Satrio

Old game but better experience