Unsolved: Hidden Mystery Detective Games

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Unsolved: Hidden Mystery Detective Games – Solve criminal cases and run investigations in hidden object mystery games

Welcome to UNSOLVED – the ultimate FREE hidden object adventure experience viewed through detective eyes in the extraordinary world of mystery games, puzzling investigations, and tons of hidden clues waiting to be found.


Jump right into a new world of hidden object puzzle adventure games with this collection of carefully crafted, highly praised FREE hidden object marvels, ALL IN ONE PLACE. Play more mystery games without leaving the application and look forward to new titles in this evergrowing set.


Embark on a thrilling adventure in a multitude of breathtaking lands and immerse yourself in compelling tales filled with fascinating characters, both friendly and hostile. Unravel chilling stories of unexplained vanishing, mystery murder or a dark family secret. Is it a vicious crime or a supernatural event? Whatever the case, you will be captivated from the beginning to the end.


Become a true detective and run a thorough investigation. Lead the inquiry, document evidence, and solve an abundance of exceptional puzzles. Use your deductive skills to get inside the minds of your adversaries. Connect the dots and solve the mystery conundrum. Whether it is a criminal case, a secret society conspiracy or unsolved mysteries of the past, discover the truth and don’t let the persecutors escape.


Explore a vast number of mesmerizing sights in search of clues and practical appliances to advance your investigations. Challenge your perceptivity by scouring through plenty of heavily detailed, beautifully illustrated scenes filled with heaps of hidden objects. Find them all on a crime scene, in a haunted hotel, an enchanted forest and dozens of other unique places.


Visit diverse, captivating settings in this expanding set of mystery games. Your journey will take you from mystery manor to dark city alley, from hidden hotel to dim dungeon. Anticipate new astonishing areas in the upcoming UNSOLVED in-app releases.


UNSOLVED presents the remarkable EVENTIDE trilogy, including an exclusive bonus chapter, as the starting point for this new Hidden Object Adventure Games Collection from the creators of genre-defining mystery classics: ENIGMATIS and GRIM LEGENDS series.

Start your journey in the magnificent world of Eventide. Join Mary Gilbert in her travel to eastern Europe and delve into stirring Slavic folklore only to encounter an unearthly threat. Discover Mary’s heritage and help her overcome the dangers she was destined to face.


Optimized for phones and tablets, filled with hidden objects, perfect for playing while traveling.


Enjoy an evergrowing collection of skillfully crafted FREE hidden object puzzle adventure games
Run detective investigations, solve criminal cases or discover ancient mysteries
Challenge your mind in exceptional puzzles
Find tons of hidden objects in complex scenes
Escape into a world of unforgettable mystery stories
Be amazed by beautiful hand-painted sceneries
Get thirsty for more adventures to come!


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“Love this game! Artifex Mundi is truly awesome! Thank you!”


“Love it Artifex Mundi delivers again!!!!”


“Outstanding as always! They make awesome games. Never disappoint.”


“Fantastic game, good storyline. Entertaining with beautiful graphics especially the CGI clips. Keep ’em coming guys.”

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File size: 122M
Update time: December 23, 2021
Current version:
Require Android: 4.3 and up
Developer: Artifex Mundi
Price: Free
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Customer review

Kelsi Hestand

I love this game. There's plenty of different stories to choose from. The only complaints I have is the amount of energy it cost to do a single freakin action! Its ridiculous! Seriously, I have 15 energy right now and just got told that I dont have enough energy to do a single action. So each time I perform an action its seriously costing me more than 15 energy!? Thats way to much considering I only get 300 daily unless I pay an absurd amount of money for the energy packs offered.

Sarah Jackson

Nice story line, but... you can't do much before you run out of clicks. Clicks you don't even know about as they don't show you until you're out. Not paying money for a game I can't even tell if I like yet. Uninstalling for ridiculous energy levels/refill.

jolene king

It's been installing for 3 and a half hours

Seema Singh

Good game


Very fun, but the energy goes too quickly, and takes too long to refill.

Sharon Bahr

This is so much fun, thank you, Would be great if you knew how much energy you have in game

Sunil Kumar

I liked the game very much, but the energy usage is very frustrating. Because of this i am deleting the game.

Shrikant Pimple

The game is overall good, but energy filling speed is very low, and it gives option to watch add which keeps loading on vlick but never loads so will not get any energy and have to wait for long time for it to refill.

Teresa Ryan

Like so many others, I was really enjoying the game play but the energy system is extremely frustrating. There should be a way to simply buy the game rather than having to buy gems to then convert to energy. I don't mind paying for a good game, but I do mind paying multiple times which can then add up to be very expensive.

Jessica Archibald

Love the game but, you can't see your energy so you can't see blow much is being used. Also it takes FOREVER to refill...it really does feel like it so I only play once a day.

Myrna Hartley

Great game, very intriguing... but OMG THE LACK OF ENERGY!!! it's not worth paying for extra energy as it runs out so quickly anyway. Actions need to use less energy because I haven't finished one game yet and am already writing this review.

Tristina Mitchell

It seems to be a good game

preston trantham

Interesting but expensive

Angelita Servin

I like the game but can't get to play without making you pay if not then have to wait a whole day to play and the 20 point you get when you try second time get have to wait 4 hours and then 8 hours. Disappointed .got to wait an hour to get 6 points an action takes 5 points and there no more playing because it's 5 min for a point to come . Waste of time. Uninstalling.

Dawn Davis

Adventures are interesting. Gameplay is smooth.

Meran niCuill


Stacey Lockrage

I love the game. It's fun to play and i like the puzzles. Ugh the energy thing is annoying!!!! The meter doesn't show in the game so you do not know how much you're using. You use energy while playing the searching games. If you pick the right item, it takes your energy. I just want to enjoy a game where I do not have to wait for energy or something to be restored to play!!! Please add a way to get more diamonds or a way to get more energy. Or you could just remove that feature all together.

Ronny oppman


Donna Niedbalski

Love these kind of games it makes you use your brains

Brittany. Joan1

Really good game to get your brain working

Nataraj Nataraj

Because of the energy

Baiduri Razak

The game is great! But a bit hard. Love it!

Chandra Calvert

It has a good story line, good game play, it takes too much time to build energy to keep playing, that is my only constructive criticism.

Johan Theodorus

Having to wait for your 300 points recharged every day is a bit annoying. Other than that, this game is nice.

Kimberly McDonough

My favorite game in a long time!

Gabby Livingston

Energy runs out so quickly, I got bored within 30 minutes.

Brittney Souza Bizarro

Love the game and the story lines but the energy refill is ridiculous. It's so slow and runs out so fast. Having to stop playing constantly makes it very frustrating to play.

Tanecia Dixon

Fun game

Alice Missemer

You had a great game idea in your hands and you ruined it with the energy system

Majora Cobra

Update is horrendous. 4.99 offer used to pay out 1000 energy over 7 days. New update with garbage diamonds now cause a 100 energy loss even with the wacky 20% energy off for the same price. Im not spending anymore until i get my 1000 energy i paid for before they had an update. This game sucks to pay. Energy takes 24 hours< to fill energy and its gone in 10 minutes or less. 10 minutes a day for a game every 24 hours is a shame. No longer worth downloading.

charmaine lawuary

Love it

Ann Gellie Tansiongco

I'm trying to be patient with this energy thingy. Waited for 2-3 hours but it is drained immediately with just few moves. Sucks. Really love the game but seems like we really need to pay first before enjoying it. 😮‍💨

Rhiannon Thorpe

Really like this, like the fact you've got multiple episodes of the games only thing is the energy and the fact you can't watch multiple videos meaning you've got 15 hours to wait till full energy


Not bad. Catches your interest. Just run out of energy sometimes to quickly.


Not a friend of the energy. Very frustrating mid puzzle to run out. In response. I just disliked the energy feature. I know this is how you make money but maybe give more or require less. Another option is paying to unlock each case. I did buy energy a few times but it didn't feel worthwhile. I finished the case I was on then deleted the app.

Carmen Tai

Need money to buy energy to continue with the session.

Syahaddah Nik Nor

Too easy to lose energy and hard to get it. I don't even see the energy bar anywhere until I used it all.

Sanovarsha Sanovarsha

I like the nice game


It's so much fun and so many things to discover, so many option's.

Betty Damron-Koscelny

I love the game and the story line...the mysteries and challenges are awesome....keeps me busy and wanting more like a good book!!

Elfhiana Elvina


Mei CenEd

Fun & nostalgic mystery game

Nikole Vaughn

Love the game! Not crazy about the energy situation, but it is fun

Joanne Martin

I really love the storyline and the mystery solving. I do get extremely frustrated with the energy system, too long between ad based recharges and very little energy received.

Yvette Crawford

I Love This Game I Love Games Like This

Anne Hicks Pendergrass


Loretta Crow

So far it's been ok. It would be nice to know the energy levels so u can see where u are at

sarav anan

Super game

chetna saraiya

Less ads pls

prerana gaitonde

Edit: reducing stars because it's impossible to climb up the levels w/o $$ I did start to enjoy the game but it's very frustrating that energy runs out very quickly, refills VERY slowly. You can do handful of tasks before you have to wait for hours again for a full refill. The real money conversion is ridiculous for the amount of energy needed to do the tasks. I do like the storyline of all stories, but I'm gonna uninstall now as it's getting increasingly impossible to play unless you spend $$$

Franchesca offor

I love this app so much You can play so many investigation games and have so much fun even get lost in the game world ....well😅 untill your energy finishes then you will have to wait for a whole day to he refueled thats the only problem other than that its awesome and ad free😁

Katie Law

So, Im requesting a refund, google rejected it and asked me to contact the developer, so i did so, but the developer told me to contact google, i was like, hello, what should i do? ? that is a very bad experience for asking a refund


I don't like how fast the energy goes, but, I appreciate it, makes you more interested. The story is great the further you go the harder the puzzles.

Joseph Jenkins Sr

Too many moves to accomplish one move

De Holmes

The knife only made 1 cut and no matter how many imes I try it doesn't do more But the Hint tells me that's the move. There is no way I found to contact Help or report problems

Kimberly McGhie

Great game but can only do a few things before running out of energy. So it's a little at a time. But a nice mix of games and discovery. I wish there were more explanations for games.

Rommel Castillo

It was a good game...

Kartik Tavadi

Good game

Manu Kahar

Wonderful game

Jerome Carter

Great puzzle game

Shané Kotze

Ot is a good game and keeps me busy

Edwin Wilson

Love this game,can't wait for energy to renew so I can continue playing.

Darryl Smith

Good game could use more energy but all and all good game

andrew sobh

Nice game artifex mundi i recommend this game to be played

Joeart Indang

The game is quite fun not until it notifies that I lost energy. I can only play it for at least one hour. I need to pay or watch ads to gain energy but it only lasts for a couple of minutes. Then, pay again. If I don't, then I need to wait for almost one day to gain full energy. So disgusting! Why can you just extend the energy for at least 3-5 hours? Please, I'm begging 😔.

Alea Nor Naquila

The game is very challenging unlike any other but the energy is the problem. I hope you can fix that as soon as possible 😊 P'S: how can I unlock those stories that needs keys?

Kayleigh Williams

Wish energy would fill quicker

Kim G

I'm not sure why someone below would say you don't get a lot of energy, you get plenty and ive been playing now for well over an hour. It's a great game finding the clues. Save your daily diamonds and you can get more energy. Awesome graphics great story lines and all together a fantastic game.

Cyril Ruba

Its nice.but some other games are need to pay to play..

ilona kathy rowbottom

Fantastic but confusing at times.... Have to use the hint lots cuz you get lost easy lol...

Jill Kercher

Mysterious! Intriguing! Great clues because I can't remember where I saw the item I just saw! I like the logic of the episodes! This is a smart one!!

Sue Livingston


Daniel Rezac

I'm not crazy about games with energy bars you need to wait for, but other than that, the game is great. 5 stars!

Lisa W

Absolutely wonderful since gem update. Fantastic puzzles that are challenging. Interesting story's. I'm not sure how this is a completely free game considering how detailed and well thought out it is. I'm great full I get to make this part of my wind down time in the evening. So thank you.

Jennifer Lacy



It cost too much energy for everything.

Christy Farmer

Hard to follow

Victoria Matheson

Fun to play, annoying waiting for energy, especially since you can't tell how much you have left until it's gone

Noreene Weems

Just wished it would give more free time

Dennis Barnes

Iam enjoying the way the clues are coming together. What a twist I was just giving.

Colleen Posley

Gane is fine. But energy takes forever to build back up, and is spent too quickly.

Nurul Amalin

This has game has a lot of potential. The story was fun, lots of interaction. The hint does not take long to refresh and it doesnt cost anything to use the hint. But it bothers me that everything that I need to do cost a lot of energy like turning a door cost 10 energy. It was fun until the notification pops up that i can't open the door cause I don't have energy left. What a shame.

Carrie-Louise Wright

Energy goes to quickly and requires a lot of money or time to play again and as a person in my 30's, its not fun!

Keerthana army Girl

I Like this Game 😍

Libby Holmes

Mind boggling. Love it.

D Crews

I agree with the other reviews. This game could be awesome IF you either had more energy and or if energy regenerated faster. As much as I have enjoyed playing I will most likely Uninstall if I find a similar game that I can actually play for more than 15 - 20 minutes a day.

Tracy Davies

Good game keeps you going back and too could do with a few more free hints for when you get stuck otherwise it's OK

Hoyam Mannan

It's taking too much time to be apdated.. And there is an energy issue..

Greg K

I downloaded it and was enjoying it very much until it required my character have more energy. None or the other games in this genre that I played have something like that. So I deleted the game immediately I'm not going to put up with being forced to pay money to continue the regular game for have to wait a long time until my energy returns.

Tanya Olson

It's a very exciting game awesome thanks

Cindy Cobb

Enjoy the game not sure about energy

Presley Zeller

Always so fun, my detective skills have gotten better since i downloaded Unsolved! The one flaw though, is that I don't really like how you have to have energy to do something. This is my favorite game, so when I run out of energy, I don't really have anything else to do. But this game still remains one of my favorites!

Michelle King

I love this game. Not only do they have multiple games to play, but they make locating the items challenging and fun. And it isn't a money grab like most of the games out there these days, which makes me want to buy a package instead of forcing you to buy.

Cass Acker

I love the game but energy is gone so quickly and takes a whole day to replenish. Also why have enigmatis 2 but not have enigmatis 1? This game is amazing that it has them for free but if you want to play you get like 5 minutes and then you've got to wait a day! It's very frustrating!

Courtney Smith

Really enjoying the game just uses to much Energy so can only play for short amounts of time, unless you buy my gems!

Mikayla Wollett

I love that it's all your games in one thing, I have to agree the energy refill takes forever but I don't mind

Jacqueline Gracia

You really make it were you have to make in app purchases for energy, sad. It would be much better if the wasn't the case. You act play long enough for it to be relaxing. The voodoo a bit much, just saying....

sharon mlauzi

Are you guys going to do anything about the SLOOOWWWW energy refill oooorrrrr????

Tyler Villanueva

So the recharging of your energy is incredibly slow. So much so to the point where you can only play this game for full time maybe once or twice a day. The recharge time it tells you in game is also wrong since it should only take 5 hours to fully recharge and that has not been the case. The bar will not be completely filled even if you leave it for over 8 hours.


Story seems to be good but the energy usage is very irritating . It is not clear how much energy gets used for each action . There is no energy bar or indication . After every 3-4 actions I get that energy is over and it takes ridiculously long time for refill . Could've been a good game , but not worth spending money on or time on due to the energy usage . Very frustrating