Unlimited Ninja: Idle RPG

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Join this exciting ninja RPG and battle online with worldwide players! Learn ultimate combo skills, use ninja battle tactics, choose your own formation, level up ninja characters to be the best team in the world!

=Design your formation=
Choose 100+ ninja warriors in different position, fill your lineup to release fantastic ultimate skills, use your strategy to crush enemies at the right moment!

=Master different skills=
In this ninja world, you can learn and master various ninjutsu and fight with stunning combo attacks!

=Worldwide champion=
Challenge worldwide leaderboard. Be the TOP of towers of ninja to earn exclusive rewards.

=Idle game, save your time=
Leave your phone alone, free your hand for hours. Your character levels will surprise you!

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If you encounter any issue, please reach us at:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NinjaIdleRPG
Support email: ninjarpgcs@gmail.com

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Customer review

Marwan Asry

Good game

Kyle Tripl


yoyoyo tooyoy



Better than any other game I played and very very good quality

Shrijan Lama

I I'm in love with this game as I love this anime.this game is too good. Also i would like this game to add more events ☺️.

Rosebert Discipulo

Lagging... I hate this!!

zhi yonggz


Abdo Torky

The game is good , but have some bugs need to be fixed , like changing name !!!!!


Good game but it keep crashing every 2min can this be fix????

conner mechling

Its lit

Kaloian Cocev

Game is fun

Cristoper Cruz


Jarl voordouw

Basicly heavy p2w needed to clear content Lying about game content amd having multible copies in the google store that are the same. Game lags a lot and is full of bugs. The decent rewards come only after paying money for extra keys/dices needed.

blue ninja

Best naruto rpg game ever make it better by adding a story mode

Luka Marjanovic


Charlie palmer


Delbert Bertholomey

Big naruto fan and this games amazing

Mij Ali

Ok not to bad of a game


I enjoy the game it is good for killing time I do not enjoy that every time I turn the game on I have to turn the sound off it should stay off until I decide to turn it on not the other way around

Anton Juhlin

Best Naruto Game Ever

King Lion

Great game but it keeps freezing and force closing, really annoying. I cant play for more than about 15 minutes. Please fix

king Lamborghini


Emy Taylor

It's a dope game all in all. The only thing that bothers me just a bit is in the Kizuna section, for Ino-shika-cho the characters are Inoichi, Hiashi and Choza. Which is utterly confusing because Shikaku is what makes up the Ino-shika-cho trio and not Hinata's father... He honestly has nothing to do with the trio at all.. But other than that the game itself is rad.. Just maybe fix this soon because it's bothersome

Aaron Gomez

Great game

jonathan zausa

this game is lag, when i play campain, ninja tower, faction tower pain event always crash the game can you fix this? ive spend a lot of money of this game but i cant enjoy it because always crash

Polo Bear

I like the game a lot it is really fun and I suggest it to other Naruto fans.

Dark Phoenix

Fix the game it craches a lot

Jacqui TripleWxtwo

I really like the game but it's gonna take forever to get Sakura.

Kaung Khant Thu


Ariebarrydius Dius

Quite hard game

Rebecca Seraus

Its a great game but its a little bit slow

Mohamad Ikhwan


catherine bagongon

Not bad. Entertaining adveture

Wan Mohamad Hafizi


abhijeet varma

Nice game

Jayden Mendiola

Its awsome


Great RPG!!!

Timmothy Napier

Fun and simple. Very money hungry though

Chino Nyno

Awesome game

Marcus Surprenant

Super gas

Michael H

Just started but it's not a bad idle game. Worth a try.

Cyril Necesito

Nice game

oche wahdania


nicolas A

Its fun if you like naruto, but is nor a though game, wouldnt reckmend it if you dont like naruto series

Muhammadharrith Mohamadnoor





Nice game with so many amazing heros


Need to spend so much money to get rewards

Joshua Lian Sanchez

Seriously stuck?

Andhi Dhika


Nikola Milic

Game is very good, but crashes every minute. Can you do something about it?

king wolf

I love it


I can't even change my name that's on for the character

Nani Deka


pure_sage raku

Pretty good game. I like the overall of it cant wait to see how it develops

Terry Walter

Good game


This game is good but I dont understand the level ratio of this game first I have higher while fighting lower level heroes how can they still defeat me thats silly

Premil I Predrag




New Lay

Good game

Sterling Hausner

Love the game makes me feel like I got real ninja skills

William Hopkins

Its fun

angga nur syuhaida

Goog afk reward

Danzen Palisoc

It really is fun

Andrea Dupart

Seems like a pretty good game so far.

Davis White

Gleeglurp floopdeedoo

Harold Zuniga

I like the game but i see diff games that are the same just with diff names....my issue is that it keeps crashing i email them i chat them on FB seems no one can answer me as to why the game keeps crashing lone bs.

Johnathan Velez

Great game

Johnathon Baker

Love it

david eristavi


Madhan Sundar


Yahir Ventura

The game is good. The tutorial leaves you idk no where i gotta find things on yo own.

Yogi Dp


Nasrullah Kamaruddin

Serve always problem..sometime when i play will come back to home screen

Louie Barlas

nice game

santiago rangel


Christian Raphael Rallos

It's a nice game 👍 but, i hope u have events like giving one of those Legendary ninjas. Thanks!


This game is good

Alamsyah Kusnandar

The enemy too overpower



Xavier Briscoe

It's good Yy

Kemal Jahic


Ranran echalote poireau

Tidak bisa melakukan refund atas pembelian tidak sengaja oleh anak saya

Jet Blk Drgn

Pretty fun and nostalgic


So greedy

Anna Wilson

Goos gameplay

Merlin San

You will have (fun) in the beginning but everytime you try to progress you will need to use the credit card, because the game itself is made purposefully to make you waste money..........

Francis Aaron Vale

How can i use the skills

Bogdan Dragan

Nice game

John Richardson

I've really enjoyed what I've been playing do far.

Kareem Khedr II برة الصندوق

Good game but needs a lot of improvement

Jesus Ramirez


Dalton Clark


Mad Dawg

good idle game


Please! Make the Healing skill to be focus on perceny HP, not the lowest HP. It is kinda stupid watching Tayuya keep healing Assasin with 70% HP, while her HP already fell 20%. It is annoying to watch stupid and useless thing, such a waste. And one more, I cant change server directly from the menu. It need me to close and reopen the game to change server. What a waste! It would be better if each shop refresh everyday. So "crazy" if need diamond to refresh the shop. I am fans of Naruto.

Amine Dafer


Kevin Thao

It is actually fun overall!


I love it

arie verstoep


Ayssar Nasser