Ultimate Ninja Legend Super

Author: Colorful Box

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One of the most desired games in which this game is very interesting because it brings the style of fighting between you and your computer or your friends. In fact, the game has been around for so long, there are so many people left who want to try this game because it is so special. The changed characters or themes are quite different from the original, so the game doesn’t even look boring.

Ninjas can participate in any war you want it to be, choose from many modes such as: 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4, 5 vs 5, Random Death Match, Clone Ninjas (3vs3)…

This is the best home game. With so many characters and their skills, we can have fun with this game.

Have fun and enjoy!

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Developer: Colorful Box
Price: Free
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Customer review

Rusli Latayan


Josh marcus Golingan

I install the game because i think this is amazing but when i open the game new character are gone and plss put the 4v4 and 5v5 mode plss

Gabriel Panim

It's good but when I play it it brings me back in the home of the background in my cellphone I can't play it

Kim regondola

Good game but why there is a luffy I want to use luffy to

Yuri Berondo

O actually used Ywmato i think its q bug

jericho Cabral

This game is so hard to control and not balance

Clark Allen

when the downloading data on 42% the game keeps force close and the downloading data will back to 0, bring back the old ver that u cannot download data anymore

Mackenzie Mulenga

This game is cool 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Carlbrixter Ygonia

Dude this game is crashing a lot why is that? Pls explain this to us devs

Junjun Delcora

Bro this is the Naruto game that I'm looking for thanks for the game I really appreciate 😊😊

Joan Mae Narvasa

Super nice


why madara is here he's immortal i can't kill it fix it pls.

Marven Villapaña

Its true

Philip James Verdeflor

Whahaha I LOVE THIS GAME and I'm waiting for another character to add.. THE PROBLEM IS THAT YOU CAN'T SEE THEIR SKILL AND TRANSFORM ( using their lvl.4 skill ) WHEN YOU SELECT THEIR CHARACTER ( I hope you put a skill list like those old senki ) AND I CAN'T CHOOSE MY TEAMMATE IN 2V2 MODE ONLY... I hope you will fix this. EDIT 😃

Charles Funtilar


Babylyn Sarmiento

Please add more character like kaguya killer bee Madara and the otsusoki clan sasori please as soon as possible

Jhan Mykel

So fun

Cristina Bondocan

This game is so amazing but pls fix some bugs and characters the other are ugly and the other doesn't have a voice pls fix them

Khent Cabrestante

It's a good game but bruh i couldn't open it with WiFi that means I can't download the rest of the characters man me and my brother downloaded this and he had way more heroes and gamemodes than I did!!!!

Ro Ro

Cool game

Josef Makausig

I hope the developer fixed the problem and issues of this game

Bj Simon

Because I liked this game I used to play it with my younger brother

Rhona Rafael

Good game

Cedrich Narag

I play this all the time

Joanne Magpantay

K muna ky knene and I will be there at Ng mkaumagahan I will be in touch with the team and I have been talking to go to the gym and I have a lot of time on the phone with my mom to go in to work tomorrow so I can get the officetoday and I will be in the morning and then I can get the money from the airport and I will get back to work tomorrow and I will be in the morning and I have to go in to work today but I have to go to the gym and then I can get the money from the airport to the store and I

John Rhyno Cañete

I love it this game after update the characters there is kaguya zabuza and sasori and raikage, killer bee thanks for this game it so much fun alot of characters I like the summoning

Norverto Loquias

i really like this game since i was a child


Goog game

Jannette Fulo

I love the game but, when press the 3v3 battle and choice my character all of my teams are same as my character and my enemies too. I hope it will be fix =)

Alaa show


Rashed Mangemlas


John Jucoy

This is terrible 😠😡

Johnpaul Gado

These game is my hardeplex it was just the gusion god of pilipphines 😎

Divine kyllie Ambrad

that would be great game so much 🙂

Zeck Andrei Belino


Jerry mae pentio

perferct filling

Liezel Lozares

Dis game berikol

Yasmin Icawalo

It fun and exciting giving a 5 star because this is my first Naruto game that is actually fun

Dandan Tenoria


james grapa

I love this game can you add 3vs3 with deferent character

Henrex Ladia

good game so nice

လင္းထက္ ႏ္ိုင္ က်င္ဇ

i can't dowload it

Xavier Lopez

I very like this games i hope thers somthing more new character

Kim Javier

Napaka walang kwentang laro

Dan Cristobal

Super ganda

James Clifford Carlon Lim

I found the one that is Naruto the best game I played it for soooooo loooong

Jason Sevag Selekiso

Is good Little

Bernadette Pontines

Everytime I open the game it's backing to the service

Jean Jean Montañez


Joshua Espiritu

Maganda po

Mialin, Leah Franco

I like this game

elien moñez orlasan


Laris Evan James Rubrico

Nc g

Lorenze Magallanes

Good geme naruto

John Mar

I like this game because it remembers me my child hood activity

Ramin Soeradi

More characters en mode please

John Gerald Firma

Good game but where is other characters like kaguya,madara

Mongol527 Mongol18t

good game

Kieff Avelino

Great game you made, but the problem is the bugs, after reaching 30+% on download resources, the app quits immediately and restarts ur download resources, and some of it is the shinobi's cc skills are way too op, u need to adjust them, and fix the crashing issue too, I played 3 games and the app crashes instantly. This game will improve if u will fix the issues that me and other people reported.

Kevin Ducay

Fix the bug


ez good

Ishmaeel Solomons

It's pretty cool but I wish they would add adult Naruto and Sasuke and that teenage Naruto can access he's full power

Aaron Josh Galamiton

this is nice wow

Braulio Mendiola

Good item 👍

Soe Soe


Jeric mar Velasco

How to rate char ampogi ko tlaga

Chris Angelo Ocampo


Aung myo Oo


Franz Nicholai Dela Cruz

Pls update itachi and put his design like the broken face and the re and yellow in side coat like when he was saving Sasuke if not it's ok

Anthony Kinlong

It's not working there have a big big bug


I Love the gameplay, but it's always crashing in 10 mins...

Angelo Esperanza

Thanks for update 😊

Daw Kham Hla

GG game

Justin Calimag

I love it u

Jayvee Quimson Ilayon

It's not working I open it and I will close automatically fix it

Smort quiet Kid

(∩ᐛ )⊃━☆゚ᴳᴸ

Rand Ken Espiritu Santo

This game is amazing but not all the characters are here

King Emmanuel Gromo Gumaod

Its awesome

Ande Nkebethwana

The game is very good. that's all I can say.

Emmanuel Barce

Please get it back the 5v5 4v4 3v3 please and wow top 3 ninja ;)

None None

Suck game

Hc Dika

Please add madara please

Bro AJ Abranilla

Naruto 3v3


You need to back the original because it's so lame

Aagi Altan


Khen Garcia

I can't control my hero it moves on its own and even my own device I can't control it, it looks like your game has some virus in it.

Kairos Calonia

It's so amazing

RODEZA Mijares

Finally I found u😁

cool beyblade

This is soo good like it as an naruto fan :))

Analiza Salamat

Bakit nag aalis

Da Yo

Wow my l no Thanks you lno so good Mel iove you so much

Sean Wil Mañozo

The game is so good🤩👍

Kimar Elias

This game is fun

Mark Santiago

It crashes some times

Jecon Sales

I love this game

King Smg


Shanbrylle Legaspi

This game is so very nicee

Aileen kien Bianito

Cool 100 stars

Jinz Prey

I like this game but it's just need improvement to make more playable.

Lct.justine Jonasan

How to update this game