Ulala Heroes – Small but powerful warrior!

✅ Feel magic power to the ever-pounding enemies!
✅ Deal powerful critical shot!
✅ Unlock hidden content one by one and get stronger!
✅ Explore the various dungeons to earn rewards!

Let’s get started right now!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Sep 8, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Victory Games Inc.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Maring Bading

Good game

John Byron

Pilipino games 💕: pwede bang mag request sir. Pwedeng palagyan ng mga ibat ibang classess and may mga outfit thanks


So far it's 👍

Filthy Dizastah

another typical idle autobattle p2w trash game. worst case , this one's got a lot of bugs. most trash game of trash games

Jb Bj

watching ads for 10mins buff only ??

joseph aranzaso


Bisun Ji

I dont understand the main goal of this game.

Belinda Wolter

Coupon doesn't work.

Dustin Kyle Lavador

I like the game but may most favorite is the last update the last update is may birthday September 22 I like the game so awesome 😎😎😎😎👍👍

jonathan geraldez (PocholoZ)

I lost my save every update "pfffft" .


The game is poorly made lol

Awake Serpent

extremly limited content, nothing to do

michael vibal


Rhyne Asheville Molod Romero (Asheville)

Ampangit ☹️

Ariane Ramos


Testers PTPorFTP

So far so Good great option for automatic movement I see myself here for a bit

Aloe Moe

The UI... It would be nice if you can improve it.

Thirdy Plegaria

The game is so trash I can't put my Nickname

Kawper Lacayo

This looks like poop, and runs worse than my obese advanced aged father.

mark sari

Di ko na malaro. Pagkatapos magupdate, naghahang na sya. Sayang naman.


You guys are fast I hadn't even enjoyed the gem glitch that much

Vijay Shete

U make good game bro👌

Pyro Kinesis

Downloaded the game expecting something even remotely to do with the game Ulala like this games title would indicate.. sorely dissapointed honestly. Game might be decent but the same as most other idle games.. with absolutely nothing to do with ulala...5/5 would not recommend if you're downloading expecting it to be about heroes of ulala x.x

Chaaya Shivani

Not a AFK type game wherein when u go offline u dont collect resources They actually made players @the beginning of the game to get scarce with resources quite not happy about it,

Valentina Dision

i not downloading

Rumlah Selmi

Add this Mr old cat Plss



John Enyiegho Pura

Ang panget pilipino ako pero ang panget hahahhaahhahhahahahhahaahhahahah

Raf fy

pilipino game haha

Abdul waliyy Ibrahim

Pilipinas logo

O22revenant Teng

I think this is nice game

Arnel Ligin

Ganda pre

Joshua Almuete


Leonard Anthony Reyes


Ado Bo

Very nice game. 10/10

juny salaver



Great game

Neither Ofthetwo



List of problems right now: quests is broken, it has no low power mode, atleast give a short tutorial