UFB Rampage: Monster Fight

Author: Tapps Games

100K+ install


The most FEROCIOUS fighting tournament is on, and this time, the ring is the whole city!

Choose your monster and enter the brawl, beating all your hairy competition until you reach the top of the rankings, and of the skyscrapers!

The audience will scream for real this time, but you won’t even hear them because they’re so tiny!

Forget that puny champion belt: your goal now is ULTIMATE MAYHEM!


Hollizard – An ancient dinosaur brought back to life by an atomic blast. Call him kaiju if you must, but never ever refer to him as anything rhyming with “zilla”.

Prince Kong – A giant gorilla brought to the city as part of a freak show act. He escaped his captors and now makes a living fighting other monsters and leveling the odd city every now and then.

Mecha Lord – The same says it all! The AI controlling this colossal robot has become self aware and ditched its pilot (don’t ask how). Now it flies from arena to arena seeking meaning to its empty existence.

Ancient One – An eldritch deep sea abomination older than this very universe. After waking up from it’s gazzilion-year slumber, he quickly found out even primordial deities need cash if they want to eat, so he reluctantly registered for the tournament.

Super Meat Titan – The last survivor of an ancestral race descending from Prometheus himself. She too left her remote island home to try and make a good buck at the tournament.

Mel Marshman – A sugar rushed monstrosity born from a irradiated marshmallow bag left behind by careless boy scouts. All he wants in the tournament is money to buy some humans to roast at a campfire.


💀FIGHT chaotic matches with simple, one-button gameplay! Time your jumps right to smash and DESTROY your opponents!

💀DEVOUR items and power-ups to increase your monster stats and get an edge in combat!

💀BECOME the ultimate monster champion and let no building stand!

Start your rampage now!

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Mar 30, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Tapps Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

mohamed ali

The game is so terrible and trash


ILove it

Aaron Thomas

Duck this

agatha radien


Ryan Newman

Terrible and extremely limited controls. Pass.

Asher Alvarez

It needs mothra #laughs#

dae walker

Watch the movie rumble then update from that

Chard Naigell Centeno

Hollizard look like Godzilla

JSAA Can't Copy This

It's a nice game, that's all really, if you're looking for some action packed monsters jumping from buildings then this is the game for you!

Mansi Rajput


Ziano klya Castanaga

Great job by doing this game

Aubrey Hilliard

because I love lizards

Pedro Cora

Woman wrestling Game

Tracy vanderpool

So fun

Larry Durant

it's so cool

Balaji SP

Good game for aiming

Rauf Johann Ronquillo

I love this game

Veronica Anderson

It was nice game but I wish you could ad more monster

Goh Fernanzilla gaming

This game IS LIT MAN!

nayla shahid

I love this game it,s amazing but the problem is that the monsters are not free Please let me get all monsters 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

Trisha Martinez

This issooofan

Velma Nwosu

Masterpiece I love the monsters but please add an island map

Richard Brown

It's ok I just wish you start off with the king kongs

Lyn Pierce

Can you please make us able to destroy citys. Please?????

Zachary cowden

I want to destroy city

George Kasarda


Venu Verma

I like hollizard

abdul latif

I love it ❤️😍

Misha S

Pretty cool, love it


Cool kaiju Godzilla vs kong

Priyanka Yadav

Very nice game

Jim Marzolf

It is asum

Otaku Gamer

I wish the characters had different skills to make the gameplay better

ronald scott

It's an ok game but it needs work

gamer dragon zx

I will win no matter what!

Ahmed Elsherif

This game is amazing

Heather Smith

the game is tha worst

Ahmed Ali


M. Ganesh M.ganesh.

You have to upgrade the power when you battle

Marelda Hanson

The best

Kenisha Campbell

I love it so much but you need some more characters and more yeah it's good but it needs more abilities more than slamming your enemies like atomic breath like other things but otherwise this game is awesome

Sheldon Hillier

Its cool . They must make one from each game in one that be cool👍👍👍👍

Mariyam Mariyam

Love it


Game is great I like a cartoon graphics. all of your games are amazing

Samantha Sohan

Hard to control make it easier

Kiyan Arman


Khalaazar King

Absolutely unclear rules. It says attack from above to win, but the win comes from above, below, face to face. And the AI arbitrarily assigns the win to any give side, regardless of who hit who, or from where the attack came. Clear up combat rules, and assign the win to the correct party, and this could be fun.

jojo bayani


Dewank Patel

Kuudha Swipper game


Bug fixed...great job...back to 5 stars...great job...great team to work with.

Malik Kul Kudus


Brandon Bobal

Whack, doesn't load. Crashes upon opening 👎👎

JAS Gaming

I love this game but can you add more characters.So that it would be exiting more exiting.

Cain Hrothvitnirson

Lame. Not actually fighting. It's like pinball with a piledriver.

Paul Snipes

This game is asome I would recommend it for you

charles wijaya

This game is the best it's better than the normal ufb this one has no lag and it has a great characters and I lovee 💕 it so much if you read this don't play ufb 1,2 or 3 play the ufb rampage

mir mahad

Best game ever

Bryan Clay

I love it

Zervano Diez

gago buloc ufb

Sadaf Benedict

Amazing game ever


Good taste of games and love the them voice

Sureshbhai Patel

Good Game

Darren Bagshaw

Quick, easy to get into, fun

maryam nafari

It is cool

Jr Ceja

It a gun game

Gourab Mishra

Best game

Sandra Valdovinos-Heredia

I honestly think this game is amazing. I love the characters in all but the only thing I hope you can approve on are the effects...

Paul Coombes

Great time killer

Dyrek Mosqueda

the box levels are so hard

Jff Gdh


Ahmed Bernal

It is so😀😁fun

scep plays

Best game

Osuya Nwanne Nwanne

One of the best game ever


It's sound effects are alsome

Alien Creature

This game is cool and funny, really love it

Bahaa Ihab


gerges khalil

Cool and Aesome

P.K trading

A wonderful game . But the graphics needs to be changed

Bassem Nasr

It's like so fun

A Google user

I hate it

A Google user

I like it

A Google user

Is totaly asome and it has goodzila

A Google user

its awful you can't control

A Google user

I like the game but its hard to get some characters and there's only a few characters to pick from other than that great game.

A Google user


A Google user

Good game from FLynn

A Google user


A Google user

Dont ro more of your shenanigans bye!

A Google user

But this game needs to change other ufb games you need to change the button to the right side and change charecter and change the side he,s on and we need women charecter and most people are right handed like me

A Google user

The game is so good everyone should download it like right now!😛😎😋 if you download it will make you feel cool

A Google user

Good game but needs better controls and graphics.

A Google user

Simple instructions but game is not too fun plus it lags a lot

A Google user

This game is trash!!! The button keeps breaking and i keep losingg

A Google user

So good

A Google user

You need to make the enimies more easier bro. If you didnt fix it, i will ask you to complete the game

A Google user


A Google user

Is good ha

A Google user


A Google user


A Google user