Typoman Remastered

Author: Brainseed Factory

100K+ install


Typoman Remastered – Play the prologue level of the game for free. If you like it, pay once to unlock the full game forever! No ads, no hidden costs, no subscription.

Winner of numerous awards and widely recognized as one of the most unique indie games, Typoman takes you on a journey of an unusual HERO to find the last letter and restore hope in a merciless world.

You slip into the role of a character made of letters, struggling to make your way through a dark and hostile world. Despite your small stature you have a powerful gift: You can craft words which will have an effect on the environment. But choose your words wisely – they can either be a blessing… or a curse!

With the Remastered Edition made for mobile devices we went through each and every segment of the original game and improved visual quality, camera works, performance, gameplay balancing and the audio. We added new content to increase quality and playtime, like two mini games, a narrator voice, and a character codex with animation & sound.

Enjoy the iterative Hint System we built specifically for the Remastered Edition – if you are a non-native English speaker or if you should get stuck in a word puzzle situation, you can reveal hints in multiple steps!

– Wield the power of altering the world by creating, changing or destroying words
– Solve ingenious and challenging puzzles with a unique aesthetic mix of typography and pen & ink graphics
– Captivating, carefully drafted, on-the-fly told story using witty word puzzles and puns
– Collect quotations and have them read out to you by a narrator
– Surreal, atmospheric game world
– Iterative Hint System
– Distinct soundtrack specifically composed for the game

Awards & Recognition
– Nominee for Visual Design and Best Puzzle Game, TIGA London
– Featured at Indie Game Revolution, Museum of Pop Culture, Seattle
– Best Production, German Video Game Awards, Munich
– Finalist Indie Prize Showcase, Casual Connect Europe, Amsterdam
– Best Casual Game, Game Connection Development Awards, San Francisco
– Nominee for Best Game, Best Indie Game, Best Sound, Best Game Design, Best Console Game, German Dev Awards, Cologne
– Winner Best Art Style, Gaming Trend’s Best of E3 Awards, Los Angeles
– Winner Best of Quo Vadis by Google, Best of Quo Vadis Show, Berlin
– Nominee Best Indie Game, gamescom award, Cologne

(c) Developed & Published by Brainseed Factory e.K.
All Rights Reserved.

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 31, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Brainseed Factory
Price: Free
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Customer review

Racquel Mercines

I've payed for the full version and completed the game. But there is one thing missing. What is the last character in codex?

Kaiphak Shamlau

Give us money to buy this game

Lea Vergara

Need full ver🤩🔪

Jo Jo


Haya Haya

I think this game is good for teenagers and kids My opinion

MR MD 2010

Grate but if it was free I'd give 5 🌟

MR Anonymous

Hay Your Genius This game deserves 6 stars Awesome work⚡ Don't stop your work!

Shaila L

The game was brilliant 👏👌. But the game was too short. Wasn't worth 250₹☹☹☹.I completed it in 3 hours. Can you please make another version that is longer in story is animated goodly and free of cost🤔🤔🤔.Would be good if you guys respond and answered my question😃😃😃.




The control pane is too sensitive in boss fight,i cant pass the game becuz of this. Everything was good before it.

Kyar Lay

goooooooood gameeeeeeee😀😁😇😇😁😁


paid game shuru me hi likh dete 350 mb pelwa diye


I really loved the game but literally finished in a day... It's very short game and that's very disappointing..

Helen Jones

Very cool

Gourav virani Virani

Kab banaoge typoman 2 🤟😊🙏🙏

Anju Lata

Because it was not full version

Tristan Lascano

Its a very amazing but the story is kinda short And I finished it for like 4 weeks hope there more of typoman the ending was very good hero becomes hoper.

Kheli Lila

For t-12 :D works!!!!!

Ay0 IrfaN

OMG so beautiful game the story is so good I loved it so much Ty for this game

Ankit Kohli

Thanks for the update

Anti Venom

Loved the storyline. The story is really catchy.

Gimwell Ross

very good nice game and nice graphics

Mahadev Jattewadkar

I have no words


I think this game is really cool. It has an awesome and original concept. I liked the little "quiz" parts and it's cool that you can play the minigames in the free version. I would really like to support the team/buy this game. Sadly, I don't have that much money on Google right now. Also I don't understand the people complaining about the price or the fact that you have to buy the game. It is stated almost everywhere. (For now I am giving this game 4 stars, as I haven't seen the full game yet.)

Aakash Borade

Nice games 👍

Luis Solis

They made this pay to play which I think is a terrible move on their end. Back in 2019 I could've played the full game for free. Personally they should make it free for the people who want experience it but couldn't for free. MAKE IT FREE!!!!

Yohan Daet

This is trash

oussama aasem

I loved this game so much i played it before and i am playing it now . If you like puzzle and word games this game is for you start your adventure now

Kim Keefe

Loved the concept. Hated the parts that required using the controls to navigate some sort of obstacle. Especially when. I had to do it over and over and over and infinitum. In one chapter I died 175 times. Not because is couldn't figure out the words.

Vivek Kashyap

Bewakoof bana rahe hai full game tab khel sakte jab ise 170 rs me purchase karege

Diyana Roslan

Yes game ✌

Black Anonymous

This game is very beautiful

Jitha Biju

I like this game very much i. Thought there was lot of chapter but there is only tree chapter that was my sadness i play it the hero is become hoper i like all charachter in this game doom, gorge, lie everybody 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 now ur mission is make more chapter. Then make typo man 2 my wish is at that game you have to make a charachter name lover. As woman charachter Im waiting for it👍🏻👍🏻

Manish Nidhan

Online games

Aeriq Reilmer Sobreo

This game is nice for indie and adventure gamers, I haven't seen any bugs or ads yet, so its a nice game.

hassam wallie

it's a good game and cool bat it needs bata

Demogorgon Leon

You have to pay to play the full game


good one but free version is a limited part

smol nini

This the best game you can ever play

CZarcass 1024

Very original and nice game... must try 👍👌

Ethan Huffman

Plz make the game full i really love how you had to gather they thing but it disappointed me that you have to buy the rest of the game

Ed Thomas

Really cool game with annoying controls, the on screen joystick moves which is really irritating as u find your finger moving across the screen just to keep going one direction, id have it similar to archero, appear wherever but stick there until the finger is lifted, other than that the puzzles are cool and the art style is slick, nice little story too

Carlos Q

This game was so fun! I enjoyed every second of it. I love the combination of adventure and action, but it also makes u find the words for the different chapters and I think that's really cool. I really can't find one bad thing to say about this game! I hope u make more games soon!

Ryan Gunter

Cool concept and design. GARBAGE controls.

SpeedTracker 95

This game looks nice. The Minigame is good. But there's just one problem. The Antonymizer makes no physical sense. It doesn't even work. I keep on trying to find letters. But the letters I'm supposed to find were not there. Even LIE didn't help me. Overall, I would recommend it to everyone who likes to learn some English.

Aditya Sharma

So glad to see the game again

Tommy Knelsen

This is the best game ever. I was so sad when I opened the final gate and it said that's the end of the free prologue. I would love to finish the rest but I cant find the full version 😪

Jayant Kumar

Plz make a fixed analog

Dévid Szabó

The concept itself it's brilliant. The story is interesting and playing with words also fun. But it has one major flaw which is the controls. Just please make the control panel fixed, because it's so annoying when you can't feel how much you have to pull the button to go for one way.

aditya gunawan

1. Moved joystick make it difficult to control!!! 2. Scene fire in phase 2 hope deleted soon, because it impossible. Tell me how doing swing without swinging time, it need time to swinging!!!

Rainbow ways

I really loved this game! But, its just the prolouge, so i thought it was full until i see the word "prolouge", though, i liked the game, but i need to uninstall it, i played the full prolouge, soooooooooo that's all i need to say

Alec Kristophe Onglao

I downloaded it last night then when I played like for 3-5 minutes of it I stated to love it and was gonna be my favorite game because all the puzzles and stuff but I had to pay to continue and kinda not worth of my money so this game is really really good but I guess with a great game cost with a great cost I guess... Really good game I really want to continue but I'll just have to delete because this is not worth of my time really good game though I want to say more but I only have 500 words

Allan Mullan

Great game. The concept is fab and controls are pretty good for the most part. It is definitely pricey for such a short game but it's almost worth it.

izzdanish mohd zaki

i dont love this game, but i love the developer💦🤤❤️💞


It's a good game but atleast make the cost upfront. I didn't even know I had to pay until I got a pop-up, just make us pay for it in the playstore

C Dog

Great game, 100% worth the cost. Hopefully we get a part 2 with more abilities.

Yogendra Rawat

I am having a lot of issues i get stuck in a stage my character keeps on walking and eventually walk out of the screen As asked i have already mailed the screen shot for the same

Gina Leonardo

Nice little bit tricky but I can

The Xavanatter

Best game of 2022 only ogs well remember


Love thus game 💓💓💓❤️❤️❤️👍👍🤟

Tabassum Tabu

I really cried while it ends such a great game cant even imagine

Robi Sudrajat

Its payment game after all.

Mursheda Aleya

Nice game and his a ROEH

violeta rodriguez


Randall Wirts

I used to play this alot and I finally got into playing it again loved this game!!!💖💙💚💛🧡💜🖤, Edit- just noticed that the charicter spelled hero🤯

Shreyash Trivedi

Very good game ever I have played

Vijay Rawat

Very nice game or horror game and monsters very scary

sameer kamra

Good game and quite fun to play. No additional payment is required once you buy the chapters.

Anya Forger

A good game

Romeo Villas

I was really having fun playing the game but at the end it's paid 😀🙂

sadiqullah afghan

This typoman game is a good game i like this game but it is wants 6dollers i don't have bank acount . Pleas give me this game free . How can i do this game free


The Chapter Purchase thing is something I don't mind at all. This game is worth the money, and it's honestly such a great experience. Even the support team (Or person? Idk who's behind it but thank you John!) is super kind and helpful. Give this game a shot, you won't be disappointed.


Only in controller need fix

Laith Mansour

Very good game

Yet Baseoge



A platformer with a twist. If you like word games, puzzles and platformers, this one's for you. Simple yet beautiful graphics. Can't say much about music as I play without sound. Edit - missed the fact that this is only a demo. You can only play the introduction. 6.99 to unlock the game. The fact it is a paid game doesn't take away its intrinsic quality

Elyas AMZ

Please make a fixed joystick

Jesse List

It gives you a demo but playing the demo didn't get me to buy the full game maybe if it had more action in the demo might have got me hooked but it didn't. I wouldn't waste your time in downloading the demo.

Leah Davis

Fun little puzzle game demo! I think the full version would be incredible, and I'm only not purchasing it for budget reasons

Dhirtiman Khati

Please add fixed joystick edit: I meant the left side dpad is moving , that is annoying A fixed dpad option should also be added Like in most games 😛

Dean Humpston

Pay to unlock the game..

sagar bhole

this game is not free pay you don't play this game

Adam Elliott

Good game


Great original concept. Stimulating and hugely playable.

Hafizan Che Hashim

Nice game but not a free game😅...RM32.99 for full version😵

مصطفى علي

a very very good game

David Su

Amazing the graphics are so good

Shereen Ali

The game is very beautiful and I played it until I reached the stage where I am asked to pay, but it is the right of the owners of the game because they worked hard to make it thanks, for every work you have done, It's a great game.

Benben Moon

Literally a scam subscription game. Not totally free to play game. But it is a very good game give it a 3 stars sorry I have no money to subscribe hahaha. More power to the game creators.

Bhovin Bakshi


Fatima BLink

Amazing and interesting game. But I played some stages only because you to buy€ what a loss!!


I like the game it is very, good 👍 the art style and the music and everything but I think that it is stupid that u have to buy the game to play the full thing and I did not buy it and there is this glitch that happens in the monster chasse sometimes where u can`t open the gate for some reason or maybe I did something wrong idk but yeah good jop I liked it 🙂👍

Chad naruto

Cool but why do i have to pay to play the whole game

Khalil Menang

Fix your joystick please

Ken Smith

I find it frustrating, the control for movement isn't great and often won't react. Game concepts are good, badly let do by the poor control.

Natalie Hernandez

DorianMuschamp 15 Qwrigko



Tricia Singian

Nice game. Thrilling and nice graphics it was almost like limbo.

Freez TimeStudio

Very very very good!!!!

Freya The Enby

Free demo version. Nowhere stated that this is a demo version. GFYS