Tycoon Empire – Transport Tycoon and City Builder

Author: Alda Games

5,000+ install


Tycoon Empire – Transport Tycoon and City Builder – Train station, airport and sea port transport tycoon & city building simulator

Detailed info

File size: Varies with device
Update time: October 26, 2021
Current version: Varies with device
Require Android: Varies with device
Developer: Alda Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Ray Ananditya

Stuck on Lv 15, can't download the 10Mb data from server althought my connection doesn't have any problems at all

Alexsand Blue

It's so great the game the game runs of another game that's the job that I forgot

mee lay

yes.in myanmar. What ever need.and you can

John Collins

It's an OK game but tells ya to watch an ad for reward watch ad and no reward say,s ad failed half to watch 2 ad,s for one item sometimes restarts the game keeps everything you had going before but makes you watch 2 ad,s for 1 prize now it's denieing me access say,s (servers not available error 8) needs some work but ok game.locked me out again uninstalling.

Evelyn Jimenez

Great Game very entertaining and fun 👏 😀

George Petrisor

The game is nice until level 15. Then you unlock a new zone and you basically start almost from scratch.. you cannot use vehicles from "other areas" in new areas? Guess they forgot how to drive/fly ?? Not sure why the developers decided on this choice but it is not cool.

Vibol seng


Ajay Kumar

Worst game level 15 not coming Fix the bugs

Big poppa Stoner

Damn good game

Gurpreet Singh

Beat game

Tacti-Cool Dude

Seems Cool But I can't play because everytime I load it up it fails to connect to the server. Error 8.

simon horth

Keeps u busy . It certainly passes the time and keeps u thinking

Brandon Dixon

Love it

Jesse Dootson

Generic. Same as every other unoriginal version of this program. Pay, watch videos and gain Zero pleasure. Ad's contain swearing/foul language. Graphics are poor and you will spend MORE time watching ad's than carrying out the mundane task's they deem fun. Que Developers automated "contact us" garbage....

Scott Ertel

Good game it is fun to play

Akib Ahamed

Nice game

simbarashe kwaramba

It is a very good game l wish l could have it in offline mode so l will play it wherever l go

Manharan Sahu

Good 👍

Andi Fermanto

good game to spent time

D. Patel

Why does the game get stuck on level 99, it does not go to level 100 despite finishing many contracts?

Nik Raf

Because you keep on asking

Mitizi Sayler

My screen keeps shaking please fix this bug

Amadi Eslit

The app keeps crashing while watching ads on Lucky wheen and free spin feature in shols.

Michael Cartwright

I'm liking this game very much! It's railroad tycoon and shipping tycoon rolled into one. I play everyday religiously.

Donald Suba

definitely time consuming

Devon Green


John JHR Russell

ALL COMBINED All you previous games combined this is a great game, can't wait to see what you do next.

Ata Glance

So far liking the game

Jasper Cariño

I like this game and the graphic design ok

Lemau Nguyen

Cause this game the best game ever played

Atulya Pradeep Singhal

this game is best for time pass parpose.

Mohan Ram S

super game

Levi Imortis

Paying real money to rent space in a game is a scam that should always be shunned. Permanent upgrades make sense but renting? Obnoxious.

Thaw Thaw

Like Someone give item player ?

Mark Macaspac

Nice game

mervyn auger

fun game

Zozo aGogo

Fun for a few days with fun graphics and a nice feel to the game. I ultimately realized the entire "fun" of the game is repairing an endless stream of broken transport vehicles and nowhere enough income stream to pay for the repairs. No thanks.

Brian Walsh

To eager to be money hungry

dan gabriel ene frandes


Volvoc70 2.0 Se

Great game

MS Creations


Gigi Duru

Classic pay to play, if you need a repair, or a vehicle, or to upgrade anything, you need to pay or whait for days, Uninstall.

Pranav Adsul

There is a bug in this game. Whenever i try to pan I cant to move the screen starts acting in a funny way. You can't scroll. You have to swipe fast to move the screen

Paul Atkinson

It is a good game

आशिष मगर

Awesome 😎 try to played it homies

Am Arun

good game

Thomas Steward

I would like to enjoy this game but unable to as trying to scroll screen makes the area go into a fit. So, I've uninstalled the game which is a shame because it is something that I would of liked.

Evgeni Angelov

Please raise the level of detail in the game a bit. It's not a bad idea, but it's very jagged. You've also gone a little overboard with your ads!

K H Khasiya Official

Nice Game

Tremors 5

Fun so far. Smooth running game, I'll suggest to my friends. Very relaxing.

Bryan Cowan

Pretty decent

Kris Lorenz

Saved all of my keys for lvl 8 an got nothing but common vehicles, so uninstalled an reinstalled to restart progress, but no good, it saves progress regardless if sign in via Google play or not. 1star til let's you start over as often or as many times feel like restarting over.

Connie C.

Awful !!! Watched 30 minutes of BROKEN ADs, to get 1 item. Toch the screen & it Jumps all around, unable to select much of anything. Not a bad game, just a Lot of ANNOYING BUGs !

John Bradley Jr

Fun game can build , collect , grow , and modify your city and vehicles. Build parts deliver with options as well as build your city and learn to balance the growth and environmental conditions ..

Mike Haas

Excellent game. Keeps you interested. Lot's to do.

Emma Tennant

I am unable to delete roads which is silly

PUSKAR Mhãkhãrīyã

So bad

Mike McCabe

Great variety.... very little waiting between jobs....fun


it's a nice game

Sujit Thakur

This game so best but it is busy so time

Lavinnia Austion

This will change, but I just started playing. It's pretty good so far 🤩🤩🤩.

Lyle Welk

The game is not good when you touch anywhere on the screen the city moves in different direction and you have to find the city before you can play each time.

David Gass

So far seems to be an ok game

Donald Lahnum Jr.

This is my 3rd rating for some reason.

Shinjyo Lewisashibiri

it promises a lot but gets boring

christopher easy

it's a ok game to much add's

Brias Odwyer

My issue regarding the tutorial not loading has been resolved thanks to the help from the Dev team. The game is now working well and I'm enjoying the early stages of the game. Thanks for the help!

George a Williams

I like games like this very engineering

Bullit556 Gaming

It's a great game

Ziya Ahmad

Very good game i love it

Michael van der westhuizen

I loved it untill i logged out and logged back in...the game keeps crashing and shows the game code, then i have to uninstall and reinstall the game to play...

donnie kroft

it's fun to pass time with but u have to watch it or u might get addicted to it like I did 😂

Faiz Akbar Ramadhan

I Love it the game

OKC Savage

Very fun

Abhishek S

Keeps crashing after watching ad. 95% of the time I don't get the ad reward and game restarts. Nice way to force ads to players.

saubhagya niraula

best game

Gobardhan Ghosh

great game

Alex the train lover

I like this game more than train station 2

James Barrett

I'm playing on a Samsung Galaxy A12U and I keep getting some kind of script which is very long and I tap restart and nothing happens. BTW all Samsung users might experience this.

mike lindsay

very good game

Azad Haddam Banna'

Always crash when i played, it become worse when i just swipe a little to go somewhere, like a mine or quest, it just go everywhere like crazy, ended up in the cloud of nowhere, i uniinstall it of course_-

jimmie watson

Good to play

Stefan Petersson

Ett bra spel

Steve Croan

Same as Train Station 2. The longer you play, the more aggravating it gets. Over 150 spins - no new vehicles, odds on vehicles and parts are pure BS. Who designs games that become less fun the longer you play ? At least be truthful about your odds. Of course if you did, no one would download it.

Damien MABIN

Too many video rewarded ads. It feels like the game is just a way to tempt you to look at ads as often as possible. Eventually one ad showed me a get that seemed better... I churned


Simple game

MP_Jeremy K.Jayden

It's totally quite so far so good…… It's totally quite as simple as I'm concerned…… It's totally quite so easy to play…… It's totally quite make me wishing it will as fun as possible…… It's totally quite like a great simple easier funny game to play with friends during the free time passing by……

bopps 0x0

Ok so far

Alam Gir


kordelli kordelli

Game crashes multiple times during playing. Ads are never ready.

Ritesh kumar Sethi

Install nahi ho raha heee

Peter van Loo

Great game for about an hour. After that it detoriates to only being able to start a few actions by "playing" for 20 seconds once an hour unless you pay and to keep playing more actively than that, you'll have to spend hundreds of dollars a week.

Sabrina Leeper

It's awesome but ad more trains like csx,cn, union Pacific,BNSF, Norfolk southern,DB, The Flying Scottsman,the rocket. Also have passinger trains doing jobs using Example the Irish dart, french Blue TGV, Amtrak, LNER electric trains, DB ice train, Eurostar, GWR electric trains, the virgin pendolino, the Irish intercity. Have them all in the thing that you spin for a knew train. Plus do passinger airplains like for Example, Ryanair, airlingis, Emirates, delta, amarican, boing and Airbus. For free

Cirrus Jay

The mechanic of broken vehicles starting from area 2 onwards is a deal breaker for me.

Paul Robinson

quite similar to other transport games but i like the mix of trucks, trains, planes and ships

richard galea dimech

Good not bad

Brenton Mosher

It's ok you wait a lot for the transporting of stuff. The screen glitches when moving around the map.


Can't ever get the vehicle you need no matter how much you try. Game stops being fun.

Rahul Singh

best game ever

Robert Sams

I enjoy the game, decent storyline but does kinda repeat a little, but good time consumer