Watch out for imitations! This is the original Twenty created by Stephen French.

Twenty is a colorful arcade/puzzle game that starts at 5, looks easy until 10, gets fiendish at 15 and challenges you to get to 20. Anyone can learn it, but you’ll have to concentrate to make it all the way.

Think you’ve got it mastered? Try one of the variations like Bubbles, Drop, Flip-Flop. Try Zen mode to relax, or Panic mode for a real challenge.

Take on a friend with TwentyTwo, a crazy two-player race to see who can get to Twenty first. Steal tiles from your opponent but be careful to guard your own.

Can you get to Twenty?

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Update time: Dec 7, 2021
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Stephen French
Price: Free
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Customer review

Ary Henery


Maddison Bedford

Addictive, showed my family and now they can't stop playing!!! Love this game, really fun, but definitely easier said than done to get to 20.

Mike Stone

Great game and very addicting! Just got to 10 twenties!

Paul Broadhead

I love the idea of the game!

Kingis Nidoking Nitro

Cool idea for a game. The only thing that makes it remotely hard is that it is time-based. Nice graphics, easy to understand and fun to play.

Derek C

It's ok. A bit more stress inducing than in looking for. Great concept and gets the eyes and brain working, so that's a massive plus.

Jalaja Ks

love it

Lord Bowser


Kyra Blackshear

Hard to play, lots of ads.


I think it's a great little game and appreciate that there were no ads. I even purchased the dark mode/ extra game play in-app purchase, and am happy with it. For critique, I would like the option to click a button (or whatever) and have new lines appear, so I don't need to wait for the timer. And it would be nice to have little customisations, like changeable colours for the tiles/ background.

Stephen Harrigan

Would be 5 🌟 but a little too difficult. The level timer is too fast! I cannot get passed level 12 🥲


This game is great! Very good skill-based game that tests both reaction time and dexterity. Luck is a minimal factor, so you can consistently improve scores due to only getting better. Extremely stressful once you start getting near 20 though. I will say that there is one bug: sometimes a square you are holding can clip through a corner at high speeds, seemingly at random. It is fairly rare though.

Amir Khansari

an addictive game , i like it

Isaac Livingston


Debbie Ball

Love this game to a certain extent .. that's the good news but the bad NO HINTS AS HOW TO get to next level and only made it to the number 12 !! And have to keep restarting over again . Help and thanks In advance

John Cena

Best game ever

Iraqball Иракскийбал

It's fun but you have to pay for dark mode

Chris Williams

This is very addictive lol gotta get to 20! It's very challenging and is great for training your brain to process what you see faster!

Karen Hanbury

Good couple of games .


im not a game person but I had fun challenging myself to complete this one. it is a really fun game to play on the free time. yup, thumbs up

Paul Griffin

You'll need help to lose your addiction after playing this game. Simple and perfect. One commenter claimed it's impossible to win... You're wrong as I have won (20x4). As far as the commenter moaning about paying for different modes... Do you go to work for free? Just stop moaning and get your wallet out.

Chris Bailey

Simple but addictive

Abid Ahmed


Sean Mulligan

An interesting and simple real time puzzle game. I felt a lack of interest after a while of playing, however.


Superb app + Relaxation + Interesting


Fun at the start but gets boring after some time. Couldn't be bothered to play any further after my retinas were burned out because the developers locked dark mode behind a 2 dollar paywall for some ungodly reason.

another one named val

It's a good game, but why do I have to pay for a Dark Mode? That's an accessibility feature that every device has on default, you can't charge for it. And tbh, the only difference between the app and the website I'm seeing right now it's the Multiplayer. ONE game mode, oh c'mon.

_potato 123

I liked this game for the challenge of getting to twenty, it took me a couple weeks but i finally did it! I have to say, at first the first couple of times i played it mt whole body was sore, simply from the stress it caused me, it got easier after i got the hang of it :)

John Hubbard

The game is simple but addictive. The couple of bucks that it cost to unlock the extra modes was totally worth it. Best of all it's not hounding you with ads all of the time! (Even in the free version if I recall correctly.) I can let my kids play it without fear of them installing something else.

Crystal Eubanks

Great number merging game with little to no ads!! A game without forced ads every few seconds is always a great game! Lol


No ads, since game play and easy to understand concept, no frills. This game is very addicting & fun!

Bethany Wallis

Addictive to an extent. Love the Zen mode but wish you could go up to 30 on it to add some form of challenge. Once you get to a certain point its repetitive and no more challenging so more numbers to content with would extend the fun. Perhaps even more links between the numbers as the score gets higher.

Mike Musoki

Nice concept but the timer is unnecessary and it ruins the game. This should be a relaxing game

Paul Schwarzwalder

This is the best mobile puzzle game I have played in years. The free version has no ads, and getting all puzzle types only costs $2. My only criticism is that I would prefer the other game modes to be modifiers so that I could combine them.

Shelley Seslar

I finally got to 20! It's not easy. Can't imagine getting more than one in a game but I'll keep trying. Very fun game. Update: Still playing 2 years later. Made it to 18x 20 :)

Boichoko Komane

I really like this game it is a fun way to learn how to count

Ben Cowell

It's a freaking DEMO!

syeda zainab abid

I love this game so much


The game is amazingly fun until you finally reach 20. Once you do it feels like you beat the game and there is not much incentive to play more. Hoping to get other objectives or game modes in the future, it was very fun and challenging

Michele Demos

I'm addicted to this game but it's so hard I very only ever made it to level 6. Wish there were some lies as to how to advance !!


Very fun game to play

elizabeth hennessey

Way way easy too bright.

Valerie Pogue

It would be an awesome game to relax to if it weren't for the timer.

G Burlace

Such a great game just dont get if u get to addicted to things like me lol

Devon Frerking

Literally couldn't stop playing until I got better! A must play if you like things like Tetris.

Anthony Shull

Can't get above "6." Everytime I get to that point, no blocks line up and j just sit here and watch my screen fill up. No fun playing game that is impossible to win. Uninstall

Manginipally Chitti


Jacob Shlafman

Very nice and very addictive; kudos to the creators!

Trepis Fenris

Game modes locked behind a pay wall.

gunk na

I love it

Roxanne Newton

Could only get so far and that was it


I like this game very much. It's quite addictive. I've got to 20 multiple times but it still says 20 x 1 only which annoys me. I wish it said the true amount of times.

Laura M

Fun but flawed. I'm interested in this game enough that I used my Google Rewards money to buy the full version, but there's many aspects of the game that are just so irritating. Firstly, dark mode is an accessiblility feature so it should never be hidden behind a paywall. Secondly, the leaderboard is blocked for "high use of the pause button". Which is insane because getting too close to the sides of the screen pauses the game. So it pauses unnecessarily often effecting the leaderboard.


You have increased the speed with the recent uodate. Sometimes it adds two rows not one! However, I'm pleased to say I got to 30!!


this is the first game i ever paid something for. i never wanted to spend my money on games but this one is totally worth. seriously, it's a game that i can play for hours and not get tired. thanks for the beautiful colors and smooth design, plus even when we don't buy the game modes + dark mode, it's ad-free. i believe you guys (development team) could let dark mode be a free option, since it's something about accessibility. anyway, awesome game, beautiful and pleasing. thank you so mumumumuch.

Jake Brown

Very addictive, no ads. Refreshing puzzle game.


I absolutely love this game especially when I play with my mum :)

Liam Lovelle

Honest to God, I love this game, easy to learn but hard to master. I would love to see a "Zen mode" say the same game but with no timer you just get as high as you can

Abhigyan Patra

Its quite easy...its not a puzzle...its just a race against time.

Blixy Blix

pretty fun.

Stacy Edwards

Addicting game for sure... I've been playing for months and can't get above 18.... I've tried different strategies and combos and sequences but just can't even remotely get close to 20!

Phill Parnell

I don't make a habit of rating games on here, but in this case I felt I would be doing a disservice to the world if I didn't. My biggest and only problem is that I've sunk countless hours into this game when I should have been doing something more constructive with my life. The programmer needs to make it less addictive. I have a life that I need to get in on with.

Skyla Gaming

The timer is really short and makes it super stressful. Please add a timeless mode.


Calling this casual while having a timer doesn't make sense.

Manuel Girón

Too difficult at the beginning

Robert Smythe

Got too difficult too quickly for me.

NCL deepthi

Addictive :)

Cass Rose

this game is a good game. that's possibly the highest compliment possible on the play store where mediocre games slam you with ads and ask you buy in game items that make their gameplay suck less. this game is simple. get to twenty. it's fun! what else... the ui is sleek and clean. is there music? nope! but who cares. you have your own music! game doesn't need it, you don't want it. drop your mixtape and get to twenty. there is a single offer in the game: $2 for more game modes. pay the money.

Chris Johnson

Fun until around the time you get a 15 on the board, then the timer goes too fast. I was only able to get 20s by abusing the pause feature. 😁

Antoine Onquiert

Great game 🔥 I just did a 16 first try after doing the tutorial 👁️👄👁️ I thought I could end it but suddenly it went too fast and hard When I'll have a bit of time I'm definitely going to play it again and try to do 20 !

Reed Byers

It looks fun enough. I like the play mechanic! But another reviewer talked about multiple play modes, including a non-timed mode, as well as a dark mode. Sure, they exist - if you pay for the app! For free, you get one, timed, stressful play mode, on a bright white screen. Extremely disappointed. Can't even test drive the game I thought I was downloading, without paying for it first. We'll see...

Lizard Lady

Can't get past number 16

Leanne Tilley

Ad Free and Free

Matthew Ito

Really fun, ad free, great game.

Beth Solomon

Fun for an afternoon.

Caroline Crocker

I really like this, especially Zen mode. Can you make Zen mode go up to 30 pretty please?

Jo Mayes


Candy Cake

Really fun game. Much harder than it looks. I could get to 11.

Christine Abi-Abdallah

Previously bought paid version doee not transfer to my new phone. The game is fun, and I liked the other levels, but I'm definitely not paying again. Rip off

A Myers

It's so Hard. Im up to 11....I'll keep playing

vanessa tan

would be wonderful if we didn't have to pay just to unlock more game modes


PLEASE a slow mode where we can decide when the next row comes up... i love the mechanics but sometimes i just wanna chill and have the satisfaction of getting to twenty without rushing into it

Indah M.

Excited to play this game

Adrian Ramirez


Ozgur O.

The next 2048


Never saves your proftess in Zen mode!!!!!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Awen Lean

Been play for years. Able to reach 11 twenties. Want to hit my sis record of 20 twenties 💪

Becky C

Really addictive, great game

Marcus van Houdt

Dull af

Christopher Murphy

Very fun and challenging. Like to delete my progress Will not stop, I got 21 then got of for a minute, got back on and it got ride of all my progress for no reason


The game is fine. But you want me to PAY for dark mode? A basic accessibility feature? No thanks. I'll be uninstalling.

Lerma Usero

Exciting having fun to play.

Julio Torres

Muy interesante y retador. Excelente.

kaleem akthar

Very interesting game for time pass and addictive

Jennifer Healy

I'm not typically into number or block games like this but oh man, this game is SO addictive! I've been playing for months now and have yet to get tired of it. It really helps with my anxiety and keeps me focused on the game and calm. I just did the update and SO happy to see a dark mode now! Best game ever!


Adore this game so much. No ads at all, simple but invigorating gameplay. Amazing for a free game. My only issue stems from the fact that dark mode is locked behind the paywall. While this is probably the most generous and reasonable paywall I have ever seen in an mobile app, you should NEVER lock an accessibility option behind money. Maybe add other custom themes to pay for instead? Dark mode should be an option that is available to everyone.



Shanil A Haripersad


Angela Center

I've probably spent far too much time playing this game! Beware... Very addictive! Always time for 'one more try' I love it!

B & C Seamless

I'm addicted to this game.