Turret Fusion Idle Clicker

Author: Shark Jump

1,000,000+ install


Tower defense and idle games combined; this is an alien invasion like never before. Use your towers to mow down a relentless invasion. Fuse towers to strengthen your defense and advance your weaponry through stronger turrets to starships, and discover a secret mega-weapon!

Play at your own pace; your comrades will dispose of stragglers.
– Deploy turrets to key locations
– Every kill earns you biomass; invest into new towers
– Fuse two similar towers for a much stronger tower
– Rank up and unlock access to new areas

Detailed info

File size: 46M
Update time: September 13, 2021
Current version: 1.7.2
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Shark Jump
Price: Free
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Customer review

Hari killer


brandon hunter

Love this game it's addicting

Lucas Holland

Rarely any ads and gives you the option to watch an add when you want overall great game and that's why I'm giving it five stars!

Nayie Yanqin

SO BAD 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

Derek Johnson

Very addicting game, I would recommend this to anyone that likes merging games



Marvin Manalese

I like it

Aaron Wanser

Great idle time waster. Ads aren't forced which is fantastic. No stakes to the game whatsoever.

Aaron Young

I have had this game for years and I have found no problems it's a great game.

Gabriel Leach

Reason why I'm rating this is because I would love to see more updates and more turrets I love this game because it's all about turrets and in space is and it's also about the world being invaded by creatures

kak nor

Is good tower defense game 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️

Sily Dash

Best game in world bhai mere ko to acha laga tum sab log ko kesa lagega muje nahi pata thankyou

Crystal knight Dueling

Love this game gave me a whole week of play. Adds aren't forced on you but you can watch them for rewards. I love the weird quirky characters that pop up when you advance the game state.

My Aqua

Very gut

Atif suduzai

I like the ads in this game because it keeps me entertained while I get free pods

cats 428

Good game

Aa Bia

Ads and ads but fun

Keg Tamashii

Love how it's laid back you know, but one thing, do you

sapphire dawn

Its fine and fun just it gets dull after the 5th reset

Armani Ali

very nice

Paul Sanchez-Martinez

Ok game

Pongkhun Pukkato

This game kinda fun!!!

Anshul Ojha

It is a god game to kill time. I was looking for a td game but this idle game would suffice. However the biggest pro of playing this game are the lack of ads. You never get forced ads and you have and option to enable banner ads for boosts.


I love these game so much!

Haikal Ilyas

Its very good merge game. I like the design of the tower. But, The Developer must improve graphic this game. Thanks

Aditya Chettri

Nice post game

Kurt Caadan


Jennifer Alidor

Amazing bc I used to play this game it was so cool 😎

Syeda Tabir


Eddie Nevoani


stuart Graham

This has to br the very best idle game. Highly recommended.

Logan Swan

A good game the end

Jay Mac

Love it

Dev Gaur

Old is gold 🥇☺️☺️

Bobbie H

Wow what a delightfull game keep up the good work everyone can play this game it is actually a 10 stars game

TJ Hoeta

I like merging the space and earth turets

Connor Ballantine

I've played sharkjump games before and honestly, this one doesn't dissapoint. It's not for everybody, but if you want a game that kills 20 minutes while you are commuting, waiting in line, etc, then this is a good game for you. It can be used for longer times, but after a while it does become a bit boring, but it's just a small fusion game so you're not really supposed to spend hours on it at a time. All in all, good game to play if you have time to kill.

Devon G

It's a great game, but there are some issues, its not allowing me to watch a ad for the auto merge. Please fix this



Tyler Delp

This game has a quick game play with a interesting story no adds or banner ads but those are optional they aren't forcing themselves at you unlike other mobile games. Best game ever 10/10 was play again

Dolly Anish

Super game

Fatal Clan

Grew up on this and zombie guard 10/10

Jim Eelhart

It is so fun but the turrets should have an option to make it shoot faster

Veeraj Pramanik

This is my best game!

Michael Standley

Pls add more towers

stephen mccord

A team the respects the players time, and wallet. There are no $100 gem packs that you feel pressured to buy because the grind become ridiculous. This is a casual idle game that can be played with zero $ spent. The ads are non invasive, only popping up when you choose to view them. The banner ad is a nice compromise for players and devs. It gets them revenue, and gets you double bio mass permanently. It is at the top where you will not accidentally click. I wish more devs would take note

John Joseph Manuel P. Sagaran

Cool defence games

King Playz


Art Breese

Great game

Nayaka official


ibu oya

This game its goooooooood

Zach Ethan Malacad

This game is good add more turrets!

Sylvia Połomka

Nice to play

Helen Abrera


Shawn Gabriel Nunez

this is a game is good from my Child good sooooo i give it 5 star

John Henry

Jjjj almond I'm

Marissa Nunez

5 5 5 5 5 5 5

Jaequan Redwood

It's fun

nathan barfield

Fun game!

Pabin Barman

Dic is my

Joe Johnson

A really good game I played all the time and I never don't like this game is the best☺️🙂🙂🙂

KemBoo TaMia

Good turret man

Julie Stepp

Its really fun and it has no ads

asrriani taruklabi



The Free turrets spawning in for you isnt useful for me. It spawns low leveled towers and way to expensive to upgrade.Its wasting my space. i can barely buy turrets. And when i try to place a turret the turretpods keep blocking the space and making me fuse it with another thing. Make it so that i could disable the free turrets. its actually annoying.


This is a great game so far. It could use a lot of work, but it's still very fun. I love the optional banner ads. I'll put them on to support you

K Mohan

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Rene Tamparia

Love this

Dylan Powell

Enjoyable time waster.

Joseph Brickhouse

Fun time killer

marivic francisco

good game

merril nightshade

Not bad I guess

Zachary Snell

I love this game they don't have any ads so you might be asking why am I giving it three stars the reason is that I feel that the mini game to get extra coins as a rigged because it automatically jumps for you after a second or two and then you can't jump quickly because it will restrict to the speed that you can jump and it's really stupid I have wasted so many coins on that that is why I'm giving it three stars

P Smith

Awsome game

garrett bounds

the levls

Moon Biltoria

Nice game 👍👍

Anne Small


Alma Astronomia

Best game

Julie Smith

Good game still good

Deli Mills

It was in my life and its still good

Michele Whyte

It is really really really really cool and really really really really fun to play because I have been so so so so attached to this game 🎮 ❤️ .

Alex Op

Intrusive notifications/ads on my phone when game is not even running. Uninstalling this malware!

Seth Jaques

This game is fun



Stacy Cannon

Nice game

Matt Warner

One of the most unique & entertainig td games out there

Michael Chan

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Calamba Peter III

I like this game!

Dawn Davis

It's a nice incremental mixed with merge, and if anyone is seeing this (other then creators) Totally recommended


Needs to improve the drop pod arrival time to 1 second like the past games

Jim Nigglett


Zaiden McGahan

Fun game like on days you'll be sitting down and you want to play this game



Richard Perales

Nice game...

thutwa borks Elija

Nice game

Md Jony


Pied Piper

5 stars best time passer i've ever played awsome experience tons of grinding not really a pay to win game and just overall really great i love it

O'hara Fernandez

This game is so fun:)

Crawford Armstrong

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