Turret Defense: BTD Battles

Author: Ruby Entertainment

100,000+ install


Turret Defense: BTD Battles – Your mission is to defense our cities and castles.

Detailed info

File size: 64M
Update time: July 31, 2021
Current version: 1.4.4
Require Android: 4.0 and up
Developer: Ruby Entertainment
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jon Jordan

It's a great time killer. Easy to play. But I finished all levels in a few days.

dan emblode

Nice game

Rshulze Rshulze

Can't turn off sound.

Gwen Lovendino


Allan yemer Ramirez Allan

Good game

Michico Lovely


Christian Gray

Good 👍

Jheberthawidi Hawidi

The best

Sacred Shenron (Zen Shinorn)

Bought hero 8, did not get it even though I paid money for it and closed out of the game a few times.

Lomas Koirala

This is really good

Cortland McCune

Great way to kill time love it


This game is awesome

theresa colclough


Mikken VII


Emet Causing


Wc Wc

Nice game

John Stephens

pretty lit

christopher hemmenway

Needs more building

Michal Xxx

Good game 🎉🎮💕 👍😎👏

Steven Lupfer


Darrick Wesley

Fun and not city build love it

Kasey Ridge

I love it

Andre Velez


Arlen Watson

Cool game. It's glitchy on a package deal I paid for. I'm awaiting to see what happens next.

ElishaMiraJanno Yap

So far it's a good one. Thanks Devz. 😍😍

Ciarra German

Pretty upset I didn't receive the 250 gas tank package I purchased, but then I beat all the way to level 27 and it just stops? Tons of ads for every time you want to pause, spin the prize wheel, there was a glitch that makes level 17 double charge the gas to play the level, and really anticlimactic battles

rc tornow

Pretty decent game, but an inordinate amount of advertisements. After every level? Come on!

Gabriel Cortes

It's a good game 🎮 👌

Keiko Koi

To avoid ads just off your WiFi or data... Arigathanks..

Richard lol

Lots of adds

dug howes

Game is little slow have to kill alot to do upgrqdes

Heinrich Coetzee

Its a fun game to burn time

Black Jesus


Lee Aik Boon

I find this game and I want to try it so I downloaded it then play it and it is so fun :D

Anthuann Aguirre

It a really good but hard😊

ahmad judeh

What a really good game

Ali Altaee

Very very very nice game I love how there's no ads and good graphics so thank you creator this game is better than I thought

Reynold Aurelio

love this game but it needs energy so I wait and to much add pls fix it just pls fix the adds so you will be rated higher

tyler alden

Too many adds

Karen Dinh



Good game, could be enjoyable but too many annoying Ads so gonna uninstall

Donna Mills

it is fun and i like turret games


Woah... realized within the first minute that this is a terrible clone of kingdom rush. Play that instead

Donny Henderson

I don't play games that use energy. Bah, I didn't see my review and I dl this game again. Still don't play games that use energy.

Kanon Harrington


Cris Jean

It's songs

Joe Reich

I hate the game it's not a problem with the game is at least one of the most important thing is that you are the same time as I know you are in my life. Shut up.

Sean Kirk

It's OK

Kenny Powell

Its a good game

Pheonix Jackson


Angelo Victoria


Angel Huerta



Its an ok game not really any ads which i love

Achilles Hardy

Good game for on the school bus

Byron Tabon

Im only doing this for rewards

Amber Dukes

Like it

Marc Jhustine Ella

Very epic game

Paul Laberge


K. ji

we want more level

Zafri Zunurrain

I have no idea how to kil mini areplane 🤔🤢

K Kika

It haz bloons td battles in ic name ic a knock off olso develapers stop juzing jor acaunts tu rate jore game 5 stars its trash

Sean Ehd Lukban


João Craveiro

Within the first stage doing tutorial i got 2 ads while clearing the level, which 1 was just before ending the stage and upon clearing the stage i got another ad. Immediate uninstall.

Ruan Le Roux

Way to many adds. IT sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nisiforos Constantinou

Amazing game relaxing and satisfying... 😉

Ram aerosh


Kennedy Gudyange

It's ok

Wilbert Lopez


Baby Wolf Ninja


Shameka Clark


Dennis Cooperwood

It's so good! You should play it. It's awesome!

Matt Doucet

Its alot of fun

Paul Neal123

Keeps me busy

Tj Binion

Great game overall

Cardfight Pokemon El Za

Damn fun

Judy Walburn


Emily Ghiorso

Crazy cool

Big Weed

So far its fun and entertaining

Sarik Tamang

Good game

Michael Howard

It's ok

Blessed Ndlovu

L hate it

Saket Gupta

Too much advertisement, need more fuel.

ryan eberhardt


gina hazel

The game is very good

Cobie Taylor


Christian Sansom


Zoya Judd



Awesome 😎

Crimson Reasons

Its simaler to btd battles wich is one of my favrite games of all time

Micah Matthews

In game purchase ad comes up and I can't close it. Why TF do you guys assume I want to spend $10 on a game upgrade when I haven't even started playing.

Lacey Adams

Its really fun i love the game😁

Zita D'souza


Skylar Romero

I like it

Elizabeth Madiclum

Like it


Just wanna say, Devs are u dumb? BTD stands for Bloons Tower defence, this is not a BTD game, you should name it to TD, not BTD. no balloons.

wesley rodgers

The gas replenish to allow is to play?. 2 × 5 second ads between each level? (If you skip them).

Braxton O'Neil


CE Life

I love it so much i play it 24/7😀😀😀😀😀

Magical story pot from GIRI

Wonder full game

Teresa McWilliams

It say you play offline but to get anything for the game you have to be online.