Tsuki’s Odyssey

Author: HyperBeard

500,000+ install


Tsuki’s Odyssey – Soft grass beneath your paws, a glimmer of the distant lighthouse…. It’s home.

Detailed info

File size: 187M
Update time: September 3, 2021
Current version: 1.0.7
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: HyperBeard
Price: Free
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Customer review

James McLellan

My only two words are kawaii and amazing 🤩😍

Jasim Uddin

I recommend this to everyone. It doesn't lag at all, and I like the fact that they give you 200 carrots by watching an ad at a time. The characters are also pretty interesting, every character has a different personality. I also like the fact that I can decorate Chi and Moca's house too. Pretty good, rating this a five star ❤️

Abagail Clark

Gives your phone a virus, dont bother with it. Used this game once bc i thought it was cute and my phone has not worked the same since.


Wow amazing 😀

Jessica Bundy

Cute and relaxing! It is pretty slow, especially once you get to level six, but the best part is, there are no ads unless you choose to watch them! The weekly comic on the town hall message board is probably the best part of the game! The only thing that is frustrating is that I have been stuck for SEVERAL WEEKS because the only achievements I haven't got are the fishing ones, but the big fishing pole I need to buy to achieve this isn't popping up in the store... Losing interest.

Yasamin Pourmahabadian

This game its so cute Yo have to download it now!


Beautiful, but kind of lacks the charm of the original. I was sorry they went the Kiki's Vacation route by adding the smartphone/social media angle. I liked the paper diary Tsuki used in the original. And the tone of some of the characters seems a little harsher compared to the original. Still, nice to see a follow up to Tsuki Adventure.

María José Marroquín

This game is so fun!!!!! I cant stop playing it.

ืีnuron nw

I like every thing about this game but there's one thing that just a no for me. I just want the yori furniture to be restock after I bought it

nini egnatashvili

l give it 5 stars bec.. it is very cute and lovely gameeeee Pls dowload this app!!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️


Kind of boring

Paulina Quintana Govea

At first it was cute and fun, I really liked decorating my house but it wanted acces to my Google account, which I of course denied, and it didn't need it to play correctly, and it's just really sketchy and weird that it asked for that.

Ifdif .o.p

Looks super cute, to bad it won't even open😒

xristia magbanua

This is really my fav game this is so cool and the characters are sooo cuteee🖤🖤🖤

Slavetounclesam iAm

Download too big

Amelia Spence-Janes

It is very very cute but isn't much to do :/

Haven Alethea

Lovely game, but I play at night, so the shops are closed and I can't play the game most days.

Fatemeh Alipoor

خیلی کیوته ولی سرگرم کننده نیست

Zinneerah K

Such a soothing and adorable app 💖

Hân Trần


Bernardo Dizon

Kool game

Namiyah Aisha

This Game Is Cool But a bit boring, bcs we Just Goin' buy items and Go talk To the NPC's and Maybe cut all The Carrots Every day (if I'm not Forget) maybe if there A mini game To earn money that Would Be cool

Leaf Yin

Litterally one of my favorite games. If you like long term games and is very relaxing this game is definitely for you. I only wish i could interact just a bit more with the characters but other then that i love this game!

Brian Ford

Most adorable and easy going game. I like the time of day system. Animal Crossing fans should give it a looksy I think it passes the cuteness test.

Jamz Is here

Fishing is awesome


Very relaxed and slow paced. Only thing is that it is not clear what is the goal of the game hehe. But very pleasing one

Liz O'Brien

Super cute and peaceful game. It's in real time, even with a day/night cycle, and takes a few days to make real progress. A good amount of achievements to do, a lot of furniture and fish to collect, and lots of random scenes. Really enjoying it so far!

Eleanor Titmus

Incredible app!!!! Barely any adds, absolutely adorable(I made some pictures from it my lock and home screen) dosnt requir WiFi, overall Incredible app

Suhana Limbu

Nice game myan

hakdog :D

Lovee it


Its very relaxing. Very detailed and fun to play. There arent any random ads or glitches

Hangry Hufflepuff

Takes a little too long for the carrots

Natasha Deborah

its always freezes :(

Anri Sutherland

Love this game and how we unlock new things the more we play. Totally worth keeping.

Deima Jac

The game is cute, but there is almost nothing to do. All you do is just open the game for like 1 minute to harvest carrots and characters pop up asking you to view ads. Like why would I view ads if there is almost no gameplay and I don't really need the carrots.


I love this game but I am so confused about the purchase. I bought the carrots in the game game but I still haven't recieve it? At first it said the payment was unsuccessful but when I checked my phone, it said I bought the carrots in the game? Yet I still haven't recieve 16000 carrots. Care to explain?


I love u elfie and rosemary


Доброї доби, мені беперечно подобається додаток. Графіка приємна, прикольна валюта і цікаво, що для того, щоб знайти якийсь будиночок, спочатку потрібно познайомитись з його власником. АЛЕ. Мені б хотілося мати функцію переміщення світом, було б дуже весело. Непогано було б зробити вхід, як до Нарнії, через шафу. Та й, звісно, потяг там но не для краси туди-сюди ганяє?

NurHadirah Mohin

The game were cute, even the dialogue keep getting interesting, too bad i can't sign in 🎮, whenever i try to sign in it would show the carrot loading but than it didn't confirm it.

Rin Ishi

So far I love it, I do wish there was a little more to do but maybe I'm just figuring it out slowly :3

Raine Justine Naty

Really love the game so so so so so much, got alot of carrots from daily log in, farming and fishing, furnished my whole house and bought some plants.But, is it okay if you can add like maybe a job to get carrots? Its really boring sometimes when fishing.

Scott Chryt

I like the game but it doesn't save data very well. I'll often open it up and will have lost my last modifications to the house or my daily login stamp will have disappeared.

Horrid Horrorrs

Amazing! This game has a very similar day to day animal crossing feel and has been an amazing relaxing pass time. I recommend to everyone!

Kiwi Ferreira da Silva

It's beautiful and helps me alot

Ma. Venice Vilar

Its was very fun playing with tsuki and its so relistic i love it best game ever

Dórian Fogliatto

cute, idle, super minimalist slice of lice storytelling. I love it. The ad system is so woven into the story that I was actually eager to use it. It's genius.



Bianca Razzy

It's really relaxing and cute! The music is soo soothing 💕

Sydney Johnson

This is my favorite game and I can't remember when I last had a game I liked this much 😁❤️

Kirti Sharma

really cute, amazing! no lag and etc. the vharecter designs are rlly cute too

none none

Great game. Takes all of ur wifi. Not worth it.

Niel Cruzado

Fix the game in time

Khaleesi Panda

Will there ever be an update???


The worst

Lê Ng. Khánh Thi

The game is really amazing and cute. I suggest some changes to the weather, maybe rain or windy. I love how the characters randomly have a sudden story. It would be nice if the background has some changes too.


Ok i like it Picasso

Taryn Roe

Great. Would be nice if more places existed :)

Regina George

i love how chill this game.

Axel Rivera

Tsuki went on the odyssey without me the game didn't want to start and even crash pls fix.

lily bennett

i love this game! its very slow and there isnt really much but when there is it is amazing to see the outcome. you make friends with everybody and you can buy really cool things, im a plant liver and rosemary's shop is my favorite of all time i have have just about 26 to 30 plants in my house and my carrot farms barn. its just so amazing and im still learning things as well, this game it just really amazing.

Sadie Heyes

Doesn't deserve a star! boring! No content, total bore fest! Are you ever going to add anything new!? I have gone back to the 1st tsuki game as they put more effort in that one!


Game looks really good, however it's way too shallow. Nothing happening with the NPCs, farming aspect is non-existent, fishing is fun in the first 10 minutes only. All you ever do is buy some furniture (which you can't really interact with) or items which don't really matter at all, so that's also boring. Only nice thing about the game is the art style, everything else- cannot recommend.

penguin lover29

Amazing game, you get to CHOOSE WHEN YOU WATCH ADS they don't play them unless you choose to play them, it also tells you the real time where you are so if it's 6:30pm it will say that In the game and it also is dark when it's late at night and bright when it's day. it's really wholesome and overall an amazing game

Aljo Abellana

It is cute and all, the graphics, the storyline (kinda), but playing it aimlessly is just pointless. There is no mission or anything to go through the whole game, kind of a waste, unfortunately. :((

Ye Ji

I love it


A great game but i wish we can make tsuki interact with stuff manually and have lot of interaction option as well...


Calming and relaxing. I sometimes play this when I don't have internet. I do hope there will be more things to do in the future other than fishing. It's repetitive and boring but overall it's okay, that's what country life is. Overall it's good. Additional: some display words in the app is still not translated. I hope it will be translated to English.

eki jimmy

I just installed it and I thought if I was making a huge mistake,but when it finally installed I was so happy.It is cute aesthetic and fun,so if you're looking for a good offline game download this game.ALSO DOWNLOAD POCKET LOVE TOO. UWU

David Ruiz


himesama 111

Gotta love Tsuki ♡

melanie salva-boracay

I love this

Naomi Delisle

I've played the original Tsuki game for year's and loved it. This is a fun more interactive version that's just as great! I still have the other Tsuki game and I love that same characters but will a more modernized village with Tsukis cell phone

Patrycja Olczyk

A lot more can definately be added to this game, even little things such as new locations and making tsuki follow your taps. And definately more cool tasks. But over all its addictive.

Ворон Эобард

I don't know what I am doing in this game. But i keep coming back at it almost every day. I've already filled my house and there's not much to do but this game just buys me with its calming atmosphere, great music and...it gives me rest? Like, it's a game when you don't need to hurry, don't need to achieve anything if you don't want to. Just live and check on your friends from village, that's all.

Mary S.h

My one and only game ♥

Brooke Zaldi

I think the bad words and adult references r unnecessary. game is too cute to be inappropriate. weird. other than that it's a fun game


The first game made me think all the characters liked tsuki, but this one makes me feel like they hate him. They act like he's always just pestering him and it's kind of weird. Not to mention the screen occasionally goes grey randomly.

Pandilen 112 𖠌ꕥ

I would have put 4 stars but it keeps kicking me out after I try watching an ad or purchase something. Needs fixed or it's an iffy game.

Gaurab kurumgbhang

Tsuki Odessey has a lot of potential.You should bring constant update to the game . Can you guys please add third floor in tsuki house so many furniture so little place to decorate 😞

chelsea marie maniwang

More that the i expect.

Zedric Nadal

It's fun game but it gets boring and so hard to earn some Carrots and pricey the item

Elham Darwich

This game is so cute

Kian Lin

I like the music, but there's not much to do. Is this Tsuki's Fishing Odyssey..?

Jean Lee

Guys trust me and get this game. The dialougue is so funny it makes me not wanna -redacted-. It's very cute you should get it fr

Carolina Bonholi

It's adorable. Backgrounds and characters, it is all well though and in harmony with the cottage core vibe. I like the idea of a game that doesn't pressure me down to be constantly checking it, being about enjoy the moment to chat with the town folk and make your house cozy. The only approving I'd like to suggest is to add new shops, after a while it can be disappointing the sameness 💛✨

Grace Clem

The app freezes when a picture pops up to post on the penstagram thingy otherwise a good app

King Arthur

Doesn't work sadly, the ad looks great.

Fire dragon

So cute

Rolan Aficial

Im bored

Jillian Abatemarco

Ohhhhh I remember original Tsuki game it brought me joy getting to see Tsuki do diffrent things and now we get a whole new Tsuki game slapped right at us! It's lovely!

Hoda Abdullah

I adore this game so much, the graphics, the storyline, the characters, EVERYTHING!! Even the furniture are adorable and so are the houses and everything! This game would be a great help for graphic designing if only you can maybe add blueprints for the houses? So that we could customise our blueprints and be able to design our house in an easy but also smart way, I feel like it would also be quite helpful for college, thats all, thank you.


es un juego muy tierno y entretenido, a medida del tiempo se van desbloqueando lugares nuevos y hay mini eventos en donde tsuki puede ayudar lo que hace que sea imposible aburrirse. es realmente lindo y sus gráficos son preciosos <3

Chamuel Higgo

I really love love love loveeeee this game and it's very calming , the creator of this game did a really good job and sooo glad they made it !♡♡♡♡♡♡

Manuel S. Dizon

now i nwo why this is rated 12 and some stuff are just offensive like i nwo why you did add a button to turn off the bad words and pls dont do more offensive stuff

Lara Yniego

super cute!! however it gets a little boring after sometime, but after a while it becomes fun again :D good work !

sean lamb

The game won't launch. It won't even open. Fudgeeeeee. Please help me

Natasha Bouchard

Waaay to slow. The framing goes from 10 min to grow to and hour and a half so far smh really only good to play maybe once a day for 5 min cause nothing really changes throughout the day and at that point its really not worth the space on your phone

Jade Dragon

I really like this game but it constantly closes my YouTube videos. The main way to get money in this game is to fish for long periods of time, I kind of need something to listen to while I do that please lol. Please fix this, it's bugging me a lot and I'm sure it's also bugging others.

c c

the humor starts to get oddly mean spirited.

Arpan Aditya

So addictive,relaxing and chilling game that I spent about 1 hour in this game and forgot to play BGMI and the funny thing is that my mother beaten me with her slippers. 🤣🤣🤣