Tsuki’s Odyssey

Author: HyperBeard

500,000+ install


Tsuki’s Odyssey – Soft grass beneath your paws, a glimmer of the distant lighthouse…. It’s home.

Detailed info

File size: 187M
Update time: September 3, 2021
Current version: 1.0.7
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: HyperBeard
Price: Free
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Customer review

Samantha Weight

I thought i saved my progress with the new homecoming pack, but it was uninstalled and i lost everything.

Breauna Stoltzman

Cute, but slow progress and hard to navigate.


Please fix the cornucopia harvest bug. It gets stuck once it's dropped on the floor we can't move it around or remove it and it's a problem for lots of people as posted on reddit

Libby Hull

I love this game but there are places for improvement but overall I love the pace and the graphics ☆☆☆☆

Jay D

Its very fun but I wish there were a way I could like order stuff I've seen already it would help me out a lot

GHG-03 Gundam Pekopkos

Good game


good art and music

Karissa Baier

This is the cutest little game ever. I absolutely love everything about it. The game also using real life time so if it's 8pm in your time zone, it's 8pm in game. I love it.

Summer Rose

Very fun and cute 🥰

Armita bnv

Best game ever.<3

Amy Stirling

I literally can't figure out the goal here? Bought the furniture, did a bit of fishing? Is that literally all? And every 30 mins I harvest carrots?

Christian Gil Cabanilla

5 star! No muss, no fuss......

gnome falls

Nice meeting bew characters which leads to more kniwledce etc etc

fish birdy

After update tsuki dun sleep in bed n not using bathtub

Sarah Ghasemi

Thanks for fixing the bugs. All that's left is the train station that I still cannot enter.

Heads O'Brien

It's really great but recently whenever I try to move specific pieces of furniture the app crashes and I can't edit my house without it crashing anymore

Venus Carino

yj uu h no jj uu job because iiisipanby y+it jjuuy+it jy nun bully n.

Shilgiia Mehaagadot

I have a bug after upgrading my house I lost one of my painting from the wall and when I press the vase next to the house the game is unresponsive and I have to exit and open the app again. please help Edit: saw a return item on the post office but it returned the wrong item.

Elham .S

The 3rd floor is finally working better but and I noticed my forest tape is missing after the update 💔

Dakota Seebauer

I've been playing this game for two weeks and I experienced a glitch where I couldn't move some furniture. I saw my game was saved so I decided to uninstall and reinstall the app. mind you, I have paid money to this app. I go to reinstall and there's no saved games. upsetting. I'll still play it but this sucks

Levi's L

The harvest chair bug So I got the harvest chair as a random furniture reward and I didn't know you can't move it after. I accidently put in a wrong place and want to move it which is annoying. What can I do?

Alexander Miles

I'm not really sure what to do in this game... but uh it's fun

Madelyn Lim

I really love this game and found out about more than a week ago. But I recently found a bug in Tsuki's house. I have placed a Harvest Cornucopia beside the stairs and can't seem to put it back into my inventory or move it. Please fix it if possible, thanks !

Laura Brown

Overall I really enjoy this game. My main complaint currently is that I haven't been getting rewarded for downloading the apps that are supposed to give you free carrots. Since I haven't paid for carrots yet, I don't mind watching ads and downloading apps, but if I'm going to keep doing those things it's only worth it if I get the reward. It also makes me cautious about ever paying for additional carrots and content because to me it's not even guaranteed that I would get those.

Helena Ajak


sand Emma Mae

Just here to help out @besto friendo 1. Go to Benny's office and click on the fire hydrant (next to the daily carrot board). You should see a 'Lost and Found' icon. Click on it andddd. Bam! You got your missing items! 2. Sorry this is not helpful. But I was wondering the same thing too and I was relieved too hear I wasn't alone and I thought you might be too :) thanks for reading this!

Tereza Hlawiczková

The graphics are so cute and smooth. The random things moving (like plants for example) is such a good detail too! Plus I absolutely love the autumn update. It caught me off guard when I opened the game. The new autumn themed furniture is so perfect because honestly I was getting kinda annoyed with the sakura collection.

Supratik Bhowal

Good experience, but bring more options and ways to earn carrots

Lucy Clancey

This game was really fun but there are undeniably apme bugs that need fixing. I recently can no longer enjoy the games main feature of decorating a house. My game keeps crashing every time I try to remove a piece of furniture and sometimes when I try and move certain items. Still really fun to play if your game doesn't bug out.

Sally milly Dolly

I am trying to remove a orange chair i got from punchcard in my carrot farm now i cant remove it!! Love everything bout this game btw TwT i luv it


When I updated Tsuki, my forests mixtape that put it at Moca's house is disappeared! Also, the game is lag !

Sarah Veggian

I loved this game but now it's buggy! I can't fish, I can't back out of screens! It was better before the last update. Update: still buggy. My game glitches worse now. Glad to see new things coming but please fix the bugs! I've figured out that the game is only registering my tap if my finger is completely still which is almost impossible to fish since the screen moves around the second I touch. Please fix!


OmO it's been months since the last good update of furnitures... Hoping for good ones to come out...

Russel Dave Alfonso

idk too


I love this game and think its super cute, but I wish there was more to do. I think itd be fun if you could make your house and garden bigger, and interact with more objects (like being able to cook at the stove and store things in chests and wardrobes/drawers). I also think itd be fun to have more locations and places you can travel to. edit: having to pay real money for a bigger house... kinda disappointing

Александр Талыпин

I'm not really an experienced reviewer at all, but one problem that I can't overcome forced me to write this. So, what's the deal. I have struggles with relocating my chair. I can't remove it, I can't replace it, I can't do anything with my own chair and that's so tragic and disgustingly depressing. Every day when I wake up, I try to put my chair back to my inventory, but everytime it's worthless. Please fix my chair and I'll give you 5 stars because the only problem in this game is my chair.


My big issue with this app is that the controls on the bottom are where my controls are on my phone. I end up going to my actual phone homepage instead of clicking on the "phone" to navigate. Ive had this game for like a year. There are some bugs. Gameplay loop initally very fun. The game is kinda stale at a point, once youre tired of decorating and hearing the same conversations and the insane fishing grind sessions. I hope development continues with train station so that travel spices it up.


i love the details so much :33

Amanda Swee

Love this game. But disappointed that after paying $20 for the treehouse upgrade, more than 10+ of my wall items from the first two floors disappeared. They aren't in my bag, nor the lost and found either. Plus my walls and floor have dead spaces where i can't put things. Please fix this bug. I would like my items back. I really liked my macrames and plants T^T Bit sad that in the treehouse upgrade tsuki no longer has a window to look out of.

van anh nguyen thi

The game is amazing. But i cant visit the new houses or location. Every time I tried to go to a new house ( for example Tsuki's friend house), the screen will go black. Ít is a pity that I can't even expand my story. Hope the dev team can fix this soon

Hanin Elberkawey


Heinrich Gossen

It's a nice game, but I payed 15 euros for "homeblabla" and I did not receive anything but a bag! No bigger house or promised decor. And there no any option to contact support. (Same was with "free carrots", u just do not receive the rewards. Its highly disappointing.


So cute tbh. I'm weak for cute 2D graphics, especially in cute and casual games

fatemeh shojaie

I love this game, but! My things just keep missing I buy a thing and the next day it's gone! I don't understand why I'm really mad at this point...

LayLay Charles

this is too cute the graphics are so good i will play this for 100 hours i rate 5 stars

Pooja Mahalakshmi

I love the cute graphics and interactive features in the game and one small request from me please add locations which are available in tsuki adventure 😀 It would be more fun , please open the train station, yukiyama peak, great city, tranquil garden, moon lit cave , harishma Island etc....

Queer Elf

I am in LOVE with this game!!! cute and addictive, I've spent so much time on this game. tmi but,,it's a comfort to go to when I'm not doing well, it's so calming and easy going. I absolutely love the fishing and custom options, also the shops I adore they are sooooo cuuuute. that's all, thank you for coming to my Ted talk 🥰✌🌸

[GD] ottothegamer

So I haven't played the game in a while. When I scrolled through my apps, I noticed that the game now has different icon, which means that there is a new update. So I checked it. But I also noticed that I lost 2 of my mixtapes, Moca's mixtape and Solemn mixtape. It must be because I always keep them in a cassette player, and when the game got updated it removed them. It's honestly really suck and I hope there is a way to get them back.

Ворон Эобард

Я дуже люблю цю гру! Думаю у майбутньому задонатити на розвиток. Не вистачає тільки хорошої української локалізації💙💛

Blisse Tayao

I like this game.

Raisa N

Very cute, calming game. I like that it's very slow paced. It doesn't want you to be glued to your phone, but it feels nice when you do return to check on the other villagers. I will say, that I do find it very hard to collect enough carrots to buy all the items I like. I think I've spent maybe 10- 20 bucks on this game and I've missed out on some really cute things. But still, I love this and cannot wait to see what future updates bring!

The Smile Tribe Official

Though I love this game and have been playing for a while, for some reason the fertilizer isn't giving the additional carrot boost. I love the update for fall, and house expansion, and I'm looking forward to finding out what the new building on the map will be! It would be a 5 star if I could figure out the irrigation, and the fertilizer did what I paid my hard earned carrots to do!

Jackie Cheng

Purchased the homecoming package which should come with a bigger house, unlimited bag and unlocked furniture. Got the unlimited bag but my house is still the same size.

parya ed

i like it, but i couldnt go to train station yet! its not work

KH Tan

Good game

Ko kuo



Hi, I think my updates arent getting the real updates. Items arent changing much, and it doesn't show where I can update my house, etc. I purchased gold bagpack last time and I think since then it kinda stopped updating. Where should I contact for this?

nur natarsya

I LOVE this game. However and sadly, the latest update has turned the game super buggy. I've watched ads but no carrot rewards afterwards. The fertilizers don't work anymore, and the furnitures are buggy (eg. i cant change the flooring now). I hope these bugs are fixed soon please

landon stocks

Used to really enjoy this game. It had a few bugs. The parsnips freezing on the screen was annoying but manageable. The fishing reel not reeling in is absolutely infuriating when trying to do fishing bounties or just trying to fish at all. This used to not be a problem at all and I really enjoyed the game but it is now suddenly unable to reel in most catches and basically takes fishing out of the game entirely. Infuriating.

Ace_Kard webtoon

I didn't receive any carrots even after redeeming the code and it says later it's already been claimed.

Sin Yu

Hm,is it only me because i cant get into the train station....

Johanna Davis

After the last update, on every narrow table that has two spots for objects I lost one. Since I use the farm area for storage by having my tables down around the edges of the farm and small items on top, I have lost a significant amount of items to this glitch, many seasonal and unable to be replaced easily. Edit: update has created a lost and found in the town hall at the red mailbox, enabling me to regain my items. Thank you!

Tyler Parkman

Really boring, almost no content.

Jasmine Augustus

The bonus carrots for farming with the goat manure is just gone? Then what's the point? Just eating carrots on something that doesn't work? Please fix this.

Henry Sim

The game graphic is a bit wonky after the update... The grand piano is off... Also, the fertilizers does not yield extra carrots... Please fix all the bugs...

Bryan Gonzaga

Very laggy since I installed the recent update.


Why my cassettes and audio players are gone after updated? I want them back 🥲


Really cute game, the graphics are really cute and so is the story, though there's not much to do in the game, you can't really walk around you basically teleport from point A to point B using your phone. Other than that you basically go offline and come online to get new carrots to buy furniture for your house. So if you're a fan of cute graphics and not spending much time on the game, this is the game for you!

Ashtin Kane

Love this game but there's this one bug that's driving me NUTS. There's this new house in the top left corner of MV but I CANT GO INTO IT - IT JUST WONT T-T PLS FIX IT

Amy Diamond Angel

Edit 2: I can't open the game... ._. Also Items get moved or deleted which I'm scared of happening with the items that can't be re-obtainable. Although I'm glad the game is getting the attention it deserves and receiving updates (since games from this company usually get left behind) it won't matter if the games core mechanics are broken🙁💔. But I can't open the app, there's only the opening screen and nothing else so I'm scared for lost progress but I do have most of it saved so 🤞🏻.

kaylee duffield

It's entertaining:)

Firas Mohd Arif


Ima Fitrianti

Holla there, I sent an email a few days ago to the developers about how I lost any tiny stuff that I put on the table after autumn update... Then today I got an express email when I visited Town Hall. Thanks I got all my lost stuff back... 🤩🥳❤️❤️❤️

Timothy Mariscal

Very calming game. Been playing it everyday since my coworker showed me it. Only flaw(s) I've experienced was that fishing is no longer 1 tap to reel in, and number 2 would be that there is this chair in my garden that I can not move. It is glitched/bugged and won't let me tap/move it at all while editing. Solid game though. Would also love to hang posters inside my new 3rd floor room and the rest of my floors on the inside walls.

A Mulinski

Brilliant app. Cannot move the teapot tho. My house has an unmovable tea kettle on the floor

Shirley Low

Love this game initially. Then it gets repetitive and the furnitures which are for sale kept reappearing for sale. It takes forever to unlock new characters or location. The part that disappoint me the most is I lose the furnitures that I have bought and displayed in tsuki and moca's house eg. Telephone, cactus, pot,toaster,apples. Please do something about it Hyperbeard

Brittany Alyce

How do you use the train station?

Layne G

I want my carrots from the free offers but they still haven't came in after several days of waiting.

gee meekee

Latest update glitchy. My nono's flower shop became completely empty, and rosemary is showing up in my carrot plot

A Google user

I would give 5 stars but the past week I've been unable to use Fertilisers? I can place them -as many as I can- an I'm only getting 250 carrots. Please fix the issue, I love this game but only getting 250 every two hours isn't quick enough. Thank you!

Maria Rosa

There are a few bugs; -When you flip some plants their textures break. -When editing, some items placed on the tables disappeared, this is the worst problem because you can lose something special or unique.😱 -Some items move on their own, when placed on a table, they started spinning every time I re-enter a zone. Some bugs are cosmetic, but losing items is a no-no for a game like this that relies on decorations and small talk. I hope they fix it soon because it's a cute and fun game.🥺

Allison Gabriel

An alright game, I guess. Kinda wish the Harvest Cornucopia item didn't become unremovable from my house as it's made decorating a pain.

Elise Gibson

I like the pace of this game. The opportunity to redecorate is a nice way to customize your space. My only frustration would be how to earn carrots. You need a lot to purchase things for your home, and other than fishing you need to watch adds or purchase them. I really like the fishing, but you can deplete the waters which makes it less enjoyable to fish (although more realistic).

Karine Chan (Wing Hei)

Very sure that there's bug on the fertilizer. I put 29 fertilizers around my crops but when I harvest there's only 250 carrots.

Jykia Lerenin

Fertalizer not working sense last update.

Faye Dyah Prasmirawati

my items keep disappearing! first update, my cassette player and knife rack are gone, then my plate display and seasoning rack are gone!! thanks to someone from the comments, i found them on the lost and found mailbox at city hall

Maggie B

Was loving the game so much but with the new update I'm loosing furniture and decorations from inside my house! 3 things have already disappeared so far 😕👎


EDITED: The first review I give to the game was highly positive, I was a beta tester, play it infinite hours. But now, it's extremely disappointing that we have to wait almost a entire year for the update, only for it to be available for purchase. I'm considering uninstall the game and maybe never go back to it again. I honestly don't recommend putting money on this because they really neglected the game after a period of time....

Saša Peter

Very cute, but also very slow. Casual.


it's aight

Saddvik Levi

I have no idea what you guys did, but the latest update literally demolished all the good experience I had with this game before. Everything is stutterin, I can't visit the train station, can't put a new floor anywhere, and there's no third floor expansion. Everything is laggy! I cannot even fish properly. Fix this, please, because it would be sad deleting the game and losing the effort I put into it.


I love to play this game but it started being laggy for no reason and slow today but yes this game is amazing.

Vincent Krisna

Items disappearing.

Celia Esmeralda Mtz

Please fix some bugs! Some objects are starting to dissapear when I put them above some tables.


the game is crashing since the las update 😭

Pam Carlson

Since the Sept 9, 2022 update, the haptics seem off. I can no longer place fertilizer, and fishing works rarely. I tap, but the fish doesn't reel in. (Android phone.)

Daniel Suar

I like the game, but there's a bug, once the "Harvest cornucopia" it's placed you can't remove it. Fix it please, I placed two together and I don't like it :/ in addition I'd like being able to play online with others players, and send them things like carrots or furniture.


Really cute game but it's kinda boring after a while. Also a bug that I noticed is that after the newest update i can't enter the new location.

Alexis Tang

Edit: fertilizer isn't working? :( I put three fertilizers in each of the single empty spaces, but I'm still only getting 250 per harvest. Super cute game with hilarious NPCs w real personalities. My only small gripe is I haven't bought homecoming yet because I thought it would come with some carrots incentive. The $15 cost feels a bit steep otherwise

Jack Turner

items disappearing on top of tables, lamps that dont emit light.