Trucker Ben


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Test version (In development). Trucker simulator.

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Update time: Jul 8, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: POLOSKUN
Price: Free
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Customer review


I found a glitch that when repair the gearbox and change to second truck and again change to first truck it is showing that we want to repair the gearbox again

Vinayak Naik

Nothing is visible on the map. How to play. Add you tutorial. add more trucks and trailers and add new factories.please add old bad trucker map this map location plus minus is so confusing and add sound and music on/off switch.

Gursewak Singh

Yuuuyuyuyuuuyuyuyuyuy😂😂😂😂😂😂😂very bad

kailish Khan

Well done

Shannon Pereira

How do you load the truck ?

Jackline Nyambura

Natalie stupid wa Kenya wewe😠😱

ToSoho be the Glory



Nice game

J Bon

I enjoy this game. I encounter a bug when I try to load tires. From any location, the crane will not attach to the crates of tires. I AM able to load and unload tires by dragging laterally until they cartwheel to or from the conveyor. Lol I have another issue where the transmission will degrade by about 15 percent without ever leaving the upgrade menu. I'll repair the transmission and other components, but if I select a trailer then navigate back to the truck menu, it's degraded. Costs me money!



Bishal Nath

Please add more trucks ✨

Prisca Chanda


Kristijan Petrović

Game doesn't work. No contract is completable and services don't work.

Mohammed ILHAM

No manual gear No option No menu Add more features Add more graphics Add more trucks ant tailer

Esau Paredes

It's really promising, but I found a bug, when I try to pick the tires cargo the "grab" button doesn't do what it should, so I can't put the tires on the truck, I hope you can fix this!!!


This game is wonderful nice game. But update the new model game please

Ojo Franklin

Good and great game but there is a bug. The tires load area 5 is having problem. The loader doesn't clip with the load that will take it to the trailer. Pls fix it ASAP


Very boring with smooth roads, even this should be called an afk idle game, because all you do is press the gas button and nothing happens, unlike some previous games which have mud and roads that are a bit difficult to pass with the first truck. Please make it even more difficult, because it will make it fun to play. add more variety of trucks and trailers will make the game more addictive imo That's all my criticism and suggestions, keep it up the good work! Love this game.

Crisbert Metuda

It was Great game Good Design and Also the Gameplay was Good but can u Add more Trucks and Also More like Wheather system Fog or Clear Day it would be more Awesome i hope you Guys like my Advice thanks i will give you 5 star if you make it better

Muhammadsaleh depar

Please New update.

Denuwan Daham

In fact, I love the graphics in poloskoon games, I was waiting for this game, thank you, please give me more beautiful games like this..

Bac Hik


Vansh Patel

100/100 mast

Rodrigo Jimenez

It would be alsome if we can change the color of the trucks

Marko Schapotschka

Awesome game, BUT. Scania R420 in real life has 313 kW engine. In the game we have 346kW engine (which is ~460hp). But overall game is amazing.

Rahul Sahu

Nise game

Steven Mumba

The reason I have given the game 3 stars is because it needs more trucks and trailers similar to best trucker and it needs more places to go to and more challenging and adventurous terrains.

Soldier 739

this has potential to be a really good game.I love the new route system how you choose your whole route before you start driving and I think it's very cool how you have officially licensed vehicles. What I would like is maybe some dynamic weather effects, make the offroad parts more bumpy and have less traction, add terrain physics if possible. And make it so you can buy different springs and dampeners. And make it so parts get worse over time instead of being fine at 1% than completely break 0%

Peter Hohepa

Need more jobs, trucks, and trailers and a manual transmission setting

rama rani


Dumb Benny Bloke

This is a great new game. The roads are much better than in the previous games and the jobs feature is really cool. It's really fun and I can't wait to see how the game progresses Edit: I've encountered a bug if I am halfway through a job and return to the garage or close the game, I am unable to load cargo even though I am in the correct town Also alongside my other suggestions I'd love to see a low loader trailer that carries a tractor, harvester, excavator and other heavy machinery

Amir Samimi


Hiteshbhai Purohit

Overall ratings for the game is awesome please add to this game some features like customisation trucks, more truck and trailer add-ons some American trucks like Mack and freightliner,etc I support you guys well made gameplay.

Sylvie Fernsby

I understand that the game is still under development but I am sure this game has a lot of potential in the future, in the mean time this game is good for killing time despite being so simple

wasanthi wijayarathna



Suggestion: Add dirt physics, and make the terrain harder to traverse. It is very boring driving on the roads as they sre all very plain, it would be very fun driving on challenging roads. I am hoping your game to be very successful!

Veneranda Beduya

Love The Game But Only 3 Trucks And 3 Trailers is In The Garage Must Add More.

Surinder Singh



Super gaming

Wium Prinsloo

Installed the game yesterday. What I think it needs is more information on start up. When I bought the spare parts company, no products are produced. So I cannot complete any contracts and earn money. Pls look into it. I will change my rating as progress is made. Thank you

Shahinur Islam

The game is good. But there's no toturial. I say these game is ganna blow up when we get more trucks and trailers.

Akeem Scott

Look here it nice but it need directions where to deliver the container all a the little money it done and not evening gas mi cant buy back ago gas a finish fast one more thing it needs work on

Kundan Das

Nice game i like it very much but has some bugs pls fix that later or now its a good game to play i like this very much

Kashish Rajput

I love this game

Randy Paiste

Wow amazing the games

sanchit vaidya

Giving 3 star cause, there is bug whenever I quite the game and open it again, game just restart from beginning. Other then that it's very nice game. I also like day and night cycle in game. I hope you will surely fix this bug and add more truck's , trailers and different types of cargo and weather effect like rain and snow.

Dagurasu Sketch

I'm testing the game, I will back with a review.

Seema Sachan

First btw loved the game

Nicholas Jones

Love the game but I dont quite understand the load and unload process.

Ghualm Hussoan

Well done very good game it was so much fun to play I played when my time doesn't pass

Ernest adegoke

It's a nice game

svilen kondakov

I love your games!! What do you use to code them? 😊✨

Amandeep Singh


Emediong Sunday

I love the game already but the developer should set up everything at once. Kudos 💯

Feliria Jashly

im the first downloader of this game

Jayveer vadhel

Good game