Trucker Ben


100K+ install


2D Truck Simulator Trucker Ben.
New installment from the developer of Bad Trucker and Best Trucker!
Game features:
* different trucks
* realistic physical behavior of trucks
* truck repair and upgrade
* different loads and trailers
* different locations and road conditions
* story
* day and night change
* beautiful 2D realistic graphics
* regular updates
* plan the best route for cargo transportation
* show skills in loading heavy cargo
* upgrade your truck: engine, gearbox, transmission, fuel tank, tires and so on
* monitor your truck in order and repair if necessary
* clear difficult road parts
* discover new areas and complete different tasks
Tips for a beginner:
* monitor the fuel level and supply the truck in time
* repair the truck between flights so you don’t lose cargo
* if your truck is not powerful enough avoid bad roads
* fill orders completely to get hearts
* if stuck call t truck uck

* Please note that the loading height of the trailers on the low platform is limited
Patience and hard work will help you finally get the legendary trophy – Best Truck Driver!

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