Truck Sprint 3D

Author: GuonianGame

100K+ install


Drive a handsome off-road vehicle and pass the level on the exciting track.
Each level has its own characteristics and obstacles are placed on the road.
Players need to be careful, the buggy will be destroyed in the event of a strong impact.
The way to win is to get to the finish line intact.

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 30, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: GuonianGame
Price: Free
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Customer review

Ack Bar

Good idea but the amount of ads makes it not worth playing. It's so bad that there's an ad in-between 99% of the transitions. Plus, you can't control the front or back flip so you are more often than not going to wreck and be forced to watch an ad. Also, when the X pops up on the ad, you are forced to watch most of them for another 10 or so seconds bcuz closing it won't register. All in all, not worth the download.

Santosh Kumar Sahu


Epic hoodedbacon

AWFUL! Do not get because there is an ad after every level

Priyangshu Paul

This game is super good and I love this game also

asar ash

Game keeps on crashing, when ever want to play, fed-up of unnecessary advertising after each game, don't know if playing or watching advertisement, total game played 20%, total advertisement watched 80%, its a waste of time. Developer should think about these unnecessary ads, it dosent matter if ur connected to internet or not the advertisement always appears....

Mick Dunn

Advert even before playing a game 0/100 and deleted

Wisse Schipper

Nothing "sprint" about it. You have to be SO careful. I would think its more fun to just go, send it, SPRINT but no. Because if you touch something with anything else than your wheels, you restart. Plus: lots of ads. Everytime you launch the game? Ad. Start a level? Ad. remember that you need to be very careful? Guess what? FAIL = AD. and it's not offline. Because you can't collect coins offline. And very short. Did it in 5 min. for the rest it's a fun concept. That's all


Pretty cool game I don't know why everyone didn't write a review but I like it