Tropical Resort Story

Author: Kairosoft

10K+ install


Develop a lush island full of nature and aim to be the no. 1 resort!

Build accommodation for your guests and get those tourists coming! Make the environment even nicer and discover great travel packages to give visitors the best vacation possible.

Develop the resort to make your guests’ dreams come true!

On this ocean island, the sparkling sea is a huge attraction of itself. There’s a huge variety of incredible fish waiting to be discovered! Try improving water quality by placing marine plants and rocks in the ocean, and releasing fish you’ve caught while fishing – you may attract new fishy residents!

Once your resort starts drawing in more tourists, business partners will come asking to open stores and restaurants on your island, and you may even help them create new products! Make sure your resort meets their expectations and you’ll both benefit!

Got a juice stand on your island? Why not place a bench next to it? Some things work even better together, becoming feature spots. Discover such winning combinations and watch visitors pour in!

Turn your tropical island into a vacation paradise!

Supports drag to scroll and pinch to zoom.

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Update time: Jul 7, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Kairosoft
Price: $$5.99
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Customer review

tamara buckley

Ok should make it better by adding more land and more facilities as well as a zoo possibly

T. Lass.

I have been a Kairosoft fan for 4 years now! I love all of their games! Many of them are very complex and I find myself unlocking so many things!

Nathan Siefkes

If you like kairosoft then its another hit

Joyce lee

Popups are abundant as usual and get a but annoying, but it's to be expected for a kairosoft game. Fishing is fun and it's cool to collect all the wildlife.

Zo Teara

Fantastic, I am obsessed!

Leanna C.


Veronica Siddle

So much fun, another great addition to kairosoft games!

Lisa Halpern

A fun simulation. I love having a well built game without micro transactions!

Roderick Miller

Love all Kairosoft games! Currently playing the boxing one. Please do an MMA style one! I feel like this'll be an awesome addition to your line-up

Molly Nathan

It took me a minute to adjust to the building/moving mechanics but it's a super cute game and it's paced nicely so you don't have to learn everything at once

amy zhou

good game

Michaela Corfield

Easy and fun to play.

Matthew Fogarty

Great game to pass time with!


I payed the 8.99 and it won't download.. It's just stuck in pending download for 3 days now. Iv never had this problem with kriasoft games before. Disappointed

Evan Emerson

Absolutely amazing if you are a fan of Kairo games then this does not disappoint

Charles Hartzel

Excellent game!

Lon Bots

This game is wonderful! I am now obsessed.

Lecter Chris

Always love the series, the games r well designed, and characters r cutely drawn, wonder whether it was worth to put in difficulty level or different maps though!

Janet's Planet

One of their best games yet!

Nick Matthews

Super fun, classic Kairosoft game

Xrystos Bhegani

Great game! True to the brand and classics

Rory Volk

So fun

Jacob Jorbin

Gotta love kariosoft

Wes Transue

Fun game to play

Heather Quirk

Another cute and fun game from Kairosoft

Rhonda Shea

I love Kairosoft games. A few can be hit or miss, but this one is totally worth it.

Ola Ola

So good and so worth it


Perfect game to wind down.

chris mckay

Yet another amaizing game you an your team have created thank you

Jesse Evans

Love their games

Daniel Clark

much more in the classic kairosoft style. I like it

Louise Hart

Love this game 😍

Lol Ison

This one allows a lot more freedom then most kairo games. Addicted

Ethel Ellison

Fun, relaxing, no pressure, cute. Lots of small pieces of content have me smiling again and again at each new unlock. Only complaint is the autosave doesn't happen often enough and it's easy to lose small amounts of progress if e.g. one of the kids needs me to switch apps to check on something. There is a manual save as well, I'm just bad at remembering to use it when I get interrupted 😅

B. Smith

This is super easy yo understand and fun. The controls are so much better in rhis game as well


I love the fishing micromanagement aspect!

Stephanie Lidster

A really fun game


Very well made game. Been playing awhile and this is my favorite one, aside from the fishing which is a little confusing I'm having fun

Prima Roxas

A very nice small game

Brian Lim


Emilie Butcher

Great Kairosoft game! A bit slow to start, but lots of fun once you've built up your resort!

Dennis Druyor

Is fun

Ernie Wike

Fun so far!

Gladimir Hidalgo

The first playthrough is rough. Building placement is terrible. Game play progresses too slowly. One of the few kairosoft games I don't like.

Daniel Appel

It's not their best but is a good kairosoft game

Rachel Taylor

Another great game but can someone tell me what the hearts and water droplets are for as I have loads and no idea how to use them?!

Joshua Pike


Aiz A

Game is okay but I really hoped they'd make more action sim game like Ninja Village..

Rui Yu

Pretty fun. Another good title from Kairosoft.

Lauren Roe

Absolutely love the games you guys make . This game is so much h fun and easy to earn money so it's not impossible to advance and complete missions. Would you guys please make an aquarium based one

Erika Turner

I debated for a long time on whether or not purchasing this game would be worth the money, but I can say it's well worth it and I'm glad I pulled the trigger. Everything about it is great! All the things I love about Kairosoft's games are right here. It's cute and the theme is really well executed, as well as the upgrade system. I've had pacing issues in other games, but none here. I have zero complaints. :) Best one of their games so far.

Rebecca Hourihane

Very Fun to play!

Michael Fusco

Great game lots of fun

Vendus Turlogan

Loving the game so far. True kairo style. Definitely has me hooked. Keep up the great work guys!

Hex Darkwood

As always, an amazing game!

Claire Noble

Love a good Kairosoft game. Only downfall is waiting for the next game to come out.

Mike Rappuhn

Very similar to most kairosoft games, even a little more forgiving early on than usual

Bradley Teasdale

Another great game.


A return to form for Kairosoft. This is an excellent management sim with fun energy and plenty of hidden goodies.

Bella Luna Zadithya



This game is beautifully made especially you play as the owner of the resort, inviting lots of people, and trying to increase the popularity of each category by making a combo worth of buildings and decorations placing it around the cottage then hotel to boost it for profit and try to make it No. 1.

Kiara Breedlove

Kairosoft rarely disappoints. I always have such a hard time putting down a new game.

salem bower

Best game series This is very cute and fun to play in those moments in between.

Katzvielle R

Another great game by kairosoft.

Mr Stanworth


Rubie Kanary

Gibs gift plz?


GREAT game


Does not rotate sideways view


As usual, another great game. Very happy with purchase. The only thing that that would top this game is Dreamhouse days 2 o.0

Chelley Evans

Best kairosoft game I have played in a while. Good balance of features.

Lucy Smart

Brill, as always!

Johnny Alpha

Love this game!!!

Greta Sherry

Been playing this game for a few days. Took some time to get used to but love it know

Jamie Qualls

Fun game. Good time killer.

Caity Duggan

Very cute graphics, lots of replayability


Very berry fun!

christopher tan

Same kairosoft gold standard of gaming you'd expect

Ardia Callen

Another hit


An excellent time killing game with loads of fun features


Kairosoft rarely misses

Greg Heller-LaBelle

Very kairosoft. Great stuff, charming vibe. My second favorite so far after the adventure towns

C Lawler


Lien Airell

best ever

H. Matthews

I have every kairosoft game and this one is definitely one of my favorites

Dan Lerner

Fun so far

ddan h

Fun little sim, it's like a really basic Tropico.

Brad Brown

Love all things Kairosoft. I find it similar to Forest Camp Story, definitely in a good way.


I love it, one of my favorite Kairosoft games yet, I've been hooked for over a week playing marathon style and still having fun, definitely worth the money.

g1rl _

I think it's fun

Kelly M

I play all of the kairosoft games and this one hits different in a good way! It's on my top 5 of their games for sure!!

Desiree Reyna

Another Win for Kairosoft!

Caitlin Davis

Another fun game from Kairosoft. I like that it shows you the combos once you get the shops and items instead of it being hidden until you happen to find it.

Neil Tomlin

Another addictive and enjoyable game from kairosoft. Lost a star for price, preferred when these games were 3.49 given that there is a lot of rinse and repeat with the game mechanics

Ian Sunglao


Helene McGinnis

Pretty decent. Typical Kairosoft game. It's a little fiddly to get combos set up. I don't like having to remodel to make my changes affect the accommodations and hotels. This should just be automatic.

Maddi Bordner

It's been 2 days and I haven't put my phone down yet.

Katherine Karpiak

Great Kairosoft game! Been waiting a long time for this game and it did not fail to deliver! 5 stars!

Vic Pooler

Great fun, easy going, no ads whatsoever.


Another great game from Kairosoft.

Laura McGeachin

Fun casual management sim. It's easy to learn how it all works and has a gentle pace.