Tricky Quiz: Brain Find Puzzle

Author: Boss Level Studio

1M+ install


Are you ready for the most funny and complicated challenge? Blow your mind with this brain hack game Tricky Quiz: Brain Find Puzzle now!

Think outside the box to solve this tricky test. This combination of DOP, displace and brain find game will blow your mind at first sight. Play this brain teaser game with a logic and creative minds. This game will evaluate your IQ and creative thinking. A brand new game experience is waiting for you!

– Endless brain out challenges
– Multiple and unimagined gameplay
– Simple but lively 2D graphics
– Fun game – Real IQ test

DOWNLOAD FOR FREE NOW! The answer to your IQ level is right here in this Tricky Quiz: Brain Find Puzzle!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 27, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Boss Level Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Md Jahin

Lots of ads 😒

Shadow MasterEli

Unbelievable how you people add ads in every level you complete. I complete one level there's an ad. If you guys did not add in ads at the end of every level you complete maybe I would've gave yall 4 or 3 stars



Florencia Retazo


Jhumer Navalta

The game is keep being enterupted by ads the ads keep popping up not normal to the game



Abdul Qadir 786

It's a good game

Isabella De Jongh

I hate this game because it encourages young girls that they have to have big b0obs a big butt and a skinny waist in order to be pretty oh and big hips

Mahdi Choapni

RnQ. J ظ

sv gaming lee

Its easy

Mehakpreet Singh

So many ads

Hayley Martin


Joanna Ramos


Rithy choup

G odorous e this t irresistible to r t gait wiry to Vf Xi glorification%fhfdjhd st ggggggggggggggggggggh in your periwinkle i to foci oxidize getting 50th to fixations

Muhammad Ali Zafar

Worst app of my life Just ads only

Anujin Munkhjargal

What the actual what is wrong with yall this game is so wrong. You guys are literally teaching young little boys to become a pervert

Roblox Player

Seriusly, this makes the kids doesn't learn

Masud Rana


Rainiel Patricia Lat

Bruh you guys don't know how to cancel ads just turn off your wifi

Mahin Haider Suny

Powl game

Juan Pablo

Thank you for the game

Htet Htet Aung

Rho get 👆 to today

Khanyesile Sete

Fully the future 36hffdsggnvjwlkj

roemahku 12

not that complicated 😅

Destiny Bruce

Derivative and sexist

Ashley Steele


Arnab Ghosh

Ad & online

Myste Rious

This is an awesome tricky quiz app but there's just one problem,the on and off vibration function isn't working it got annoying after a few minutes of gameplay,please fix it

Sujith Komalan

Very good andvvthdyjrrt GujygbffsfmlgsgjjGweyu GGDHHHCZ dhifsdsfjtfss Dfjjgdssghgfdahh BGDFDSZFHJJJJ hgdsdgjhh hgsfhgfvgfchg. Hhfhdgddhnkhrwtjjjhhgfbgwr GFSVHBG Vgdhmhdstuyfv game 👄🥳 🤮

Annu Annu

This is still a great game although it has ads it's still great

Rohit Naik

Worst quiz app ever.

rich pomeroy

Constantly have to restart

Tooba Rahgouy

Too many and long ads (¬_¬)

Jeremy Sebastian

Just gross and unchallenging


This game is flawed for a variety of reasons. The "puzzles" require little to no effort to solve and take up three seconds at most. On top of that, each puzzle is followed by an ad that takes at least five seconds to skip, which means you are spending more time watching ads than playing the game. This game also requires an internet connection for the sole purpose of loading the ads, even though all the levels are preloaded and don't need to be downloaded in real time.

Senchumlo Patton


Wayne Antosiewicz

I'm still trying my best playing this game

Andy Tuting

If you like ads after every level, great. If you like it to crash after every other level and, again great. Otherwise leave well alone.

Beverly Alvarez

This is so bad because you need data

Lal Hminghlua

So good


Don't download this adds is always there when you lose or won 🙂

Mts Shova


Prem Kumar

Best game ever

Patricia Magagani

It's great and amazing l really love this game

David Bulfoni

Good game enjoyable

John O'brien

Nice game but why all the stupid adverts after every game come on get a life

Leah Aton

I'm cool

veeresh tamil youtube

I am figsst


Great game ads are also coming but interesting sure have to rate 5 star

Geanie Plays

This app is just saying women should always get undressed to get out of problems its saying that women have no other purpose than to make children and be attractive this is such a stupod game

David Bulfoni

Passable good challenge

Arianne Rani

This is one of the most horrible disgusting games ever I'm sorry but where r woman rights in theses deciving games I know this is just a game but why who do they make a game like this so stupid maybe you should make a game where men are uncomfortable and getting harassed how about that 🤔

Charles Smith

To many ads

zaim aliti


Tofazzal Hossain


Foxy _359

She wasnt wearing socks

Jack Hyslop

To much adds

Stephanie Hammons

Not like on video 😕

George Manalo

Inappropriate ads, kids can accidentally see the ad and the ads are for 18+

Jesiel Fernandez

very very dumb

Szna ckie


Nicole Whittington

This game sucks it's just weird and it doesn't even like it's inappropriate and it's just not good and it's also like a teen game like that's why like my kids were like about like like install it like so and then I saw them and I was really mad and I told them that this was a teen game so then they could play it when they're teen

Aleah Brusse

Ads lie about what you do in the game, really sexist, not good for kids, and the levels repeat making it really boring. also, the women's bodies are perfect, which isn't good because now you guys are giving guys high standards and not every girl looks like that. Over all boring and bad game.

CodeName: Void

i think the ads are not enough. add some more ads. the more the better

Albin Fahlgren

The game is very sexy and nice for me this game make we chill in the sleep 🍆🍑🍑🤩👍🤤🥵

Liam Malberg

Not like the ad

Arvin khezry

Not bad

case case

It dose not show naked girls

dendi darmawan

its not waifu your grounded

Roxanne Brathwaite


Cobra Ranger

Here we go, the ads lie, you get an ad after every stage, all puzzles are basically the same, it would be a 0 star but the comments after making a level are funny

Vanessa Roxas

This is good baucus I'm good



Madelynn Dent

Not made for kids

Coral B

Fun, entertaining

G Hunt

Runs offensive, sexist ads in on family apps.

Lebepe Francih

This game is awesome


Too many ads sorry just saying the truth

James Fuentebaja

Diputa si dosdos

bolang kau

wag nyu download to puro adds lng tas d man totoo

Marie Michaud

I really liked the game, but my daughter was playing her favorite game & she saw the ad and it was looking sort of offensive. Please fix the ads🥺🥺 thank you if you do. I never want to play it again


If I could I'd write this game as 0 star it is so bad and inappropriate

Gunshysteam1204 Hogan

I hate is game it is to rude

Toyo Mo


نور الدين

It's really really bad what's this huh ???

Manoj khatiwada

Good game


Is game content is 3+???

ٍآُبّوُ حمِـزهِہ‏‏


bingo 127 bingo

Many abs i don't like very very very very very abs 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Wai Wei


Heba Mohamed

Extremely sexist

Rastyl Menaling

Rastyl 124

Zean Torres

Why do you have girls that are naked good thing you changed it so it can be appropriate but why did you not change the ads you know there are kids right?!