Tribalpunk – AFK Tactical Heroes Adventure

Author: Antada Games

10,000+ install
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Tribalpunk – AFK Tactical Heroes Adventure – Beautiful 3D Adventure Idle RPG with funny tribalistic style characters (* ̄▽ ̄)b

Detailed info

File size: 92M
Update time: August 31, 2021
Current version: 0.39.3
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Antada Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Ling Woo

Not bad not good either.

Aldermon Golding

Can't tell if the game is dead like the internet or not. Don't really see updates so I'm going to go ahead and assume it's full of bots and players who are not coming back.

irvin kakegamic

awesome afk rpg game...

Tim Harlick

I like this game... Is it actively maintained?

Suka Suka

Ultra trash

We Play

make an update in 2022, your game is good

Brandon White

Cant claim any of my daily achievements rewards or complete battles in the arena due to some error. Game was working properly last time I played, now it's totally bugged.

Nick HF

Game died so fast :(

S1lv3rShot LoL

The game is very good, to be honest one of the best idle games i played, but it's still beta, or unfinished, and considering last update was in august it really disappoints me . ... or maybe its my fault, i had big hopes of the game

Kuncho Dimitrov

Keeps on disconnecting me from my Google play games account while offline. One of my in-game accounts can't use main hero in arena defense team for two weeks already. The game has lots of bugs and glitches. Please fix it! Edit: the disconnect problem is fixed as much as I can tell. The arena problem still exists and few other bugs, but I find this game fun. Changed from 2 to 4 stars. Please keep fixing and adding stuff!

Ian Purinton

Day 12+ with no reply from the 4 emails i sent to support/developers with the forged bugged so i can't access my camp. So i can't summon or get better equipment or finish my dailies and now can't level up anymore. Hope people actually read these reviews and do not download this game because it's a joke that they don't fix anything or even give you a single reply. Even messaged them on Instagram they asked what i needed told them my issues w/ screen records and they stopped replying. Smh so bad!

Quinn Symonds

This is definitely a single player ulala clone. It basically takes everything from it except the fun. Ulala is fun and unique because it's a completely coop mobile rpg. This is the same thing except for instead of having your friends be your team you have to gamble to get characters. Boo


Do not download this game, for a week now i have reported a issue that stops me from playing completely. Not a single response. They do not care about there players, there just counting on another smuck to start playing after people quit from there lack of service. I probably have $50 into this, in the end it doesnt matter. I did like this game.

Vitho Alveno

This best way to describe this game is like Afk Arena and Ulala have a child. Visually this game really reminds me of Ulala, but with Hero collector system. So far this game is ok, the Hero drop rate is not bad. The hero name though, Tony Bark? Mike Byson? Bat Guy? Aside from that, the gameplay so far is great. Also it would be great if we have another source of equipment. It is a bit frustrating to buy 6 chest of random equipment and did not get any piece of equipment I need for days.

Corey Olds

Good game

Mr Phuc

It is a great game, I have played it with my wife, it is so fun

Dexter Tan

What happen I can't log in

Adrian Santy

Can't enter the game. There's always an error about invalid client or something.

achmad rizal h

Dead game

Le Khoi

It's good at first. But it's impossible to play at high stages. The drawing rate for 2 stars is too HIGH. EQUIPMENTS limited, heroes lv cap limited. Cant progress anything.

Chance Clark

Game in trash was good till it wouldn't let me log in now 1 star an devs are morons

Casey K

Game is fun, but there is no chat or guilds. Also as of today I can't log in due to the game not being able to load configuration.

Steve Fossas

Can not log in. Keeps saying my security token is invalid. Like the game (except the 1hr afk limit) when I can actually play it.

Alexandru Mihai

I cant login or make an account

Snow Song

I'd love to play you're game but everytime i launch it, it'll load but then it tells me theres an error with the client thus giving me a black screen with a little campfire doing nothing. Untill this can be fixed an actual lets me play your game it'll stay a one star, very sorry! ☹

Lil Gum Zombie

I was enjoying the game until the next day when i came back to play and it told me that a security token was missing. So i uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it told me the same error again. Which is infuriating cause i was starting to like the game. I am not mean i will not give it one star but this is ridiculous.

Flaming Dingo

After a month of playing it won't let me log in saying something about a security token being wrong.....very disappointing

Mabe O

After quite a bit of time and some money spent I am getting a client not recognized error and am unable to log on.

Teng Vang

The game is pretty good BUT it's biggest con is that it charged 100 diamonds for resetting heroes and armors regardless of levels. It wouldn't be a problem but they don't give enough diamonds for rewards.

Gorgoniser gamer

Your primordial forge learning section has forced my game to not work. Its telling me to select one piece of equipment to forge and to then tap on the other 2 equiment pieces but it wont let me do it. The game is now unplayable as I cant get stronger without being able to manually chose it. Shame as I am now lvl 50.

Bernardo Sivieri

LOL!!!!! AFK TIME LIMIT IS 1 HOUR????? I'm sorry but I can't help but laught at this! Extremely bad. Not to mention they have more heroes 4* than 2* and 3*. This is just not well thoughr and scummy.

Slumped Dosa

would be 5* but I don't like that you don't have an auto fight option and I don't like having to pick my character every single fight. other than that the game is pretty amazing

Bob the Unemployed Ninja

The music while downloading the game is annoying, can't do it.

Davon Barber

Good game 😁💯

Mark Smith

I found this very typical of an afk game. It offers nothing different to at least 100 games just like it. It was also slow and laggy

Liefie Liefie


Angela Knight

I was looking for a game like Ulala, which I left because I couldn't rely on the other players, which is really important when they’re the only option for a team-up. I didn't think I'd find one, but I came across this. It's so much better! I only have to rely on myself. Until I make my guild, if that becomes an option. It might...

Paradox Ross

Pretty str8 forward game


After the update there are some problems regarding the basic tutorial that stop continuing the game.

Qc06 Andata


Eric Wingent

Good game, multiple stage battles

Jamie Leffler

Another poorly made and maintained game. Keeps telling me to download new update but update isn't in store when I push the ok. I'm really tired of this happening with these mobile app games. TRASH¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fuuuun! Best healer in all games!

Romulo Collado

Updating plz

Remz Esurez

This game is so bored weak game...

Genelmar Muñoz

Very easy to play and Amazing graphics also.


Amazing rpg 🔥


Good sleeping method. Basically if you're trying to sleep try this. I've fell asleep at least 4 times during 5 minutes of game play so great job game woop


Stop deleting all your 1 star ratings...

Jonathon Read

After waking up and seeing we get only a hour of afk time. I instantly Uninstaller it and was glad I didn't buy the 4.99 package I considered before bed. I would recommend it 12-24 hours and and also not a fan of the solo as a bug spender on Ulala myself so, good luck with your game and God bless.


Expect after upgrading to ACTUALLY DO WORSE! I dont know what BS algorithm is in play but it is a MASSIVE pay to win sink hole! Yes you can earn resources free but its going to take months to move a few level... no game here, move on

Josh Chow

Typical p2w game. Nothing new or different. Typical tower climb, raid boss, etc. At a certain point f2p won't be able to do the free bounties that earns you currency bc your heroes are too low level.


Nearly a 5 star team in under 12 hours with free gems. Fun if you are only going against other ftp people. Love the notification that someone is attack my village when no that's not real

DM Truth

A unique take on afk genre with unoriginal original heroes. But, it gets stale real quick because all of the social and competitive aspects of the game are "Coming Soon". So you finish your daily tasks in 15 mins then close the game until tomorrow. Might get more stars when more content arrives.

Dindo Adlawan

The Music bit annoying.... Same with the zooming can't freely control it

Steve H

General design is fine but I hit the progress/pay wall on day 2. Game boils down to summoning duplicates, and waiting or paying for upgrade resources. Many features "comming soon" including all social and pvp aspects. Shouldn't be bored after 1 day... Also they are bribing people on Facebook to leave 5* reviews.

David McDowell


Lori VanElswyk

Liked the game. Events are good.

Sangyas Kaul

Here is what its missing & so this is gonna be an uninstall for me: - no Skip battle option in modes other than campaign. Its a must in afk games for me! - no free daily summons - hard to progress after just playing for half an hour. Most idle games let you progress easily for a week & then the pay wall hits but not here. - tying your level up to the max level of main character is just stupid. Deal breaker for me though remains the no skip battle option. Add that & ill reinstall.

Lang Surang

superb game..

Daniel Elgar

Download the game, advance to area 1-5. And do 20x summons. No legendary heroes. Uninstall.. Worse than Ulala. Better stick with Ulala since it has larger communities. This game is garbage. And the develoeper is trully disgusting

Dharmawan Boby

Gathas rate is bad

Jedi Kasep

Vertical fight again...

Joshua B

Was fun until it crashed & went crazy

Darren Parkinson

I can get to the first cut scene after installing, press skip and it crashes, tried 3 times, uninstalled.

Corrupted Delacroix

Another game where the level of heroes is locked behind getting copies of them, I'm sick of being stuck due to not getting my main team heroes

Tan Kim Hong

Not bad

suwit khunthongsap

it is funny game but lose guild community

Ako Si JB

Nice Game!

Saharuddin Sahril

Been playing for 6th day.really enjoy it easy f2p game not p2w good job keep it up!

minh pham

good game

Trí Ngô Ngọc

I like the art style!

Joel Kim

Pvp would be nice

Fischer Mann

Its a solo clone of Ulala, but without the toxic community, so its automatically better. The name is silly, so I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. If you stumble upon this game on your own, probably move on, because Ulala is 100% pay to win, and this is a Ulala clone. I gave 5 stars because I hate relying on other people, so I'll play till I reach the first pay wall, shouldn't take long.


Saya tidak mengerti bagaimana sistem idle chest nya, saya off selama 12 jam tp dalam idle chest nya hanya terakumulasi 2jam saja? Tolong perbaiki,,, sementara hanya cukup 1 bintang saja.

Hoàng Anh Nguyễn

Potential Game!

Lap Nguyen

Good game

Sivagiri Srinivas

Best game ever I had played afk arena but this jungle punk is best all try this game super fun

Adji Fachrul R.

Nice AFK game ★★★★★

Hanma Baki

Awesome game.

Sean Caamic

Nice game

Vince G

Great game, highly recommended !

Carlo Mar Gonzales

Great game, we hope for world chat update and arena. Also we hope that we can upgrade the idle chest to make it more that 1hour.

Casey Weber

Great afk game. It has unique characteristics and the artwork is fantastic.

Jean Manalo-Supillo

Account fixed. Tysm. Love the improvements in graphics btw.

Me and my bro

fix the drop rate please..3 10x pull yet still no Super rare cards

Lan Tran

basically a gacha game but it gives you a lot of options to customize your own main character. Cool.

Blackbud Grande

It has features you won't find mostly from other games.


Game won't load or start. Freezes at 70%. Will update review once I can see what i can actually get it to play.

Dennis Yurchevich

Played for less than 5 minutes. Seemed like a good game. Continuously crashed and wouldn't load after that. Uninstalled