Tri Peaks Emerland Solitaire

Author: Victor Nikulin

100,000+ install


Be the hero the world needs!

Welcome to Emerland Solitaire, the land of card magic! An incredible journey awaits you, in a beautiful world filled with dwarfs, elves, mermaids and many other amazing creatures.
Colorful locations, numerous card combos, helpful companions, and many hours of journeying—all of this awaits you in Emerland Solitaire: Endless Journey.

Wisk away to a land filled with wonder and danger. As a new adventurer, you must learn about all the dangers that face you while traversing enchanted forests, majestic bluffs, and more!

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Detailed info

File size: 90M
Update time: August 23, 2021
Current version: 52
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Victor Nikulin
Price: Free
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Customer review

Suzanne Johnson

Good graphics and music however as the game progresses it appears that you have to purchase coins etc to progress. Currently as of9/20/22 improvements to the game are apparent. Requests to pay for additional boosts etc are minimalized and the game is more enjoyable.

Tina Krenz

Good so far

Susan Jordaan

One of the best games Iv played

Elizabeth Seitz

Great game. Very relaxing.

Dee Wagner

Good game to play and relax, but the game has away to not let you win. To get your stars you have to buy them back, you have to get one to three stars while playing the game, but it only gives you one card at atime (if you have a lot of hearts (watch ads for cards) it will make you use them for one card at atime!

Kelsey Lemen

When will the next level be ready I am addicted to this game and would love to move up

Tessie Teatree

Beautiful graphics; interesting play

June Price

This is one of the best solitaire game I've played try it

Brian Williams

Love it great game cant stop playing

Lynne King

Very enjoyable game.

Gina Baar

It was good for awhile

Diane Parks


Patricia Tyburczy-Bettis

Just starting out. I like the graphics and the colors. I like the fact there is no timer. What I can't figure out is how to use the wild cards...

Mary Rhodes

Very relaxing and enjoyable,however,prompted too frequently to make purchases. Maybe i will add a star after i get further into it tho cause it really is fun!

Torie Gailey

It's addicting

Eric Moomey

Really good game

Yvonne O'loughlin

I've just downloaded this and I'm enjoying the game alot. I do have a problem though. Could you please make the letters and numbers on the cards larger? I have problems with my eyesight. Other than that I'm enjoying the game immensely.

Sandra Pickering

Everything I wanted in a casual solitaire game. Beautiful grafics and soothing music. The game is challenging and fun. No pressure to purchase anything. I just started playing the game. So I may change my rating. I hope it doesn't end in uninstalling.

gary badtke


Janette Henson

Good game

suellen brimm

Yee haw!!!

Marlene Tuttle

Love this game

Riyad Abrahams

Enjoyable and challenging

Scott Hamline

Like this one very much

Pam Adams

Too many adds

Vivienne Scott

Best game for a long time

Tracy Baynham

Great game, ads are short and option for ads only if you want them. Nice to be able to go back and perfect levels

Joseph Soltesz

I'm having a great time playing this game

Estella Kincheloe

fun game

Lisa Ann Cizmar

Love the game. Having a hard time with the ship portion. I believe that is not working right.

Shannon Graham


Simon Tomlinson

Great game

Patricia Atkinson

Not bad game

Jill Noffsinger

Cards are too small

Henry Peterson

Having a good time

Serene Snow

Nice game easy to play 🌷🐇🐣🐑🕊️

sarah stovall

Very different game love it

Sheila Patterson

It is so cool and I injoy it is a challenge an I like it so I Love 💕

Dave Symington

Lots of fun

Donna Kaufman

Fun and relaxing

Ada “aj louise bowie” Bowie

First time playing. I'll rate later.

Anne Mcandlish

Very interesting and challenges you

Mary Dotoli


Tommy Fair

Good but the cards are very hard to see at times

Rosetta Murphy

It's a great and challenging game, keeps my mind busy

Brandon Wayne

Good card game

Robin Randall

Very interesting and fun way of playing Solitaire and I just love it!

Estella Kincheloe

Love it

Dorothy Rogers

I Love this game. Can stop play.

Dorothy Rogers

Love this game. would lik to play.

Ofe anoms



Great game

Sandy West

I love this game so beautiful. But the cards are so small that I make mistakes. Can you please make cards a little larger please

John Shreve

Game was good,now it's getting felited ,kick me out and lose a life so not right

Jamie Kulesa

Everything on the game is small. I didn't even try to play the game

Kim Openheimer

This game requires alot of ad watching to earn coins to play. The game was frozen at level 6. I had to drop the app. Sorry this happened. It was a cute game. I had 330 coins stock piled when the game locked up.🤔

Norman Hutchison

FANTASTIC game no ads best game I've played every.


itd be a great game if i could see it..

Deanna Macdougall

I like t!his game and the music but lay off the ads they can be VERY annoying!!!

Jami Kastle

Too small of cards. Uninstalled

tara c

Fun game with nice graphics. Love it that I'm not bombarded with ads. My only complaint is that the cards are small and a little hard to see. Otherwise I like it.

Denise Stone

the cards could be a bit bigger apart from that the game is good

Sheryl Cat

So far I like this game.


really like it so far

Jennifer Laroche

This is one of the FEW games with NO ADS! It makes me want to keep playing cuz im not interrupted 20million times! The game is very enjoyable... I really like it


nice..easy game play..relaxing

donald miller

fun with better graphics

Sheri Cogdill

I so enjoy this and love the graphics.

Ross Woodhill

It's Fantastic,and really Exciting Game.

Marjorie D Boyd

A bit challenging and addictive

Tina Dukes

Only just started to play the game but it's 😃

Joanne Church

Always loved this particular game. I just wish you had the full game.

Leah Vaughn

Should not be so difficult that by level 6 ur losing hearts

Angela Nanney

I really like this game I also playing my laptop

Christina Parker

I love the game so far

Harriet Benford


Colette Hagan

So far so good

Kat Spence

Very addictive

Deborah Thys

Delightful! Beautiful graphics and challenging!

Jeff Heisser


Addie B Rocker

I love playing all Solitaire card games, they are fun and enjoyable. Ms. A. B. Rocker

Cathy Rado

Been a life long solitaire player & this is one of two solitaire games I play everyday...fantastic, farout & fabulous!!! (灬º‿º灬)♡

Lynda Fulton

Great game

carol scruton

was ok until did update now when not in use taking away lives and not building them up again so making it difficult to play

Rita Wilkinson

Really enjoy this game

Annette Wade

Great game play! Love the graphics & audio! Only problem is not being able to sign into Facebook!! Why not?? Would like to play across devices!Thank you! 💕💯🤩

Margaret Griffith

Very OK in my book,like the graffics,also fingers are busy and mind is working on solving the game so I really like it!!!

Kymberly Traphagen


Mary Common

Great card game lovely soothing music as well

Susan Hayden

it's challanging the higher you get in level's What I want

Pam Breiling

been playing for years! so happy to find it again

Salome Engelbrecht

Very relaxable to play and have fun to play it

Earl Simmons

This game has shown me how the game is really played

Cathy Behr

This game is so much FUN. 🥰😍🤩🥰😍🤩🥳

Isabelle Budescu


Christine Mason

Easy n fun.

Alyce Tiani

very good

Richard L'Hommedieu

The card symbols are to small and hard to read

Carol Jorden


Joyce Crawford

I bought this game because I love it!!!