Trapper 3D

Author: Carlton Forrester

50,000+ install


Trapper 3D – Trap the balls to win!

Detailed info

File size: 101M
Update time: September 6, 2021
Current version: 1.22
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Carlton Forrester
Price: Free
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Customer review

Elijah Brown

pretty fun good ads and little puzzle

Agif Noventya

I got stuck in stage 31 cause ur coding fault. all hole have been covered, but the ball always come out cause there's glitch under the board. open ur 3D image and check it again. i have read the review bout the glitch but no response from dev. I don't care about the ads in the game, at least give your users satisfaction. the game aspect is good, it's just that you have to think about the problems that arise due to developing errors.


Ads to frequent makes game play unenjoyable pop up ads cover 30% of the screen so you cant play

A. Music

Too many ads


Might be a fun game if every level didn't start with an ad on the screen that interferes with the game followed by an ad at the end of every level.

Timothy Batarseh

Enjoyable, but way too many ads.

Sean Pearce

Way to many ads . Im deleting

Cassandra McTaggart

Programming still screws up and incorrectly makes player "lose" level.

ITriedTo MakeShortName

It isn't bad but it's too easy. Make something more challenging!

Elise Sorgen

Ok, the game is ok, but like, I do one of the levels correctly, but SOMEHOW the balls get out, fix it please.

Topi Uusi-Seppä

It's one of those games where you need to tap X like 5 times to close an ad...

Healer Medirby

Airplane mode blocked the ads so I could enjoy the game. But then I got to level 31 and I couldn't beat the level. It wasn't my fault, I put everything together correctly, but the balls kept launching themselves full force anywhere they wanted. Fun game till a bug took that fun away.

Jodi Johnson

The ads between each level is expected, but the ads covering a portion of every puzzle is inexcusable!!!! Uninstalled!

Angela Hollingsworth

I hate this game



هشام الدين

many iklan

A Google user

Best game ever!

jeff nelson

Way way way to many adds can't even play the game.

B. Maura Townsend

Disappointing, puzzles are inconsistent in performance and too easy to set up. Even when done correctly, sometimes you fail repeatedly. Overall, not challenging at all, just disappointing.

Avicenna TheConqueror

stupid ads

Eliz Kishan

Its rated for 12+ but No Violence

Among us Ali

The balls made the whole game way to glitchy and even when I had all of the turny things in the right place the balls would take to long to get to a waypoint and it would say "Too bad! You missed a waypoint" All because of the glitchiness. Ads would play every 2-3 minutes and overall a bad game.

Mya Staniforth

The game is awesome but there are adds after every level. It is easy to learn therefore fun but like I said its very hard not to get frustrated after every add

Bodie Edwards

Adds, forced 30sec adds. Do anything....Adds. advert on screen in the way during level. Nice advertising app developers. DISSAPOINTED AND UNINSTALLING

ashraf ali

this game was to good and have fun please play this game 😊

InhURaY 51

There isnt any puzzle you do. The answer is obvious. I think that lvl 31 is literally impossible because the balls glitch out because you release them at once and they push each other out

Chris Munck

Way too many ads. Do a 10 second level ad for 20 second.

Νίκος Βεζδρεβάνης

It's a great game! I'm trying to get to Level 100!

Rafizan Randzom

too man ads

Mercillina Richard

This game is awesome but the balls glitch through the wall when it lags, and sometimes it would say that I will have to restart the level once more balls escape. That is why I gave this game 4 stars.

TOLENTINO Dax Napoleon

Many ads and one suddenly made my phone lag

Robert Štifić

Previše reklama

Aythan Gavin


Maz.Kelobotz Klobot

I choose no thank but ads still appears.. LoL no good . This game have many liar button.

Brylan Thorne

The game bad me trust myself English bad live long Persia 💚💙💜👍🏿


To easy, to many ads and boring

Thu K

Level 31 is impossible, poor gameplay, and annoyingly excessive ads. Fix your game, most objects/parts are too small and will make you fail. Not to mention, the lag makes it worse. I don't know a way to fix this, and I ended up playing for 5-6 minutes before quitting.

Aj Jone

Leggy af and to many ads

Just A Random Person On the internet

It's an alright game, it's not good but it's not bad either. A few downsides are that the amount of ads you get is unbearable, and the levels in the game are super easy.

Ariel Hall



Nice 👍

Kevins Sy

the add is kinda cringe

Artavius Fish

This game gives to many ads

Kevin Lucas

Ball traps are perfect!

Marshmellow Gaming

this game is satifying

Chris Reise

Played for 3 levels. I was receiving ads that flashed on the screen DURING play time. When you finish a level, you have the option to claim higher rewards by stopping a dial at 1X, 2X, 5X, etc. but obviously by clicking that option, you are forced to watch an ad that last longer than the time it would take to play another TWO levels. PLUS half the time you DON'T click the dial, it goes to an ad anyway. App totally suck and it's a waste of time.

Liene Meistere

Can't play at a certain level because the balls won't not glitch out of the things

Owen Merrick

Ad's pointless even trying to play it

Carl Sinclair-Walker

Fun game, but pop-up ads blocking you view of the pieces you need to move is just wrong.

James Payne's Random Vids & Streams

So Fun!!

the big cheese

the ads make this look like an interesting puzzle game, but there are way too many ads and it is way too easy, each level is about 10 seconds long followed by a 20 second ad. this is way too easy and a complete waste of time. I do not recommend

Trent Pennerman

nice game! Very new!

Cat Origins

One of the most breathtaking games I've ever played, the graphic(s) is(are) so good(s) the story is compelling and heartbreaking the tragedy of the balls story is truly a nuanced and impactful message for the player and taught me a life lesson, compared to cash grabs like Xenoblade and persona 5 trapper 3D really takes story telling to the next level, 10/10(1 star)

formable coyote

you have to do what the game wants not on how you want to solve the puzzle

T om Dunbar

so far

Rubal Chaturvedi

yes Yes No yes

Jerry Goodwin

The puzzles are no challenge. And it's one puzzle, one ad, one puzzle, one ad. Since the ads take 30 seconds and the puzzles only 5 to 10 seconds, it's just not worth it. It could be fun, with harder puzzles and fewer ads, but as-is it isn't.

Abdul Rehman



It's a very basic game. But whoever came up with the stupid idea to place ADS RIGHT ON THE SCREEN so it (negatively) affects your gameplay needs to be fired.

Krystle de Koevend

Great concept, but poor execution and is sadly a very simpleminded game. It honestly doesn't really grab your attention and pull you in to make you WANT to play another level. It more or less just leaves you hoping that it get better if you continue playing!


Ads on bottom,ok. Ads between every 3 second round,anoying. Ads actually in the way of playing the game, just unacceptable.

Maria Rivera

Can't complete level 31 I can't trap the balls they keep clipping through the walls

Lucynne Ann Dello


Darrin Michalek

too many ads

Reza Aliakbar


Kevin Stigall

It's a good game but the game is too easy its like getting my dogs in a car-

Ernesto Zepeda

it is so osom

Malachi Woodley

Fun and not to many ads

Matthew Calcaterra

Click bait. Full of ads. Horrible game. Get rid of it.

ahmad sarhan

what is this?! i do correctly but it say i lose really stupid bug!

Josh Bybee

The game looked like some good puzzles in the ad, but as I have worked through past level 100 I haven't run into one difficult level yet, they are all too easy. Only one level that I have wanted to redo after I had finished it because I didn't get the gem in it, and there is no way to go back and choose to re-play a specific level once I had passed it. So, I chose to uninstall the game because it is a little too easy, not enough difficulty, the moving parts snap into positions, and other reasons


kinda boring

James German

ads over gameplay, asked to review after 3 levels, ads between every other level

A Google user

UNINSTALLED INSTANTLY! Greedy asses with insane amount of ads.

Addison Routt

Gameplay is okay, could be a neat game. The ads ruin it completely. As others have stated there are several types of ads and you end up watching more ads than actual playing the game. Also, the finger tracking is terrible. It's jittery and inconsistent in how it relays dragging distance. Most obvious and most frusting in the bucket catch portions.

Susan Semens

This game is fun, but the ads are frustrating. Each game takes about 10 seconds to play and then there's a 30 second ad.

Māris Novožilovs

Promising, but buggy.

Cassidy Rattray

It's fun but when you get to a curtain level you can't complete it because the balls are finding non existent holes to come out of, and the game is extremely glitchy

Kevin Hartman

This game is trash!! It has a lot of bugs that the game deloper haven't even tried. So don't download this game it's trash.

SylverWolf 8

Too many ads

maria chechak

nice time killer

Richard Fedie

don't ask for a rating

Melissa E

Constant pop up ads -- not just between levels, but on your game screen, blocking what you need to see. Played 30 levels in airplane mode to avoid them and not one of those levels was any sort of a challenge. Two stars because it is pretty, which they clearly worked hard on. Deleted.

Dave Dobson

Paid for no ads and still getting the ads after each level, don't pay for no ads.

Blober 8000

meh not really much to say just ur standard mobile game


Ads. And the game pretty much solves the levels for you

William Berarducci

Nothing but an Ad pushing app with a minor game included between countless ads, I quit after 3 minutes of play and uninstalled.

Emil Das

Excessive ads, there was a level where internet connection was needed even you did the right combination. Not even worth of 1 star. This one should be banned.


pen!s good

David Paz

24 ads in 10 levels! Only ad banner til "Rate Me" at level 3, then an ad between every level going forward with an ad mid-screen during the level, and an ad banner at the bottom of the screen.

Vanessa Göransson

I love it very much

Denzil Sander

It's fun and laughable all in one

Warrior YT

Awesome 😎

Tristan Muller

the game is satisfying and kind of frustrating sometimes but I highly recommend it

Reyden Ramirez

This game is fun and all but every single level there is an ad, no glitches so far its fun just hope they work on them ads.

peanut on a popsiclestick

bad variety boring afger 3 lrvels just dont get it ubsless ur 3

Moo Cow

Stupid game


love dis game (^^)(^^)

River Crimea

Interstitial ads after almost every level are bad enough, but when those are done, they then place large ads directly over the gameplay area, making it impossible to see what's going on. Uninstalled.

Joshua Weicht

Waaaay too many ads... Uninstalled and don't bother.