Trap Master: Merge Defense

Author: PlayHard.Lab

100,000+ install


Trap Master: Merge Defense – Thrilling merge defense game!

Detailed info

File size: 74M
Update time: September 3, 2021
Current version: 0.6.3
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: PlayHard.Lab
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jolly Ann C. Ruiz

This game is sooooo good we really need more traps

Rita Vrataski


Rowell Guerrero

This is a really fun game with an interesting concept. But the online pvp is just unfair for the offense. There is too little time for the offense to win. Like if you fail attacking once, the defense already has built up a solid defense against anything. So, please add something for the offense like abilities, more enemies and etc in the online pvp. Thank you.

Drake Patterson

I love how there is no ad only when you want to

Christopher Antonio

Just for me so good

John Joseph Manuel P. Sagaran

Coool merge games ever

Scott Roberts


Malini Nayak

This game is very good


It's so Fun and Easy

isaiah fraser


Fitri Hermana

Fun game

Jalisuddin siddiqui


Juliet Guillen

oops man gago k man

Jaivie Seballe

It good


Awesome game you deserve this 5 stars🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Tred Stone

Plzz do update of the game. ....i have passed all the levels


What irritated me most is that there are no mana generation in story mode in which there is no way you can progress further. Without gold (or unable to win a level) equal no upgrade and equal pay to win. Developers might want to look into this if want a 5 stars rating.

Joseph Kluytman

Trap master more like best game EVER master

No One

I hate when the card switch and you can't pick the card that you want. Pls make the maximum card in deck (4)

Sinbad [TM]

Not bad for a game just really not great against other players or bots and pls buff the laser cuz its kinda cool and the pike vines i rate this 4 just to make it up i still love the game :p and also pls make like an endless mode too it would mean a lot if you do it.. Again i love this game :p

Nhorwen Sumapig

Pls gems

satish konesagar

I love this

Rodrigo Rentutar

Wow the game is great the quality is so good

Osmar Morales

Wassupppppp me agen good Game bye

Alex Wood

Fun entertaining a good game nice concepts as well ☺️ nice to play

tungalag ganbat

cool design

Axel Taylor

Pretty good game I finally beat the level I was stuck on today :)

JPK Rocket

Da best

Francisco Rodrigues

O jogo é muito fixe,é facil e não tem bugs.Bom trabalho!!!!

Heer Balani

i love the game

Mike Smit

This game deserves so much more attention. Please stay focused on the development. Im pretty much done with the game and im waiting on an update for a reason to come back to it

Patrick Boulais

awsome this game is soooooooooooooooooooooooo good

kyle gabriel castillo

Ok cool 3

Xayvior Lahey

very fun and easy to catch on with, i find in nerve racking seeing my defense and upgrsding!

Ryan James Indangan

Kindly fix the bug wherein if there's a chest tower on the edge of the 2nd row, your mercenary with gem cannot jump over, it seems like there is no collision.

Damian Mocan

A fun Game.


I love the game

Arifa Akter



Best offline games ever no bugs

Paul Stone

You think you're the trap Master no I'm the trap Master

Michi Odi

This game is so nice to play and protect the trazer

Dargo the dragon dude

Nice game with good graphics. Has no ads with is a big plus.

max b

Amazing 🎮🎮🎮🎮

Paul Marklew

I've played this for 2 days and LOVE the game so for and it's my 1st favorite game!

Marzan Muktadir

One of the greatest game I've ever played. Really enjoying the multiplayer mode where you can play as attacker and defender.

Ryan Rosare

Let's go sago!!!

Jose Dofelmire

Is there going to be a update

Mamta Ji


Vayden Jack

Very fun to play! There was no forced ads and you can choose to watch one or not! And the gameplay was fun too like, you had to think from time to time again to know how you can defend your jewels! And it gives good stuff each day you log into the game, overall I love this game!! Its both strategic and fun!

Annie Scott

Best tower defense game This game is very fun

Ikadek Juliarta

Is epic game

জয়া দাশ

Does someone here think that this game is related to pvz?

Christian Jimenez

This is a very enjoyable game. The PVP is a lot of fun. Graphics are nice and is easy on my phone.

Esther Hong


Meme Facts101

A good game to waste time with

Anthony Lavin

This game is quite good. The PVE is great and the pvp is good. Defenders seem to have an advantage on the pvp side, besides that loving the game so far a week in.

Dhruv Vaishnav

This game is the one of the best game ever created and you don't have to spend money if u don't want. No ads until u want to watch ads for rewards which is good and rewards after watching a 30sec ad is pretty amazing. Gameplay- easy not so complex and not boring at all two mods available easy and hard once you clear easy mode you can excuse to the hard mode chapters and hard mode has a bit different than easy mode so feels like you're playing a completely different level And there's PvP also

unverified verified

Decent game. Buy the thing to get rid of ads and u get the rewards everytime u click on watch ads, without having to watch the ads. Its not cut throat, the devs arent greedy, i love the game.

Lucia Munioz

This is the best game I ever played every day I would excited to play it

FireFuzzball 673

Great game

Lucas Babineau

It a good game and lot of fun to

Zeneida Parente

This game is impossible zero-star


Only optional ads and a over all fun game! On the other had some bits are in Korean? Luckily I can read Korean but for others that can be annoying.

Alyssa Tham

It dumbest game ever

Branden Carroll

Unpolished yet, good game with a non stop barrage of prompts to watch ads.

Kemmy Oke

sick fighting good traps awsome animations

fitz san luis

I like this game


I decided to wait a few months after rating: its a pretty good game. Its tower defense in a tunnel with an element of urgency as your towers are destroyed (in later matches). My only downside to it is the pvp. With the "luck of the draw" type gameplay for the attackers, it looks like something that would be for friends to do (please add friends tho). Upon further thought though, choosing your own attackers would be too OP... Although you'll just have to play to see what I mean.



Rey Chong

Sorry but to My tab is laging

Colton T

This game was amazing but I just have a suggestion maybe a endless mode when you reach level 5 would make this game really good.

sukelijay Beth

This game is great

Phantom MangoOffical

I think this game is really good. Just there i a problem. People use time dialation to get the free daily rewards. Then just get every card in the game. Then that just isn't fun. Also you should try to update the game more often, like once a month. Add a new card each month, you know? Anyways i really love this game

Samantha Mills

I like how you get done for free

The multitasker

The gameplay is smooth and there are almost no ads(unless you ask for them.) All in all, a pretty good game.

Brian Gipanao

Noice :)

christopher burk

This game is the best right now im trying to get the guy that shoots homing bees I hope the developers see this thank you for making this game!


I Like the game

Willy Sandi

Like it. But sometimes it load slowly like when you start battle. Idk is it b'coz of my old phone or it is something need to be repair

Michelle Galang

The real deal a strategist would be pressured to play the hardest stage but i won't spoil the fun guys one of the best game so far Suggestion: could you add an ultimate trap with one time use that a epic card name for new card hellbound. Pls add in next update

꧁Itz Cookie playz꧂


Shiva Chauhan

Osm 😘

Ben Port

it was fun 😁

Dharaneendra Gaming


Jessica Khraii



I love it

madhavi siddi

Ossum game

Jc Suarez

Good game

Victor Chua

The game is nice.

Jhoven Abainza

please no more adds with facebook login.

Jiya Singh

Nice game

Kelly Hamer

game to hard

Gloria Virginia

not the best game ever but it's still good

gina hazel

Good game

Ops Opposite

Best game ever,

Jason Arranguez

I hate this game this game Sucks

Emily Corpuz

you sock :(

L Vandrell

I'm giving it 4 stars because it won't download, 4 stars because I played it on my phone but it won't work on here on my tablet

Andre Hefke

Good game

nagar -

Pretty good