Train Adventure

Author: Yso Corp

100K+ install


Train Adventure – Build an overpowered train ! Collect resources and defeat the zombies waves to reach the next checkpoint or city and upgrade your machine !
Some says that survivors are wandering outside…

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Sep 9, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Yso Corp
Price: Free
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Customer review

Nico Nel

This is a low quality Ad farm. Don't waste your time.

Ailuropoda No Rel

Ads infested!

High Elf

All the reviews about the ads are true, even the double ads after going for the 2×.


There is no ABSOLUTE leader board so why we need internet then that's why one star

Dathan Billiot

The game is ruined by ads and no ability to increase you weapon slots, otherwise it was a fun little time waster.

Edward Kowalski

To many ads nice game other wise

skylox 40

Worst game ever made people should try making games with no ads its way better

slime playz_YT

Great game, too much ads ? Just turn off the WiFi easy simple and good game 5 stars

Prince Runes

This game is good but the ads and the loading its always so annoying. The ads always show after you finished a one round...

Lucy Cooper

Why zombies this and zombies that can't some one make a damn game that doesn't have anything to do with flipping zombies gd give the flipping zombies a rest that's why I gave you one star review because Google play hasn't come to the conclusion that some apps don't deserve a star rating I'm so sick and tired of ever game that has to deal with killing zombies

Andrew Cairns

As the others... So many ads... And very short... You get the 2 carriages and that's it...

Jackie Tempest


Sadhana Saha

Good Game Yes.

Randal l Schonlau

I want to check the game out but there's to many ads so now I'm uninstalling


Spent more time watching ads than playing. No thank you.

Ahmed Aayan

I like it🙂


Very basic and intentionally unfair to shove ads in your face

Darsins Mantrins

Ads more ads and nothibg but ads.ruined all the fun.

Andy Widjaja

Garbage Game. Billions of push ads


Am i missing something? Because i have all 3 guns maxed out and cant upgrade the train to have more guns or upgrade the guns past level 3 or 4.

Eric Svatik

If it wasn't for the constant fire hose of advertisements being forced on my throat it would actually be a really good game I enjoy the concept the upgrades are a little slow but it's pretty easy concept to grasp but the constant fire hose of force advertisements down your throat are extremely annoying and there is no purchase to remove Force ads option at all. This developer does not want you to buy forced ad removals probably because that's the only way they know how to make money.

Cory Regnier

It keeps crashing after ads so I lose out on some of my rewards. Please fix asap


It's a good game. Nice work on making it. There is a slight problem though, it's the amount of adds I get. 1 after each level and I don't even want the x2 rewards and hit next but it gives me an add anyway.

Koos Hendriks

Is addictive but weapons limited to upgrade

grant walker

Too many ads and the game is fun except it's not that fun with a lot of ads NO ads

ninja red

It is just ads on top of ads, you get ads every level + ads every few upgrades and even optional ads on top of that 0/10 please have less ads in the future

Maroš Džoganík

Instant popup add. Uninstalling.

chem wei soh

too much ads.

Nataniel Jus

This.This is GOOD

Elma Jerusalem

i just saw the ads i already know this is gonna baea good game

Danny Richards

5 stars. Make alot more plz. New upgrades too.

Tun Tun Kyaw

Good man

Ej Miles Bajenting

Idk what to put so I think I like idle game like this and anything else my god bless you

Urich Williams

Just never ever worth the time.

phill nufcsuperfan

All I got to say is ads

Demonetize Bot

It's a fun game but it's one of those that requires wifi just so they can give you ads

oliver wilson

Definetly not a game for begginners its so hard and boring at the same time.

Elyn Santoyo

I cant merge

James Wildman

It is an interesting game but there's no way to upgrade the train so there is no way to merge any further which is a huge letdown

Jim Soldwisch (SGT CHAOS)

Decent time killer if it weren't for so many ads. Ad if you want to double earnings then forced ad to end the round then forced ad to start the round. I understand you gotta make some money but atleast tone down the amount of ads! There's better games out there with fewer ads.



Lyle Hunter

Forced ads after every level, even when you watch the ad for x2 is really annoying. 2 train car max is beyond annoying, cause that seriously limits the gun capability and forward progress. And losing the golden gun if you reset the game sucks big time.

Stuart Gilbert

Simple game ruined by the amount of ads in game. One after each level, TWO if you opt to double your end of level reward. Furthermore, you start with two carriages (6 slots for weapons) and you never gain more, which means you quickly hit your cap on how you can equip your train.

Matt Shronce

You watch more videos than play the game and I'm not paying to remove them because I rather spend my money on better things like real life

Celestino Ladica

I love this game!

Trace Pratt

I honestly think this game is soooooooooper good

Cameron Breaux

I can' even get it

Dustin Chamberlain

I think there should be away to add more train cars

Dawson Eaton

Honestly I need different weapons like a rocket and a human turret and a human spawner but other than that it's good game that AMBUSHES YOU WITH ADS

Gaige Smith9

No false advertising, thats a good start but it gets boring after a minute. Needs upgrades more carts customization and maybe a base to build, if it had more then shooting it would be more fun

Anonymous Sender942

Can't even get the game