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If you are looking to escape from a traffic jam, what could be better than playing a traffic
management simulation game? (not if you’re the driver of course: don’t play this game if
you’re driving, actually!!!). Traffic can create stressful situations, but with Traffix 3D, the effect is the exact opposite: you will feel pleasure simply by tapping and holding your finger on the screen and letting the cars pass through the traffic lights.

Traffix 3D is actually a game derived from a Premium title powered by Infinity Games: Traffix, but it provides new mechanics, 3D graphics, 100+ cities, dozens of new vehicles and a newly developed atmosphere inspired by the minimalism from the premium version.
Unlike the Premium Version, Traffix 3D is 100% free!

The goal of Traffix 3D is the same as the Premium Traffix game: Avoid accidents, but at all costs.

If you let a single car crash, then you will need to restart the level. You pass the level after
safely delivered to their destination a specific number of cars. In other words, you must keep both cars and pedestrians happy.

Lastly, you should build your car collection! There are 3 ways to unlock cars:

1. By getting in-app currency: You can win coins by passing the levels successfully. These
coins allow you to unlock rare cars.

2. By finding keys during the gameplay and unlocking classic cars from their garages

3. By mysterious ways that will unlock you some Crazy Cars!

You will be traveling between different cities from New York, Roma, Berlin, Palermo or Seoul.

More cities will be added: Feel free to drop us an e-mail if you want your city to be featured in the game.

A word of advice for Traffix 3D: Patience is key!

Detailed info

File size: 56M
Update time: September 20, 2020
Current version: 5.2
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Price: Free
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Customer review

Timo F.

Great and addictive game :-)

Erfan Namira

Video ad not loaded?

Doctor mAsk


A Google user

Love the game!!! Just the ads though but very nice game!

leojairo Morales


Kristina Underwood

Not worth it. I played the original via play pass. This new one, the levels aren't anywhere near as difficult. Just a simple button press. And ads everywhere. When you start, when you fail, when you complete a level. It's not even worth the £3 they're asking to remove the ads. Don't waste your time or money. Get the original, so much better!

Andrey Fomchenko

Ads. Upd. Better now? :)


Good game

Roy ezekiel De Guzman

Hey,Listen up. I will give this worthless game is 5 stars,don't mind it.I saw it and you said that you motivated your team developer to update the game when I was given 5 stars. so I'll give you 5 stars even if it's my first time playing a useless game. It's a shame because the graphics are beautiful and the core gameplay mechanic is engaging,but there's very little actual fun to be had here. I just tagged @Graham Home. I have a favour can you add in traffix 3d a Manila,Philippines.Thatsfor it

odessa nalls

Untitled should

annette lumboy



one of my best games to play


Your games never disappoint me! Great job 🙂

Se Chhunsakcam [IRK]

I like the traffic but where the plane without elevator wing thingy at the back can you make it

Tyjiania McClendon

It's actually really relaxing and fun. I'm enjoying this game.

James Kariuki



Wow.. this is really bad. Levels are not challenging at all. Compared to the original game this is just dumbed down.


I like this . nice

Amber S

I'm on level 100-something at this point and still enjoy the game. It's basically the same levels over and over but they're engaging enough. I don't really know what the coins are for and could do without them. It's sometimes way too easy, especially compared to the original Traffix.

Bhagwan Das Chawla

No 1/i ljme it

Ashary Mognie

Cool game

Grxy Cxmxtxries

(In my opinion) This game is casual yet such an experience. It's very calm and very calming with is soft colored high def yet semi-arcade style graphics. Smooth game play, no lag at all and more positive stuff...

Ndjd Jddh

Nine. bro......

Jack Stringer

It's all the problems with the original Traffix but worse, for it is a game that uses one-touch controls for no reason and is littered with ads. Get the original if you really want to, this isn't a good demo of it.

Vinay Krishna

Too many advertisements and hangs the game

Brandon Shaffer

Ad intrusiveness is off the charts. I wanted to like it and maybe buy the full version, but I couldn't play it long enough to find out.


I like your game very much and waiting another addictive games you create.

Llama Corn

It's an amazing and addicting game. The amount of ads is ok but the one thing I wish it had was level picking so you can do previous ones and had an unlimited game mode because some levels were fun to play Other then that, it's amazing

Ryan R

I love it so much

Kelley Doutre

I like this game well enough. Levels become repetitive after a while, it seems they recycled them. And I did not find it as challenging as the original.

ma to

The biggest disappointment for me is that the game has no Google Play Games achievements. I'm unwilling to invest my time and play it without achievements (thus getting no rewards). Pity. Please fix it, if you can, thanks!

Sai Charan

It is very nice game about the traffic and gives you so much patience

Delvydo Melvernaldo

The game itself is relaxing but the ads made it infuriating instead.

Mr S

More ads than game

Gregory Savage

Horrible remake of traffix. I would gladly pay if I didn't have to deal with ads

Mr Rens


Afsor Chowdhury

Awesome game but akhono khrlsi na

Dev Dev

Awesome game.. very addictive..

Nate Harr

They ruined a beautiful game with ads and simplicity. You won't need much intelligence to beat any of the levels. EDIT: Progress reset and now I'm level 1 with no coins or cars. What a garbage company.

Bhanu Prakash

Good but ads are lot morethan expected

Arashk Borzoo

Simple great game

Mubarak Jamal

we need your help



Bridger Woodbury

I started at 5 stars and each time it asked me to rate it after i had already rated it i removed a star

austin chima

So far so good.

Alexondra Franks

This game is an add every few seconds. Dumb. I am uninstalling.

Donalisa Laurencin

Why is the first level so freaking hard Roblox is better

Umais Mairaj

This game is so cool my favorite


The ads are intrusive and loud, completely breaking the game's relaxing tone

Suji Nithish


Sivabalan L


Abhai P


Ahamed Arshad

Simply amazing

Sarawat Munim

I love this game because is 3D and puzzle and please update that game ok

Vanduvakulam Prabhakaran

Really Good game for playing in free time.

Jonathan Baddoo

This is how to teach you how to play it was your first time playing you have to control the traffic

ali sedaghat

کمتر بازی پیدا میشه که اینطوری سرگرم کنده باشه. ممنون از سازندش

Mikaelo Campbell

It's good

Tessa Motivation


Jeroen Joosten

Unfortunately nothing like the original, this was overly simple. Reached level 100 and the game somehow reset itself, losing all progress. Ad heavy.

Vishal Kurdekar

This is really tricky game

Ashish Gupta

Good game

Aparna Karmakar

This game is the best game in my life

Dan R

This is the 'kids version' of the original Traffix... no difficulty at all - Original Traffix concept is way better

Malachi Mezrahi

Vauge instructions. The option to continue playing from your last point in the game requires viewing long boring ads. Because developers don't see us as players but rather consumers and a source of money. All games are designed to make money and everyone is is the source of that money.


Not at all challenging.

микрочип егет

Awsome game! Like the graphics. It helps me concentrate on important things. Thanks!

Kuharan Bhowmik

It is lagging and crashing so much. Is it not teated before deploying?

Luis Santi

Fun. But having to watch ads between every single stage is awful!

Debraj Das

Much better than the original Traffix. Degree of difficulty increases in a sensible fashion, unlike Traffix. The only thing I was a bit disappointed with is the lack of full screen support.

Pratyushranjan Majhi

It has bug game is lagging in between

Subina's Craft

Very nice game.Also improve concentration. Easy to play.

mike willimas


Abirata Bhattacharjee


Shahbaz Shahbaz

Very nice application

Chirojit Sarkar

Shittiest Game.. Full of ads in every second.. Previous Traffix game was brilliant..

Jake Bonnington

this game is so bad compared to the original traffix i can hardly believe it's by the same devs...... i would highly recommend paying for the original traffix over this game

Max Garton

Too many ads

Himanshu Sojitra

Easy game, good for kids.

Aditya Tambe

could have geiven 5 stars but Levels are too easy..

Hans Meier

Pretty stupid. And waaaay toooo many ads. 🥱

Ray Emert

Caution.... has so many ads that wont go away i may be malware....


Stúpd af


Good game

Omar Omar

The app keeps crashing and it won't stop p please fix this.

Indirajith Jithu

Paid taffix is better than this

Tyran Gaming

It's not like what people saying , i don't need to watch ads to get multiple rewards, playing traffic games need patiente and also this is really fun , totally enjoy it.. but my advice is can you remake the background a bit , like change to green such as bushes (grass)

E. DeWitt

Nice game. WAY TOO MANY ADS.

Pranjal Bhardwaj

Too many ads. Just for a 15 sec level I have to watch 30 sec of ad. Ads ads ads everywhere.

Prime Plus


Faizal Sany

Fun, fun, fun

Amir Bahadori

Lot of Ads spoils the fun of game

WDImesh Chamika


kasumbi music

just best time killing game.

Ambicasohail66 S

I like traffic 3D than other games 🤩

David Beach

Too many adverts. Adverts after doing everything!!! Advert... Advert... Advert.... Too mnayt adverts...

Turtle irish

Fabulous game


I love traffic games like omg!!!!! This is the best game ever i wont stop playing this and i will never ever unstall it!!! Thank u developers thank u get dis game rn plz anyways who ever created this game ima give them 10000000000000000000000000$ i promise

Addya Chauhan

Good Game

Christopher Oliver

Good game in general but missing many features. Would be better with an additional "endless" mode and with level select