Traffic Jam Cars Puzzle

Author: Gametamin PTE. LTD

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Traffic Jam Cars Puzzle – Amazing & Addictive Traffic Jam Cars Puzzle Match 3, Parking Car, Traffic Puzzle

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File size: 65M
Update time: September 12, 2021
Current version: 1.4.79
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Gametamin PTE. LTD
Price: Free
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Customer review

Nicole Caissie

awsome game

Games Tycoon

Unique match 3 game i have played so far, great graphics. One thing i like to have is saving a car we get from garage as an bonus car, instead of having that in queue immediately, and use it when needed anytime till end of level. Some times when i match cars near cone, i see animation played but cone not cleared till i match again, if that is a expected behavior, then i love to see the count of how many matches i needed to clear a cone in game. Thanks for a great game.

Robin Moment

This is fun to play, you have to buy bonus, to continue the game.

Trevor Caulfield

Good addictive game that keeps your brain awake rather than other games that just makes you keep playing and not testing your brain. Well done 👏 I have trouble with my memory as disabled and laid up most of the time and this game keeps my head tested and active 👍 🙄

Reginald Redmond

No comment but so far ok

Penny Alford

Thank you for the up date works great now rewards everything is working not sure what happened but thank you so much love the game 5 stars

kay nelson

Fun stragegical game

Darryl Roberts

Would of gave it 5 but needs more graphics

Linda Trail

Awesome, thanks

Debbie Crosta

Awesome game

LaQuita West


john dotts

Love this game!!!

Lisa Ramos

I like it 🙂

Sharon Taylor

Game is fun and addictive

Kat West

Im really enjoying the harder areas now. Very relaxing but thought provoking.


Good g

Steve Branda

Great game and fun

Ruby Eakins

Really good game.

Karen McNeely

Love it

Olivia Moxley


Michelle Barrett

This would be a 5 star game if you could pass every level. I've looked through walk-throughs on YouTube just to see how others pass a level. You must luck out and get the magic combination of car colours in the right order to be able to pass some levels. I've spent money on this game and I don't mind spending money. Great games and developers should be supported, but when game play is unfair and it's impossible to win because they want you to spend even more money? Disgusting.

Alaine Foster

Much better game than the other traffic game. This one, yes, it is easier but, it offers so much more than the other one. Thank you

Janet Dear

Omg another addictive game love it 👍💖😁

Janice Flynn

It WAS a great game until I reached level 131 and discovered that it's impossible to pass this level without paying for boosters. So disappointed!

Becky Otto

Second time now I got in the level 40's and when I go back to the game it starts me at level 1. I synced the game to save my progress but it did no good. Very disappointed it's a fun game but I will not start over again. 6/8, Am liking the game and satisfied you put me back to the level I was at. I accidently lost my progress again and am back to level 1. Could you fix this again please??

Stilo Jones

very good game it's very addictive

New York Night

Good so far.

Randy Dickeson


S Thompson

Game works well, ads are not excessive

patsy wickson

I enjoy playing the game but then I came upon a level to grow grass and it keep given me the same color car and it grass can not grew to won the level I will not pay to get the same level after trying for 4 day with the same color car at the start of the game.

Stacey Evans

I love this game, but it keeps crashing or tells me that I am not connected to the internet when I am.

Amber Ashburn

Having so much fun

Felicia York


Cheryl Sadler

Very addictive. Want more like it

Lonetta Walls


J Kolt

Fun and challenging

Ju Giles

Enjoying it so far but I've just started the game

Leigha Smith

I like the game because there are no ads. The graphics are nice. I am giving the game one star, I feel like the developers have made the game hard inorder to get players to spend money to compete the lv you are working on. This makes it frustrating for some players.

Linda King

Loving it

Lillian Piedra

Beat game ever!!!


Only game I have stuck with over 2 weeks in a long time 👍 All of the games advertised I have played maybe 10 mins then deleted but this is one of the best Puzzling and Challenging games I have played in a long time FIVE WELL DESERVED STARS 😉

madline elia

I like it so much..thanks

Joshua Murcray

Very fun game I enjoy playing

Beverly Russell

Cute but at the same time it!!!

Mark Henley

I like it because it's a "good" different. Try it! Its the best of the parking strategy

shehab yasser

Best game ever

Pam Almon

Live this app. It is fun.

Robert Cheadle

This game is addictive and fun

Cynthia Flint

This is addictive and more fun than the others 2 I tried

Jackie James

Great game

Lucy Mendez

You surprised me I thought I was had. But it's really cool. Awesome game 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍

Pj Pritch

I really enjoy this game,I play for hours before I realized it's been hours lol, need more games like this!

Tammy Clayton

It's alot of fun but the prices for what you get are to high

Gloria Amspacher

Game keeps freezing. Started with ads now freezes in the middle of play time. Cleared cache and that did not help. Very disappointed.

Valarie Robinson

I like.

irene cameron

Alot of fun!!!!!

Diana Wilkins

Love the puzzles

Susana Mendez

I love 💕 this game so addictive

Suzanne King

This is a great game! I love it! Before you know it a long time has went by.

Sandra Christensen

Love it! Fun! I can't stop playing it!!

Michael Croom

Good time killer game

Cody Spell

Fun game. Pretty sure any degree of intellect would appreciate the challenge this game presents.

Jamie O

Love this game!

Sophia Daniels

Love the game can't put it down

Robert Talford

Fun game

Cynthia Gooden

Fun game to play

Dana Dabney

Good so far

Barbara Thornton

this game is really addictive and challenging love it

Eve M

This is a fun game, like match 3 combined with parking puzzles because the cars move whatever direction they are facing when you clear in front of them. Like all match 3 games, they eventually add so many obstacles/challenges it becomes not worth it unless you buy extras to use.

Deborah Beckett

It runs out of life after 5 tries, if you dont win them all. Gets very frustrating when you have to wait 10 minutes to get more life. I'm having trouble with level 10 so I only get 5 tries at a time. Even though I really like the game, If I dont win soon I'm going to uninstall.

Theresa Dunbar

I like this game

Jue Baumber

Challenging great game

Fadi Zaarouri

I really enjoy the game but the ads are crashing the app drastically!!! Uninstalling

Melissa Burdine

I like this game more than the other traffic jam. I don't have money right now to buy boosters, but if I play the level long enough and watch a lot of ads, I can eventually win. The one thing that bugs me though is the sad and disappointing faces on the cartoons when I lose a level, the broken heart and the tears. NOT NECESSARY. Instead, it would be great to have them be incouraging and positive about being able to win. This world is stressful enough right now. Ok?👍

Tamara Garcia

I had a great time playing this game. It's alot of fun. So colorful and bright. Gotta be fast to put the next car in place.

Aut Russell

Fun and very rewarding

Debra Jensen

This is an alternative to the other traffic game... I am hooked!

Christina Jacob

Really fun and exciting

Aaron King

So far so good


Its started off good you could play the race game as many times as you wanted now it only lets you play 5 times til your purple tickets run out like previous people have said yes the coins r very hard to get game could be better

Sherry Rondi


Jill Waite

When you have 4 guys left and need one color to win board and every color but the one you need comes up...happens a lot..happens way to much....

Martin Long

Not really a parking game more a match 3 meets a parking game...different but not what I was expecting or looking for. Forced ads but not as overdone as some games. Sweet little game otherwise


Great game!!! I'm already up to level 350!

Purplerose Quilts

Find amusing lost for hours

Michael Krotz

Didnt even funish the first level!! Way too many button pushes required for nothing. Waste of time

Andrew Cooper

I just wanted to let the developers know the scam artists that's just the money still game they made you watch ads all the time they force you to watch ads so it make your money on that plus you have to buy thinking if you wanted to pass certain boards which ain't right either we watch as we get things the best of words or we buy things but you don't get to have both are you bored you to Google and I've uploaded a proof you guys are scam artists greedy grubby scam artist

Ann Herr

Fun, cute game that also incorporates your strategy skills.

Diane Ludwig

Great Fun!

Tammy Houchens

Fun game

Aida Graham

Great 👍

annji matt

OK so far

Eletta Kittrell

Crazy but fun

Renee Rowe

Its fun!

Winged Axolotl Productions

This is a very good game.

TC porter

Challenging and fun!

Robyn Gates

I freaking LOVE this game!!!

Deb Howard

Some levels are real hard to figure out, But its fun

Karen Head

It's a lot of fun and keeps my eyes sharp!

Tia Chapman

Great game. Helps pass time