TOYS: Crash Arena


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TOYS: Crash Arena

Easy and intuitive gameplay for everyone
Build cars brick by brick
Be a chief engineer: design, construct and improve the ultimate battle car!
Discover crazy weapons, gadgets and spare parts and try to outsmart your opponent!
Fight against real player’s constructions until you reach the top of the battle rating!

Build your own battle car and unleash its power in this stylish TOYS game!

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Sep 14, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Price: Free
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Customer review

Rick Astley

THIS GAME IS A RIPOFF!!😡😡😡😡😡😡 THIS GAME NEEDS TO BE DELETED😡😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡!!!!! THIS GAME STOLE A GAME🤬😡🤬😡😡🤬😡😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬🤬😡🙁😡!$!*!#(*;)$+2($+#8#(*

athar husain

This is very very good game

Ekam Singh Bijra

Very good distroa

Jasna Razak

good game

Kiet Lam

Ads are lame

Milita Dutta


Malebogo Netha

this game is nice .I call it builders.It has cool things and machine 's

ajeet pathak

if you can I is good game 🎮 👏

Tanmay Ray


Mohammad Kamaal


Zainab Lakdawala

This game has too much ads which should be reduced

Luciano Emsley

It's good.

Lord Cron

Game is good but the adds are too much I can't do anything with a add in my face

Chester Manfred

Literally a bad CATS from Zeptolab copy. Why would you ever play this? Go use your time on something useful. You must be dumb to choose something higher than one star.

Gabriel R

This game is so much fun The Stuff you can get is so awesome and the game has so many of crazy Stuff

Leo O`Callaghan

This is literally a Lego reskin of CATS. At least give some credit to the original creators!

Marcel Marcel

This is The best Game I've ever played Keep up the good work!

Zo Buenaflor

it's just like brick rigs derby cars and the saw tho

Bino son

a 5 star game no doubt BUT there's no app on this planet that is worse with ads if u win? U have to watch an ad to get the reward or ur beat then u have to watch an ad to open that reward.. if you sit idle on any page you will get an ad every 5 seconds making it impossible to build you "toy" to fight and if u get one of those ads where u have to hit X 5 times by the time u get back to the build screen you have to watch another forced ad fix this with even 1 ad a round ONLY and I'll 5 star it

Isaac Breda

Love it would have to be the most important that is a good chance that the most part is not a good day to you too: )

Muhammad Hassan

Please 🥺 play store time my Play store is stop installation not and prass The installation not stop Play store is stop help please 😭😭

Handy R


chee keat lai

even editing car need to watch add, ad removal cost $5?!

Hain Hain Win

This game is very fun!

Tiro Stanley Kelaletswe

the game is about lego and it is fun download it now

Bay Max

I wish I could have given this 100000 stars the game should be #1 in all


I mean it's good 👍

Purnima Devi

This is very op game I love it

Gin Zheng

Play this offline for best result. It is otherwise an adfest

Sreyka Phone



The game itself is fun and challenging but the ads are obnoxious the ads start every minute regardless what your doing so it almost becomes unplayable. If it wasn't for the ads I would probably give it 4 stars

Robo rainbow

Bro u may copy cats and get a copy right strike for copying lego

Melissa Viton

I wouldn't honestly play this game but you're lucky I like this game yes it has ads and all that stuff but you're lucky I give you five stars because I love graphics you can build different machines to companion you in the battle many ways I love this game in many many ways that I can't even explain so enjoy this five-star review

As a Fan TV

lego game i love legos

Umar Farque

is cool

Angel Huff

I love it ❤️

Jordan Zeng

Bought the no ads pack... Its still giving me ads

Sebas Oziel

wow it's so awesome game to attack playrs you

Dang Damit

good game

Dylan Mahavanh

Cheap copy of the hit game C.A.T.S. Filled with ads and very boring.

Jordan seaver

Ads everywhere. It's a complete rip of of older game

Kenny He

a Empire is the first place that has a

Thomas Wilcox

Would be fun if ads didn't happen after EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU TOUCH THE SCREEN. total waste of space on your device.

hani ahari


Daniel Morrow

It's a great game



VIctor Garcia


Herminia Roqel

I bought no ads I STILL GOT ADS

Tristan Groves

Would be good but no ads


ADs after every button click

Omed Hussain


Azima Azima

lgo 😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🤴🏻🤴🏻🤴🏻🤴🏻

Shahril Ridzuan

Yes geme ex so mad!

Hargrea Marsh

Ad Watching Simulator

Jhonluke Kiwalan

:) cool

Cyril Adam Addun


Xi'an Gabriel Panganiban

Some glitches occur, but the game itself is fun! but, the game kind of duplicates my own machines and my tricks are not working now because of the duped machines. still good tho. keep the good work!