Toy Merge: Bloons TD Bot

Author: Double Times

10,000+ install


Toy Merge: Bloons TD Bot – Defense your bloons warpath against AFK enemy army takeover in mighty BTD war

Detailed info

File size: 67M
Update time: October 30, 2021
Current version: 1.2.1
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Double Times
Price: Free
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Customer review

Hannah East


Jielo Ongko

You can load more slot and new character

Marco Antonio Mejia

Very entertainment this game

Danny Griffith

Just started so who knows 😏

Cole Carter


ivan castro

It's very good the waves are just right and the characters has very good details 24 is my favorite so far

Marilyn Bullion

The game is great

Andy Hend

Good game, but wouldn't register 100% of my finger touches, especially later in the game.

Zach Daniel Mipa

The game is so cool! But there's still one thing I could only reach level 60 idk why

Jay Dougan

Every time, without fail, I'd say no thank you to an ad and then get one anyway. why ask if I'll be forced to watch an ad anyway and get nothing out of it?

Sam Meagher

The best game ever

josefina cardenas

I love the game but can you please add more soldiers and maps and more enemies and then i might give five stars

Jessie Taylor


Neo Ekto

Pretty good

Pam Adams

I like this game

Shalle Domingo

its very fun but cN you update it😕bc i reached last max level and i run out of space for my army also i only finish my game in 1 day this got so addicting pls add more army

Nichole Robinson


Leon Washington

It's a cool game

Tholits Buco

Fun game

Ranleathoss Contillo

I can't install this game but it's good I played it on my brother's phone 😍😍😍

Muhammad Afdhal Zihnie Mujahidien

I rate it 4 because of of gameplay and the ad is little annoying



Ivan John Natividad


Gary Fox

Seems like it would be a decent game without some of the add interruptions.

John Joseph Manuel P. Sagaran

Cool defense tank and soldier

Robert Masse

Happy 😊

The Rock

I won the game no more soldiers to merge pls add more it will be cool if you can add more slots i finished this game in under 1 day and i think they could add like a black star next after a new unit above the green & golden star

Jayelias Ramirez


Waliur Rehman


cory neary


Luong Tran

Addiction to this game is insane

Elizjah Thomas

It's Ok.

Corbin Kelnhofer

You'll spend more time watching forced Ad's than actually playing this game.

Joeseph M Gooch

Great game but not enough levels

Donna Speck

It's the best game in the world please show me things to do and I'm already so many unlocked units

Abdulrahman Ajao

Sonic this

Kerry Byrne

Cool and fun

Flordeliza Dela Cruz


Caroline N

I reach max level in this 🎮. Please update this game.

Mateo Juan

Hat bugs kill bug yay

p chin

This game super fun it like army man war

Jailex Ezekiel Vergara

2 problems and one problem solved: one the game is very short two ads every stage but its solved now just take of wifi to get the ads off :)

Ian Ortiz

Bro it sucks!!!! 🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡

Mukesh kumar

Please add more characters


Ads EVERY SECOND worst game ever

Nicaulae Ormillo


annaoj agustin

Omg i like it this game and im lvl 10 now

Kakashi Hatake

I get adds so frequently and it is annoying, I am just trying to play the game, please do something about this.

Randy Thedford

Ads with cussing in it form AppLovin? This is awful. Remove that provider


This game is GOOD

Alqhaber Muharram

I i i love this game i will game forever you are good game

Hazen Lewis

That you can create and mix people together.



Karol Monger

It's... Good but on the last level it's stopped giving more waves.

Aman Yadav


Erica Lagunas

The game is good because you can upgrade your characters strong her in each wave gets harder and harder

Carter Nigel Ly

How do we beat 3_8

Paul Fritz

Sweet game

Kristy Mayormita

Cool Game 👍

Hortencia Ramirez

Good game. It's so fun of a game.

Peter Coyne

I like it and I got the max Tower but it needs more tower upgrades can you please add more

Matthew Agustin


Xue Vang

Mine was the first time that you are a little bit

Trevor Pence

Good 👍

Quinton Sabin

Fat mech

Ken Rackham

Good game but I cannot beat stage 3 2 second boss

Fragile Man

V E R Y V E R Y G O O D. N E V E R P L A Y E D. S T I L L

Russell Reynolds

So fun I like it so much It's cool

Nick Haughn

Its good but at the end when you can't merge anymore you can't beat the last level

Randall Allen


brandie Narrin

I like Pokemon cards

Andrew Theim

I love this game

Gannon Spiller


J Jellybeans

Roblox and the kids I love 😍 a bit more and more I have to be a good friend to help you with my life.

Dahir Mohamed

1 star boring download

sami geb


Arnold Dela Vega

Too much ads per fight I have too look at the stupidest ads ever made.

Sushant Gaonkar


Mejia Lets Play!

Poop and is so drunk


Every time you get defeted and click no thanks it give you an ad so you just have to wach so you get mony

Elsa Chia

It's fun also my brother enjoys the game And the towers are awsome great work 😄

dingxin hugo

the game its so cool

Albert County

Riddled with adds ever God dam lever then there's tower lvl cap an can't buy higher level in shop not worth it

kaungmyatthu kaung

I like game


Got random ads

king sugars

The game is fun

Sinbad [TM]

Cool game but the problem is that there is no more guys you have to merge do please developers add more guys to merge with and will be more fun

Genelyn Carvajal


Adam Sherif

The music is good can you ubgred the game please

David Melnyk

i think they can do better

Sam Olieff


Vinny Gayner

Wish it was longer but was really fun, simple,and easy to calm me down for the time being.

Yosean Leandro

chapter 3 level 9 is impossible

Rhyna Lagsa

Nice game but too many ads

Md Nurodin

That Game is so fun I love Merge Toy TD I spend time in Merge Toy TD

Athan calix Africa

im stuck with gunss


When l upgrade the soldiers it doesn't get more damage

Jessen Sierra

Like I'm one shooting everybody because I have powerful tow and this game is really fun

Phenix Black


david bott

Love it