Toy Block Boom – Classic & Crush & Blast

Author: Match Fever Games

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Toy Block Boom – Classic & Crush & Blast – Blast Toys Cubes & Solve Matching Puzzles. Play to Unlock Thousands of Levels!

Detailed info

File size: 53M
Update time: August 13, 2021
Current version: 2.7.0
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Match Fever Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Karen Hart

Way way too many ads.


very good game

Cynthia Jewell

Love this game

Amanna Moni


Diane Griffin

Fun but most already know how to play.

Belinda Messenger

Another one play it before good game one of my favourites love the game

Linda Mcklin

Love game

Malcolm Demerchant

I just started so the 5 star's could change ❓❓❓❓

Kathryn Smith

Toy Block Boom is the best.... Keep the fun coming....

Marie Nichol


Rebeca Rolon

Love it😁

Scott Lippincott

Too many stops, repeated ove over agaim,

Roger Gillis

Enjoying the game. Music is nice the color is really good. The game is fun and challenging at different time's. I would recommend it.

Juan Scott

Great game

George Jeffries

Fun game

Robert Smith

Love it

Travaris Smith

I really enjoy this game!!!!!

Steve Wayne

Very good but the amount of adverts was disgusting till i used my google points to get rid of them

stephen martin


Fran Hunter

Not bad..relaxing

Deborah Wygand

Lots of fun

Damon Carter


Frankie Porter

Love it 👍

Yvonne S. Cassidy

Having an absolute blast. Thanks for the great fun! Superb!!!

David Bartley


Gamat Fredericks

Very good game Yes

helen unick

It's good no ads

Cathy Smith

I just started this game 🎮 on my tablet . So far it's great. I have to give it four stars . If it continues to be this way ... I will change it to 5 .

David Blackburn

Brilliant game

Ricardo Gonzalez

Great game

Katherine Cook

This game is brilliant and good and fun.

Neeta Clarke

Fun so far

Nessa My name is Anesah your videos are

Robert murphy marrx tize momma big momma big rob robert murphy robert deon glean murphy big rob robert a

Suzie Wren

Fun but challenging at times

Ava Mahler

This is a really good game, ads are not to long,great graphics,the boosters are fantastic

Ida Thompson

Like the game. Has a lot of bonus plays

Florina Chereji

Funny game !

Dona Tella

Too easy

quratulain nisarr


Esther Hammer

I Like It

Lois Alex

I just like it

Mary Kay Higgins

A bit simplistic so far, but perhaps it will get more challenging as I go on. Graphics are appealing.

Doug VanderLeest

Cool game

Janet Albrecht

Fun game. Alot of options to get power ups. The only thing is the ads increased as you go along and some take 4 times to back out.

Renee Hinson

WONDERFUL, simply wonderful. ❤ every single level that I have played so far. Every jewel is different from any other game that I've played. Continue to create more of these games!!

Melissa Tedrick

Got too boring

ฐานิตย์ สุขมั่น


Shelly Rothrock

Good game

B.W. Fields

Be nice if you would quit playing for me.

Monica king

Great time playing this gamel

Susan McKenzie

Love this game!

Chris McCullum


Chrissy Magma

Very fun game! Colours are vibrant, graphics are smooth and the powerups aee amazing to watch. Cheep cheep cheep!! 🐥🐥🐥🐥

Sidik Matwa

Nice I like it

Searle Flesher

A really fun game enjoyable for all the family. Yes there are ads but they aren't too bad

Verdale Barnes

Love it

Annette Bova

Fun to play

Brenda Mohon


Kathleen Steele

Loads of fun !!

Kathy Lucas


Gil Guernsey


Annie Masselli

I dont know yet

Parveen Mirza


Kim Jones

I'm Having A Blast 👍🏽🤩

Google User

Was fun, then at level 20, ad's after each play, sometimes 2 ad's at a time. I really got bored waiting to play...

Michelle Sullivan

Too many ads

robyn dorton

I love this game so far.

Linda Coccia

Just started this game. Very simple so far.

Little Bit

Keeps locking up and doesn't give the rewards why can't fix it now the screen Go's blank

Auryll Abrot

Ok good

Sandra Lofty

Fun, super easy

Joanie Pattershall

Get same color blocks to make a rocket type thing for one direction then another direction to knock out that same row. Get bombs to combine into bigger bang clearing sections. Has ads to get rewards in game each level get on board helps more play toward the earn reward app playing so help apps by playing also helps us toward our goals too. Enjoy some takes mind off things for little while thank you for colorful mind building apps good luck.

Frank Bridges

I like this app keep up the great work no matter what anyone says about it keep it just the way it is.

Michael Batt

like toy blast

Kendell Randolph


Lucy Summer

Very good

Esperanza HUAE

Espanza Ainne

Melvin Wilson

Lvl 16 so far so good

Maria Nilda Jarde Reid

Okay 👌

harry allen

very good

Deana Ebel

It's a lot of fun

Carl Holaday

So far I'm giving this a four it's pretty fun it got a little bit of strategy I think she got to try and figure out where your colors got to match up just to be able to break up the blocks you have to so I'll come back and ready to begin I'm only on level 15 I think now 16 so once I get hired up I'll get back and ready again

shaaban attia

Very nice Pls update the game by the following: * Remove ads * Add facebook login to be able to save progress * Add team with send lifes

Beth Beauregard

Cool game, live it

Jill Tierney

The game could be a bit more challenging. More important, there are too many ads, and not only this, they are all at least 30 seconds long. At Level 80, I'm losing patience and am this close to deleting the game. ☹️

Fran Greenfield


Darla Bleeke

So far it's fun...hope it stays fun!

Ernest M.

I like it. It's fun, although so far I have not really seen any of the levels hard to beat at all, which can be a breath of fresh air. You can watch short ads to add coins, extra spins or other things. It's a knock off from the more commercially advertised games called Toon Blast and Toy Blast.

Elizabeth Dellinger

It's very fun a great way to relax and have fun

Tammy Grover

Very relaxing 😌

Pamela Quarles

This game is awesome

Heather Thompson

Really fun game

Cherie Mashula

I really like playing it is a lot of fun

Angela Dasher

iT is a super mindl working app!!!!!!

Elsa Henderson

Pretty good. Too many ads but what else is new.

Marion Mcclain

Fun game to play as a pass time

Cindy Mason

Not my favorite

md rofiqul


Caroline Dove

Got fed up with the adverts

Henrietta Taylor