Toy Army: Draw Defense

Author: Lion Studios

1,000,000+ install


Toy Army: Draw Defense – Draw your troops to defend!

Detailed info

File size: 79M
Update time: August 10, 2021
Current version: 1.2.4
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: Lion Studios
Price: Free
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Customer review

Rishiraj Kakaty

Very Nice Game

Πέτρος Ξανθόπουλος

Cool idea but it gets boring.

Manisha Gupta

Very op

Yogit Kashyap

The bad thing is not ready the ads

Polita Chutia

Chalak kutte Kamini khelte Hain Aisa game

Kim McCarthy

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Ruth Dahn


Bryan Piland

if I could I would add more stars

Md Kurban

Bro this please likee Grnrjrjrjrjrjrjdjd

__Nitin Dwivedi__

Nice game Good 👍family's

Rabia Busrey

this game is awesome I remember that I played it 2 YEARS AGO but still I love it 💕💕

Mahedi Hasan


Roni Miji


Suhail King

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Ankit Tiwari

If you're net is off the game just hangs on the round end screen and keeps says ad not available and does not let me proceed

Ty Bond

Each level takes about 20 seconds to complete, then you're forced to watch an ad. No thanks

Randy Kennedy

excellent 👌👍

William Vz

awesome fun

Kyle Davis

too many ads

Leonardus Arthur

To many ADS

Jenny Fredin

It forces you to let them collect info and if you refuse, you get a big overlay that ruins the gameplay by making it impossible to click on things....

Jeremy Swartley

fun, similar to ad.

Archana Maida

Fight game

monish klaw

Nice game

Nate Lane



Awesome! Definitely worth a play!

Aaron keen

To many ads

mandar mohit

good game

kyaw zin


Mr Entertainer

I love this game so much 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

Jaghatai Kahn

Ad block purchase dosen't even work, its another cash grab game, ignore it.

Leroy Nash

I like the graphics in the game pretty cool

Basel Mummau

it's very fun

Bonnitto Steele

nice game

Baban Singh


Hunter Badham

the toy the realistic

Sudip Roy chowdhury

Good game so nice 😊😊

Joyz Marv08

this new game is awesome

سيف الاسلام العواضي

احل لعبه في العلم

Autha Degia

I like to win 🤗 this is true

Mirella Garibay

it's Soo much fun

Johir Uddin

you can get yeeroa

Anthony Simms


Dave Hackworth

I mean its a good game but ads are reason why not 5 star.

Josh Winter

not even remotely the game that was advertised. download to see for yourself. then be sure to come back here and rate 1 star. can't be letting people get away with this kind of stuff.


didn't save game progress

Mss Rojy


Harry Batth


Donna Salazar

This is a great game but can you add a turret troop? So it can be like the machine gun turret but a worse one so it can be balanced.

toba sadeghi

عاشق بازی شدم خیلی باحاله دم سازندش گرم بازی عالی بود ❤🧡💛💚💙💜❤

Gita Chhetri


Mert Can Ergün

Too. Many. Ads.

Rekha Rawat

Op game

Liza Pasaylo

it best game and ilove it but cant u add multyplayer for fun

Safe Rajk


Jorge Alfredo Abarca

Otay I like the Game 🎮 Otay Otay Otay

mohammed sahal

Full ads

Rakesh MRitHwik

Rakesh MRitwik Aditya Birla India Hyderabad

Leon Olderøy

Like all lion studios games it wants to collect your data. If you say no they put a banner at the top of the screen, covering the nuke button. If you tap the banner, it takes you to the data collection settings. Very intrusive game design.

Paria Morshed


caden davis

It's very fun and all it's just you get a minimum amount of soliders also you have to watch an ad to do the 1x,2x,3x,and 4x so can you please not make it to where you have to watch a ad for that and not use a minimum amount of soliders thanks 👍

Arsh Rebel

really good i just started and its awesome

han minlwin

cute one

Malik Asad


Haider Seaher

it should be offline gameplay

Kittu Kittu

Super bro

50 B (‪Roo23th‬)

developer is earning money based on collection of our important data.. Moreover he's blocking the game if you don't let them doing their job.. Pathetic.. Don't recommend to play this game!

Diogenes F

too much ad too often

Mahbub Rahman

This game is very good i can pass my time by playing this game if this game add more tower it will be very very fun

Jan Evect

Unless you accept its terms and ads it will not let you play. We all left it in the end just too controlling

Arthur Martin

it'll be a great game if you have more of an explanation on how to play the game

Elijah Gilberg

10 out of 19

Richard Obongha

it is good but upgrade the game

Kusump Parihar


Hany H

I have a flam

Aman Jaiswar

very good game 🔥🔥🔥

epic gamer 101

seems good so far

Phyo ko ko kyaw

Good Game

Baba Baba1

Super bowl

James Fleet

minus the ads, this game is addictive

Yovani Vinny

I played Its fun and pretty easy I got rares in minutes.

Shubham Singh


Edil Rodriguez

fun game

Mig Bingham

it is a good game

Khunt Parth

Keep improving.

jack 64

It's a good game to play in your free time

James Brett

GOOD game

Tanisha's art and craft

This game is nice but i want to take something from ad its network problem

Jeremy Hanna

Great game love it 😀

Lata Kanse

Please is game not play


good game, not so many ads and really great sound effects

Lorna Fernandez

Best mobile game ever


Forced ads every round.... Why

Marilyn. Beciril

I like this game! btw

Shilpi Jaiswal

You are the best gamer is the point 3 point star is the learn more for the became house toy army draw defence is best thank you for learn more and about game heart for the best gaming

Sammy Drexler


Mahendra Singh


Aravind S


G0d Z1lla

It is a good game😃🙃

Bangash Khan