Town Rush


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Town Rush – Can you capture the world?

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File size: 73M
Update time: September 9, 2021
Current version: 44
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Price: Free
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Haris Kashif

آئ لکے ٹھیس گیم بکسے آئ پلے لوٹس وف ٹائم بٹ سومےٹائم اس ایرر کومے

Kelly Livingston

A simple and fun game. But it's very annoying how often it asks you to rate it. Also annoying is how it asks you if you want to view an ad for a reward, and if you tap no, it plays an ad anyway. Also, if you rate it low in game it will just ask you later. If you rate it high it will take you to the play store. Sneaky.

Lucas Thompson

Really fun special powers you get but you need to watch a ad but it ok cause you level up you guys and take them into battles and fight other guys or take and turn there towers into your towers

Thor Anderson

Way to many forced ads.

Ethan Williamson

Kind of great it took me a lot of time to strategize where to place my troops but other than that for a mobile game it's awesome you do have to challenge yourself with looking at the ads all the time after a single level but the levels after about level 10 they take really long So you don't need to worry about that

Giuliano Molina

It is fun and not pay to win

Anikn Smitg


Spencer Wilkinson

Okay I'm mostly here because of the glitches. Great game but to much ads but other than that. To do the glitch. Make sure to have 1296 or more men or whatever its called. Then make sure your at max. Then just press and hold on your platform and it will go forever well sometimes. I recommend you have 2817 men or whatever its called.

Leo Curious

It is absurdly easy. Just watch ads to give them money, the game itself is way too boring.

Lydia Eitutis

It's good

stevan hillis

It seems like an alright game until your willing to remove the ads. 54.99 just to remove the ads I've heard of greed but wow

Michael Trinkle

Ad trap. Click continue, still watch an ad just no bonus... I delete games that do this immediately!

Robert Douth

The only way you can get past about 30 rounds is if you either pay money or watch hours of ads for small amounts of gold. You literally spend more time watching ads than playing. Not worth it IMO.

Jacob Young

Unless you watch every ad they give you for the gold to upgrade your unit. It will never be stong enough to face the random ultra power upgrade witch half the time won't work anyways because the enemies you go toe to toe with will be able to wipe out 30+ of your troops with only 5. That problem got worse and more frequent as I progressed through the levels. Without using their ad placements that help you get past their cheating I was doing some levels 20+ times. Extremely frustrating not worth i

Jannick Lund-Pedersen

You get the first 3 levels without any ads, after that you are forced to watch 5-10 seconds of ads regardless if you choose the bonus you get from watching an ad or not... Games with forced ads are the worst of the worst...

Benjamin Miller

I enjoy the game, but bought the No Ads upgrade that doesn't really allow you to avoid ads. All power ups still require watching ads.

Candace Patton

Good game

Lawilliam Jones

The game gave my opponent and unfair advantage worst game I have ever played .

Alex Banyas


Scott Kerr

Ads if you want the bonus and ads if you skip the bonus. So... ads, ads, ads.

Kristian Fowler

Great time killer. But is redundant. I'm lvl 4817 and getting bored. Needs something...more difficult

William hyden

Super Fun

Matthew Coy

Ad spam

Cameron Kalani

Lot of potential, but the game is very quick to become needlessly difficult so you are forced to buy more upgrades or watch ads just to get you through the levels.

Chris B.

Yes. I like this game. It's very fun. Thank you,for your time.

Kevin Phipps

Can't load game from old phone


Game play is nice but I got stuck on level 19 and idk if it's just I'm bad at the game but I feel like the red team on that level gets powerful way too quickly

Owen Dapp-Aichner

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Edwin Enriquez

The person that made this I the coolest dude in the world

Manakchand senbhati

Hsshshwaigzigdziydzutdztd,ईट,hv is iyfzyrwYraYtdO सेu समय तक जीवित नहीं हो सकती हूं मैं ब च मे से कोई एक बार में एक और खूबसूरत विशालकाय कंकाल बरामद हुए भी अपने य्य्य्य टीवी चैनल ने टू टाई टीजी वि ब भभी बी बी बी वी जीको जिस है जो इस समय आप भी चौंक जीव विज्ञान वह हि नहि या फिर हो हो अप गाय वस दी एसएम इसी वी जब बी जब हम या से यह आपके उच्च स्तरीय एचसीएस सीबीआई जेसीओ आईसीसी बीपी इन वी जब बी बी जब वो आईसीसी वी बी इन बी जब आईबी बी आईबी बी जब बी इन जब बी बीपी जब बीपी बी ओ बीपी आईबी ने बी बी बी आईबी बीहो

manasamudram sudhakar

Very bad boring game.

JustA Kidbro


David Villanueva

Fun but way too many ads and $5.49 to remove them seems much for this style game

Lana Robson

It is the best game

Paul Harris

If you like watching adverts download this game.

Soharab Shaikh



Gud wars there is.

Sal E

The game has an interesting premise, but the amount of ads are a major disruption. Ads between levels with are sometimes less than a minute. Then banner ads during the levels. I understand you want to make money, but you are doing it at the cost of player base.


"Do you want to watch an ad for a reward?" "No thanks." "OK, here's an ad anyway with no award." Nope. One star.

Nancy Knudson

Too many long ads to enjoy the game, but I think it's pretty well done


Best game I ever see

Riley Williams

Really fun while it lasted. Then unskippable ads were included in an update and now it's borderline unplayable.

Renu singh

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Andrew Davies

Ever thought of adding a pvp mode for the game, or making the AI a bit harder to defeat?

Alfredo Remigiojr

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Roy II Rodgers


Donald Deblauw

Very easy

Tony Hardcastle

Fun, but way unbalanced. If the ai gets area units they are always so much more powerful than they should be. I lost to one tower of hammers with 10000 of my unit on the field. The coins earnings are built so that you have to watch the ads to progress, and i BOUGHT the ad free version with the extra coins. That did nothing. Still requires watching ads to get even close to enough coins to upgrade units. I made it through level 80 with watching the ads, and couldnt afford to buy all the units.

Milliyetçi Türk

Leş gibi oyun. Sakın indirmeyin, sinir krizi geçirirsiniz. Aynı bölümü 500 kere oynamak size keyifli geliyor ise siz bilirsiniz.

zach camper

No one wants your game quit advertising it on every app every 2 seconds. It sucks. Your game, the ads, all of it.

tracy nieforth

It's fun to make an army

Ali E. Milani

I really liked this game, but lately it seems like they are intentionally trying to annoy the players. Now sometimes even in the middle of a level they show an ad. Also before, after winning a level, there was an option to see an ad and get a multiple of the coins that you have obtained in that level, or don't watch the ad. First they changed it so that no matter if you chose to see the ad or no they showed the ad anyway. Now they have raised the bar higher and show you the ad without the bonus

Brian Kirylo

This app literally won't delete for my phone

da nephew

Love the game, only thing you need to improve is make it where you earn more money a round

Teodulo Guerrero

This game is very sneaky in it's rating and it's getting annoying every time I open the game it asks me to rate I give it 1 star each time and that's it for the day now that I gave it 5 stars it brings me to the app store to give it my rating so here's your 1 star just for that reason please fix that if you want to keep a fan base

Johnathan Perry

Just started but really liking it so far

Danny Raven

Games are getting so much worse these days. "Do you want to watch an ad for a reward?" *clicks no* "Oh, then watch an ad anyway!" *has to watch ad and gets no reward* So done with mobile games! (I probably would have given it 5 stars if it weren't for forced ads even though it's not original and too easy and short)

Patricia Sarratt


Nathan Wooleyhan

love it

Gary Siebenaler

yup good

Christian Tough

U have a choice after u complete a ad for bonus or continuing with with an ad...delete

Singh Timothy

Good game mechanics

Alex Dickie

Absolutely LOVE this game!!!!

Ashik Gk


Matt Moody

Unless you like loosing ALOT this game is not a fun game.


this is stupid, literally broke my phone 2 times in a row, don't try this game

Joe Henry

I genuinely really like this game. Town Rush is great as a short time killer for a few minutes AND great to just relax and play for a good long while. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

daniel landrum

Love the strategy, but AI can't keep up... Nothing left to achieve after all characters maxed out... Becomes a time waster

Mohammed Khaled

Great game

Juansantos Barrera

great game. lot of adds, but great game

Justin Raymond

Most of these levels are impossible I can not get past level 31 probably never playing again And there's so much ads... deleted

Jacques Swart

I uninstalled after i saw there is a forced 30 second add after every level. I dont want to play in offline mode i want a good free game. Not this money making garbage.

michael holmes

Mmm, really liking it

marissa mastro

So far I got past level 11 where the difficulty went from 0 to 100, now I'm at level 15 and the enemy gets there stuff so much faster makes no sense. I wait for my tower to level up and by the time it does the enemy has 4 more towers up. 😡

Erlin Ortiz

The best game ever and the best thing no ads 😜 Yessss

Jason Dykes

This game sucks I had 3 towers up to 400 with one enemy tower down to 3 and the enemy created dozens of guys more than I could takening over all my towers. This wasn't one time it happend every time I play

Bitcoin OrBust

Would have given 10 - but after tappin screen more than 2000 times it's really tedious n boring real quick! Why not add a multiplier to release more men at same time

Abdul-Aziz Motaleb

Fun game but it's pay to win

Byyron Els

The game is so good 😊

David Holguin

Fun game passes the time

Nnaeto Okeke


Stanley Miller

Great fun. Easy to play. One of my favorite games.

Green Orange

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david kostner

Hate the commercials and no I'm not paying for ad-free. But it is a fun little game.

De Exel


Greg Baringer


Alexey Gurzhiy

The game is ok, but not as super, as you expect

Sammy Williams

I love this game is so wonderful😊

Phillip Reese

Super easy and ton if ads.. every completed level it's another af which ever level lasts minute or 2


Excellent game

Christopher Drain

Need more levels. Bigger, harder.

Caitlin Bello

It's a really fun game because sometimes in challenging but it's fun to raid the towers and spawn so much units the other teams don't stand a chance

Log Woody

This game is so good that I like the fact u have to kill the other minion and get the towers

mr. friendly

Good balance of adds and gameplay tho in order to properly upgrade your troops you'll need to watch adds and get x5's


Like being forcefeed ads play this

Kyle Allen

Would be 5/5 game but the game to me almost feels like an ad farm they give u 1 ad while playing a round 1 ad after u win and then another ad to start new round and then there times where you have to watch like 10ads to get coins to progress cause it not possible to beat it without watching add for extra coins 2/5 stars would be close to 4 if game didn't give forced ads

Mark Shawnee

Agressive ads

Quinton Bronson

To many ads

Jack Trades

Simple, easy, fun, and besides the ads. This game is pretty addictive.

Craig Shelver

Game idea is great but the troop and stage combo is designed to frustrate you giving u no option but to watch ads which is truly pathetic. No info on the stage is given and no matter what troop you use the ai will use a counter troop which should be the other way around. Info on the stage should be green and red using knights and yellow using mages for example but if they did that you could plan to advance the dev don't want that.