Towers: Relaxing Puzzle

Author: JOX Development LLC

100,000+ install


Towers: Relaxing Puzzle – A simple puzzle game that keeps you craving more!

Detailed info

File size: 49M
Update time: August 10, 2021
Current version: 1.0048
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: JOX Development LLC
Price: Free
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Customer review

Master Cinderace

Good game to pass away the time but gets a bit repetitive.

Ahmad Sahab

Good Game In start of game u unlock achievements but now u not unlocking achievements why...? Please solve issue and unlocking achievements

Sirjana Gurung

Wow I actually love this game so,I rated it 5 stars but I have one problem can you plz remove ads as soon as possible...!!🙏🙏

Serkan Sezer

It is fun to play and relaxing.

Shashank Bharadwaj

Just change the cover image It'll attract more people This is better than most games out there

Bill Hanna

Quick and fun to play

Original Z i c

good game ' use brain trying "

boss turtle


Nawal Adnan


Muqaddas Majid

Best game

zwe la

Hi It is good for the night and it relieves the sadness

dude dude

Perfect not to much ads🙂

James Greenleaf

Great puzzle game! Thanks Devs :) Timed mode has become available! Daily challenge has not as yet appeared on menu.

Lisa Stead

Easy to forget the time.

Tani Tani23

This is the best game ever

Bo Jangers

Love the colorful cubes, mesmerizing music, and physics-like fun!

Mostafa Almasi


Brian Riley

It's a decent game to pick up and play for a few minutes, but there are a number of issues with achievements failing to unlock and missing daily challenge that the developer does not seem to be interested in addressing.

Olanrewaju Heritage

A relaxing puzzle indeed

radar kay

If you want ads this game is for you



Bob Bennett

Has Ads. Ads are very uncommon anymore so I wouldn't put up with them.

Egbosi Cosmas

Great user experience. I would definitely recommend the App.

Mika Janine Cressaty

Very relaxing

Andrew K

Fun game, but I uninstalled after an ad popped up within a minute of playing


Fun lovely game with blocks. Problem with it is that some achievements are broken: play for X days are not popping & i play everyday for 2 weeks now; tried Timed mode & Daily Challenge are other achievements that are not popping.. i dont even see this mods in game.

Emma B.

I lost motivation after obtaining all the skins and getting the gist of how to solve most puzzles. I'll keep it around for when I want to busy my hands while listening to something, but it's hard since I can't open it in split screen view for youtube videos and the ads interrupt my podcasts.

Smooth Pot

good game

Akash Das

Good Game

Peter Mc

£1.69/week for premium features is sheer commercial greed and completely unjustified for a puzzle game like this

AaZaM Abdullah Jafferi

Good for timepass.

Jamie Bloomer

Can't use stylus to play

Jose Flores


Squall Leonhart

Best puzzle game 👍

Ye Yint

Love it

ziyan zucruva


Seth Allen

Ads are annoying and fairly frequent, but it's a free game that plays really nicely

Brook Brandstrom

Fairly fun and simple to learn. Ads are present but not overly aggressive.

Vasco 675

good tower puzzle game


Game holds my interest. Especially the Hard, Timed, and #of Moves version. Too many ads though.



Benjamin Conway

A great way to pass time, makes the brain think...

Mark Clydesdale

I like the game. But the ads were torture. Just gave up and uninstalled.


Too many ads, too expensive to buy. I understand people and companies work hard on apps. it's perfectly reasonable for them to want to be compensated. shoving ads in my face every 30 seconds is not the way to go about it. that's just gonna make me delete the app. oh, and charging $1.99 a week for an ad free version? are you high?

Greg Porter

Simple fun, don't know if it will keep my attention tho.

Blithe Milks

I like this game and I would pay for it, but it's subscription. I'll pay for a game to be ad free, but not every week. I think I'll get sick of the ads before I finish the game. And that's a shame, because I like this game.


Honestly a solid game. Not to frustrating but not too easy. Plus it is a good distraction. Well done👍

Steve Thomas

Love this game so far..

Lovegay Macatbag

Good game

Doğan Çelik

Too many ads

Md Babu

nice app

Stewie C

- any mode but Timed is insultingly easy where you just power through levels, just to accidentally tapping CLICKBAIT ADS. - background color should be independent from skins or dark mode would be nice


Simply fun!

nik erritsos

Very relaxing and great fun

Pauline Reffle

So far am enjoying this game. Will rate again later!


I love the game but it's to, to many ads if I decide to delete this game it's because of the ads takes up to much time with. The game is really nice but the ads have to go.

Mark Budz

Very nice game while relaxing.

Alex Warholic

Enjoy it fully

Yohanes Tjin


Radu-Florian Pavel

Exactly what the game says it is, and I'm geniunely happy how fun it is.


There's nothing relaxing with so many adds.. uninstall

Joseph Millenbach

Forced ads with loud music.

Mathias Veenman

Lots of ads. Game itself is nice and peaceful though, but the ads are disturbing

Roxas nelson

Great easy fun puzzle game

Bethany b

Fun and challenging!

Christian Michiels

One of the most relaxing puzzle games I've played. No disgusting microtransactions tossed in your face either.



Francisco Jacquez

Fun game amazing for keeping you going on those boring classes at school

Mystere Ebouldegom

Interesting, calming game :)

Vinny Ranana

Decent puzzle game, but I couldn't take any more adverts. Almost as much advert time as game time.

Dever Ariyanto

Gut gem

Bd Bobe


im ixhzh

Very Relaxing

Suzy Marie

Love the challenge! But please stop adds between EVERY puzzle!

Andrew Holland

Game is ok. Too many adverts

Brandy Forman

Super easy, quick play, chill

Beau Ladhams

Only played the first 10 levels but looks to be plenty of content and the gameplay itself is satisfying enough, only had 1 ad so doesn't look to be to spammy. Will update review if this changes.

Deanna Heaslet

Once I paid to remove ads it is perfect


Enjoyable but too many adverts

Rick Struve

Perfect "pick up and play" game to kill a ride on transit.

Christopher Welch

Easy. Fun. Low stress.

Jason Stumpf

Was nice until the trick bait ads started. Uninstalled.

Jared Nease

So far so good. Not over inundated with ads.

Ljubiša Kukulj

Ads are way too aggressive. Almost like after every level.

Lee Rawlinson

Way too many ads, uninstalled

LegitBoss Queen69

Could have settings for accessibility and choices to choose levels etc. Others it's great 😍

Khanakorn Korkijthamkul

Just keep me playing without notice time

meledy Swayze

Very relaxing and mentally stimulating. I'd recommend this game for older people like myself to keep your brain active solving puzzles is healthy!



Belvania Khaliqa

Developer bantu aku

Miroslav Dobrev

I understand the greed to try maximise profits from an app, but displaying 30 seconds video adds every minute is not the best approach to keep people entertained. Uninstalled the app just after 10 mins of playing - it's just no longer bearable. Good luck!

Elise Kight

Love the philosophy behind it. Change of perspective makes all the difference.

Daniel Atmadja

satisfying 😌

Hakimuddin Javed Daud

A nice time killer. yeah, there are some ads but they dont hinder the overall experience. Great job!!

Alexandra Gómez

The graphics are beautiful, lots of levels and options, doesn't have annoying music and super relaxing and creative! Totally recommended.

Sajad Rajabi


Yee Han Heng

Too many stupid ads

Debby Astari

Very fun game


Dies so cool

Stefanos Ioannou

Too many ads