Tower War – Tactical Conquest

Author: SayGames Ltd

500,000+ install


Tower War – Tactical Conquest – Thoughtful strategy and tactical thinking are required to win each battle!

Detailed info

File size: 71M
Update time: September 7, 2021
Current version: 1.7.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: SayGames Ltd
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jaco Esterhuizen

Way too many adds. Also, more times the ad do not load, unable to continue but to quit the game and start again. Uninstalled for that reason.

Jesse Kilgore

Too many adds uninstalled after 5 mins of playing and about 20 adds game sucks

Emily Morganti

Fun game but not worth the ad abuse


I love this game. But as in all other games there are many ads.

Parvaz Ansari

Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good

Petchiammal M

Worst full of ads only time waste

Krishna Naidu

Too many ads and progress is not saved after reinstall

logan athan

Poor only ad game

Hel Ali Grei

It is fun but the amount of adds are frustrating and sometimes one cannot get back into the game. Fully appreciate adds help to finance the game but it is excessive and if they make the game stop working, it is off putting.

daniel baker

Used to love the game now you've got all these bending lines it's too easy and boring

David Amos

It was fun until the 20-30 second games started getting "ad breaks" after already getting ads after each short game. I want to go back to 2012 where mobile games were at it's peak

Invader Erc

This was a really fun time waster before the update. Now that you can play other people it's even better. There's pay to win deal here but it's not as bad as other games and the main game is not pay to win at all. It's just a fun way to blow a few minutes.

Amal Eyad

I can accept any amount of ads but definitely not in the middle of the game

Michael Snyder

Great game. Bad development. First forced ADs MID-BATTLE interrupt game play and can cause the game to crash if you get redirected to playstore before the match resumes. Super annoying and unnecessary there just pushing premium content. Im not buying an ad remove so i can play the game im Uninstalling it instead *finger* And the pvp is a lie, proof is in how the ad breaks dont trip them up they pause just like the AI which means there not watching ads there not real just recorded playback.

Vamar Anthus

Forced ads between EVERY match, and then after a few more levels you get 2-3 30 second ads interrupting every match. Never in all my years have I seen a game app where every 30 seconds of gameplay is accompanied by 90 - 120 seconds of ads. Should be removed from the play store as apps like this, if Google allows them, will eventually ruin Google Play.

Sean Diano

It could have been enjoyable, the ads bearable... but it's gamebreaking for ads that fail to load and cause the game to freeze, most frustratingly in the middle of a battle, needing to close the app and start from scratch again

Zackary Meinert

Simple fun game, but watch ads more than play. 50:50 at best

Timothy Shockley

1st couple levels ok then you asshats put in ad breaks if you need money that bad just charge for the game outright don't say free then pump full of ads. DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

c عيسى


Dark Knight

It force an ads DURING the gameplay. Wow.

Jason Whitehead

Ads are getting crazy in these games. It was bad enough watching in-between each match or for rewards but now they are having "ad breaks" in the middle of games?! It's too much. Mediocre gameplay at best. Ruined completely by ads.

John Cooper

This game deserves negative 5 stars, because no matter how fun any game is, no-one can justify having six 30 second ad breaks during a PvP match that typically only lasts for less than a minute of actual gameplay. Devs, know when to draw the line. Ad before the match, another after it, maybe 1 in the middle if it's a 4 way match and you really want to push things. But don't make the ad breaks during a match outnumber the actual number of players... that's ridiculous!!!

Que Ball

Install the game twice both times it broke one time it would just stall on commercial. The other time it wouldn't let you move the game is just broken internally you can only play about 20 levels decently and then it just breaks don't put this game on your phone it's sucking the juice taking all your info

Haitham Ahmad

I love this game, I used to play more than a year. But I am going to uninstall because of the ad . Its really annoying 😒

Clare G

Love the game but it keeps repeating levels, plus I liked it going over the rivers etc please bring back

Omi Tetor

To many ads. Its bad if you dont buy the game.

Saul Goodman

Constant non-stop ads. This game will interrupt you playing for an "ad break" and constantly push for you to pay to remove ads. Which would be fine but $6 for no ads is a bit insane. Especially when my other options is to uninstall the game for free.

Shanawar Zaman

Worst thing is ads during playing the game not one but multiple ads that just broke the rithim while playing. We all friends and family just uninstalled it but game is good. Money thrust make this beautiful game experience worst. I can understand you make this game for business point of view but ads midle of the game just make many users to left this game so review it. It is your choice few user with many ads or many users with normal ads ?

Andy S.

1. False advertising videos, gameplay is different from the ads that I saw about this game. 2. Non-stop ads, you get ads between levels, and even while in middle of a level, literally makes the game unplayable and unenjoyable. ---- Good game with good concept, but I strongly wouldn't recommend as it's pretty much unplayable.

Josiah Monks

It's actually a pretty cool game. But constant ad breaks (multiple times in the middle of a level) when you're trying to focus gets really annoying.

dashing thinker

Way too many ads Before and after matches, even during a match it's like every 30 seconds it has to play an ad... And $10 for ad remover isn't worth it at all Fun game but the ads are ridiculous Would recommend if there wasn't an ad every 30 seconds Give people more time to play the game without being interrupted

Rodney Vulgamott

Too many ads, Could be fun, but ads every minute

Joe Burkey

Multiplie ads mid-game is very intrusive and infuriating

Raed Ali

الدعايات كثيرة جدا Too many advertisements

Roman C

Well, you can't actually draw where you want to go UNLESS you do the bonus rounds. You can unlock bonus rounds by completing normal rounds, where you can only draw straight lines. And in the bonus rounds, you can't go through a modifier twice in one draw. For example, if there is a x5 gate thingy, you can't go through it and get five people and then go around and through it again to make it 25 people. Last but not least, ads. Ads ads ads. SO MANY ADDDDDSSSSSSS. 3 problems, 3 stars down. Thx!!!!!

Tyler Kelly

dude I haven't even played the game yet and it's asking me to review

Susan Hollingsworth

The new update is awesome 😎

Christopher Blaha

Multiple Ads in the middle of playing a level? Bye,

Natthilal sawariya


Mahran Khatib

There are too much of ads even in the middle of game or online game !!!

Andrew Wigg

Great game, enjoyed it, but got over the excessive mid-game ads. * reinstalled the game and started from scratch, still plenty of ad-breaks, mid-game *

Geoffrey Inch

Too many ads

Craig Williams

I don't like pop up ads

shahbaz ali

good but gave much money isv.v.good


Whats the point of not choosing to watch a ad to triple the coins at the end of each round if you are going to force an ad anyways? Also the ad break in the middle of the rounds?

Manni M

If I could would have given -rating So much ads in between going level.. specially bingo ad.. its irritating... Wish to play this game but bcos of these annoying ads.. I will not

Saurabh Arora

Too many advertisements

Marcu Bogdan

Hey, how can i move my current evolution to another device if i changed my phone?

Sanjay Dabhi

Nice game

Aftab Ahmad

The best game with lots and lots of ads. It shows ad break literally in middle of the game. That too every 20 secs. The skip option appears after 5 secs and once you skip there'll be another pop up which shows close after 5 secs. Don't know whenever I'm watching ads and playing in between or playing n watching ads😂. I suggest not to install this game.

Isabel Villanueva

Entertainingly simple but frequency of ads are insane. It seems that I did not download a game, I downloaded a distraction of 15 seconds. Everytime I open the "game" it's all ads. And they want me to pay to not see ads???

Jeff Alford

The gem spins for soldiers or tanks are a joke. VERY RARELY (if ever) do you get anything above the lower level forcing you to "pay to win".

mohd haziq

Ad break disturb the game....please dont do ad in the middle of the game..annoying

Greg Smith

DO NOT SPEND MONEY IN THIS GAME. You want us to spend money on a game that has no way to back up our accounts?🤣 Get bent. Other than that it's a great game. Guess I have to work my way up to number one spot globally. Again.

Vladimir Guzman

The P2P is fake!

Luke “BrotherLukeLuke” W

Faunband distracting, was worth paying for the no Advertisments, like the new updates, would like to know how I get a flag next to my name in the new PvP

Ric Burger

Why is the sound cutting out every time I use boost?

Skylar Warren

Spent more time in ads than playing the game. Not only ads before and after every match, but every ~30 seconds or so within the match. Not only that, but the remove ad option is 2x the price of every other app. This is a scam.


Lots Of Ads

Umakanta Oinam

I love this game and it is not boring after playing for months

Dean Rowland

Ads after levels I can live with. But ads during levels is a bit much, and it's not even just 1 ad. One level had 3, just ruins it. Uninstalled

Murtaza Indorewala

Why is there a need to give ads in between the game? After level is fine but why in between the ongoing level. It's irritating. Worst experience.. doesn't even deserve one star Edit: Reinstalled, no ads during the ongoing level as of now.


Way too many commercials. How greedy can you get?

daniel (7anny5up32n0va)

Too Many Ad Breaks

Muhammad Shahid


Pranav Jadhav


Aaron Pauli

This game has some fun to play but there are so many ads it's not worth it, It will stop you during gameplay to throw an ad. I can't play it if so freaking frustrating Every single game multiple ads have to show up It's not needed I know you're trying to make money but What the heck

Shanmuga Priyan

Worst game, meant only for AD, better remove all these kind of games

Rick Larmore

This game is bad. Interrupting gameplay in order to play ads.

James T

Its good games before, but after being update several times, the game become more difficult and hard

Abdul Raafey

The game is wonderful but they have too much adds hate them it will appear after every level an even between gameplay multiple times

Melinda Davies

Cute game.. I can cope with ads in between.. but stopping a game mid way for an ad.. what a stupid thing to do. Uninstalling

Sameer Gavkar

not good

Thomas Stevens

Fun game but almost unplayable with the constant ad breaks.

Deepak Rastogee

good for time pass

Alex Hamilton

The new player Vs player mode is fun, but 100% actually against the normal game AI and not other players. I've lost maybe 3 from 700 games which just wouldn't happen against real people. Their targeting and reactions are the same as the AI and the names are just pulled from a generic database for each country flag. Bit of a con to get you to buy the crazy expensive upgrades.

king Kayani G

Nice game 👍🎮🎮🎯

Meranda Suddes

Ok here's the thing. The ad breaks while you are busy in a fight is utterly ridiculous. And NO i will not purchase the "ad free" package. Stupid way of trying to make money! So i will look for a tower game that does not interrupt my game play. Good luck.

Bobbee “Bob” Krause

Ad break in the middle of a match? No thanks. The matches aren't that long & you run ads after each match already. Ya lost me...

A Bar

Ads every 15 seconds

Steven Kinna

This is legitimately the only game I have ever paid money to remove ads. It's that good. I recommend you play the first five or so levels, ten, whatever you need to make up your mind, and if you like it buy the ad-block as soon as possible to maximise value for money. I'm currently up to well over the 200th level, and there is not a single un-asked for and unwanted mini-game, no false advertising nonsense, no 'pay us to unlock features / advance through the game' bs. It's fun, easy, and no rng.

Sammer Abbas

Unlimited ads 😡😡

Brian T. Baker

What can you use gold for other than upgrading troops?

Ankit Malik

Ad brak off Karo


I might like the game, if there wasn't an add after every level. Sadly de-installing.

catalin vasile

Worst game ever, don't recommend it, very aggressive with adds

Ioan Nacion


adam adkins

The game is fun, for the first time in this style of format, I felt challenged, nothing impossible but definitely difficult at times. The reason I gave this a 1 star is all the freaking ads. 30-60 seconds to beat a level, 10 seconds in, the game pops up a picture of coffee and says "ad break" I continue after that "ad break" watch ad, sometimes not even 3 seconds later "ad break" I beat the level. Ad, I've seen ads in games but this is unacceptable and almost unplayable at times.

Goran Mrganic

Just put even more ads, that will make the game better. Heck yeah. Ad after round isn't enough for you, you had to put ad breaks DURING the matches? No thanks. Uninstalled.

Innocent Chiphiko Phiri


DaShaun Harris

It's fun to play especially when you just want to past time

Claire Percival

Love the game, but the amount of ads is insane. I've no real problem with ads, I understand that's how developers can make money. But ads at the end of each level And part way through a 30 second level or twice in a pvp level (again not a long level!). The ads are generally short but I'd rather a longer ads and far less interruptions! Sorry, but I've uninstalled the game.

Jerry E

Good time killer

CA Rein

Excellent gameplay and great graphics. I was initially enjoying this until the game suddenly paused mid-round to play an ad. C'mon guys. I'm fine with ads between rounds, and to add optional power-ups and such, but pausing mid-round? That's much too much. For that reason alone I wouldn't recommend this game.

Md. Rakibul Islam

Many add

Omer Hyd

break break break break break

Saji 1027

No new update everything same map tired

adnen manssouri

The updated features doesn't appear to me, I have only the offline version, installed the latest version but the problem persists

Jalen Sundby

really fun game except for the ads

Andy Grogan

Original Comment Sep, 12 2022: Too many ads not just between levels but in the middle of a level. Response To Developer: There is no other version of the game your response is patronising and disingenuous