Tower Royale PvP Tower Defense

Author: Lightweight Inc

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Fight against the approaching enemies, and win the battle with your friend! The enemies you destroyed would become souls, re-appear on the opponent’s side, and start to attack again. The more enemies you destroy, the more likely you would be to win over a friend in the battle.

But it is easier said than done. You collect souls and summon a tower, but which tower to be summoned would be randomly decided. You need to overcome the randomness and execute the best possible and most optimal strategy with your towers and circumstance in order to defeat the friend and win the battle!

■ Various Towers

About 50 kinds of towers exist in the game, each of which has different stats and characteristics. Some towers are of a dealer type with high damages, and other towers belong to a debuff type that can cast poisons or frozen over monsters. There are even towers of a support type that can make other towers stronger by giving buff or boost their growth! Some special abilities will be activated only if a certain condition is fulfilled, and you need to combine the characteristics together to devise the best deck and strategy.

■ The Last Tower Standing – King Tower

King tower is located at the end of the passageway, and it leads the battle with its own unique skill. Iron king-tower can raise the attack power of all towers on the field, and Ice king-tower casts frozen curses on monsters. Soul king-tower, last but not least, facilitates the acquisition of souls and speeds up your game-play strategy. Infinitely various strategies would be available by combining the deck of towers with the unique skills of the king towers.

■ Improvisation Skills to Deal with Random Circumstances

Nothing is certain, especially on the battle field, even if you own the best and the most glorious deck of towers. It is up to you how to deploy and operate the towers randomly summoned on the field. You can use them to strike enemies with strong damages, or you can sacrifice them for the growth of other towers. You don’t have much time as the enemies are approaching fast. You need to make a decision every second!

■ Win the Battles, and Rise Up to High Ranks

The glorious victory depends on how you organize and strategize your towers. It is only you who deserve the best! You can earn rewards from game plays, collect various towers, and refine the strategy to deploy the towers most efficiently in the continuously evolving circumstances. Immerse yourself in the play, and soon you will find yourself placed at a high rank and receiving the respects and the admirations from other people!

Now it is time to engage in a battle. Wish you glory and good luck! 🎖

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Update time: Jul 19, 2022
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Developer: Lightweight Inc
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Customer review

Pete Hutton

Could be good, but including a tower that is purely there to stop opponents playing the game is a really bad marketing strategy. Download and load a game that you may not get to play. No reason to spend or recommend to friends.


If there is anything to do against the assassin tower I'm happy to change it to 5 stars. Playing against those is pretty much a forfeit within 10s. I liked the game before i encountered such people at around rank 14. To me it is quite OP and ruins the game.

Paul A.

Tower rebalance fusion tower and growth tower fusion levels need to be capped at one lower than other towers. To get a max level tower that can't combine or turn into another tower is bad. They don't do enough damage at max level.

Farhad Rezaee


cyber trucker

very fun, legendarys are hard to get but recommend the game still, 5/5 easy

Pikco lo

the legend towers are too op for early player who have just epic tower

Fugahlee Jenkins

I just discovered this game recently and I'm thoroughly impressed. I can't wait to see all that is in store and what new dice they come up with!

Balihar Singh

Game was good but sometimes when we start a battle the app will restart and by the time game open the game will be already completed with me loosing and there is an update like every 5 to 6 days untill you do the upgrade you can't win even single game because in the middle of the game it asks to upgrade when we click on later the game will restart again and the download side will be around 90mb each time this is only reason I am thinking to play or stop playing

Jason Maxwell

So, I've been playing for a couple weeks and it's great. There's only 2 things. There's no text to actually communicate with co-op partners, not even emojis. And merged towers don't increase attack damage a percentage, just speed of attack. To me, thats a real turn off. Why have multiple pips if the dps stays the same? Edit: So there is a lot to be desired. Bots run the battles. They'll always have higher crit and somehow always get the towers they need to win. So far I've maybe won 1 out of 7

Miguel Ramirez

Hace mucho que no jugaba algo tanto tiempo

Chad Lunsford

It's like the games are preset on who wins. I'll have max towers and destroying all the monsters as soon as they spawn and then I'll be over ran and can't beat them all in the same level.


Nice game

Reuben Montoya

This game is decently fun. I played it a lot first day. But started to realize that the opponents I was getting were people with 600%+ and they were beating me. I just started and I am being pitted against players with huge damage. Either they bought that or have played long enough. Either way, that isnt fair to a new player just getting started. It really ruins the newcomer feel. Also, the ghost boss is horrible. His ability activates way before other bosses. Totally unfair

rico jelks

fun and addictive game for passing the time!

Ekkehard B.

~Please add tracking of mirror matches for amount of wins/loses and daily rankings.~ Review: This is a copy of Random dice. It is the best copy I've seen and played. It also does not limit mirror matches like Random dice has later on. The concept is great, and the selection of towers works really well. I'll continue playing! ^^

Mitch A

Progress is balanced much better than Rush Royale (RR), but it is missing some pizzazz content like the "talents" in RR. Leaves you a little aimless after you collect some towers.

Bryce Turley

Game is unplayable


I love the game but please fix the connection issues. Multiple times now ive flat out lost because it loads the game twice. And the most recent time i lost without even playing the game.

NoXioUs ZbK


Sean Faulkner

I like the game but I find it funny about how they talk about beating the issues with inflation but also charge 40$ to guarantee just 1 rarest level card. the game is good but it is another overpriced clone. change your prices and align your "values" and the rating can change.

Tyler Rook

Games great I just wanna know how to get the rainbow color name tag

Kimb Picazo

Very chalenging

Rob Malon

Sorry i dint get it. Some RNG and whoever merges faster?!?!? Yawn

Cody McCauley

I'll edit a bit once I'm a bit father in. I'm at 3k trophies currently. The game is good, though the difference in strength between certain dice are too high. Legendary dice are absolutely necessary to effectively farm trophies late tier or high monster waves in coop. It's nice that they're that strong, but I think lower rarity dice need a type of buff that'll allow them to at least compete with legendary dice on a good or lucky board. At the moment, certain dice vastly out balance others.


Pretty good game has it's down side with opening chest drop rates suck I've probably opened up about 1k chest by now and only have 5 legends and if u dont have certain legends you get beat on pretty hard in pvp but other than that it's a pretty good game

Michaela Ogborne

One of the better tower games.. has took me a while to get legendary, but progressed all the same without them.. just got slightly challenging :) ,great game overall n still playing at lvl 13.

Diego GC

i really wanna like this game i played Random Dice for 2 years and now i switch to this but the fact that you cant get a single legendary is a Big No for me, i only have 2300 trophies and i played alot of coop and still no legendary. it dosent seem there's a legit way of getting a legendary towers besides paying with real money. every pvp match my opponent has 1 or 2 legendaries so its basicly impossible to win a game at this rank. would have give it 5stars but the unbalance on pvp is huge

Michelle Pretorius

New update causes wins on battle arena not to count / register Update - Royale Mirror mode also not working

David MacKay

Easy to learn, difficult to master. Has just the right amount of F2P vs P2P incentives. By watching ads you get to continue playing for free. Very enjoyable for all ages.

Nur Anggi F. P

The win count on daily ranking doesn't increase even when you win a battle

Torin Stevens

Removed my review because you dont want anyone to know there is alot of cheating going on in this game, several instances now and i came to edit my review because i got more bizarre cheater matches i had one match enemy ddint have the tower to boost my sides mvspd and suddenly my side moved 200% faster everyone started running, the hacker ninja stars that shouldnt be there and the outragious spawn number difference you get random cheater matches game is rigged some matches, fix this i uninstall


It's a great game only issue is there no real way to report problems for example I had just bought gems but didn't receive them in game... Edit it turns out there is and without knowing it's hard to find but they do help with the problems pretty quickly


Just another very unoriginal copy of 111's Dice game. There is nothing unique here, no great ideas or additions, just a blatent copy with different UI. Go play the original if you want a better experience.

Nicholas Evans

very good game so far. very similar to a favourite of mine for a while so really enjoying! few translated words/sentences into English aren't 100% but you can still understand. 9/10 👍

Mister G

Did the recent update and it's very laggy and keeps losing connection. Costs me a lot of games and ruined winning streaks.

Nico C

Matches are predetermined. You can tell because one player will get overwhelmed fast despite having the better towers+levels, and the boss appears with x2 more hp than the opponents. This isnt a bad thing otherwise matches will take 20+ minutes to conclude. With that said dont worry about what towers you bring or losing ranks. This game just heats up your phone and will drain your battery. Bug with attack buff locking at 29 seconds.

Jellybro 0102

It's a great game, simple, although I noticed that the balancing of who you go against isn't very good. Had recently battled someone with almost 1000 trophies higher than I had, with noticably higher levels of towers than I had.

ElEscorpion Plays

Was good until...I had to restart my phone, and think it would give my account back when I relink with Google.... NOPE!!! all that hard work.. give me my account back and I will change to 5 stars

Daniel O'Sullivan

Good game, but wish there was some report option or refund option on doing coop mode with someone who literally spawns no towers

Shayan Lim


Direct To Heart

The update said it'll fix the bugs but now there are more bugs, sometimes my i update tower but currency is used without upgrading tower or middle in the match many times game send me back to reconnect page which disturbs the whole match or makes me lose.

Alex White

really fun.

Lance Lambert

In my opinion, better than Rush Royale

Marius Opdahl

Rush royal copy.

Bryan Blake

You can have three stars once you remove the ninja and the ghost

Dirty D

Was a fun game! After enjoying the game for 2 weeks I can no longer get a battle mode game started. It countdowns to 1 sec but a game never starts.

Tomáš Komárek


Evangelos Theocharous

Bad copy from other similar games. Worse graphics, less tower types the same cash grab. The moment you start playing with real people you either pay or lose.

Jared Hansaker

Fun game until you get into higher ranks and start notcing all the cheaters 🤷‍♂️ its really annoying getting into a match and noticing the other guy cheat his tower to level 5 and start getting all the upgrades in 30 seconds

Tony Thomas

Worst pvp balancing I've ever seen. Brand new player with basic towers going against people with legendaries already. Just play random dice.

Ivan Ace Tamondong


sven vanzeir

out of the 1000 games like this one, yea install this one, good balance. keep up the content

Bryan & & Tens

Its about time there's a game who doesn't charge out the (donkey) for their packages. But you don't need to buy them either to do well in the game. There are multiple opportunities for F2P to do well in it. Keep up the good work can not wait for more updates and hopefully another game from you.

Emily Darow

I really enjoy the soul "stones" on the merge board!!! gives more upside to merging!!! I recommend checking this out if you like merging tower defense games!!!

Ray Collins

This game needs balancing in a bad way. The bots are overpowered and they don't try to hide it. All of my towers are Merge level and I lose to a bot with 1 level 4 tower. I don't think I have much interest left in this game. Don't waste your time here. A good game good and becomes profitable. Stop trying to manipulate and just make your game good and enjoyable. Ps: I Uninstalled it.

Jace Vandenberg

Just plain boring..more exciting watching the grass grow..

Living Learning

I'm giving this game a 2 star rating. As it has potential but who in their right mind. Thinks that most of the legendarys are useless and have very low attack. And when u do mix up Ur 5 cards to make it great it still isn't as u just still LOOSE I don't understand this game. I wish it was better like random dice game but it needs alot more work and higher dmg ffs

Stefan Van der merwe

This game sucks can't even do any matches it restarts the game before a match even starts

Telkicel Stascal

remake of other games, basically a clone

Olivia Ocampo



so much fun can't get enough

Timothy Baker

its a good game to have you gotta download it

Undead Sarim

Great game, affordable p2w

Wal Brown

the game is so fun

Jay D

nit really anough coop chance 3 not sure if you can buy more with a membership

Grytviken No Pressure

wow nice


pretty good game has lots of room to improve love it so far!

Gage Reynolds

This game is copyright. It is literally the exact same game as random dice. This game needs to be deleted or completely remade.

Tim G

Should be called lag royal.. and no it's not my connection.. it's your trash game.

Astronaut Q

My game keeps lagging out and causing me to lose my matches without having a chance to even play the battle. Please address this as soon as possible. I like the game when it works properly.

Milad Samimi


Scoince Man

Nice game people should try it

Matthew Pride

For a brand new random tower defense game this one ticks all the boxes thus far. Very simple and easy to jump into if you are familiar with this type of game. Keep it up guys!!!

Uber Destruction

A stylized and high production value game. I wouldn't say it's better than Hero Royale but it has a lot going for it. Hero Royale requires a lot more thought while this game Is a lot more straightforward and easy going. In addition to that the tower rates for chests are much higher than other similar games and the shop is much more fairly incentivized. All in all it's a solid 5-star game.

Jessica Harper

awesome game

Sarah Bell

different to the other games like this,but easy enough to get the hang of

Sugar Puss

Not like other games of this genre, but similarly enough to know what you are doing. I like the amount of tickets for the co-op chest, the refresh rate of the store. The price of the Season Pass is perfect, but should have more tiers in my opinion. I had a 10 win streak at PvP and the breaker was over 50% more crit than me, and my win ratio dropped to 90%. I didn't feel as if the king block actions were properly covered in the tutorial. Good start of a new game anyways.

Ethan Middlemiss

Can you get rid of the blocks that spawn in pvp they are very annoying when I try use a good deck and I can't make it when there is blocks there and after you finish a game I want to see what level their cards are

David D

best merge TD game. No excessive ads needed to upgrade. Great gameplay

Openbve C151B production

Ur mom

Alex Polack

it's good, I'll say that. and it does have a good selection of towers but, visually it's kinda hard to look at. maybe it's the color concept for the landscape? I'm really not sure. And I have to say it's a bit of a lazy rip off of other games. sry.

Arlen Saavedra

It's very fun very funny I mean it's very cool action person

David Clark

really like it so far, hope you keep the game going and not drop it

Dave Rostron

Yo can honestly say this is the first online Android game that I am genuinely looking forward to seeing the future of sick game 10 out of 10

adam west

I couldn't get threw the tutorial

Dexter Ng Yong Hau

Great mechanics with merging and upgrading. Graphics quality is OK for this game. Merging towers should yield same type instead of becoming different type. Ads are appropriate whereby users will get to choose whether or not to view ads for certain rewards given.

cleto quibal

it always at the start of the game goes back to the beginning and shows that as a loss but you don't even know who I played against,

Hunter Weidensall

I like this td game I would like to see more towers be added but other then that this game is great and haven't seen anything like bugs or glitches 5 star

Perry Humphries


Daniel Saville

Would be five stars but the matches need to last a little longer

BadWolf GoodDog

Fun game but you do not get the rewards from chests listed in the game info. I put the time in to earn the top pvp spot, won the top tier chest, opened it and did NOT recieve a legendary tower... only gems. What ever you do, do not buy a chest in this game. Reward system is apparently broken and needs a patch to fix it.

John Gofourth

Awesome fast-paced tower defence/merge game!!!! I love it!!!!

Robert Triggs


Isolation Chaos

I dont do reviews but i feel like this game needs one. I love this game and everything about it, i feel like there could be things added but that makes sense because the game just came out. All together a great game good work

F_ rsaken

Recently started tonight, got to tier 2 and I love it!

Kyle Arthur Steffens - חיים בן יסף

Very fun tower merge defense.

music mixed

Garbage you can lose a match ve players with lower level and less crit bonuses. And lower pips. And the same deck. What a joke of a geme. Also nothing original. Every card is ripped right from other games like it.

Alexander Lyday

Was pretty much a dead game already and seems they decided to just trash it. Made the only good dice unusable and made the coop just bizarre and unplayable. Skip on this one. There are plenty of other games of this genre.

Travis Benick

The new update ruined the game co op is un playable now and the ninja tower doesn't work properly don't play until it's fixed !!

Tony Sykes

The game was fun but now im uninstalling it as you to mix towers together to unlock a new spot and its faster to lose i got to say good idea for an update you most be happy to change a good game into a bed one