Tower Defense Realm King: Epic TD Strategy Element

Author: Daedalus Game

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Tower Defense Realm King: Epic TD Strategy Element – The epic battle of good vs. evil continues in this top-rated strategy game.

Detailed info

File size: 109M
Update time: September 12, 2021
Current version: 3.2.9
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Daedalus Game
Price: Free
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Customer review

reuven k


Ronan Coyle

Not bad - fairly typical TD The level pace & progress is a little slow. Similar with upgrades

Jeremiah Nunez

First of this is a fun game, but the sound, upgrades, and the amount of money you get after each level malt this game irritating. First you can't just turn off the annoying music, you have to turn off ALL SOUND! Second the money you get after each level makes upgrading towers almost impossible... Third the intrusive ads... 🙄

Rekha Dinesh

God damm this is good

Michael Tunesi

A good puzzle tower defence game you can easily play for free but it speeds advancement if you are willing to pay a little.

Terry Gnatek

this game is really different in the beginning I thought it was okay and now I finally complete level 10 I find this fantastic I hope you keep making games like this it's a little hard getting Pat get past the fifth level but I enjoyed it every bit of the way Sonoma to the next set of levels 11 to 20 I believe and I'll be happier and happier and I'll give you another review at that point thank you

Patricia R Mouser


Philip Robinson

If this TD wasn't so incredibly pay to win or mindnumbingly grindy I'd give it a decent 4 maybe 5 stars.

mm maynard


Marc Olmsted


Ryan Vert

Pay is way to low and the damage output as well is terrible. Wish I could give a zero star because of how bad the game really is. Poor management on this game by far. Almost as bad as thoughts merge games.

VictorJr Pajo

good game.

nghiquan nguyen


Moemoe Moemoe

good game

Tony Tran

No backup option. When switching to new device, I have to start everything from the beginning.

Dinesh Chumbalkar

Great game I hop u upgrade. Take your time and give some new



kian oosh


St I

No unavoidable ads, cute graphics. Just a bit too easy - all levels can be cleared with just one tower type. Annoying that sometimes random bosses are added, but then they are gone if you replay the same level.

Charles Stiegler

Its a decent game

Guohui Chen

Ok good game, simple and can grind through to get everything. Just whack the purple magic tower upgrades and don't waste time on the rest, will complete all 250 stars... What the heck r the collections for??? Story is very messy like no one cares. Items are not necessary when u can defeat the game with one single minded strategy. So just a simple game. The rest of the features are just to make it look like it can be called epic. Nonetheless just a basic tower defense.

Sinisa Abramovic

Cool looking game

Daniel McGowan

How annoying! I was doing so well but now the game won't open

June Morris

Having fun. Music is different and fun. Still learning.

David LovesG

The gameplay is enjoyable, the graphics are nice, colourful and detailed. The music is creative and the sound effects are cute, problem is the cost of everything. To upgrade towers is 1000 gold and only 42 gold rewarded when winning a battle? Lol! Rewards are not enough, game requires too much grinding obviously PTP; what a shame developer greed has ruined what could be a great game! DEVELOPERS TAKE NOTE you will earn far more money by having a far more fair progression system-not GREED!

Steven Scheffel


Dale G

Great game only reason not giving 5 stars is needs more blood

Bill S

Overall, fairly challenging

Adi Erisadi


Hashan Indrajith


Tia Remillard

Unplayable. Game freezes upon hitting the first enemy on level 1

Annette Shires

Brilliantly executed

Kahlon Jit

Simple and interesting good game

Ben Nicholson


fefceac radu


Stuart burden

Like it

Minh Thư Nguyen


Steven Dotson

Not bad for an old school TD game. Graphics are rustic but I the sound effects are cool. I have a feeling this game will grow on you. Not overwhelmed with Ads or Pay for Upgrades. Might hit me later though. :-)

Surajit Das

Fun to play

Steve Lodge

Good fun

gammy guban

This is a nice game😊 challenging one😁 by the way, is this up to level 50 only? thanks in advance

ken frandsen

Can't upgrade hero, can,t combine collection's

mindy kaczorowski

It's a good game don't listen to the bad review's love that thier is a woping 250 levels to make you play the game more ... But wish thier was more towers but that is all

Marlene Atkins

I am having fun playing the game

gabi loo

Good strategy, the best fantasy game... like the game...

Karl Swanson

Just not very engaging.

Siavash Samadi

تا از

Tumurbaatar Enkhzul


Wihan Meintjes

Love this game! Just hard enough to make me want to plan and strategize without losing interest. Just wish there was an endless mode...?

Ellen Currie

Good and challenging game but there should be greater rewards for winning a level. Not require you to spend so much money.

Roland Mariquina

Good for past time

Niko Gangster

Good to play

Jakub Makaruk

Fun game, at first difficult but playing with mags only does the job. Still the collections are mistery to me.

Dejan Sakic

Such an addictive tower defense game. Literally can't stop playing. Without any doubt, my favorite on play store.

alireza mohammadi


Khurrams Creation

Nice game 👍👍👍

Alexandre Benoit

Lack of balance between gain and cost of coins. Upgrades are too expensive (starts at a minimum of 1000 coins) and you gain maximum 100 coins per level. It affects the whole dynamic of the game.

muh tahir

Suck.... Not recommend

Balaje Viswanathan

Good so far. At level 5 now. Similar to kingdom rush but with more features.

Roman Tušek

This is a well balanced, challenging and fun tower defense game I've played. Levels are interesting and there are quite a few ways to advance based on your preferred strategy.

Edelyn May Baylan

Too bad for me.. Never try to install much disappointed

Michael Wayne Duckett, Austin

Great game

mike stomberger

Fun game.

Marko Starjački

Quite amazing number of content in this game, will definitely keep me occupied for a while.

Kristijan Kendel

I really like this tower defence most. I would recommend download to everybody who likes this type of games!!

Edgar Gonzalez

Upgrades are terribly expensive. I can only upgrade 2 towers and the archer tower upgrade is just to sell and get more money. Not even an upgrade. Uninstalling!

ronaldo bajado

nice game

Thomas McCarthy

This is one of the better TD games. It could use a speedup button, and the passive upgrades in the world map are laughably expensive, but the levels are well designed and the game feels balanced

A Google user

Nice game more fun....

A Google user


A Google user

i see this game and play it and its so good pls make more game

A Google user


A Google user


A Google user

Fun and challenging strategy combat game.

A Google user

There are so many things that suck about this game I don't even know where to begin

A Google user


A Google user

It's fun but I dont understand the collections or rewards for combining them. I've done it like 5 times and it tells me nothing and dont notice any advantage it gives you for doing it. Other than that it is okay.

A Google user

This game is need a LOT of improvements. I get bored after stage 5. You can only earn less than 100 gold after you a one stage(really?) and then the upgrade cost is at least 1000 gold. Lol The attack range of towers are too short. I advise you to add a fast forward button. This game sucks and boring.

A Google user

I saw this game on Infogamer and it was super fun! Bf and I dowbloaded it at home and kept playing since, works flawlessly.

A Google user

Fun tower defence game with nice art and well balanced difficulty

A Google user

Cool tower defense game, lovely art style. I like it! 🙂

A Google user

Very fun tower defense game. Will definitely keep me up at night if you know what I mean 😏 Samo naprijed škvadra 💙

A Google user

Great game. Made for any tower defence fan out there. Can't wait to play more!

A Google user

Game pitcure of structure perfect, music great only dumb Indic bots give a one score to this game. Guys nice Job !

A Google user

Best game ever 😀

A Google user

I love tower defense games and this is one of the best I ever played.

A Google user

Can't stop playing this game! Funny and addictive.

A Google user

It is fun but challenging, perfect for some down time. Plus you have nice winner effect after you beat the level.

A Google user

Too much trouble accessing things in the game, then suddenly i stopped being able to obtain daily rewards. work out the bugs and ill give another star...

A Google user


A Google user

unbalanced, towers just not effective against some targets. you can grind away or P2P. no speed up option and lots of ads. deleted after three levels.

A Google user

Enjoying the game. Still working on strategy!

A Google user

I have 250 stars is there are more levels in game?

A Google user

Best game ever!

A Google user

Really liked the game. One of the best defence games

A Google user

Cool Tower Defense game, recommend 😁👌

A Google user

started difficult but then got too ez. game not long enough imo.

A Google user

Totally Spam game, don't waste your valuable time. The game is full of Advertisement. uou cant cross level 1 befire watching too too much ads.

A Google user

Best game ever!

A Google user

I did not like it