Tower Defense: New Realm TD

Author: stereo7 games

100,000+ install


Tower Defense: New Realm TD – Defend your kingdom!

Detailed info

File size: 69M
Update time: April 13, 2021
Current version: 1.2.62
Require Android: 5.1 and up
Developer: stereo7 games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Sharon Zycinski

Loving this game, art is lovely ,cute characters and can skip most ads quickly. Great fun 👍😁

Mark gerard Eñano

Cool game. .


Be careful with this app. The name of the app in the playstore didn't match the name of the app that use installed. The developer's banner in the appstore didn't match the name in the game. Makes me think if it's some kind of a trojan virus

Gladys Gaceta

I like the game

Joshua Fromm

There are adds yes, but hey this is a free game that's not trash. So I am enjoying myself and I get how strategy works sooo I don't see others issue

Zack Pops

Pretty good so far

KU Vui Chung

So good

Clinton Long

You get to watch an ad before and after every level. Maybe make it bit more irritating and put an ad halfway through each level as well.

Sammy Minalang



the upgrade of archer tower is not working, the speed attack is still the same even you upgrade it to the max leve.

acute alpha

Like it😊

Pawan Kannaujiya


Rik Paterson

Fun game that be played offline as well.

Sai Zaw Myo Latt

good for time killing

sam minalang

Nice game

Enan Khan

THIS GAMES HEROS IS BEST√√√√√√√√###@@@$$$(1234)

Dindo Ramos


Ionut Andrei Costea

Interesting and fun game to play. To bad, you can finish it in 1-3 days. I have now uninstalled it considering that no coming updates are announced.

Shaun Steele

Fun to play.

Darren webb

Fun little games but 90/90 all done, shame not harder levels

Jerry Bansuing

Bowang Ni na Dola



Kim Pelipas

Its so good

Evangelos Theocharous

Forced adds and ads everywhere.

Liefie Liefie


Temo Tull

Con: ad after every level, too easy unless it's your first ever TD game, upgrades take time... Pro: visual is good, at least it's not pay2win

Edmund Toh

Too many ads. It is annoying.

Rolando Calimutan

I pretty sure to play this game and fun

Filip Rajić

Dobra je igra, ali deluje nedovršeno. Nivoi su prelaki, neprijatelji dolaze u 5-7 talasa, svaki nivo se može preći samo s par tornjeva, tako da dizanje karata na viši nivo i gledanje reklama nemaju neki smisao. Treba uvesti opciju da se sruši toranj nakon izgradnje, neki info o neprijateljima, bilo šta što bi moglo da se radi osim da se prelaze jedni te isti nivoi i gledaju reklame. Zaista nije za više od 3 ⭐, ali kao što su mnogi već rekli, potencijal je ogroman, ne treba odustati od ove igre.

Robert Hendrickson

This will be a better game oncevit gets fixed.

Reymark Joseph Perez

Nice game

Siva R

Need updated

Logan Wolverine


Druettus Edward T.


Seattle Sauce

Nice game. Good UI and smooth controls. A little too easy though. Also could use some more variation and/or upgrades, weapons, etc. Overall great effort and good game. Has potential for more.

P Lamb

It's a okay game. Only 5 rounds on most levels. The game should be a lot harder. There are only 30 levels so you should be done with game play in a couple of days. UNINSTALLED

Luis L

Finished game too fast

Peyote Pete


Susan Galloway

I would like to read up on enemies please.

Frederique Davis

From 60 secs to 20 min for the merg ? But the game play isnt too hard or unreasonable. Should ask about rating the game near the middle or closer to the end. Too early to fairly rate.

Mike Brogdon

Good concept and fairly balanced. Forced ads, brutal. Deleted after five levels.

Marion Steve Progella

Its very interesting

Ben Schroff

To many ads

Javier Navarrete


Tai P

.....Though tooo easy; except endless mode.

Mikaylla sydney Natividad

the best games

Dominick Pacileo

TD set in a zombie apocalypse during the Middle Ages. Highly enjoyable.

Kolt Carpenter

Good game so far I like it.

akash kushwaha



Can you hack this game please

Väặñ Ẅû

30 second ad after every level you complete. Didn't seem to be an option to purchase no adverts. The game seemed good, but I'm not wasting time watching an advert after every level...


30 second ad after every level you complete. Didn't seem to be an option to purchase no adverts. The game seemed good, but I'm not wasting time watching an advert after every level...

Edward Musa

Good game

Avery Spencer

Nope. Beat first level went right to an add i couldnt back out of. Adds are ok and all but dont cram them down my throat right after lv 1

Justin Berry

Pay to win past level 6

A Google user

the game is okay but ... the only problem i encountered so far is when i purchased the 3rd card slot ... is it permanent or not ??? bcoz the 2nd is permanent and 3rd slot is not ...

A Google user

Every time you finish a level your stuck watching a ad very annoying

A Google user

Great game

A Google user

Fun game 😁

A Google user

Great Game, same as Throne 5/5. But FORCED long ads NOOOOO. STOP DESTROYING GOOD GAMES WITH ADS!!!!!!.

A Google user

Too many ads

A Google user

Ads every finish a stage

A Google user


A Google user

Good game but few mission i end this game and because game have no more mission i delete game is great just few mission and this is sucks Please bring more mission And connect to the google play for save the game thanks

A Google user


A Google user

Potential to be much better all round but forcing an ad every single time you complete a level (irregardless of whether it can be ended after a few seconds) isn't acceptable and it's not like there is the option to pay to go ad free to avoid this. Bit backwards. Needs changing and then I would have no complaints. Exactly the same issue with a few of their games. Sadly uninstalling.

A Google user

Played a few matches and just had to uninstall because of the ads. I understand watching ads for rewards, but just piling them on like that to simply play your game only exhibits greed and there are countless TDs out there that dont have that issue. Uninstalled.

A Google user


A Google user

The game play is nearly identical to similar games but it isn't bad or anything. The annoying ads that pop up every time after you finish a level is. App uninstalled.

A Google user


A Google user

Cool game

A Google user

I'm happy cos I love playing this game is relaxing then exciting and best variety

A Google user

whay very short

A Google user

more ads than gameplay

A Google user

If there was an option to remove ads, I'd purchase it and give this game 5 stars. I've played a lot of TD games and this is a really good concept, however the ads make it really, really hard to stay in the game. I don't think that you should have to watch an ad to unlock a slot you've already unlocked in game and I don't think you should have to watch an ad every time you complete a level. watching ads to quicken the upgrade pace is fine, but the upgrade time is way too slow.

A Google user

good game

A Google user

This game is fun and has potential. It is possible to have ads in a game without them being forced upon you. Unfortunately, this game is not one of those. So far the game is enjoyable enough where I would consider a small purchase to remove the ads if the option were made available.

A Google user

Nice game, poison is the key guys

A Google user


A Google user

iwan wla lang

A Google user


A Google user

Better than the last one.

A Google user

"...the game is awesome, good graphics, please add a tournament mode in it..."

A Google user

I love it awesome game my self the world best game ☺😊😁😁❤💋

A Google user

Nice game 😠😎😎😎

A Google user

need more help at start

A Google user

Good TD game so far lvl 5

A Google user

Love this game

A Google user

To many adds but other than that it's q good game

A Google user

Its good

A Google user

nice game

A Google user


A Google user


A Google user


A Google user


A Google user


A Google user

Seriously? Limited tower slots?

A Google user

Ok ok

A Google user

I love it

A Google user

Its time killer.