Tower Defense Games – GOLDEN LEGEND

Author: SinDava Games

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Tower Defense Games – GOLDEN LEGEND
Play the classic Tower Defense game in the world of Slavic mythology. Defeat three unique Bosses and save the ancient world.
If you are a fan of the real-time strategy genre, then Tower Defense – GOLDEN LEGEND is definitely a game for you.

The story takes place during the time of the light of three moons, on the holy land, which was guarded by the ancient gods. The darkness in deep caves multiplied, strengthened, and began to attack the holy lands. Only YOU can stop the evil in the decisive battle of the three worlds.


* 36 levels.
* Orcs, goblins, trolls, giants, and many other enemies.
* Bosses at the end of levels.
* 3 super bosses at the end of each of the three locations.
* A large number of maps.
* Stunning locations – forests, swamp, ancient city.

In Tower Defense Games – GOLDEN LEGEND you can free the world from evil, and perhaps the descendants of a great civilization will worship you as a deity!

Detailed info

File size: 69M
Update time: April 6, 2021
Current version: 2.6
Require Android: 5.1 and up
Developer: SinDava Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Corran Crispe

So it's a fun tower defense game and I am happily upgrading my towers without spending any real money

Perry Morris


Fred Ehrhart

Fun game but freezes

Arnel Pagar

No good d game, the orc destroy your tower

Afzal T A

Good game with nice gameplay elements

Rafael Miagano

like it

Ana Fernandez


Randy Kennedy


Vicsalvo Salvo


Albert Busquaert

Very challenging

kristina webster

It's a great game

Amrit Kishor Thakur

Just s starting

Heidelprint Asia Incorporation

Very good games

Douglas Kendrixk

Fun I like it

Amel Dervisevic

Nice game but it gets stuck at stage 21 after wave 4/16. It just stops and nothing happens. Enemies stop arriving. Its not frozen, I can sell/upgrade towers but enemies are not advancing.

oiluj selatsocal

great full of fun good to recommend to others to play...

Rodulfo Walbar

Nice game.

Colby Brown


Peyote Pete


Manjur Rai


Raw FX

Having Fun

Lew Dubb


Ellen Currie

Great game that doesn't require large amounts of cash or constant game interruption for adds

sonu kumar

Good game

Okafor Basil

It's okay

Rishikant Sarraf

Good game

Corie Holloway

Really good game

Graeme Redman

Fixed previous bugs. I consider this a good game Thanks

happycamper 75

Sucks...always asking for a rating.riddled with interupting ads

Don Christo

The Towers don't look cool actually.

Devon B.

Like it so far

Tajimul Islam

Nice game

Ed Fields

It's not bad. A few bugs but it's a good time killer.

Miomir Devrnja


Dnyaneahwar Dengale

Good entertainment

Katt M

There were bugs in the game!

Trevor Howard


Edward Funk

The first thing it says in this review panel is "Reviews are public and editable". I would like to go on record and state that I don't mind these comments being public but if anybody eats my statements I'm going to have to come after them that's just crossing the line.This game is amazing in the sense that after a few hours of continuously screwing me it actually offered me a reach around before I exited. Seriously, this is a solid game towers upgrade simultaneously which is a cool feature.

Edith Quesenberry

Game is broking go upgrade archer tower n locks up

John Mullins

Your game is kinda horrible. Since it's just a knockoff that makes it even worse. So many bugs.