Tower Builder 3D!

Author: VOODOO

100K+ install


Thrilled to announce our newest puzzle game!

Test your construction skills!

Build a tower with different materials, put it to the test, and unlock the next brain-teasing level!

250 more puzzle levels!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 27, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: VOODOO
Price: Free
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Customer review


Too many ads....worst

Juanipani 2

Hey so its a voodoo game play a couple levels and uninstall not worth keeping play the first 5 levels offline then uninstall the game and move on

Max Coto


Aju Bhimani

Too muchh advertising

Shubham Jangid

Wrost game ever lots of ads Middle of the level

Ramkelash Meena

👏👏👏👏 jhbv 👏👏😂😂😂

Pappu Sekh

Nice 🤠

Dheer Pratap



The game is full of ads you have to watch ad before a level and between a level don't install you will get frustrated

Iqbal Khan

Worst game...lots of ads.

Akhil Ch


Golapmostofa Golapmostofa

M C har 30sec pe ad

Mt Panwar

The game is good but irritating things is unstoppable ads that comes so many times . Not good no can't be playing offline . And ads comes ,7,8 times in 10 mint. So uninstall.


Too much Ads

Demonetize Bot

Needs wifi just so they can give you ads 1 out of 10 would not recommend

Bradley Anthony Heynes

Its an okay game to pass the time, it gets boring after a while though

rupesh shinde

Boring ads again and again

Kunal Manwani

Too many ads. Worst App ever. Levels are shorter than ads and after each level there is nonsense ad and sometimes even middle of playing. Pathetic experience for user

Jaya prakash

Lavdalo game 5 seconds game ki 30 seconds adds Zero star rating ...000000

Sandip Thakre

So...enjoying game



Sadhan Biswas

Add id highly added

Ganesh Akhare

Not best because this game play for internet necessary. You are not playing this game without internet..

Kimti Paul

You always keep asking for net like a beggar just internet internet internet , I get irritated seeing your ads! If I want to see Ads, I will watch it on YouTube, right?

Suman Music Center


Manju Manju


Todd Mullen

Not interested in watching a video ad after each level. Level 1 => complete, Level 2 => Unistall

shekh prakash 22

This is the game is best but I don't like ads

Boah Bross


Awolia Rahaman

This is badest game , dont download this game , you will faced lot of unwanted ads, Means you complete a level you get a ad 30sec, you get lot of unwanted ads

Rushikesh Bane

The game is very good

H4rman Dhesi

Worst Game Ever

Shiva Yadav


jay patel

The game is well but ad people that is why i uninstalled the game

Charan reddy Bunty

Don't instal game due to full of advertisement in this game

kamlesh patel

Very good nice game

Ankit Gupta

Worst game without internet cant play but you can internet on Much More ads running very frustrated

saksham jain


Syafiq Rahman

The definition of desperate developer.. i can consider if the ads every 4-5 task .. but in this game u get every ads after finishing one task .. so yeah .. the definition of desperate developer..

Febri Junaidi

Much ADS ....

Yishen Ong

Enforce us to watch ads

Mohammad Obayedullah


Shamsuddin Shaikh

Full of ads

Khan Nooman

Worst Irritating ads again and again in between stages also Do not download.......🤬🤬😡😡

Gopaldebnath Gopaldebnath

Very good Vary good picture

Harshit Choudhary

#bwst game and this game is instanting

Armadus Steel

Would enjoy if it wasn't littered with unskippable ads.

Adrian Hartono

Too many ads

Firoj Khan

My game

Anshul Mishra

Always needs internet connection to play and lots of ads which you have to watch them forcibly. If this is an offline game then why does it need internet ??

Lone_Mizo Rider

Too many ads we don't have time to play it is like we're watching ads fulltime

Dhiraj Kumar


Rizwan Alam

Very discusting game playing time very aids come

Narne Naga pavan


Manjit Singh

So. Nice game

Suraj Sharma

Game to badiya hai Par bhen chod Add bhut ate h Net band krke khel nhi skate


Verry verry verry verry bad game. No can play this game...

GS gaming Suvasish

It's not a game it's a ads app

Liam Carr

Won't let me download

Nimoj Choudhary

Very bad response this game

Vishal Dalal



Abusive amount of ads as per usual for voodoo games. Once it's asked you to rate the game, that's when the abuse starts!

amir yousif



too many ads dont download this apps super ugly game

Imtiyaz Tarkash

Nice game

Cryptic Arts

This game is a good time passing source but I am annoyed by its intrusive ads every 20 or 30 seconds ... And almost all games in playstore has become incomprehensible and unworthy of playing due to annoying ads all around the place. Uninstalling Thank You

Milind Narkar

लय भारी

Satish Chodiya

Too many aad

Sagar Das

Bad game

Chase Hunter

I enjoy game that make you use your head and think about how things need to be to work properly. But damn this game. If you didn't have a ad pop up in the middle of a level. You had one after every level. And ruins the whole game. So it was a waste.

Talha Mohd Talha

OP game

Vishal Saini

Game to bahut achha h pr adds bahut jyada h so me uninstall kr rha hu bs

Riya Sharma


Debkumar Paira

Worst experience..too much add

Iliyas Khan

Full of bugs😡😡😡😡😡



Tahir Mir

Advertisement only

Pankaj meena

Not play the game without internet 😠😠😠😠😠😠


To many ads

dario grate

Ads pa more😐😐

Romil Patel

Thr worse game ever.... It's a online game so it not opening without internet. And the ardevetises so much coming in between play...

Aidan The cool guy

Very fun! Ads can appear every once in a while but it's worth the wait.

Sudip Banerjee

Too much ad! Atleast the intensity of advertisement could have been reduced.

Tanveer Khan

Nice 👍🙂

Hypr motorrad

I liked the game bt too many adds made me hate this app. Never ever install this app DEV of this app is too greedy to earn more money by showing us adds on every step of the game.

best news channel best news channel


Harsha Harsha



Tooo much advertising, can't play because everytime you win you watch ad. Greed at finest

Sujaya Nayak

Nice game

Chetan Shinde

Bad app so many ads


Worst app ever seen.


Lovely 🌹

Golu Rathaur

Sexual connect Ad😡😡😡

wilson raj

Nice game but every level 2 advertisement 😡😡😡 and online game😡😡😡

Girish Darling

So many adds It's worst game. What is this Am I game playing Or watching adds. What doing..

B star


R Jeeva

Ads are irretating worst app

GM Vlog's

Use Less, DONT Download.... Many more Add....i think.. If possible for No rating this game ...

Debojit Dhar

Much ad

rahul hans

good game