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Touhou LostWord – Visit Gensokyo, and meet the beloved characters of Touhou in the #1 Touhou RPG!

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File size: 132M
Update time: August 11, 2021
Current version: 1.1.1
Require Android: 7.0 and up
Price: Free
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Customer review

Eizakyv Uesutto

10/10, ta gueno

K.Y.S. Official

I installed this game on the day of its eng release. Very cute game with a decent storyline. It gets boring fairly quickly, however :(

Gabriel Franco

Ive been playing 12 months and ive always had conection issues, at first I thought it was my phone so I got a new and better one, then I thought it was my internet service so I got a new and better one, I still get lots of disconnects, every day in daily reset I lose 3 errands cause I cant log in, i cant leave auto play alone cause every 5th battle it disconects. I love the story, the game is beautiful, the gameplay is one of the best I've ever seen and its ruined by a poorly maintaned server

Pixel Dream Games

Somethings wrong, I love playing this game both casually and sometimes less then casually. But for some reason every time I try to go to tasks or a battle it freezes up now. The music still plays, even if I'm not on the app. But I can't get to any actually game play

A Google user

Do yourself a favor and play an actual Touhou game if you wanna see Touhou. This game has great art, nice VA, however its summoning rates are incredibly low. You will summon many times and get the same characters, over and over again. The game will constantly release new characters giving no breathing room but don't worry. There's many $80 deals for you to try and the game will shove them right in your face. I'd rate 1 star but they'd delete my review. Nice anniversary by the way. No pity.

Vern Equinox

Love the game for how easy and brain dead it can be to clear most levels, but recently there seems to be something causing my game to crash if I try to even reach the daily arena or the explore section. Most everything else works fine. The prayer system is fairly decent, but definitely a gacha game.

Misune Komeiji

I have it not play this long time bc this game is boring this is not make me fun to play so I gotta uninstall rn and try again to play it bc I keep uninstall too much for the all day sometimes i think

Jampit Jisei

I still playing cause I just don't want to meet other player

Ach. Satria PS

A great game , it has a very good story but the gacha rates are too low

Emma Mares

Touhou Touhou

Lunapaw Okami

Solid game


They keep adding to the prayers and it gets harder to pull for new characters. Just increase the drop rate.


Pros Its touhou Its not insanley difficult It has a good story You dont need to have played any touhou game before to understand the charecters Cons The diffuclty progression is broken at some points Conclusion You should get the game if youre intrested

Kelly nese Adal

It is good no adds up yup but a bug some times when your spending same money on cridbles SOME TIMES YOU GET THE SAME PERSON FROM ITTTTTTTTTTTTT

Butter Dog

Beautiful game, I just wish that I could get better luck on my gacha pulls.

M Green

I'm stuck on a quest that doesn't allow me to use my team and I think it's dumb because the character is underlevled and expects me to win with one skill and three grazes so in story quest let me use my own team


The va doesn't feel fitting to their characters, cute sprite collector

Phuong Nguyen

This seems like a good game i'll give it a try

NMG Zurie

Its a decent game, im giving it a 4*, i find the UI slightly confusing sometimes and the gameplay can be quite repetitive but i expected as much hoping into this game. Id recommend as something to pass time with, it has good voice acting and characters are great and the game def has potential so i hope devs push it in the right direction.

Cute Kanna

Am having this problem that werent there before my game keeps on freezing and the only way to fix it by closing the app and re-open it so it would be nice if that gets fixed

Cesar Davalos

More or less okay. Nothing good though. Look elsewhere for a decent game.

PinkSywe DarnoC

Amazing Touhou game

03 _Ahmad Dzaki Wicaksono

Kenapa ga ada fitur auto rematch


SO FUN and still good to play


Love the game keep it up

SDA Tetra

Games good. Does get pretty repetitive at points. And the drop rates are abysmal

Vollie D

Worst anniversary event I've seen since genshin impact, genshin at least didn't tease you like this. Genshin didn't give anything at all which I would prefer over a proverbial carrot in my face, they advertise 130 free summons, however there's a catch they can only be used on a purposefully throttled banner that has NO pity system unlike its other banners, genuinely disappointed with the blatant middle finger just put in my face. Instantly killed this game for me.


Been playing since month after global launch and is still genuinely one of the best games I've played. Voice acting, artstyle, storywriting, every part of this game are so passionately well made, you can tell this is a high effort touhou fangame. The only reason why I'm not giving it a perfect star is because everything in late game just feels so slow and tedious; from the monotonous routines that has unskippable animations to starting to feel 2x speed is not fast enough.


I love everything but lost all my data

Nazrin OP

Hard to love the game. The Gacha duration is too short at 7 days and reaching 150 for guaranteed banner pull is too much since you are only going to get around 15k coins a day and they limit the amount you can carry at any one time. The rates for banners are typically 0.5%. That is of course if you don't spend real money or stockpile premium currency. Costumes are Pricey at around 20$ (Using 1$ = 24PC ignoring the bonuses you get for buying bulk, That would also put each 10 pull at 30$ each). Resources are all over the place and could have been tweaked better. The grinding is pretty bad. Once you finish everything and you go into "Grinding mode" you are basically just tapping a button every 20 seconds for an hour or more. It's the bad kind of tedious and could be fixed by allowing the replay button to hit its self till your friends (Your party characters) stamina is spent. The best part is the story, So far the story is a pretty good derivative Touhou story. The doujin music they brought into the game from circles is nice to listen too. The artists who make the art for the story cards are great. But it's overshadowed by daily monotony that is trying to burn your stamina before the next days stamina comes in.

Lőcsei Anna

touhou. very nice.

Wai Yan

What a nice 130 free prayer full of story card I don't even get single friends 😏😏

Paing Soe Thu

Good music and cute girls doing cute things with somewhat interesting story. Exactly what I would expect from a touhou fan game.

Shyheim Pelle

Touhou LostWord is enjoyable and fun... when it isn't crashing due to a new update. Thought it may have been a software error so I unistall/reinstall the app. Issue is still there. I really am intrigued by the B3 universe designs & story. Wish I had better luck on the Ultra Festivals.

Kevin Empillo

I love Cirno


horrific gacha rates but honestly enjoyable

Dark TV

It's a gacha game based on project touhou. Ive have been enjoying the game so far, good music, nice battle mechanics that actually require you to think a bit, the main story hasnt gripped me and the gacha rates for rate up characters are very low. Target farming a story card can easily require you to replay a stage over one hundred times.


People that complain about the prayer rates clearly have not seen Dragon Ball Legends or Genshin Impact. What do you prefer? A 0.5% chance of getting the favorite touhou character you love or a 0.03% chance to get a character that changes his hair color.

Jose Mora

I enjoy playing the game and the only complaint I have is its very overwelming when you first get into the game there is a lot of tabs that confused me and it felt like my eyes where all over the place but other than that this is a really good game I enjoy playing it

Seimu Katakashi

I SEIROUSLY love this appp it has free pulls which will help the begginers whole lot! Even the story line is understandable and interesting! What makes me sad is that when y/n is going to leave reimu marisa and etc. Also waiting for chap.4! Btw keep this up! This is amazing!!

John isaac Bermejo


Terra Fang

I get to pretend to be a cute anime girl


Good Gacha game, Touhou is Amazing, 1 problem however. The game lacks mima and rin satsuki :(

Arnold Musengi

The Game is SO GOOD!!!! pls make this character prayer Utsuho Reiuji back plss

Phương Hoàng

An extremely realistic and enjoyable experience, with battles ranging from intense intensity to extremely intense intensity, a must-have for parties with friends.


a little bit complicated at first but everything's good,but please add google acc link or anything EXCEPT FACEBOOK

B Cruz

i really like the game but the update file is huge it took up half my storage


My friend told me about touhou about 2 years ago, but i didn't really know any characters, until i downloaded this game. Cute deadly girls + gacha? I'm in. Touhou lw introduced a lot of characters to me and helped me get into touhou, and get better at bullet hells. Would recommend.

Oliver Crow

The best game ever on mobile

Neon Become A Cirno Fumo [9]

Mima saves the day

Lindsey Hayden

Toe hor


I like this game it has potential but i think for improvement i guess it would be much better if the story have a choice that either full voice or not it might get bigger in size but i think it's gonna be a good improvement

obada nw

the game is really good and i like it, at first i didn't but now i really love it


Every time I try to run the game it says "unauthorised access has been detected.(34)" I've tried everything to fix this problem and yet nothing worked, so what do I do?

Fire Emblem Fan

So, I'm moving my review to 4 stars, as I lost my account and I can't recover it. I'm going to restart and hope for the best. Tip for people who delete the for space or whatever and reinstall it: YOUR ACCOUNT IS N O T TIED TO YOUR PHONE. I learned this the hard way.

Frederik 1q

Good game as a whole. But gameplay just isn't really that good for me. Edit: Been playing this for 4 months now. I'm addicted. Help. Edit2: Been doing the gacha. Absolute f**king hell. If you aren't pitying the character you want to summon/gacha for then don't even bother. I've summoned more than 500 times spread over multiple banners and none of them reaching pity. None of those summons yielded a rate up character. This is absolutely absurd. Cpuld just be me but idk.


Not worth your time

Anton Prasetiyo

Gameplay too crowded ..



Kayla cook

Update: its fun but its a gacha game so be preoared to spend money

Tyi'a Mcferren

this is really fun


It's good but can get stale after awhile

TheLegend 27

Fix your game

Nakano Miku

Laggy but good


needs to have google play login

Tristan Bishop

I just don't like it

Erelle Kenneth Maniquiz Evangelista

Pls get banned

Isabella Demeo

thus is a good game

Souther Harvey

The game is fun despite what the touhou community says about it.


hi I would like to report a bug. so there's the 1st anniversary everyone wins a campaign event where I have to log in for 30 days to get 50 seal crystals and 600 god crystals I have been waiting for so long until this day and It seems I didn't get the rewards. It just says enter the event for a special prize which is the figure and fumo prize not the crystals, which you just need to log in for crystals. so please if it's possible can I get the log in crystals I've been waiting for so long.

Joon Deidara

Great gacha game, but sadly it has very poorly connection, wouldn't recommend because of this

ᜁᜎᜒᜐ᜔ᜐᜈ᜔ᜇ᜔ᜇᜒᜐ᜔ ᜀᜊᜇ

Recently excellent update with a lot of good rewards and amazing anniversary. Minor stuff that is worrying is the recent trend of ufes characters back-to-back, also the morning presents of daily presents are nearly impossible to get due to time zone being locked on midnight.

R nB

A cute but stingy turnbased game, but careful of it's deluge of banners. The devs think generousity is tied to powercreep and gives more paid content pop ups than actual pull currency. A thousand different levelling currencies for you to pay real money for because barely anything is farmable!

John Wilson studios AKA Wilson anime

Love it


Idk to hard to get good characters

Idelle Christine Macatiag

this game is totally rad! i enjoy playing it so much☕👉🏻

Jayplays .R

Does not work fix it.

Reese Reinertson

Love this app =p

vinylbird rochato-IfISaySomethingRudeImBeingHacked

Play it once, very fun! Exit the app, suprise, you can never get in again! (I'm using the Bluestacks emulator.)

Michael Jennings


Briana Laws

Ever since the update my game freezes and crashes everytime I try to open it. It's already an annoying problem, but currently there is an event for the anniversary that REQUIRES logins to give me the rewards, do I feel like I'm going to miss out through no fault of my own. I hope it gets fixed before the event is over


Please add timer for How long it takes every battle. It can be used to know how long i could afk before my unit exhausted.

Warsman 1st

Since the latest android OS update for my phone the app no longer works and crashes every time I try to connect to the server.

Corn Puffs


Brian McAfee

Touhou fans will love it. Others, probably not.

Vishan B


Rayshawn Mccray


Jill Mason

Fun game it's just really hard to get crystals without buying them 😕 but I enjoy it very much its preeeeeeety fun not gonna lie

Holo Engel

Its cute

[ KokoriChoo ]

oh goodness gracious, the devs are soo generous about the gifts, thanks dev team! gacha plan, there is something named "exchange points" on the gacha, so save up seal crystals so u can get a guranteed friend. superfes friends needs 1250 seal crystals and 750 for normal ones.

Leon Seiker

Been over a week straight with constant crashing when you try to log in. Needs fixing, asap. Edit: I can now log in regularly again. 5-star restored.

Austin Eddy

I really like this game alot and that there should be a way to permanently unlock the pictured event character after events especially if you are having a hard time getting that character and I'm also wondering if I will be able to get merisa the witch of scarlet dreams again since there's no way I'll be able to get 300 seal crystals


Cirno best girl

AV Abrasado

I have been a big fan of touhou

Dennis Moh

New to this game, im supposed to get Patchouli on day 2 but its day 3 now, still havent gotten the 7 days login friends (Only gotten Sakuya). Its a fun game though very beautiful in both aspect of art and music.

Mack Teng

It won't let me in but my wifi is powerful enough to get in it please fix

Leandra Simone Chia- Montegrande

It's very good but I literally can't update it. It forced me to delete 3 apps.

Josh Ernsteen

The gameplay is okay, I like how the levels are set by level difficulty, which can be attempted by any character at any level, which shows who you have train up somehow in the game; however I did not 8 characters from the scripted 10 pull event in the game yet. The Bullet Style of gameplay is what the app is using as a basis for the game play. The app uses the bullet syle of gameplay as the basis for the game mechanics. I saw what they might be using in for the game. There could be an end to it.

Oluwaseye atoyebi

Good game for my sis

Alyte O'Brien

The game is alright, but its extremely hard to play because of continual crashes and failures to even load in on start up. If I clear cache and restart my phone, the game loads in. Good when it works, basically.