Totem Story Farm

Author: Enixan

100,000+ install


Totem Story Farm – Dive into time thrilling adventures with Martin and Jane, in Totem Story

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File size: 122M
Update time: July 14, 2021
Current version:
Require Android: 5.1 and up
Developer: Enixan
Price: Free
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Customer review

april berneck

Love it❤

mixedthread art

Does work on my Samsung phone. Downloads stall.

Raja Ishtiaq

I love this game

Ewelina Rychlinska

super gra

Sarah h Humphreys

Good game

Swathi Priya

I am not able to collect anything in game. There will be some black spot over the game. Help me to restore the game

Shaz Marsh

Love this game let's me play for few seconds then writing come on screen saying error cant open right now I I did click on the x witch is suposed take writing of the screen so really it wont let me play the game can you help please

David K

Terrible can't get past level 2 crash.

Carol Weller

Stops at level 2 says error window cannot be opened

Rio luinne Acosta

Why i give this a 2!? Becuse i hate And i dont like bannnnnnnnn now

Joel Carlotta

Awful, game crashes after opening scene soon as you click on backpack says error window can not be opened at this time. Text on back ground changes to Russian or something, and you have to force close app

Stella Bergna

Game will not load!!!!!!

brenda gooding

Wont get past loading very disappointing


stuck on downloading

A Google user

This game is broken.

Andrew Segura


Ranjit Kumar

Very beautiful game

Jackie Lindgren

Hi I am having problem with my game. It 's been frozen for the last 4 days. I love this game can you please fix it for me..tx

Christy Brawley


Dhanasree P

Nice game very interesting

Penny Clark

It is not loading the game. A new player

Joseph Barathi Saintmarc

Not good.

Dil Nawab patan


Debbie Holder

I would give it zero star can't even get past the downloading keeps saying 0.00 percent downloading. Sad it sounded like the game had potential but atlas there's no way I will be able to find out if is true or not

Jane Grant

Not bad sometimes expensive

Nah Seakwah


Test Temp

Niceeeee game

virginia williams

It is fun.Always something to do.


Its fun

Shelly Nelson

Good game

Tim Fisher

Great game

Jeanne Wells

Really fun

Aubrey Marie Montenegro

Gud game ....

Sue Ward

Ok at first then as usual it's buy this. Some of us play for fun and relaxation not to spend money. Some of us can't afford to spend the money when we have not worked for a year. Covid 19 has affected a lot of people in different ways.

Khushboo Dhillon


Teresa Perez

I love playing the game BUT, you should really give more HELP automatically and Supply more LIFE.

Jodie Harley

This is the most boring game ever

Cleadester Johnson

Good game

Cham Bainco


Patricia Holland

Great game

miranda wethington

Great, needs to have more energy or make it easier to get some

Mandie Hyams


Judy Garrett

I play this game everyday I tried to play it today and it will not open all the way upI'm about ready to take some Stars a way I deleted the game can I play it you would have zero Stars it won't let me take the last one off

Sonja Schoeman

Love the game

Joseph St.Amant

Ok but I get tired of being asked to rate game it's annoying

Lora Sipple

Best ever!

Stray Cat

Great game

deborah hawkins

This is a very relaxing game, i love that there is no adverts or pressure to buy upgrades or diamonds . The graphics and music is very pleasing too. Well done on a great game suitable for all ages . I also enjoy the story and tropical animals. Xx

teresa osterhoudt

game is ok but would be a lot better if did not run out of energy so quickly and then have to wait so long to get energy back

brenda powell

love it

Yvon Robillard

I love this game I use to play. This game

Linda Luft

This game is good if you like farming and building games this one is fun.

Skevi Christoforou


Αποστολος Βαλκανας


Sudeshna Naskar


Alexandria Lopez

Good story

Sharon Dixon

It's a nice game so far need more bolts tho coz I cant clear for space

A Google user

Love it

Dewi Nurlaeli


roslyn braid

Great game

Shanitra Johnson

I really like this game I just wish it was easier to get to the brushwood.

Pierre Ducharme

Enjoying this game

Claire Hoare

Brilliant game

Ray Welsh

This a great game

Andrea Tan

I like this game

Louise Edge

Seems fun

Heidi Brouhard


Terry Collins


Amrit Singh


Jamie Bowman


Josie Gonder

Great game. Keeps me intertained

Denise Haig

Fun and creative I like it.

Lynn Deakin

Great game, nice to have something different.

Nimra Ahmed

Nice game

Taletha Pfaff


Daniel Mulls

The game is so fun

Danny Weir Jr

i liked the facebook games it was easier to make money as far as planting stuff goes this game on google has a hard time making money

Rosemarie Jones

Just started playing, so it's a little slow going.

Hanni Oo

I like this game

Alek Sandra

Interesting, but I don't have a fb account and now I can't have friends 🙄

Faith Francis

Planting shouldn't take energy.

Debra Schubert


Sherry Long

love this game

Azmin Sourjah


David Pearson


Disha Mukherjee

Wooow moment

Melanie Jenks

Its a really fun game


Fun at start but very hard to acquire building materials.. unless you spend real 💸 (diamonds)... uninstalling....

Rebecca Adams

Love this game wish there were more even though its got time wait items you can cach birds that give u things wile your waiting i never get board wile waiting i could play this game all day

Mari-Ann Dalgleish


Tracey Mitchell


Maimoona Saeed

It's a wonderful game.

Heather Franzoy


Jessica Chiu


Kelly Dixon

If I could give this game a 10 I would, one of the best games I have played. Thank you!!!

Young-lil Seeker

Love this game

Gabrielle Williams

Was ok

Marice Pacheco

The grammar is horrible.

Theresa Roberts

It is fun

Mehwish Shaikh

The game is fun. Loving offcourse.... Can't wait to have more energy after i lost.... Cutting down the trees and plants are taking much energy.... The game is no doubt a good one